Joe Rogan - Joey Diaz Goes Off on Using Offensive Words


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  • jeffrey Urrea
    jeffrey Urrea 12 hours ago

    PC culture: the beginning of comedy's downfall

  • merces47letifer
    merces47letifer Day ago

    The left is the new right. Fucking oppressive, fascist cunts.

  • Serpico's Beard
    Serpico's Beard 3 days ago

    I'm in my mid 30's and have always considered myself to be pretty liberal and left leaning but in the last few years my attitude has changed so much. There's so many fragile snowflakes out there nowadays who are triggered and offended by everything it pisses me off.
    "You can't say that, that offends me etc etc" Get fucked and grow a pair and stop being a professional victim. If someone is retarded then I'm going to say they're retarded. Also i had no idea it was bad to call transexuals "trannies". I doubt actual trannies would give a shit if someone called them that.

  • Andrew Connor
    Andrew Connor 4 days ago

    re: The Jews, Steven Pinker has in depth stuff on this that will basically make you unable to form an opinion on it at all...

  • davojimmy
    davojimmy 4 days ago

    Being Jewish isn't a race, right? Then Christians and Muslims gonna want a word

  • Jay D
    Jay D 5 days ago

    Can't be racist if it's true

  • TheYungLonn
    TheYungLonn 6 days ago

    Joe and Joey are my fuckin conscious

  • Zack Strand
    Zack Strand 6 days ago

    Literally the smartest guy in history, fuckin Einstein was a german jew

  • Jason Roberts
    Jason Roberts 7 days ago

    Real raw outstanding.

  • Blues clues78
    Blues clues78 9 days ago


  • JoeyF Bank
    JoeyF Bank 11 days ago

    I’m becoming less and less liberal each day

  • Jesse Salomon
    Jesse Salomon 11 days ago

    Joey Should Have A Netflix Special

  • hunter bob
    hunter bob 11 days ago

    Anything a comedian says that’s highly offensive isn’t offending their fans and supporters. They offend those who look to be offended

  • Winter King
    Winter King 11 days ago

    The problem is that statistically a lot of differences can be proven between races but liberals only calim the positive ones for themselves. If a statistic says women are better generally at taking pain thats feminist but if the some article says they are physically weaker than men its sexist.

  • le jefe
    le jefe 12 days ago

    "Maybe later" lol

  • Antonius Elder
    Antonius Elder 12 days ago


  • JustAGuy OnYoutube!4K
    JustAGuy OnYoutube!4K 12 days ago

    Fuck ya soft ass puddy hearts! “Censorship” ain’t censored since ever! Filters and sugarcoating real shit.

  • giveitall1992
    giveitall1992 13 days ago

    He needs to write a book I’d read the shit out of it

  • JustBecauseSo
    JustBecauseSo 13 days ago

    Joey don't care lol

  • JustBecauseSo
    JustBecauseSo 13 days ago

    Joey don't care lol

  • patrisco
    patrisco 15 days ago

    this gay boy Joe Rogan out here comparing dick size to being good at math and "accomplishments"

  • Nenad Radosavljevic
    Nenad Radosavljevic 16 days ago

    Joey, the sane man.

  • Tom Avery
    Tom Avery 17 days ago

    Joe ‘black dudes have big dicks’ Rogan

  • Exertio
    Exertio 17 days ago

    Fuck political correctness

  • Higher Primate
    Higher Primate 20 days ago

    Fucking snowflakes

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 23 days ago


  • David Hampton
    David Hampton 23 days ago

    "I'm offended" is just a watered down way to say "I'm too weak to handle what was said so you should change yourself because I personally can't handle it." I'm not going to change my vocabulary because people recently decided (mostly because media decided for them) that these words "hurt." Who gives a fuck, grow a pair of fucking balls! People forget you can be a decent person and still have a fucking sense of humor and sadly, for some, that stick is too far up there ass to be removed..

  • Painter Dave
    Painter Dave 24 days ago

    I called a 22 year old in pool league a Nancy and full grown men complained so much I was removed from league. Fucking fags.

  • firmlygraspi1
    firmlygraspi1 24 days ago

    Positive racism is still bad, yes. It sets expectations on you for being a specific race, so if you fail to meet those specific expectations then you're regarded as a failure. If you're an Asian kid that gets a B in math, or a black guy with a 6.5 inch penis, then people would consider you a disappointment. If you're a white guy with a B in math and a 6.5 inch penis, you're above average.

