yogscast play 'everyone is john' 3 hours into the open ttd stream

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
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Comments • 162

  • Josh Carter
    Josh Carter 13 days ago

    Watching this rn and I’m honestly really tempted to go try Just Chips 😂😂

  • Daniel Traynor
    Daniel Traynor 13 days ago

    Imagine if Duncan could just be quiet for 5 seconds, how cool would that be

  • Tinkabouthat
    Tinkabouthat 14 days ago

    "At least you guys get pockets.." damn I felt that in my bones.

  • Ancient Hoplite
    Ancient Hoplite 16 days ago +3

    why did nobody mention that dolphins dont have beaks

  • 5uperM
    5uperM 19 days ago

    Holy shit. Leo was such a salty bitch.

  • CandyKoRn
    CandyKoRn 22 days ago +1

    Lewis is such a good sport, bless him.

  • Harry Blunden
    Harry Blunden 26 days ago

    Archery is just an inherent skill John has.

  • 5Andysalive
    5Andysalive 26 days ago +8

    Glad duncan got the explaining in. Sips was in non-intrument night flight mode :)
    Also i love how genuinely distract Spiff looked when he read the queen thing.

  • EvilKron
    EvilKron 28 days ago

    Old man fuckin' Sips over here

  • alex lukaszewski
    alex lukaszewski Month ago +1

    I have not laughed that hard for quite some time. The dolphin beak/wad of cash thing.. I lost it. In public I might add.

  • Kodoko Kumeragi
    Kodoko Kumeragi Month ago +2

    This started playing and I nearly quit right away... Yet here I am, 12:50 in the morning, 30 min in, and man am I glad I stayed XD

  • charlieorsomething
    charlieorsomething Month ago +1

    Sorry but this was so fucking boring. Is this funny to people? Are people laughing?

    • Oli Lewis
      Oli Lewis Month ago

      charlieorsomething for me it was funny af, obviously not your kind of humour so yh

  • Jorell Tan
    Jorell Tan Month ago +3

    Another Everyone is John, another Mind numbing chaos

  • Aaron Montemayor
    Aaron Montemayor Month ago +2

    this game would be very fun, if u can't hear what happens with everyone else's turn. So that u literally have no idea how u got there

  • Jonathan Allen
    Jonathan Allen Month ago +2

    Finally I get some recognition around here!!!!

  • mtndew314
    mtndew314 Month ago +12

    When I clicked on this video I didn't know that "everyone is john" is a game.
    I thought they were all just gonna start calling each other john to confuse everyone for no reason.

  • dug m
    dug m Month ago

    jotaro sips jotaro sips

  • Hugø Gøjibiter irønfist

    They need to play this more often honestly

  • Qrow
    Qrow Month ago +1

    Leo is an actual mood

  • Rhett Miller
    Rhett Miller Month ago +4

    Jesus Lewis stop interrupting people you're literally the reason I clicked away from this video

    • Rhett Miller
      Rhett Miller Month ago +2

      @Oli Lewis it was just very frustrating and yeah it was pretty petty

    • Oli Lewis
      Oli Lewis Month ago +1

      Rhett Miller are you joking? Coz there is no way you can be that petty, maybe you are, who knows

  • Winson
    Winson Month ago

    i blanked out 5 mins in and closed the ta

  • Neos Neos
    Neos Neos Month ago +4

    I'm glad they kind of explained it, because while I was getting the gist of it, I really wanted to know the rules so I can play this with friends. I'm going to have to look up the unabridged rules later though.

  • Nroke1
    Nroke1 Month ago +65

    Spiff’s voice is so much higher when he isn’t using his own mic.

  • Ravioliboi
    Ravioliboi Month ago +3

    dolphins dont have beaks

  • Danika
    Danika Month ago +5

    That whole stream is still my favourite of this jingle jam so far, and this game especially was a highlight.

  • Gav Rainbow
    Gav Rainbow Month ago

    I've been in the office so fuck all of you 😂😂

  • Jamie Robinson
    Jamie Robinson Month ago +19

    spiff is the right level of chaotic energy

  • Kirith Leingod
    Kirith Leingod Month ago +14

    I love duncan but godamn if he isn't the worst 'stop having fun' guy sometimes.

  • Aidan Halliwell
    Aidan Halliwell Month ago +1

    Duncan with the Pixel 4. Another man of culture, I see

  • TheMorbidHobo
    TheMorbidHobo Month ago

    Gotta love the players that don't understand they control their characters, not the world around them-- I love you Leo, but fuck.

  • Kobe Davis
    Kobe Davis Month ago +47

    Sips' second go was actually pretty accurate because he wasn't there to hear the bits in-between so it was like he actually fell asleep.

