Joe Rogan - Joey Diaz Goes Off on Using Offensive Words


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  • Oneal Perez
    Oneal Perez 19 hours ago

    @6 min

  • Oneal Perez
    Oneal Perez 19 hours ago

    It's bad because it's stereotyping people

  • Anthony Armstrong
    Anthony Armstrong 3 days ago

    Chinese people moved out of fireworks. There on to something else now 😂😂😂😂😂

  • NewGodFlow89
    NewGodFlow89 7 days ago

    There is a difference between being a comedian and an ignorant fuck.

  • Sean Lambert
    Sean Lambert 8 days ago

    Joe “I’m talking out of my ass” Rogan

  • Mighty Ferret
    Mighty Ferret 9 days ago +1

    He reminds me of the toad guy that went " Brrrrhhhhh Bhrrrrrrr!! " In the phantom menace

  • Oker31333
    Oker31333 9 days ago

    Joe “black dudes have big dicks” rogan

  • Snow FrmTheA
    Snow FrmTheA 9 days ago

    Uncle Joey got the nigga pass😂😂

  • Jesus Martinez
    Jesus Martinez 10 days ago

    Joey bullshit Diaz

  • mike KINDRED
    mike KINDRED 12 days ago

    PC culture is fucking up so much from movies to Comedy to cartoons to even the news fuck this PC bullshit it's just another sympathy it's a new race card and it's a new way for people to feel fucking sorry about themselves

  • Noah Baske
    Noah Baske 14 days ago

    I don’t know why him saying “I’ll kick an aborted fetus” killed me

  • Jim Lee
    Jim Lee 16 days ago

    this joey diaz is the most funniest motha fucka

  • Colorado Slims
    Colorado Slims 18 days ago

    Joey Diaz is a genius

  • James R
    James R 18 days ago

    Muy respecto Senior Chocolate

  • A.J. Austin
    A.J. Austin 21 day ago

    It’s not that positive things aren’t racist, they are because it implies the other races are worse at those things. That being said, I think anybody should be able to say anything without being crucified as long as it abides by the law.

  • Trevor Negron
    Trevor Negron 21 day ago

    Immm so drunk and listening to joey diaz speaking about haha is cracking me up

  • Wiggy Swaine
    Wiggy Swaine 25 days ago

    What a character joey diaz is 👍🏻

  • BlackDeath 420473
    BlackDeath 420473 25 days ago

    Joeys best one liner “cocksucka”

  • RBG02005
    RBG02005 26 days ago

    Don’t mind Joey as a black guy. As long as you don’t get sensitive about your race, go HAM on whatever.

  • Jdm Suspects
    Jdm Suspects 26 days ago


  • Alvaro Neria
    Alvaro Neria 28 days ago

    He looks like an old ass C from a bronx tale who did crack in the picture for the thumbnail

  • Blake
    Blake 29 days ago

    Joey is a big fucking mood!👌🏻 fucking love that guy!

  • Louis Cypher
    Louis Cypher Month ago

    That slob tries too hard.

  • Elijah Lighthill
    Elijah Lighthill Month ago +1

    Idc they both them niggas so they got that pass

  • Hunter Cullum
    Hunter Cullum Month ago

    Could easily be called ‘Joey goes off, using offensive words’

  • Potatro tatro
    Potatro tatro Month ago +1

    I find Joey is one of those comedians made funny by his character and personality. There’s no other person working in comedy like him.

  • Ta'Ziyah-Mkoti Dubango

    Joey "Let's cut the fuckin shit" Diaz

  • kidprep
    kidprep Month ago

    4:26 words of a real nigga

  • Joshua Aguirre
    Joshua Aguirre Month ago

    Joey the muthaf&cking truth Diaz!!!!!!

  • rastafish420
    rastafish420 Month ago

    People are turning into pussies

  • Austin Hauck
    Austin Hauck Month ago

    He didn't give a FUCK what fuck was said

  • Bryan Prish
    Bryan Prish Month ago

    Joey "Chinese people are out of fireworks" Diaz

    CRXXLA Month ago

    Offense is never given: but always taken.

    CRXXLA Month ago +2

    Too many people get triggered from the lightest, fluffiest of shit nowadays.

  • tosted Nuggetz
    tosted Nuggetz Month ago

    Joey Diaz that uncle who corners you at that family gathering

  • hello sunshine
    hello sunshine Month ago

    We should all take on doesn’t apply to me attitude right now, bc it’s bullshit what’s going on

  • xavier.sf
    xavier.sf Month ago

    I used to think this was nick and nates dad

  • thefatgamer
    thefatgamer Month ago

    Bicentennial Nigga

  • LizardKing1324
    LizardKing1324 Month ago

    I like Diaz but does anybody else feel that he gets a little preachy sometimes?

