• Published on Mar 16, 2019
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  • Toggi
    Toggi 14 hours ago

    I liked cause I'm not American

  • Hman wheez
    Hman wheez 15 hours ago

    Any other Americans want to kill themselves

  • Abdirahman Hussein
    Abdirahman Hussein 18 hours ago

    At 0:19 bulkstar123

  • Abdirahman Hussein
    Abdirahman Hussein 18 hours ago

    At 0:10
    At 3:53

  • Inbound Cow
    Inbound Cow Day ago +1

    As a black person, I’m truly disappointed in Tobi and JJ

  • Blake Chartrand
    Blake Chartrand 2 days ago

    7:58 is the best part

  • Vats Bhargava
    Vats Bhargava 2 days ago

    Why do they have a cavs ball

    HHQ GAMES 3 days ago +1

    I almost forgot that this is on that £1,000,000,000 cruise ship

  • Bipss 5h
    Bipss 5h 3 days ago

    Vikky the thiccy

  • yuvraj walia
    yuvraj walia 3 days ago

    4:00 vik

  • Said ALI
    Said ALI 3 days ago

    you guys are actually so fucking bad lol

  • Said ALI
    Said ALI 3 days ago

    i play soccer and im better than this....

    btw i play NPL in australia

  • DJ08
    DJ08 3 days ago

    Kai "air ball "

  • Oftenj vlogs
    Oftenj vlogs 4 days ago +1

    WNBA players still getting paid less then these guys

  • Zach Shegog
    Zach Shegog 4 days ago

    I had 495747366363 free throws when I was 4

  • Christian Krasimiroff

    Vik can't do anything. How can someone be bad at everything..?

    • Jedrek Malnegro
      Jedrek Malnegro 2 days ago


    • Jedrek Malnegro
      Jedrek Malnegro 2 days ago

      At least he has subscribers😏😁 but rly tho ur wrong, he scored in a soccer game, his getting more athletic, and rly they just bully him for nothing, and I think saying someone is bad at everything is just vey wrong

  • tom mossop
    tom mossop 4 days ago +1

    What’s all the ads for

  • Realist.j1h
    Realist.j1h 4 days ago

    There still better than flight😂😂

  • Tay Heart
    Tay Heart 4 days ago

    Most of you guys need to stick to soccer

  • Mage-ace
    Mage-ace 4 days ago

    When all the 10 yrold in the us could beat the sidemen XD

  • Ehzenik Lisa's BiGGesT FaN

    at 2:14 that girl at the window she is literally me when i saw sidemen

  • Smilte Jurgtyte
    Smilte Jurgtyte 4 days ago +1

    O£*£ farlinsa cornamashutilita pos je naesavie eigh wlandui

  • Smilte Jurgtyte
    Smilte Jurgtyte 4 days ago +1

    im new and i hate this channel!

  • Dxrk
    Dxrk 4 days ago

    3:55 Jj just completely lost it until 3:59

  • Hasan Zubaidi
    Hasan Zubaidi 4 days ago

    Swish pish pish

    LHR BRAND 4 days ago

    Tuey really did make good use of the cruise ship

  • Mr. Seth
    Mr. Seth 4 days ago +1

    Who else thought that JJ was gonna get it in 11:56 like if you did

  • Q7 YV
    Q7 YV 5 days ago

    Yall copying mr beast

  • Vivioux
    Vivioux 6 days ago

    8:00 *Im gonnaabe broke-ahehahahahouu*

  • Julien alip
    Julien alip 6 days ago

    This is cringe but not in a bad way

  • Black Spade
    Black Spade 6 days ago

    bruh looks worse than lonzo

  • Tucker Morgan
    Tucker Morgan 6 days ago

    10:07 wtf is going on in the backround

  • Doge is my pet
    Doge is my pet 7 days ago

    Harry shooting the basketball is the most autistic thing I’ve ever seen

  • Pro Gaming 24
    Pro Gaming 24 7 days ago

    Vik cant throw balls or kick them only ethan would know wut i mean😂

  • immortal 360
    immortal 360 7 days ago

    i showed this to my basketball coach and he just threw a basketball at me really hard

  • [Agario] ᖴᎥᑎ ᕼᑌᑎ丅ᗴᖇ

    Vikks got fat

  • EmanXD
    EmanXD 7 days ago

    Doesn't it seem weird to you that the only black Sidemen are holding basketballs in the thumbnail.

    WES HOLLY 7 days ago

    nah but jj isn't fat to be honest

  • Ben HutchisonTV
    Ben HutchisonTV 7 days ago

    Who else thought that Harry would of won because of his experience with the “basketball trick shots” when he was younger

  • Omkar P
    Omkar P 7 days ago +1

    I genuinely feel bad for Ethan I guess he actually needed it

  • Squilliam Fancyson
    Squilliam Fancyson 7 days ago

    “The Americans are going to finish us.” Yes, yes we are 😂 This was PAINFUL to watch 😂

