Can Gordon Ramsay Save Pantaleone's? | Kitchen Nightmares Supercut


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  • Buucijs
    Buucijs Day ago

    I liked the old 80's style better

  • godoflightning 4

    Get the fuck outta here Ramsey, not everythings better in Vegas.

  • stag beetle
    stag beetle Day ago

    As an Italian i can feel my stomach rotting inside me after seeing those "pizzas"

  • KenjiGaming
    KenjiGaming Day ago

    4:46 look at dem bounce

  • God, Comics and Gaming

    I don't care what he says, besides the raw dough, just cook it more, I love greesy cheesy pizza, I would eat it and so would the Turtles

  • Mar isaYT
    Mar isaYT Day ago

    0:52 Too bad, my school has the same thing.

  • PjdTheSpeedster
    PjdTheSpeedster Day ago

    im still getting hungry.

  • Splay
    Splay Day ago +1

    Best one

  • D Ray
    D Ray 2 days ago +1

    :/ okay the huge thin crust pizza looked good asf

  • 14
    14 2 days ago

    that pizza looks delicious

  • gloria galvan
    gloria galvan 2 days ago

    Stop being greedy and selfish and eat the food because it’s good

  • Siobhan O'Reilly
    Siobhan O'Reilly 2 days ago +1

    There are starving children in Africa and you chat shit about a pizza that looks nice

  • Bugey 27
    Bugey 27 2 days ago +1

    Why does Gordon Ramsay judge stuff on the outside

  • Steven Nguyen
    Steven Nguyen 2 days ago

    All they needed is motivation.

  • Alex Balas
    Alex Balas 2 days ago

    Gordon Ramsey came to my restaurant, I don’t have a restaurant now

  • Heather Ann
    Heather Ann 2 days ago

    I'm sorry but that pizza looked damn good

  • Josue Garcia
    Josue Garcia 2 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks that food looks amazing and eat that whole pizza in one sitting?

  • J C
    J C 2 days ago

    Fuck what he’s talking about all that food looked good as fuck😂

  • Rain Rain
    Rain Rain 2 days ago


    • Mar isaYT
      Mar isaYT Day ago

      I know, but when I'm talking about "weirdo" I mean you sound like a pervert. We get it.

    • Rain Rain
      Rain Rain Day ago

      +Mar isaYT cuz I'm straight

    • Mar isaYT
      Mar isaYT Day ago


  • Silver Soul
    Silver Soul 2 days ago

    Honestly thought she handed him a rock on a plate at 0:23 lol

  • It’z Timps
    It’z Timps 2 days ago


  • Charbel Alam
    Charbel Alam 2 days ago

    Y'all are watching for the food. I'm here for 4:46. That waitress.

  • roro1980
    roro1980 2 days ago

    I’d eat it

  • Aaron Holmes
    Aaron Holmes 2 days ago

    4:45, that titty bounce

  • Tony haston
    Tony haston 2 days ago


  • Jonathan Armendariz
    Jonathan Armendariz 2 days ago

    Not gonna lie that pizza looked amazing

  • Mr. Scoot Scooter
    Mr. Scoot Scooter 2 days ago

    Sloppy Joe with cheese?
    Sounds fucking delicious.
    It looked like shit, but if Ramsey made it I'd love to turn a Sloppy Joe with cheese into my poop.

  • SashDaMeme
    SashDaMeme 2 days ago +2

    Ok, but I'd probably eat the pizza (like one slice tho, it's bloody massive)

  • michal szulzenko
    michal szulzenko 2 days ago

    4:46 ooooright, some jumpy tities)

  • jana pasamontayy
    jana pasamontayy 2 days ago

    is no one going to talk about the fact that this dude’s family all turned on him LIKE THAT lmaooo

  • wacho1978
    wacho1978 2 days ago

    Waitress is like she actually enjoy see gordoms destroy that pizza place . 😂

  • fqke sm!les
    fqke sm!les 2 days ago +1

    Crust? Thin
    Pizza? Droopy
    Water? Dry
    Mind? Blown
    Hotel? Bugs

  • Alhaji Koroma
    Alhaji Koroma 2 days ago

    Who is he to tell people how to run there businesses? 😤😤 it's just sad seeing him taking advantage over them.