  • F T
    F T Month ago

    Having a big dick is not always a good thing, trust me. One zipper catch is all it takes.

  • Vincent Ford
    Vincent Ford Month ago +1

    The chinese literally invented fireworks, how is that racist

  • tirelo
    tirelo Month ago

    So the racial positives they can attribute to Chinese is maths intelligence and jews Nobel prizes for science, and for black dudes just big dicks 🤔

  • GadesGades
    GadesGades Month ago

    Joe “Black dudes have big dicks” Rogan

  • z BaD ViBeZ z
    z BaD ViBeZ z Month ago

    "How's it racist if it's factual." You're a fucking idiot Joe Rogan.

  • ganja sean
    ganja sean Month ago

    Joey” WHAT THE FOAK” Diaz

  • Captain Charisma
    Captain Charisma Month ago

    The nobel voting committee is Jewish

  • socal420kmk
    socal420kmk Month ago

    White flower!

  • Patrick Mccann
    Patrick Mccann Month ago +109

    If cholesterol had a voice

    • Oneal Perez
      Oneal Perez 19 hours ago

      Also could be the voice of the mucus man in the musinex commercial 😂😂😂

    • Ghostatic
      Ghostatic 27 days ago


  • Josh Done
    Josh Done Month ago

    God, what a craggy faced Italian racist stereotype Diaz is. Fuck that guy.

  • Odd One
    Odd One Month ago

    (((NOBEL PRIZE)))

  • Jenny Young
    Jenny Young Month ago +1

    If you haven't heard wino meets dracula by Richard it now!

  • Jmiles292
    Jmiles292 Month ago

    Joey "I've got the priscope' Diaz

  • Trevor Armes
    Trevor Armes Month ago

    joe "black dudes have big dicks" rogan

  • Animepro100
    Animepro100 Month ago


  • Dirk Dunn
    Dirk Dunn Month ago

    Good job doing that Netflix special in Boston. Smart move, your shit will be promoted.

  • Joseph Denver 2.0
    Joseph Denver 2.0 Month ago

    Agree completely. If it offended you, you probably needed it. And also by getting butthurt by a word you’re just giving it more power. Don’t be a pussy.

  • Tania Lou
    Tania Lou Month ago

    I always wondered how joey got women back in the day being Hes not your typical handsome but you know what i get it now 😂 i would have dated him

  • Darien Striz
    Darien Striz Month ago +1

    I'm tired of this outrageous level of sensitivity today, and I'm Canadian. Shits overinflated.

  • Tea Dawg
    Tea Dawg Month ago

    Saying blacks have big dicks is racist against blacks with average to small dicks.

  • Josh Hughes
    Josh Hughes Month ago

    "Guess what g, it don't apply to me" - joey diaz

  • Patricio Martinez
    Patricio Martinez Month ago +1

    When is chris rock on JRE ?

  • Adem Zettl
    Adem Zettl Month ago

    I was getting arrested as this podcast was being recorded

    VLOGGER LYFE Month ago +1

    Joe "Google that" Rogan

  • Syed Rahman
    Syed Rahman Month ago

    I can hear him breath every time he speaks

  • Mauricio Hermoza
    Mauricio Hermoza 2 months ago

    Sorry. NOOOOOOO

  • Cyber Stein
    Cyber Stein 2 months ago

    They're only smart because they steal ideas from people. Jews like Einstein worked on the patent office, and he stole ideas that way, and is the reason why him and Tesla hated each other.
    Not to mention the fact that almost all of the Scientific community signed paperwork calling out Einstein for being wrong.
    They are only smart at manipulating people, and working money, that's it. It's why George Soros can crash markets, because he's studied it and learned to manipulate it.

    • Blokka Nokka
      Blokka Nokka Month ago

      Agreed, it seems there is alot of deceit behind the accomplishments when you really look into it. And heaven help you really criticize that angle of society, even down to Kosher foods being a must if you want to succeed in the food market, there are certainly claws of power at work from the waaaay top down. I 100% understand absolute respect, but to the point we have laws based around things...

  • Matthew Davila
    Matthew Davila 2 months ago

    “Offensive words”

  • hey dude
    hey dude 2 months ago

    Totally true people take shit to the heart get over it its a joke dont listen if otherwise.

  • Riley Bibb
    Riley Bibb 2 months ago

    Talking about big black dicks isn’t racist , it’s just gay

  • cameronismadd69
    cameronismadd69 2 months ago

    Is it racist to talk about why majority of contributions to mathematics have been made by native europeans?

    • cameronismadd69
      cameronismadd69 Month ago

      I cant differentiate that from saying jews make the biggest contribution to medicine. Is the difference based on hierarchy or is it just simply wrong to point it out?