  • Cameron Davies
    Cameron Davies Month ago +4

    I've never seen spiff before jesus christ

    • Felix Chaplin
      Felix Chaplin Month ago +4

      Most people have seen Jesus christ first to be fair

  • MagikGimp
    MagikGimp Month ago +60

    The simplest form of role playing and nobody gets it.

    • Jimi Danaan
      Jimi Danaan 24 days ago +4

      One of the players: "The world does this."
      Lewis: "...yeah, I guess it does."

  • Opana Banana
    Opana Banana Month ago +33

    Sip's goal: *E A T A S S*

  • The EnderSlayer
    The EnderSlayer Month ago +32

    I've wanted them to replay this game for so long, one video is simply not enough. C'mon they gotta do an Everyone Is John stream.

  • Kyle Decaussin
    Kyle Decaussin Month ago +164

    I love the real anger coming out of sips about duncans fidget spinner

  • Daemon Magister
    Daemon Magister Month ago +4

    That was a precious jingle jam moment LOVED IT

  • Arelias
    Arelias Month ago +51

    Not nearly enough Cthulu and page ripping

  • John DeMaria
    John DeMaria Month ago +3

    Wait What?

  • JupiterTheWizard
    JupiterTheWizard Month ago +30

    Spiff's yogventures joke went very much underappreciated

    • Danika
      Danika Month ago +4

      I thought it was more a reference to Tinman...

  • Filip Gasic
    Filip Gasic Month ago +5

    I don't get it

    • Xayacota
      Xayacota Month ago +3

      @loglog7 just having Tom makes everything better

    • loglog7
      loglog7 Month ago +4

      Watch this one with Tom as the DM with the proper rules, it's far funnier thexvid.com/video/qlTsW9rWE0o/video.html

  • Martin Ravnborg
    Martin Ravnborg Month ago +5

    I love this!!!!

  • Rice Waster Aleks
    Rice Waster Aleks Month ago +150

    why did it take duncan so long to just say bicycle

  • Kenny
    Kenny Month ago +27

    People always say Sips is "the best guy", but in almost every video I see of him, he always seems to be incredibly rude, "Why would you do that?" etc..
    Is that "the best guy" everyone talks about, or is he just bad in social situtations, and a lot better alone?

    • Stellar Archive Fan
      Stellar Archive Fan Month ago +1

      He's essentially been playing an overconfident and selfish heel character for years, and sometimes people don't get it. He brings something to the yogs that is very needed, and they all know he's not really a jerk. That's why everyone loves him so much.

    • MrDavo511
      MrDavo511 Month ago +6

      Yeah you’re a moron and obviously not British/have friends because it’s banter.

    • Opana Banana
      Opana Banana Month ago +10

      You sound like a massive pussy dude. If you can't differentiate between ironic rudeness for a bit and actual rudeness, you're the one who sucks at social interactions

    • Zooropa_Station
      Zooropa_Station Month ago +4

      The ruder someone is to you, the more you know they're a genuine friend (unless it gets offensive). None of them actually took it personally.

    • Rice Waster Aleks
      Rice Waster Aleks Month ago +10

      Sips calls himself the best guy, thats the point. Hes playing a character, no need to get offended on behalf of the yogs that are his friends and find it funny

  • March To The Black Qween

    damn i was really hoping to hear lewlew describe sips fucking a dolphin in detail.

  • chewienick
    chewienick Month ago +545

    "Everyone is John is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits"

    • Jimi Danaan
      Jimi Danaan 24 days ago +1

      @OmegA's Gaming Channel #SaveTheOA Well, she did just decide that someone of her choice walked in.

    • OmegA's Gaming Channel #SaveTheOA
      OmegA's Gaming Channel #SaveTheOA Month ago +11

      He really did find an exploit, but it didn't seem to help him much. Leoz found the actual successful exploit ("1. Be good at making friends. 2. Approach the person who is most likely to be capable of handing you the game. 3. Make friends with them.")

  • Hayden Lau
    Hayden Lau Month ago +93

    Oof, Yogscast has a history of giving money to friends who've run off

    • Floedekage
      Floedekage Month ago

      @J T Still using emojis? The emoji part of Unicode is still being expanded and doesn't seem to be slowing down, nor has it any reason to.
      Whilst I would argue that emojis have strayed away from their original intended purpose people aren't going to stop using them soon.
      I mean, I really liked that originally emojis has no skin colour, the addition of such just seem to make them more complex than necessary. I mean, the skincolour seems more inspired by German eugenics than I am comfortable with. And how many types of food and drink do we really need? I mean, I love animals, but I wouldn't want to scroll through a list of all animals just to find the one that explains "I'm feeling "flamingo" right now". What does that even mean? Also: all the clothes and I still can't find a down jacket? You know how cold it is out? And of couse they can't be coloured, but I can choose between like seven books? I don't get it! Well, ehm, I forgot what I was writing or why.
      Love 💜💚💜