  • Kenneth Edwards
    Kenneth Edwards 25 days ago

    Yes! I'm 54 years old & can't be molded into an A sexual outraged twit ! You are telling me to not speak the truth ?! YES ! ( How am I to react to my home town Palo Alto California, when the only things recognizable are the fucking buildings & streets )?!

  • Republican Equals Democrat

    Joe Rogan is a officially a liberal California cunt

  • Ed Diaz
    Ed Diaz 25 days ago

    There is no such thing as a European Jews. Jews are Arab. And the reason so many are industrial and intelligent, is because the smart ones avoided the Holocaust, and the dumb and average ones, couldn't see the signs before it was too late.

  • jdtorres510
    jdtorres510 25 days ago

    First stereotypical thing Rogan can think of is dick related Lmao
    I'm weak 😂😂

  • kahea2018
    kahea2018 26 days ago


  • PAtR PoWeR
    PAtR PoWeR 26 days ago

    Joe "Google the numbers" rogan

  • Barth Slung
    Barth Slung 27 days ago

    Offense is taken, not given.

  • Ty Cetto
    Ty Cetto 27 days ago

    Why the fuck do Joey have the Thai flag on his sleeve?

  • Quinton Henry
    Quinton Henry 28 days ago

    Roman "The Butcher" Barbieri from mafia III

  • Kaleb
    Kaleb 28 days ago

    people look to be offended now days, the world is filled with snowflakes

  • Chris Sears
    Chris Sears 28 days ago

    Those that can't control their emotions will seek to control your behavior.

  • Danny Garcia
    Danny Garcia Month ago +1

    When did everyone become sensitive bitches

  • B G
    B G Month ago

    Boo hoo
    PC sucks
    Fuck PC culture
    Comedy sucks now

  • hollyh1969
    hollyh1969 Month ago

    I fucking love Diaz...fucker can cuss! Fuck yeah! Yes I am a chick...

  • Al Zen
    Al Zen Month ago

    It doesn't apply to him because he's on his way out already

  • The Thrawn Scotsman

    Thing is, if you do something the leftie TheXvid doesn't like they will demonatise or delete you. That's why JR has to watch what he is saying now...

  • Karthadasht
    Karthadasht Month ago

    it's not offensive to say jews have won lots of nobel prizes because it's a fac but it surely is offensive if you'd say that most slave traders were jews too even though it's also a fact ... Joe Rogan for you Ladies and Gents

  • Haydon Gaming
    Haydon Gaming Month ago

    "If I offended you, you needed it" - Corey Taylor

  • Gav
    Gav Month ago

    Positive stereotypes are still bad because if you’re a person who does fit the supposed stereotypes you’re less than you’re supposed to be. If ur a black guy with a small or average sized dick, u don’t want girls to constantly be expecting you to be hung. And if you’re Asian and you’re not good at math, then it’s like “wtf you’re Asian and you’re bad at math?” It just becomes bad when it doesn’t fit

  • Jennifer Wyatt
    Jennifer Wyatt Month ago

    Don't ppl understand Joey is Cuban not Italian!!!

  • Wyatt
    Wyatt Month ago +1

    i dont get it. why are we walking on eggshells.. im not a politician or a teacher im not a role model im the average joe. if u dont like me calling people faggots or trannys, fat whatever then cry me a fucking river. your the one with the problem being offended, not me.

  • Mr.Rabies89
    Mr.Rabies89 Month ago

    I lost it right here starting at 04:09 I have no idea why. lol

  • don't care
    don't care Month ago

    Jamie it wasn't that hard to look up.. "As of 2017, Nobel Prizes have been awarded to 892 individuals, of whom 201 or 22.5% were Jews, although the total Jewish population comprises less than 0.2% of the world's population. This means the percentage of Jewish Nobel laureates is at least 112.5 times or 11,250% above average."

  • 3deaster
    3deaster Month ago

    We’re not taking it anymore🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Hawaiianboiii
    Hawaiianboiii Month ago

    Why does he have a thai flag on his shirt

  • Aidan Rushlow
    Aidan Rushlow Month ago

    Fuck I’m 16 and I use these words that offend all these people too fucking bad lmao

  • Alex B.
    Alex B. Month ago

    Joey don't give a fuck

  • The Donald Funk
    The Donald Funk Month ago

    People now days are so sensitive

  • kmhuis
    kmhuis Month ago

    Joe is such a fuck head

  • Generic Jesus
    Generic Jesus Month ago

    I AM (4:52) a black dude with a big’s a cross I have to bear (or bare?). I’d rather have a big dick than a heavy big ASS cross strapped to me, BUT that’s a subjective/biased call

  • Big Jake
    Big Jake Month ago

    Like a docta!

