Joe Rogan - Joey Diaz Goes Off on Using Offensive Words


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  • Noel Noel
    Noel Noel 40 minutes ago

    Is Joey actually a jew?

  • Toweliee
    Toweliee Hour ago

    Joey karate

  • Lil ZUZU
    Lil ZUZU 12 hours ago

    Joey turns into whatever talking about when he gets angry and try’s to Imitate.

  • Troll Slayer
    Troll Slayer 14 hours ago

    Why does he sound and come off as an Italian mobster?

    TOXiC-CRUSADER 15 hours ago

    joey you're full of sh!t

  • Master King
    Master King 16 hours ago

    Black people have big dick has been used term by slave holders that they aint no good of anything outside bedroom. its racist behind that motivation. also not all Asians are good at maths or school

  • J Rod
    J Rod 19 hours ago

    Love Joey for not living by others rules.

  • Raymond Chavez
    Raymond Chavez Day ago

    as soon as rogan started going on about black dick..Joey went silent

  • Fernova22
    Fernova22 2 days ago

    I think joey is changing flavors.

  • sala talar
    sala talar 3 days ago

    some wannabe tough guys in this commentary sections

  • Joe Slaven
    Joe Slaven 3 days ago

    4:55 English football fans were banned from singing a song about a black player having a big dick, so apparently it is racist now

  • Mikey Winstone
    Mikey Winstone 3 days ago

    Racism is discrimination but complements aren't racist

    ROBO ROBO 3 days ago


  • dank worm
    dank worm 3 days ago

    Rogan is really into the BBC

  • dank worm
    dank worm 3 days ago

    I'm not old but I find Richard Pryor, Sam kinnisen and all the old comice funny there shit is timeless

  • Manny Glotz
    Manny Glotz 3 days ago

    I love you Joey D. I respect you 💯, .

  • cpbig7
    cpbig7 4 days ago


  • Bradley S
    Bradley S 4 days ago

    Joey sounding filthy at 6:20 hahaha

  • nintendoluigi
    nintendoluigi 4 days ago

    Of course Joe talks about BBC.... of course...

    NIPPLE LORD 5 days ago

    Even I grew up with these words and I’m only 18! This politically correct society came about so suddenly, it’s crazy.

  • Magneto Rex
    Magneto Rex 5 days ago

    I think everyone should feel free to say whatever they want, the rest of us are also free to think you are an asshole
    people love “freedom of speech” until someone reacts negatively with their own freedom of speech, gotta love people being offended at other people being offended 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Boo Radley
    Boo Radley 5 days ago

    Joey “bicentennial nigga” Diaz

  • talitm
    talitm 5 days ago

    6:00 892 individuals have won(as of 2017) and out of the winners, 201 were Jewish. Wasn't hard to look up...

  • The Burning Sensation

    I'm not here to kick aborted fetuses.

  • 82 Paints
    82 Paints 6 days ago

    Gotta love Joey 😂

  • Wayne Moore
    Wayne Moore 7 days ago +1

    Who snuck the coke to him

  • WickaWickaWoo
    WickaWickaWoo 7 days ago

    Wait since when the fuck was the word Retarded not allowed to be said?????

  • Hyper Nano
    Hyper Nano 7 days ago

    1:48 Joey Diaz wearing a Thai flag on his right arm T-shirt. Why?

  • John Bank
    John Bank 7 days ago

    Richard Pryor was and will be the G.O.A.T!! Funniest man ever. Props to Joey for paying that respect.

  • Eric Flores
    Eric Flores 7 days ago


  • Bill K
    Bill K 7 days ago

    Oh damn Jamie got Google stumped

  • Gabriel Silva
    Gabriel Silva 7 days ago

    we should ban the word offensive

  • anthony
    anthony 7 days ago

    fuck ye joey someone who feels the same way, hate how we can’t say faggot, retard, tranny etc without ‘offending’ all these PC motherfuckers. Worst part is people who get offended aren’t even the ones who the words are directed towards

  • MEGAtr0n TV
    MEGAtr0n TV 7 days ago

    Anyone who gets offended by the use of A WORD is weak minded and needs to grow the fuck up. It’s a fucking word. Who cares.

  • Tim Drake
    Tim Drake 7 days ago

    Hopefully Joe Rogan doesn't turn into Mr. Politically Correct

  • Nick Mattio
    Nick Mattio 8 days ago +1

    “Jusss Soo You Knoo...NOOOOOOO!!!! >:•O”-Joey Diaz

  • shreder youngblood
    shreder youngblood 8 days ago

    Fuck being politically correct

  • 9\11 was better event than ramadan

    Joey for ufc events commentary

  • plastic fantasticTM
    plastic fantasticTM 8 days ago

    I still don't understand why everyone is easily offended in this day and age. Why make people leftists because everyone else is a wuss? People are now even offended by fat jokes. This century has only just started, and it already failed.

