Joe Rogan - Joey Diaz Goes Off on Using Offensive Words

  • Published on Jul 4, 2018
  • Joe Rogan and Joey Diaz on using offensive words in the current climate.
    Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1140:

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  • Philip Baca
    Philip Baca 4 hours ago

    Toe Rogan asking the tuf questions what a sellout douchebag how many black dicks have you compared

  • rogue
    rogue 8 hours ago

    Fuck HBO special. FUCK THAT!

  • Dillon Moreno
    Dillon Moreno 17 hours ago

    LOL at joe shilling for the jews

  • Murcia Bitches
    Murcia Bitches Day ago

    Joey looks like the fat guy from the longest yard

  • Cant6e Kissy
    Cant6e Kissy Day ago

    Joey is the only non black person that can say the n-word

  • Brent Ethun Jr.
    Brent Ethun Jr. 2 days ago

    Jokes are jokes and if you cant handle it, DONT FUCKING LISTEN TO IT!!!!! QUIT BEING A PUSSY

  • Michael Cook
    Michael Cook 3 days ago

    shit crazy how we got freedom of speech but cant say what we want yo say with put some punk ass behind a keyboard getting mad.

  • George Cisneros
    George Cisneros 3 days ago

    Democrats ruin the country crying over everything cant say shit

  • Daisy Anderson
    Daisy Anderson 5 days ago

    Fuck political correctness

  • alex mccutchan
    alex mccutchan 6 days ago +1

    Joe speaks so we'll around Joey then cucks out around everyone else

  • alex mccutchan
    alex mccutchan 6 days ago


  • Si Woodside
    Si Woodside 6 days ago


  • S5oggyChair
    S5oggyChair 6 days ago

    Joey Diaz is my favorite human mucus thing

  • Bobsap Dagger
    Bobsap Dagger 7 days ago

    Words cant be offensive, its the meaning someone puts behind those words that is offensive.

  • Gee Smith
    Gee Smith 7 days ago

    There's a time and a place

  • wayne raab
    wayne raab 8 days ago +1

    Ofc the energy is different. Look at Dave Chapelle's specials. La: crowd wasn't really liking the racial humor. But HUSTON: CROWD WAS GOIN CRAZY

  • kefkapalazzo1
    kefkapalazzo1 8 days ago

    Look st south Asian countries and India... education is strong

  • TheRovingGent89
    TheRovingGent89 8 days ago +1

    "Chinese people are outta fireworks now. They've moved on to other things." 😂😂😂

  • Sam Ayers
    Sam Ayers 9 days ago

    Joe “is it racist to think black dudes have big dicks” Rogan

  • ash ash
    ash ash 9 days ago

    i shit you not Joey Diaz sounds exactly like Joe from Mafia 2

  • angel najar
    angel najar 9 days ago

    Joey Diaz "we're done"
    Dave Chappelle in the background "WE'RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT"

  • Piercey
    Piercey 11 days ago

    This guy is a cigarette

  • Tom Jerry
    Tom Jerry 11 days ago +1


  • Paul Valmadre
    Paul Valmadre 11 days ago

    Your right if its factual ,how can it be racist , I'm sure nothing is racist unless your critical of a race, How is generalizing even considered racism, your just emphasizing or exaggerating reality as a way of making humour, How is it Racist to laugh at a common trait among a race of people , Like Italians and hair greas, or Black kids and sneakers, Or Chinese and Cameras or Japanese men and Manbags, Native Americans and corn chips. How is that racist ,People are way to sensitive and that causes the biggest divide in culture's. I herd a joke it goes...What's black and Screams real loud,- Answer: Stevie Wonder answering the Iron.. And I've heard someone say that's racist, but I don't see how it is ,If Stevie was Chinese the joke would be what's yellow, .So is the word black racists now..There's nothing in the joke degrading black people ,the joke is about being blind and accidentally putting a hot iron on your cheek- ,mistaken for the phone,.Now see my point we would laugh no matter what colour they are . I think we all need to be aware of offending people but let's not strangle our humor as a species as laughter and humor brings people together .You know where I'm from it respectful to share a joke about each other culture you share with them and they tell you one back about yours ,Nothing negative of course ,its this kind of humor that breaks down walls between different cultures . Let's not become Robots because of the over sensitive minority's.

  • okannam
    okannam 11 days ago

    imagine my shock that white dudes are complaining about not treating people like stereotypes anymore. a jokes a joke, but like how hard is it to respect ppl around u

  • Kuda95 M
    Kuda95 M 12 days ago

    gotta love Joey😂😂😂🔥

  • dawson foster
    dawson foster 13 days ago

    Everyone has to find something to bitch about

  • Saul Val
    Saul Val 15 days ago

    I am sofa king we taught it.