  • Ktip Bomb
    Ktip Bomb Month ago

    "Kicking an aborted fetus" what?! 😂😂

  • Alex Rees
    Alex Rees Month ago

    The same thing happens every generation; There are going to be words that were previously viewed as acceptable by the generation prior that begin to have negative connotations affiliated with them. Over time the newer generation will educate their offspring on why it's wrong to use particular words and the newer generation will grow up without it in their rotating lexicon of words they use in their everyday lives.
    I feel like it is ridiculous to get mad at older generations for using the words they do. I think it's okay to get a bit mad at older beliefs if it's one that denigrates a large group of people (ie. negative sentiments on gay rights) but if they are just using words that they grew up with and thought were acceptable in their time (ie. saying Midget instead of "Little Person"), I think it's a bit more acceptable. Those words are part of their lexicon and even if they know how bad they are now, we shouldn't criticize them for accidentally saying them.
    There's going to be tons of things we say today that generations after us will find offensive (whether for good reasons or bad reasons) and that's natural, times change. I think holding people from older generations to the standards we hold today over something as small and trivial as the words they use is counterproductive and distracts from bigger issues concerning intolerance and bigotry.
    There's bigger fish to fry is what I'm trying to say.

  • Right Coast
    Right Coast Month ago

    Joey Diaz is the fucking shit... Let me tell you something Joe Rogan...

  • Cole Baker
    Cole Baker Month ago

    6:22 Joey's cough and mucus snort had me dying

  • hunter knop
    hunter knop Month ago

    I fucking love Joey Diaz

  • Spike EP
    Spike EP Month ago

    Tell The Truth,
    Refuse to Ever Stop Telling Telling The Truth,
    And Keep Telling The Truth until They're Left w. no other option or alternative -
    Make Things so that They'd have to kill you to shut you up - then give them every excuses you will even need to straight-up just murder you, rather than listen to you, your conversation or your advice :

    And Then, KEEP GOING ....

  • Irving Garcia
    Irving Garcia Month ago


  • hugo z hackenbush
    hugo z hackenbush Month ago

    I'd love to see Joe n Joey's opinion on Frankie boyle

  • Ygg The Terrible one

    Chinese people ran out of fireworks. 🤣😂😂

  • vinod punwani
    vinod punwani Month ago

    fucker should be sent to a psych ward fat mofo

  • vinod punwani
    vinod punwani Month ago

    he looks like hes fuckin eighty years old

  • vinod punwani
    vinod punwani Month ago

    dude this mofo fat

  • J Trejo
    J Trejo Month ago

    That's right Coco, funk this half a momo lapdog! keep it real homie

  • Jason Weaver
    Jason Weaver Month ago

    4:48 "How's it racist if it's factual?"
    Oh Joe, have you not been paying attention. It doesn't matter how factual it is, if you're a protected class.

  • JoeBob Jenkins
    JoeBob Jenkins Month ago

    Comedians have all these grandious ideas of what a comedian does in their "role for society". Your job is simply to make people laugh. That's it. How you choose to do so is your business.

  • Brant Bailey
    Brant Bailey Month ago

    Fuckin coco. Get some.

  • Kean Vorup
    Kean Vorup Month ago

    2:43 Joe “awkvard laugh” Rogan

  • govind bajwa
    govind bajwa Month ago

    People nowadays are too damn sensitive. People just look to demonize someone for an opinion.

  • Eric
    Eric Month ago


  • vilsujami
    vilsujami Month ago

    Joey needs to have his own Sopranos like mob show...he would be so amazing.

  • Guzzardo
    Guzzardo Month ago

    Just don’t be a pussy. That’s all it is.

  • Bagible INC
    Bagible INC Month ago

    Tremendous farts

  • Nate Rally
    Nate Rally Month ago

    "Ok baby...Now jump off the roof on my face" i died 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  • Justin E.
    Justin E. 2 months ago

    High rogan isnt smart rogan

  • xoqvuz
    xoqvuz 2 months ago

    Ever since PC Police took "retarded" off the table, "special" became a replacement diss.
    Political Correctness & Euphemisms don't necessarily soften language, they're just an erroneous Emotions Above Evidence mentality.
    Mental Fortitude greatly needed.