  • Nawmsaying
    Nawmsaying 8 days ago

    Can of corn

  • justin salter aka dj s.o.g

    fuckity fuckity cunt cunt

  • Stuart Mckenzie
    Stuart Mckenzie 8 days ago

    The Jews are smarter, because they kept the liberal arts, trivium & quadrivium to themselves. And gave us goyim a bullshit indoctrination system that teaches you to appeal to authority.
    As George Carlin said, "they want you just smart enough to work the machines, but they don't want nations of critical thinkers".
    Well from what I see around me, the Jews did a great job.
    The masses still think they live on a spinning ball, and that they came from monkeys ffs.
    Says it all.

  • K D
    K D 8 days ago +1

    Oh it’s ok to state obvious facts as long as they’re positive?! ...Joe Rogan, you’re a sellout dick head! Free speech should NOT be hindered by fucking stupid leftists - get real people! You can’t and will not hurt anyone by words and if you are hurt, you’re a fucking pussy! Harden up your spine and grow some balls.

  • David Tumenas
    David Tumenas 8 days ago

    Potato head censorship is real.. Cave in again you bald shilling

  • Jennifer Hayley
    Jennifer Hayley 8 days ago

    Why is this trending?

  • unwAshAbləbrAin
    unwAshAbləbrAin 8 days ago

    Who gives a Frenchman's fuck!

  • Tyron Ramsey
    Tyron Ramsey 8 days ago

    Wow that’s so offensive. He used the N word when he’s a white guy basically. And I’m a retarded faggot too and took offense to that too. jk

  • Nina Khadka
    Nina Khadka 8 days ago


  • abelucious
    abelucious 8 days ago

    Nobel prizes are made by Jews to glorify other Jews , Joe is so dumb sometimes , guess what Joe , Jews win more oscars and grammys then everybody else too .

  • Skinskinable
    Skinskinable 9 days ago +1

    It’s on trending!

  • Miki Miyazaki
    Miki Miyazaki 9 days ago +1

    I love comedy and i love to laugh, but i literally havnt laughed at or with joey diaz ever. Not even once, i dont get why people think hes funny at all.

  • Clayton Bigsby
    Clayton Bigsby 9 days ago

    Joey “let’s cut the fuckin shit” Diaz

  • Markus J. Arbab
    Markus J. Arbab 9 days ago

    It's not racist it's racial you're right mister Rogan.

  • Markus J. Arbab
    Markus J. Arbab 9 days ago

    Hit like right away. "Guess what G that shit don't apply to me"
    so gangsta uncle Joey

  • ESFitnessSavage
    ESFitnessSavage 9 days ago +1

    Fuck i hate when he does that screaming shit. Just shut the fuck up. It doesn't make whatever point he's trying to say any more valid or make us listen any more closely just shut the fuck up

  • R ic
    R ic 9 days ago

    Joe Rogan your a lying little sick brain fuck off

  • slicktalk
    slicktalk 9 days ago

    people need to realize that they can choose to let things offend them or not.

  • SEXY white
    SEXY white 9 days ago

    Did Joey get all quiet when Joe mentioned BBC?

  • ADHD
    ADHD 9 days ago

    Joe rogan a sellout can’t even talk straight anymore

  • Clan Craft
    Clan Craft 9 days ago +1

    He looks like phill swift.

  • edelno5 blaa
    edelno5 blaa 9 days ago

    I don't live in the States and I don't know who this man is, but if he's known for being close to the bone with his humour, then the easily offended people have no business going to see him or watching him. Some of the PC brigade go out of their way to be offended. People get offended by Jimmy Carr and Frankie Boyle.... They both push the limits, but by Jayzus they are funny.

  • Techno Addict
    Techno Addict 9 days ago

    love this guy

  • Richard H
    Richard H 9 days ago

    Yes saying a black man has a big dick is racist. A football song was banned for this reason it went
    Ronelu Lukaku
    He's our Belgium scoring genius,
    "He's got a 24 inch penis,
    "Scoring all the goals,
    "B*****d to his toes."
    (Made of stone, stone roses tune)
    The usual happend, news an twitter went crazy and a bunch of limp dick femminist white dudes got offended.

  • bethany Larenee
    bethany Larenee 9 days ago

    He’s is a raw piece of shit..