    • Vantum Noir
      Vantum Noir Month ago

      No it's just dishonest.

    • Ras al Hanout
      Ras al Hanout Month ago

      Yeah. Very fucking racist.

  • ben Morrison
    ben Morrison 2 months ago

    Joey and Joe are legendary together

  • Hit Monkey
    Hit Monkey 2 months ago

    Joe "im thinking about black dicks" rogan

  • yogamind
    yogamind 2 months ago

    My nigga

  • Spire Wolves
    Spire Wolves 2 months ago

    "I grew up on the word retarded, I grew up on the word faggot"
    So, you're basically admitting that you're unable to think for yourself, and instead just regurgitate the same inane jargon you were raised on. Funny, that's actually the same exact excuse Southern racists use.

    • Serpico's Beard
      Serpico's Beard Month ago

      He's saying he won't stop using a word because someone told him not to. I don't tend to call people faggots, that seems to be more of an American thing but if someone is dumb I'll call them a retard.

  • George Roff
    George Roff 2 months ago

    Why is joey either so quite or so loud? I turn it up and lean in everytime and he gets me

  • TC Nemesis 610
    TC Nemesis 610 2 months ago

    Uncle.Joey.goat double OG

  • Lukáš Mareček
    Lukáš Mareček 2 months ago

    RIP Bill Hicks

  • Kjca
    Kjca 2 months ago +3

    Joey “let me tell you this joe rogan” Diaz

  • TheBurnside1
    TheBurnside1 2 months ago

    I agree with Joey! fuck you dumb cunts!

  • jackdaknife
    jackdaknife 2 months ago +3

    "chinese are all out of fireworks, they moved on to other things"
    He's just naturally funny.

  • Guitar Lessons LA
    Guitar Lessons LA 2 months ago

    Joey’s the best

  • Lewis Lemons III
    Lewis Lemons III 2 months ago +1

    Love this guy....mufucka dont care.

  • Matt Sampson
    Matt Sampson 2 months ago

    Go and tell Joey everyone's too sensitive nowadays anyway that's what makes you so funny you don't give a f*** and I love you for that

  • Matt Ball
    Matt Ball 2 months ago +1

    Joey is so funny

  • jeffrey Urrea
    jeffrey Urrea 2 months ago

    PC culture: the beginning of comedy's downfall

  • merces47letifer
    merces47letifer 2 months ago

    The left is the new right. Fucking oppressive, fascist cunts.

  • Serpico's Beard
    Serpico's Beard 2 months ago +1

    I'm in my mid 30's and have always considered myself to be pretty liberal and left leaning but in the last few years my attitude has changed so much. There's so many fragile snowflakes out there nowadays who are triggered and offended by everything it pisses me off.
    "You can't say that, that offends me etc etc" Get fucked and grow a pair and stop being a professional victim. If someone is retarded then I'm going to say they're retarded. Also i had no idea it was bad to call transexuals "trannies". I doubt actual trannies would give a shit if someone called them that.

    • Serpico's Beard
      Serpico's Beard Month ago

      +Ras al Hanout No shit. I call them both trannies.

    • Ras al Hanout
      Ras al Hanout Month ago

      'Trannies' refers to transvestites, not transsexuals. Different thing amigo.

  • Andrew Connor
    Andrew Connor 2 months ago

    re: The Jews, Steven Pinker has in depth stuff on this that will basically make you unable to form an opinion on it at all...

  • davojimmy
    davojimmy 2 months ago

    Being Jewish isn't a race, right? Then Christians and Muslims gonna want a word

  • Jay D
    Jay D 2 months ago

    Can't be racist if it's true

  • TheYungLonn
    TheYungLonn 2 months ago

    Joe and Joey are my fuckin conscious

  • G' Nome
    G' Nome 2 months ago

    Literally the smartest guy in history, fuckin Einstein was a german jew

  • Jason Roberts
    Jason Roberts 2 months ago

    Real raw outstanding.

  • Blues clues78
    Blues clues78 2 months ago


  • JoeyF Bank
    JoeyF Bank 3 months ago

    I’m becoming less and less liberal each day

  • Jesse Salomon
    Jesse Salomon 3 months ago

    Joey Should Have A Netflix Special

  • hunter bob
    hunter bob 3 months ago

    Anything a comedian says that’s highly offensive isn’t offending their fans and supporters. They offend those who look to be offended

  • Winter King
    Winter King 3 months ago

    The problem is that statistically a lot of differences can be proven between races but liberals only calim the positive ones for themselves. If a statistic says women are better generally at taking pain thats feminist but if the some article says they are physically weaker than men its sexist.

  • le jefe
    le jefe 3 months ago

    "Maybe later" lol

  • Antonius Elder
    Antonius Elder 3 months ago