  • DS Atkinson
    DS Atkinson 2 months ago

    Fuck every last one of these ridiculous goddamn people that want you to give them control over YOUR vocabulary. I'm not for cruelty and I'm not for hatred or anything else deliberately hurtful, BUT I'M FOR FREEDOM OF SPEECH and I'm not going to apologize for it. It's just a fact, that some racist, homophobic, you name it hick's right to say something that's INTENDED to hurt and offend goes RIGHT ALONG with some faggot's right to say "I'm offended". I'm gay, so I can say "faggot"...and guess what?...SO CAN YOU. These insane people who are obsessed with political correctness can kiss my ass. I am so over it. They're going to legislate their freedom of speech RIGHT OUT OF EXISTENCE thinking they're so goddamn smart. It's almost unbelievable. And this game of them pretending to be more evolved and compassionate than they really are is getting old.
    It's BEEN old.
    Because it's ignorant, insincere horseshit.

  • Jarrold Bates
    Jarrold Bates 2 months ago

    Joey you are an old soul. We have similar values.

  • Nervous Cathode
    Nervous Cathode 2 months ago

    Looking good uncle Joey, inspirational!

  • MrFelixify
    MrFelixify 2 months ago

    hahahah fucking Joey!

  • critical of onions
    critical of onions 2 months ago

    Joey "It Don't Apply to Me" Diaz

  • Joey Greathouse
    Joey Greathouse 2 months ago

    Racism is the idea that one race is genetically superior to all other races, not that one race is bad or negative.
    People don't even know what racism is. People misuse terms like it's fashionable be an idiot.

  • Shannon Siksnus
    Shannon Siksnus 2 months ago

    It's not racism dude it's called being bias

  • shadow people
    shadow people 2 months ago

    ? @ 4:56

  • 2bit MarketAnarchist
    2bit MarketAnarchist 2 months ago

    I'm not one who likes to put celebrities up on pedestals because I've never met them, but I really think a lot of Joey Diaz, even if I don't agree with him on everything. The old motherfucker keeps it real and tells you exactly how he sees the world.

  • Kevin Farris
    Kevin Farris 2 months ago

    Maybe later we got time LMFAO

  • Sonof Rajamani
    Sonof Rajamani 2 months ago

    I have keep reducing and increasing my phone volume whenever joey speaks

  • AlexForSale
    AlexForSale 2 months ago

    Comedians have left the post of defending free speech and a right to offend. Offense is an emotion, not an argument or an opinion. The issue is, ironically, that we live in a culture and society which is SO DEEPLY ANTI-RACIST that there are real consequences when some rando blogger gets offended. The core of the issue is that extreme minority who gets offended, calls or blogs or tweets at someone, some corporate PR person shits the bed, and then there are almost always absurd repercussions to that original randos feeling offended. Chris Hardwick for example, he didn’t commit any crime, from what I’ve read he didn’t do anything immoral, but to get ahead of the social justice zealots Chris was fired from all his shows and projects. It has now ventured into staving off POTENTIAL OFFENSE. What we need is for more people to get fucking pissed and tweeting at AMC for firing Chris than the 20 blogger cunts that for him fired. We need to make there be consequences FOR giving into the whims is the hypersensitive SJWs that over ride the fearful guilt by association avoidance that companies do when they fire people for potential offense. The political lefts cultural dominance is social cancer.

  • AlexForSale
    AlexForSale 2 months ago

    People don’t seem to realize that OFFENSE IS AN EMOTION. It’s akin to saying that joke made me mad or sad or happy or... offended. I am more offended by everyone everywhere capitulating to the most hypersensitive virtue signaling social justice warriors offense taking than I am about anything they have claimed is offensive. The guy who owns papa johns, THE PAPA JOHN guy, spoke aloud the word nigger during a conference call about conflicts of that sort, he was recalling an example of SOMEONE ELSE SAYING NIGGER, and some excecutive at papa johns who was on that call “got offended” told the media about papa john saying nigger and now papa john, a man with 1/3 of a BILLION DOLLARS was forced out of his own company. For saying nigger. Same thing happened to some guy at Netflix, fired. And this is the upper crust of society, imagine my employer sees THIS COMMENT where I’ve described other people quoting another person who said nigger, and that is grounds for me to be fired?

  • Pedro Ramos
    Pedro Ramos 2 months ago

    I need Joey as my homie, he keeps it 100

  • SD B
    SD B 2 months ago

    "I grew up on the word retarded"