  • Joshua Tang
    Joshua Tang 3 days ago


  • ShadowsOf Cod
    ShadowsOf Cod 3 days ago


  • Dustin Thiessen
    Dustin Thiessen 3 days ago

    I’m afraid to ask for thick pizza crust

  • DestinysEdge
    DestinysEdge 3 days ago +1

    Imagine if he ate lunchables

  • misterexe hasstopped

    I *might* be able to eat the pizza pocket

  • Fernando Santos
    Fernando Santos 3 days ago

    I thought the restaurant was call Pantalones 👖

  • BEAST_ITA yt
    BEAST_ITA yt 3 days ago

    1 like=1 minuto di fortuna
    1 sub=1 anno di fortuna

  • Alex  J.
    Alex J. 3 days ago

    I Love the big pizza

  • mariam abdalla
    mariam abdalla 3 days ago


  • suzy klitgaard
    suzy klitgaard 3 days ago

    The pizza DID take in Denver... 🤢
    Pete had a beautiful lesson given to him though. Glad he listened.

  • FizziBomb
    FizziBomb 3 days ago

    It's probably the bad quality making it look horrible

  • Royalcee Katodia
    Royalcee Katodia 3 days ago

    1:16 is making me laugh mt ass off!!!!! The way that lady moves there is like a pro in a posh advert...... It's just so funny for some reason!!:D

  • Vinny Rocks
    Vinny Rocks 3 days ago

    Imagine being a waiter and a restaurant and he randomly walks in XD

  • 이나무
    이나무 3 days ago

    somewhere over the rainbow~what a wonderful world~

  • Ratthasart Satthanusart

    Tbh the Meatball hero looks delicious

  • emancoy
    emancoy 3 days ago

    If that is thin crust, I wonder what thick crust looks like. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mustafa Al
    Mustafa Al 3 days ago

    1:41 cutest laugh in the world

  • Rattlehead1
    Rattlehead1 3 days ago +1

    Wtf super super thin crust and that calzone what shit ahahaha

  • Learned Wolf
    Learned Wolf 3 days ago

    Fuck this asshole, the big pizza looked delicious. Idk if he just does that for ratings but I lost all my respect for him as a cook right there!

  • Rodolfo Salamat
    Rodolfo Salamat 3 days ago

    When gordom ramsey said this is the worst pizza ever i think his the worst cheft ever

  • Jack Miles Music
    Jack Miles Music 4 days ago

    Holy fuck a renovation AND a trip to vegas??? I’m gonna start cooking shit food and see if Gordon Ramsey will take me to Atlanta

  • Steven Burrito
    Steven Burrito 4 days ago +1

    This pizza looks absolute shit... therefore we are going on an all expenses paid trip to Vegas!

  • ツDrown
    ツDrown 4 days ago +2

    I live in Denver 😀

  • curoloo drawz
    curoloo drawz 4 days ago

    They went to Vegas? I'm gonna make my restaurant TODAY.

  • B a n a n a
    B a n a n a 4 days ago

    Aw this one made me happy :)

  • some guy
    some guy 4 days ago

    1:32 The dough is so thicc!!!

  • Bmxforever 555
    Bmxforever 555 4 days ago

    I know I'm not the only one who thought that sausage pizza looked really good

    • SashDaMeme
      SashDaMeme 2 days ago

      I'd probably eat a slice or two

  • Frank Miller
    Frank Miller 4 days ago

    Aint never seen gordon come and hate on chi towns pizza. We got the best pizza around

  • Mad die
    Mad die 4 days ago

    What did Gordon Ramsey eat as a child ??

  • tammylovesmakeup
    tammylovesmakeup 4 days ago

    I thought the Pizza looked delicious or possibly I'm just hungry

  • Mr 617
    Mr 617 4 days ago

    I want to make a compilation of old, stubborn, stuck up, narrow minded, hot headed, chefs who are outdated with their ways, in constant in denial, and refuse to change, standing their with their arms crossed, with a bad attitude, and cannot handle constructive criticism or any truth for that matter... Because these guys exist in the thousands. This one eventually understood, but many other's can't take their pride and ego being bruised when confronted with honesty. They get easily triggered and either walk away, throw a hissy fit, or get up in Gordons face wanting to fight. Many of which treat other's like shit, but hate being treated like shit themselves. Insecure hypocrites who contradict themselves and live a lie, acting big bad and tough on the outside, but feel small, less, and inadequate on the inside. Predictable, but for whatever reason, always in a position of power, even when their undeserving of it and are obviously the problem to the situation. Assholes... Men with periods. Need a tampon to shove up their vagenes during their monthly. Weak men. Bullies. Cowards. Credit to the one's who change, but you get no pity for the one's who refuse to do so.

  • Bull Shipper
    Bull Shipper 4 days ago

    Is he really complaining about how stuffed the calzone was? I mean.. is he serious?..