    • Floedekage
      Floedekage Month ago +1

      @William Linley it's okay. No need for the hostility, I would easily believe it too if I read it somewhere.
      You don't need to act like you were lying or trolling. We all sometimes take things at face value. 💜

    • Ciarán Kennedy
      Ciarán Kennedy Month ago

      @J T your're* 😂😂😂

    • Ciarán Kennedy
      Ciarán Kennedy Month ago +1

      @J T Thanks J T 😀😀😃😃😃😀😃😀😃😀😃

    • J T
      J T Month ago +1

      Ciarán Kennedy I’m sure you’re intelligent if you’re still using emojis

  • mysg36
    mysg36 Month ago +247

    Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, not around the eyes but into my eyes

    • Azema Said
      Azema Said Month ago

      @Baconthulu SPICY CHOCLATE!!!

    • Baconthulu
      Baconthulu Month ago +1

      @Azema Said and it's actually chocolate...

    • Azema Said
      Azema Said Month ago +1

      You are suddenly travelling through hell, heaven then hell again and finally landed in a room filled with piles of gold coins and gems.

    • Baconthulu
      Baconthulu Month ago

      @Bobby Moore forget Cthulhu, Baconthulu is much better and had Bacon.

    • Bobby Moore
      Bobby Moore Month ago +11

      @AndrewSmurfy whoops cthulu is here

  • Red Jaxs
    Red Jaxs Month ago +14

    I still don't get the rules...

    • J T
      J T Month ago

      Netyr google everyone is john

    • Netyr
      Netyr Month ago

      What are the rules!!!!!

    • loglog7
      loglog7 Month ago +1

      @tuubas2 God yes, one of my favourite videos. The minivan... fucking excellent.

    • tuubas2
      tuubas2 Month ago +4


    • tuubas2
      tuubas2 Month ago +12

      because they were making them up this round. they have a proper game with Tom as GM holding these madlads together. Is defo worth the watch.

  • bobs and vagana
    bobs and vagana Month ago +13


    • greennin
      greennin Month ago

      @loglog7 exactly. they both make quality stuff. there is enough room for multiple channels about creators. i should know.

    • Mason S
      Mason S Month ago +1

      You gonna go harass drakon astron next?

    • loglog7
      loglog7 Month ago +11

      Don't be an ass, they both make quality clips.

    • greennin
      greennin Month ago +19

      holy shit you are stupid, he was doing this years before madcat.

    • Jamie
      Jamie Month ago +3

      bobs and vagana yeah cos unlike madcat he is funny

  • AlexG911
    AlexG911 Month ago +117

    I was GOING to sleep, but if you insist...

    • your bum chum cult
      your bum chum cult Month ago +2

      @Rafael Rubingh I WAS GOING TO SLEEP, but if you insist

    • Rafael Rubingh
      Rafael Rubingh Month ago +2

      AlexG911 I WAS going to sleep, but if you insist...

  • MaliciousGrim05
    MaliciousGrim05 Month ago +157

    I'm gonna be honest here folks... I'm feeling the distinct lack of Sjin more than ever now that it's Jingle Jam time again :(. And when Sips jokingly (I think) referred to Sjin as "[Redacted]" during the hardcore Minecraft stream, oof, that hurt.

    • J T
      J T Month ago

      T Brochez He was investigated at least teice

    • Sanity
      Sanity Month ago +2

      JACpotatos pretty sure several people came forward with incidents of sjin and the girl you’re probably referring
      to was just the one on twitter who talked about some of her stuff so that other felt like they could speak about it too, and she was only atleast 18 at the time. Either way we have no real right to see evidence and its been dealt with privately i dont get why its so hard for some people to wrap their head around. I mean JaneDash a friend of the yogs dealt with all the people who came forward and she said some of the things for both sjin and turps were disgusting

    • MrDavo511
      MrDavo511 Month ago

      Gnadlaf teh Gary you’re a moron

    • TempleAmarok
      TempleAmarok Month ago

      @Gnadlaf teh Gary Your world doesnt allow for any nuance at all does it? There is no shades between black and white.

    • Jamie
      Jamie Month ago

      JACpotatos nope i stand with my statement. you are an idiot.

  • RachelO
    RachelO Month ago +136

    I love everyone is john! look into my eyes, look into my eyes... your under

  • nil0bject
    nil0bject Month ago

    duncan is annoying when he's fat

  • Zachary Snyder
    Zachary Snyder Month ago +165

    Here at the financial offices of Legoalas, Hawkeye and Everdeen we make sure you always hit your goals.