  • Sunil Aku
    Sunil Aku 7 days ago

    Man vikks getting weights lol fill sorry for vikk

  • Ethxn
    Ethxn 7 days ago


    LILxPANDAx 8 days ago

    At 3:32 he was left hanging

  • Max Kirby
    Max Kirby 8 days ago

    2:46 KSI and Simon
    💓 💓💓💓💓💓💓

    HOODIE ZDOT 9 days ago


    HOODIE ZDOT 9 days ago

    I wish I could be in these basketball videos 😭😭

  • Tsew Keelem
    Tsew Keelem 9 days ago


  • PFPO Joffels
    PFPO Joffels 9 days ago

    Everybody knows harry will save up for the next big fifa packs

  • Inferno
    Inferno 9 days ago


  • jonathan cotton
    jonathan cotton 9 days ago

    Is it bad that I always forget none of them are Americans

  • safwan nasrullah
    safwan nasrullah 9 days ago

    Nothing but Close Yet So Far

  • julia
    julia 9 days ago +1


  • James McGuire
    James McGuire 9 days ago

    Vik gotten fat

  • SnipezZ -
    SnipezZ - 10 days ago

    Yo do they have basketball in the uk

  • Joe Fox
    Joe Fox 10 days ago

    U guys are fucking terrible

  • Juan Sebastián Triana Sterling

    12:28 looooll simon got jokes

  • Nikola Lisicin
    Nikola Lisicin 10 days ago

    Vikk is so fat now hahaha

  • adli lol
    adli lol 11 days ago

    Collection of ben simmons

  • TotallyAndre
    TotallyAndre 11 days ago

    7:24 JJ has a pretty nice form

  • Elijah Gutierrez
    Elijah Gutierrez 12 days ago

    Waching this people in the uk suck at basketball

  • Habib Akram
    Habib Akram 12 days ago

    Sidemen nerf wars

    OWEN ISEPIC2004 12 days ago


  • Faraz Ali
    Faraz Ali 12 days ago

    JJ’s black hair was better. The one they show for the scores

  • Anthoney
    Anthoney 12 days ago +1

    Ethan tries way too hard. Fatboy at your core.

  • luCxz
    luCxz 12 days ago

    Simon is turning black because he’s so far up jj’s ass and his lips are turning white cuz they’ve been round his dick for so long that the cum is literally staining his mouth n lips

  • Joey Spagnoli
    Joey Spagnoli 13 days ago

    Warriors vs sidemen

  • Owen Spires
    Owen Spires 13 days ago

    Who saw the crazy woman in the background at 5:02 to 5:09

  • mohamed sherif
    mohamed sherif 13 days ago

    There form is terrible but still an entertaining video

  • David Rooney
    David Rooney 14 days ago +1

    These hoops make me cringe

  • SnowySnipers2
    SnowySnipers2 14 days ago

    “Shout out Chris smooth u know how it Is ka ka gang gang po po po Po Po Po Po trey way aaaahhhhhhh”

  • Boss Boy
    Boss Boy 14 days ago +1

    Y’all r 🗑

  • Its Nate
    Its Nate 14 days ago

    Of course they put the black guys for the thumbnail of a basketball video smh my head

  • Mohammed Hisham
    Mohammed Hisham 14 days ago

    Worlds biggest nose

  • Aiden Harte
    Aiden Harte 14 days ago +1

    It’s just not meant I don’t play basketball, and I am 14( and an American) and I would beat you like your mom beating your brother when she saw his fight.

  • Hugh Lindell
    Hugh Lindell 14 days ago

    Never play basketball again plz

  • arnold bansuan
    arnold bansuan 14 days ago

    Im better that you guys in shoting and drible.....

  • Lachlan Wood
    Lachlan Wood 15 days ago

    That Cleveland ball though

  • OptoManiac12 Gameplay
    OptoManiac12 Gameplay 15 days ago

    This is why USA wins every time in the basketball part of the Olympics

  • PandyTheKido
    PandyTheKido 15 days ago

    Normal Basketball Players: *Not impressed by the 3 pointers*
    Sidemen: *OHHHHHHH!*

  • Dani Drnda
    Dani Drnda 15 days ago

    KSI why are you got spaghetti on your head

  • Nickz -_-
    Nickz -_- 15 days ago

    This video made me mad bc they all trash

  • Roelles
    Roelles 15 days ago

    why has bez gotten so annoying

  • Stefan Amarasinghe
    Stefan Amarasinghe 15 days ago

    U know, I could really use the 10K ☹️

  • Lucas from Ireland
    Lucas from Ireland 15 days ago

    Plz kick Ethan out of the sidemen! He just ruins these vids

  • Oudom Chan
    Oudom Chan 15 days ago

    Damn that place is nice! Does anyone know what that place is?

  • Impatient King
    Impatient King 16 days ago

    I thought I sucked but now I feel better about myself thank you 👌👌

  • Gabriel Sanders
    Gabriel Sanders 16 days ago +1

    I feel sick 😷 the struggle of watching this video

  • Evolve Bakery
    Evolve Bakery 16 days ago

    the hoop is horrible

  • Jeremiah D
    Jeremiah D 16 days ago

    Y’all cheeks at this😷

  • Lach lan
    Lach lan 16 days ago


  • Ziggy Poczkaj
    Ziggy Poczkaj 16 days ago

    C’mon JJ

  • Prince Vegeta
    Prince Vegeta 16 days ago

    This hurts my soul

  • Prince Vegeta
    Prince Vegeta 16 days ago

    They dribble and shoot like 4 year olds

  • Alfie Gaskin
    Alfie Gaskin 16 days ago

    It's funny how ethan can spin the ball on his finger yet can't pass the ball round his body 🤦‍♀️

  • Raz Shark
    Raz Shark 16 days ago

    Jj was thirsty for the money.

  • Raz Shark
    Raz Shark 16 days ago +1

    Ethan's freestyling is so cringe.

  • Raz Shark
    Raz Shark 16 days ago +3

    Sidemen: Lets aim for the basket.

    Vikk: *calculates height between floor and hoop.
    Figures out the correct amount of velocity of the ball needed.
    Calculates in how much power to throw the ball and figures out the perfect angle to throw.

    But still fails. X(

  • Troy Geyer
    Troy Geyer 16 days ago

    Is that the ship they did hide and seek on and arcade games and soccer penalties and now this

  • Drenix M
    Drenix M 16 days ago

    I have the same ball lmao xD