I BUILT A GIANT Nemo Statue & Aquarium! (How To Minecraft #21)

  • Published on Sep 12, 2019
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Comments • 76

  • Traci N
    Traci N 4 months ago +1

    You and Doni need your own series together!

  • AboveTheClouds
    AboveTheClouds 4 months ago +1


  • Rumbly Kitten
    Rumbly Kitten 4 months ago

    Spanish = incorrect

  • Isaac Duffy
    Isaac Duffy 4 months ago

    Stg h6m is just btec hermitcraft

  • KingJ
    KingJ 4 months ago +2

    yall (doni and u) have to move in together...that would be awesome

  • Jed De Silva
    Jed De Silva 4 months ago

    Love your vids

  • Jack Bjelan
    Jack Bjelan 4 months ago

    Get a real nemo aquarium

  • Johan Lillebæk
    Johan Lillebæk 4 months ago +1

    We need more single player

  • I Dxnvin I
    I Dxnvin I 4 months ago +3

    Josh you should make the nemo head out of stained glass and put water and nemo inside of the head

  • Darcy Jennings
    Darcy Jennings 4 months ago

    keep the shaders on bro

  • emily
    emily 4 months ago +23

    josh and doni is actually the most unexpected friendship and i feel like they're the perfect balance of chaos and order. if josh doesn't go to doni's birthday party ill be genuinely sad for doni

  • Steven Cowling
    Steven Cowling 4 months ago

    It not in line with door annoying

  • Bilal32155
    Bilal32155 4 months ago +1

    the nemo head is 8x7 u need 1 more line on the top

  • O l i v i a x
    O l i v i a x 4 months ago +3

    Josh make a room inside Nemos shoulders
    Make a library like side and speedys on the prismarine floor
    Make a scoot farm
    Patch up the ship wreck and make it an armour room
    Ask phantom for some coral to put in your aquarium

  • Ayo 141679
    Ayo 141679 4 months ago +7

    Has Doni just gave up on his own series and now is just trying to help Josh ? lmao

  • Eng Han How
    Eng Han How 4 months ago

    Josh consulting choco, the villager expert!

  • Passent Eissa
    Passent Eissa 4 months ago

    ask vikk if u can work with him in his shop

  • Rory Sheffield
    Rory Sheffield 4 months ago

    streamer BTW

  • Marcus Singthong
    Marcus Singthong 4 months ago +4

    Doni is actual bants :D

  • Keegan Bews
    Keegan Bews 4 months ago +41

    Can't wait for Josh to jump out of Doni's birthday cake

    • Hasnaat
      Hasnaat 4 months ago

      That would be amazing

  • 8Trayer8
    8Trayer8 4 months ago +2

    You should make an orange sheepfarm you mug

  • Macatooz
    Macatooz 4 months ago +4

    Nemos head is only 7 blocks high...

  • Pankkanator
    Pankkanator 4 months ago +13

    I'd honestly love to see a main channel collab with Doni at this point!

  • Jon snow
    Jon snow 4 months ago +1

    Josh needs to start a automated farm.. too time consuming with all the farming

  • mj
    mj 4 months ago +14

    🎵 Doni and Josh, we're on an adventure
    but sing it like: look at my horse, my horse is amazing.

  • Mateusz Michałek
    Mateusz Michałek 4 months ago +65

    Josh, do a red glass as the Nemo's eyes and behind them put a Glowstone so it will be shining at night!

  • lacari0
    lacari0 4 months ago +16

    When Josh says “96” instead of “1 and a half stacks”
    *You weren’t supposed to do that*

  • eluzions21
    eluzions21 4 months ago

    what does josh say at 52:28?