  • Dominic Kalkucki
    Dominic Kalkucki 4 days ago

    4:47 oo damn

  • Criptan 420
    Criptan 420 4 days ago

    I have lived in Denver for 3 years and have never been to this place. Infact when I googled best pizza in Denver it took me to an awesome joint near Coors field.

  • manaber alnoor
    manaber alnoor 4 days ago

    The chief is so generous with little guidance he can make amazing food. the pizza with lotttts of cheese looks delicious

  • Khris Giunto
    Khris Giunto 4 days ago

    the waitress is so beautiful

  • Anirudh Shrikanth
    Anirudh Shrikanth 4 days ago

    So the key to go to Vegas is make bad food when Ramsay is around?

  • Madhavan Rajagopalan

    I love both the good and bad sides of Ramsey

  • - DerUnglaubliche -
    - DerUnglaubliche - 4 days ago

    Ich weiß nicht was der hat ist doch heftig ich habe jetzt Hunger

  • Verdi Brilliant
    Verdi Brilliant 4 days ago

    Kitchen Dreams?

  • Pelger
    Pelger 4 days ago

    the waitress is so cute!.
    and the food doesn't look that bad, i would eat that pizza. it's fine.
    also, the place looked fine too. what's wrong about "the look of the 80s"??.
    if I was in that city I would go eat there out of spite just to prove this clown wrong.
    I don't want "fun and modern" but smaller pizza, I want a classic BIG pizza!.

  • Viel
    Viel 4 days ago

    i dont know bout you. but i'd eat those pizza

  • Wolfotage
    Wolfotage 4 days ago

    Spam hitting '4' pretty much sums up the episode

  • Furi
    Furi 4 days ago +2

    To be honest I would of gobbled 7 of those meat ball hero’s

  • I'm unsubscribing.
    I'm unsubscribing. 4 days ago

    Why is he pissed that the portions are big?

  • Sewer Slide
    Sewer Slide 4 days ago

    whos the waiter she looks hot

  • Tony Fetuccini
    Tony Fetuccini 5 days ago

    Tbh that sausage "thin crust" pixxa didnt look that bad lmao I'd probably eat it if i was high AF

  • Smurf Papa
    Smurf Papa 5 days ago

    Beautiful ep

  • Laurita Garza !
    Laurita Garza ! 5 days ago

    The pizza look cool to me lol

  • PotatZo
    PotatZo 5 days ago

    That calzone looked actually pretty small for a normal one

  • StarZu
    StarZu 5 days ago

    He never ate calzone??-

  • Peter
    Peter 5 days ago

    Waitress attractive

  • Raylan Li
    Raylan Li 5 days ago

    This video is a reason why u watch the full video rather than leaving in the beginning

  • Happy Gilmore
    Happy Gilmore 5 days ago

    Not gonna lie, as a hungry ass teenager, in destroy that pizza

  • SortoMike
    SortoMike 5 days ago

    I'm not joking but i made homemade pizza and it look and tasted way better then that.

  • I do hate this name
    I do hate this name 5 days ago

    He misspelled thicc crust pizza

  • Hoksworth Wipple
    Hoksworth Wipple 5 days ago

    What a fussy prick. He's been spoiled. We can't all eat plates of food which cost £300.

    • Cobra Attack
      Cobra Attack 5 days ago

      What the fuck are you talking about. The food looked disgusting.

  • Hoksworth Wipple
    Hoksworth Wipple 5 days ago

    What he needs to understand is that Americans like their food like that.

    • Cobra Attack
      Cobra Attack 5 days ago

      Hoksworth Wipple Americans like their food greasy and undercooked? Explains the obesity rate...

  • endmenow riley
    endmenow riley 5 days ago

    Tbh that pizza looked fucking incredible(got the munchies)

  • Robi Roger
    Robi Roger 5 days ago

    She's adorable though.

  • Thick Facts
    Thick Facts 5 days ago

    Who else thought the food looked good

  • S DiMera
    S DiMera 5 days ago

    That pizza looks so good but. 🍕🤷🏼‍♀️

  • トイレの花子
    トイレの花子 5 days ago +1

    I'd eat that pizza

  • SCP 1741 wolf
    SCP 1741 wolf 5 days ago

    Hand over the oil

    SPACEBABY 5 days ago

    i feel like going to one place where i like tell what can go to place and happen

  • Paladin Allama
    Paladin Allama 5 days ago

    The result of this episode is the product of someone who’s willing to listen

  • spazman12342
    spazman12342 5 days ago

    Some people: Gordon Ramsey is just a jerk and a bully

    Me: bruh