Bring Me The Horizon - in the dark (Official Video)

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
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    Oh, I’ve done it again
    Dug a little deep and it’s all caved in
    Now I free fall in a black hole
    I know I’m getting warm cos I feel so cold.
    But I’m looking on the bright side now
    Trying to figure out somehow (none of this is real but)
    It’s looking like a write off now
    I think we need to talk like now.
    So don’t swear to god he never asked you
    It’s not his heart you drove a knife through
    not his world you turned inside out
    not his tears still rolling down
    Jesus Christ you’re so damn cold
    Don’t you know you’ve lost control?
    Forget about the things you think I know
    No secrets, you can’t keep me in the dark
    Deathblow, look at you go
    Brought a T-62 to a rodeo
    So tall it broke the fourth wall
    Guess my fairy-tale has a few plot holes
    well I’m looking on the bright side now
    Trying to figure out somehow (none of this is real no)
    you can give the act up now
    yeah, go ahead and take a bow.
    I’m not looking for salvation, just a little faith In anyone or anything.
    Cos it’s all come caving in
    And it’s time I knew you so
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  • Y2K Savior
    Y2K Savior 3 hours ago

    This songs too sad and relatable I'm leaving

  • Jacob Brown
    Jacob Brown 3 hours ago

    One my favs. Not as heavy as others I like but this song is good.

  • Yero
    Yero 6 hours ago

    0:28 I love how he is singing the lyrics.. he is my fav actor

    LUK3DUNCAN 9 hours ago

    I love how Forrest Whittaker is in this.

  • Elizabeth Wilson
    Elizabeth Wilson 15 hours ago

    What the fuck happened to bring me the horizon noooooo

    JOEL CASTILLO 15 hours ago

    3:03 is that olí exwife?

  • Vicente Guerrero
    Vicente Guerrero 16 hours ago

    Yo this song is really enjoyable probably my favorite from the album

  • AmbrizHXC
    AmbrizHXC 22 hours ago

    Cmon letts beat yg views

  • Josh Shoberg
    Josh Shoberg 23 hours ago

    Forest Whitaker's singing voice is not at all what I expected.

  • Ghostly .x
    Ghostly .x Day ago

    Sounds kind of thug now. First album was better. Didnt think bmth would turn out like this.

  • Davide
    Davide Day ago

    So...they becomed a pop band? good.

  • macaryl95
    macaryl95 Day ago +1

    Came here for the boobs, but got so much more.

  • Sabina Ibrahimova


  • Michaelgaming wales

    Wow amazing video 👍

  • Emø Trash
    Emø Trash 2 days ago

    He looks so sad at the beginning :(

  • Colten Toms
    Colten Toms 2 days ago

  • Viodino
    Viodino 2 days ago +1

    I like listening to their albums almost everyday
    And I love hearing how evey album is super different from their last one
    And every album is 100% amazing

  • Alex Davies
    Alex Davies 2 days ago


  • Demonic Monica
    Demonic Monica 3 days ago

    It feels so strange seeing this large man lip sync to both Oliver's high pitch voice and even the female vocals.
    I'd also like to mention that my cat likes this song. She gagged and threw up to the beat.

  • Vladimir Shupik
    Vladimir Shupik 3 days ago

    Что блять за дерьмо? Где мои бринги?

  • Vladimir Shupik
    Vladimir Shupik 3 days ago

    It's pool sheet

  • Nicci BigBird
    Nicci BigBird 3 days ago

    Love how the band has changed, adapted. Awesome sound they're producing!

  • Andrey Stefanov
    Andrey Stefanov 3 days ago +3

    shit .. there are a lot of milion bands like this sound
    they lost his way

  • Michael Longbottom
    Michael Longbottom 3 days ago

    Loving the cyberpunk asf music video! It's been a hell of a long time since I last heard the band... Seems a lot has changed!

  • Rex Westh
    Rex Westh 3 days ago +3

    Why this guy looks like the same guy from, Oh No

  • Yolo Yolo
    Yolo Yolo 3 days ago

    Is just me but the girl in the video looks like bille elish

  • jm sanchez
    jm sanchez 3 days ago

    The new Bad Boys movie looks weird.

  • mateo davila rios
    mateo davila rios 3 days ago

    Últimamente están sacando unos temas muy interesantes.

  • Richard Inks
    Richard Inks 4 days ago

    People have some weird ideas about what the video is about. Looks to me plain and simple, he caught his wife cheating on him with the guy that was on fire and laughing (you can see his silhouette in the stretchy screen with the woman). He ends up driving off into a lake or ocean and his wife and daughter drown. As a result, he's sad and this place offers an experimental solution where they can delete everything about them from his mind. As he remembers the bad, he also remembers the good and decides he changed his mind. He thinks he's getting up and leaving the machine but he's actually still in it and the procedure completed in seconds, but he felt like he was in it for a few minutes.