  • lacari0
    lacari0 4 months ago +3

    Josh is that dad that’s had an iPhone for 5 years but still doesn’t know how to send a text

  • George Lister
    George Lister 4 months ago +7

    Make the arquriam go deeper so the fish can swim round and it will look better

  • chrischin127
    chrischin127 4 months ago

    what’s the discord server link or invite lol

    • creativedreams
      creativedreams 4 months ago

      you need to be a member to get access to that

  • Lewis Debenedictis
    Lewis Debenedictis 4 months ago +21

    Please do a troll race with doni like he does on his channel!! Please

  • Damian Smith
    Damian Smith 4 months ago +5

    Can you prank vikk with a lava Pit, let me explain. He falls down but lands on one brick but must answer a certain amount of questions to survive

  • Damian Smith
    Damian Smith 4 months ago +160

    I love you given Doni a chance! Meeting him in this series has really changed how you were from the start, you feel like yourself when playing with him. Please give him a chance with a main channel video or a big shoutout, never seen Doni act around another youtber aswell as with you!!!! #donifam

  • Paul Whale
    Paul Whale 4 months ago +1

    Could you not plant the dandelion and then bone meal spam it? Or am I dumb?

    • Paul Whale
      Paul Whale 4 months ago

      I was thinking of sunflowers 😂

    • Paul Whale
      Paul Whale 4 months ago

      Never mind, the question was answered a few minutes after I thought of the question, turns out I'm dumb 😂

  • almalgt
    almalgt 4 months ago +301

    doni has really grown on me to the point where i would love to see josh go to his birthday party:(

    • emily
      emily 4 months ago +2

      yeesssssss imagine aww doni would be buzzing

    • Abdullah Nawrouse
      Abdullah Nawrouse 4 months ago +1

      almalgt Jo’s needs to vlog it

    WAISY 4 months ago +3

    Who are the new people that are going to join?

  • wallace chung
    wallace chung 4 months ago +3

    Put a campfire beside a furnace will smelt 10 times faster

  • Joe Campbell
    Joe Campbell 4 months ago +8

    Make the Nemo head double sided and light the aquarium from underneath with sea lanterns

  • Charlie Harper
    Charlie Harper 4 months ago


  • Tom Hughes
    Tom Hughes 4 months ago +8

    Be nicer to Choco, he is an angel

  • Average Commenter
    Average Commenter 4 months ago +37

    So Vik spent 1hr 15 mins building a wheel of fortune and Josh spent 1hr 50mins building his own face?

    • Rhys Loxton
      Rhys Loxton 4 months ago

      @Average Commenter oh ok brother. Sorry bout that. Tbf to Josh tho he did spend about 30 minutes getting enough dye to finish it and he also messed up the shoulders and chest so he had to redo it

    • Average Commenter
      Average Commenter 4 months ago

      @Rhys Loxton I'm just clarifying in case i missed something

    • Rhys Loxton
      Rhys Loxton 4 months ago +2

      Lmao let Josh do what he wants

  • KyleMC
    KyleMC 4 months ago +6

    Please go and vlog at donis party

  • Stephen Koshy
    Stephen Koshy 4 months ago

    Josh! Try collaborating with the hermitcraft lot.

  • Try Cek
    Try Cek 4 months ago

    wow so many people that are in the notification squad, AWESOME!!!! I hope you all have an amazing day! ZerkaaPlays my dream is for you to collab with Stranger Gamers

  • Riley Carlson
    Riley Carlson 4 months ago

    I have a champnnel can u shout out plz

  • Riley Carlson
    Riley Carlson 4 months ago

    Ur vids r the best

  • Riley Carlson
    Riley Carlson 4 months ago +1


  • CeeAirUhhh
    CeeAirUhhh 4 months ago +18

    i love how josh produces so many videos :) this is why he’s my fav.

  • Ben Parsons
    Ben Parsons 4 months ago +6

    Josh you should do a prank on Vikk

  • Sir Lofi
    Sir Lofi 4 months ago +2

    im too early

    GXNG XHIT 4 months ago +201

    You should defo do videos with doni he’s jokes and doesn’t take himself so seriously

  • That Guy
    That Guy 4 months ago +69

    You should charge more for sponges it’s a rare commodity

    • Rhys Loxton
      Rhys Loxton 4 months ago

      Plus he's got every sponge atm

  • Karan Dhindsa
    Karan Dhindsa 4 months ago +1

    Too early to make a comment relating to the video

  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker 4 months ago

    I see no comments?