  • ToledoSoldier
    ToledoSoldier 9 days ago

    Stereotypes is the word you’re looking for joe 😂

  • Bu Rida
    Bu Rida 9 days ago

    How is this trending

  • Michael Oladepo
    Michael Oladepo 9 days ago

    Joe looks like a tumor

  • Vagner Silva
    Vagner Silva 9 days ago

    *Por que este gordão está gritando?*

  • Adam Tom
    Adam Tom 9 days ago

    Joe " I'm with her ➡" Rogan

  • Unknown Person
    Unknown Person 9 days ago

    Lol joe says some dumb shit RT. "If its good is it racist?"😂

  • Ronnie Mark
    Ronnie Mark 10 days ago

    The shine on your dome has changed joe ... it’s not so bright man .

  • Jarrett Phillips
    Jarrett Phillips 10 days ago

    I'd love to hear Joey Diaz do an audio book of sense and sensibility

  • RatchetAsFuck
    RatchetAsFuck 10 days ago +1

    Joey Diaz is disgusting. He foams at the mouth.

  • Jamie Coco
    Jamie Coco 10 days ago +1

    Trending you the goat joey.

  • SHQ clips
    SHQ clips 10 days ago kindly please please subscribe my channel...

  • HeavyMetalRuinedMyLife1971


  • Ro crothers
    Ro crothers 10 days ago +1

    What joey says is shit because if someone said "fucking cracker straight fucks" hed be annoyed, age isnt a defence for that shit. Just because youre old doesnt mean you grt special treatment. If you cant adapt then youre probably a shit comedian because thats an integral part of comedy is adapting your style. Fucking wanker.

  • David Miscaviage
    David Miscaviage 10 days ago

    Penis diarrhea spray fart balls diarrhea Nigger

  • Astrason-d'everest Center for Learning

    We need Jordan Peterson to sit down with Joey and dive into the complex relationship comedians have with language.

  • LUV. jpg
    LUV. jpg 10 days ago

    just so you know.


  • Based Brooklyn
    Based Brooklyn 10 days ago +4

    god even joe sounds like hes getting tired of joeys shtick

  • Daniel Hopkins
    Daniel Hopkins 10 days ago

    I'm surprised this video made it to no.7 trending! Considering the lefty fruitcake's on the internet 😂😂
    Only joking lovs you all

  • Dick Fart
    Dick Fart 10 days ago

    Why uncle Joey looking like a baby bird

  • citylims
    citylims 10 days ago

    God damn i love you Joey

  • Jesus Vera
    Jesus Vera 10 days ago

    so many goofy jabs at the president they want his nuts so bad

  • Michael Nderitu
    Michael Nderitu 10 days ago

    number 7 on UK trending!! Good ole gumbas

  • eo
    eo 10 days ago

    **Talking about language and how people are quick to be offended in today's society**
    30 seconds later
    "Jamie, Google the number of European Jews who have won Nobel Science prizes"

  • Epic Web
    Epic Web 10 days ago +1

    4:13 Joey straight turned into John Goodman

  • Pieter B
    Pieter B 10 days ago

    People just like being offended...shit man, it's only words. You didn't like it, cool. Move on to the next thing.

    IVBZAVI 10 days ago

    There actually was a minor outcry about the stereotype of large black penises in the UK not long ago. It started with Man Utd fans singing about their own player Romelu Lukaku. If you want a laugh look it up.

  • DnB JYNX
    DnB JYNX 10 days ago +1

    i love getting in the hot tub with my socks on

  • David Pitts
    David Pitts 10 days ago

    Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tj d
    tj d 10 days ago +1

    I heard he's got massive testicles.

  • JonnyUnderrated
    JonnyUnderrated 10 days ago

    If you press a newspaper to Joeys face does it transfer? Like silly putty ?

  • Brianstorm
    Brianstorm 10 days ago


  • chris g
    chris g 10 days ago +1

    He's genuinely repulsive. I bet he really stinks.

  • Holly
    Holly 10 days ago +1

    Did Joey just forget the fact that Pryor was an active opponent of using the N-word after he went to africa.

  • Ayeli Aïssa
    Ayeli Aïssa 10 days ago

    1. probably because it is run by them
    2.. sentiment of guiltiness for 2nd world war
    3. they have a lot of privileges
    these are the reasons why Jews are said to be genius.

  • Papa 9k
    Papa 9k 10 days ago +1

    The N words gives us more power so keep on doing it!?!

  • 1RebelDog1
    1RebelDog1 10 days ago

    I was banging this super hot chick, 2 years older than me, gorgeous tits, and i said in passing the word "RETARD" she hit the fucking roof, so i got in my car and never went back :) hopefully she learned a lesson, cos i did :D