  • Hendrivour
    Hendrivour 4 days ago


  • Pdf 1776
    Pdf 1776 4 days ago +7

    New bmth is deep and too many people over look that

  • AndyRix
    AndyRix 4 days ago

    Ля, на следующий клип жду Кину Ривза

  • James Watson
    James Watson 5 days ago

    Thanks to bmth for giving this forest Whitaker guys career a start! 😀😀

  • BrinTheBoy
    BrinTheBoy 5 days ago +3

    This man brought a T-62 to a rodeo.

  • 0393ygi
    0393ygi 5 days ago


    SLANG GEMZ 5 days ago

    ghost dog to this ? i see it was for his daughter so props

  • Никита Семиволос

    от бедняга этот чёрный мен его заставили :петь: в месте с брингами я бы не только плакал , я бы устроил истерику и орал бы выпустите меня от сюда нах*й

  • ereteetye hydfhhfk
    ereteetye hydfhhfk 5 days ago

    Тоскливая попса.

  • TeApexWalrus
    TeApexWalrus 6 days ago

    1:57 hehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehhehehehehehhehehhehe tiddies.

  • world turtle
    world turtle 6 days ago

    Forest Whitaker is having a bad trip..

  • Alex Blake
    Alex Blake 6 days ago


  • oof g
    oof g 6 days ago +2

    so this is what happened after rogue one

  • Elingtons 0_0
    Elingtons 0_0 6 days ago +42

    Didn't expect forest Whittaker to sing like that 😂

  • Waq Y
    Waq Y 6 days ago

    The cinematography in this video is amazing. Unshackling the demons that hold you down and becoming free.

  • Zesire
    Zesire 6 days ago

    send me chills man, this is truly impressive

  • SnarlyGalaxy 293
    SnarlyGalaxy 293 7 days ago +3

    Does anyone else hear something at 4:06

    • VividestApe 4070
      VividestApe 4070 5 days ago

      That part of the video

    • dre carson
      dre carson 5 days ago

      SnarlyGalaxy 293 I have heard it too, I think it’s the TVs malfunctioning?

  • NinjaLemingZ
    NinjaLemingZ 7 days ago +31

    not a single mention of the full frontal nudity - I applaud this audience

    • Knory
      Knory 15 hours ago

      Aaand you just did exactly that. You mentioned it. What an irony.

    • brady scott
      brady scott Day ago +1

      Traykin no #science,
      #WhitakerFace lol

    • Traykin
      Traykin Day ago

      technically, she has a shirt on, its just see through under water, sooo.. not nudity. #science

    • Bima Crystal
      Bima Crystal Day ago

      Whittaker is the real alpha that even a nude girl wont take the spotlight from him.

    • brady scott
      brady scott 2 days ago

      Jade Sirmon I’m telling ya, it’s Whitaker lol

  • BuzziMuzzi
    BuzziMuzzi 7 days ago

    Yeah no i cant do it. I tried this new BMTH and still can’t do it. Too generic. Same basic cords repeating. Just yeah. Sad. Miss them so much, they used to be my everything....

  • TrollSeer 1987
    TrollSeer 1987 7 days ago

    why do i get a scp vibe

  • Christian House
    Christian House 7 days ago

    How does this not have 100+ million views yet?

  • Danny k
    Danny k 7 days ago +2

    i used to remember when bmth was very heavy

  • EJ M
    EJ M 7 days ago

    This song and video is so badass

  • veicov dinog
    veicov dinog 7 days ago

    ア   ー   ク

  • TGTBTMedia
    TGTBTMedia 7 days ago

    📝 🎸

    NIRVANA BXAST 7 days ago +5

    I can vibe with this honestly, ludens was a flashback tbh

  • Justin Moore
    Justin Moore 8 days ago

    The rivetor. You smell like fiver shit. I will just bypass you and self medicate. I am not going back to the drug dealers for drugs that do not work.

  • Justin Moore
    Justin Moore 8 days ago

    I do not even need a sunrise. I need to stop smelling fiver shit.

  • Don't Ask Productions

    Forest Whitaker is here....what? Why? That’s awesome!
    Lil John in a Korn video for Twisted Transistor was unexpected but got me to listen to them.
    Also, awesome cyberpunk feel

  • Rialy Andriamiseza
    Rialy Andriamiseza 8 days ago +6

    Me at the beginning of the video : "ZURI NOOOOOOOOOO"

  • Jakkit Jankit
    Jakkit Jankit 8 days ago

    🤟สุดยอดคัฟ เปนวงที่ผมโครตรักเลยคัฟ
    I Miss u BMTH🤘