  • Χριστοφορος Γεωργουλας

    Free speech contains "hate speech" you can say whatever you want.Dont get offended by anything

  • Michael Collings
    Michael Collings 17 days ago

    I think rogan told Joey to tone it down for the special and it totally derailed him

  • Sean
    Sean 19 days ago

    Fuck the PC movement!

  • nick281972
    nick281972 19 days ago +1

    I still say tranny, forgive me.

  • Sharon Sweat
    Sharon Sweat 19 days ago +1

    Joey is the uncle we have or wish we had . Love you cocksuckers. Coco

  • Nic Marley
    Nic Marley 20 days ago

    is joe super high or some shit

  • Brandon Broussard
    Brandon Broussard 24 days ago

    Joe can't go one podcast without talking about dicks

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith 26 days ago

    Jamie is a shill. Liberal creep. He did get a A in school once

  • cland123
    cland123 26 days ago

    It's Blue Cheese or go fcuk your mother

  • Pied Piper
    Pied Piper 27 days ago

    Joey use the god dam cough button.
    You sound like you have a bucket of fucking phlegm sloshing around in there

  • Jackson Jackson
    Jackson Jackson 28 days ago


  • Fistful Pennies
    Fistful Pennies 29 days ago

    zzzzzzz one and a half brain cells between both these twats

  • MrHymensmasher
    MrHymensmasher Month ago


  • Brody Harris
    Brody Harris Month ago +1

    Joey is the fucking truth. We r blessed to have him. Fuck all the haters. Which there arent many against this man. But fuck em n e ways. Much Bless

  • Travis Lindberg
    Travis Lindberg Month ago

    Maybe later we got time

  • Hippy Tourist Guides to the Universe

    PC should be illegal

  • gareth reed
    gareth reed Month ago +3

    I agree with joey people get offended by everything. Comics should be able to call ppl on it.

  • Randall Marsh
    Randall Marsh Month ago

    Joe... I see you over there hiding in the closet... Come on out brother its ok lol... Or am i the only person hearing joe talk about dicks at least once every podcast

  • Myrr
    Myrr Month ago +1

    Love uncle get a huge dose of truth and laugh your ass off when he gets mad.

  • Kareem Lofty
    Kareem Lofty Month ago

    I’m offended that people find comedy too offensive

  • Zak Maslen
    Zak Maslen Month ago

    Joey “ima gunna say tranny from time to time” Diaz

  • Albrecht Schöbel
    Albrecht Schöbel Month ago

    Joe sucking Bar mitzvah dick again with a black one up his ass. Such a cuck

  • Grayson Vance
    Grayson Vance Month ago

    Rogan is PC !!!

  • Travis Fox
    Travis Fox Month ago

    Hey i just wanted say thank you Joe. My job is boring as fuck. But we can listen to our phones. Your channel gets me through the day. Thanks bro

    THEremiXFACTOR Month ago

    "I'll kick an aborted fetus!...that's not my style."

  • El Kabong
    El Kabong Month ago

    Im with joey. Fuck it. Joe rogan if your afraid give up the business.

  • Rage Against The Dem-Machine

    Richard Pryor going against gays and Marlon Brando fucked him. I feel sorry for the fly on that wall.

  • Meschach Horne
    Meschach Horne Month ago

    Bicentennial nigga LMAO

  • Joe Kidd
    Joe Kidd Month ago

    Faggot & retard are in as much use as ever across the pond. Fuck the pc wanting rattrap setting nazi freemason demented old fat faggot child raping infant killing goverment & anyone who blindly supports them. They are killing you all with microwave cancer & this zionist agenda pushing bald scarred headed gimp will tell you all technology is magic. No bitch your stupid fucking phone is cutting through with laser signals that cook you until something frys.. Forget social media. Nothing can be done now. Enjoy whats left. Get outside. Smoke homegrown weed not legal chemically sprayed shit as most of it is.

  • CommandoJenkins
    CommandoJenkins Month ago +1

    Stereotypes aren't racist.

  • Casey Frederick
    Casey Frederick Month ago

    It's hard to rebuttal anything that anyone has to say whenever they speak not only from their heart but also from their experience and their deliberate conscious observations.
    I mean you got to love the dude!

  • Dean Richards
    Dean Richards 2 months ago +3

    I would love to know what Richard Pryor, RIP, would of said about this me too thing.

  • irish rover
    irish rover 2 months ago +1

    white Americans are cucks

  • Denis Cvijan
    Denis Cvijan 2 months ago

    Joey should be in mob movies like Godfellas, he's perfect for it, even looks Sicilian

  • Emmy B
    Emmy B 2 months ago

    I love Kenny Bruce he was the father of profanity and bringing the bs to light

  • my penis is unbelievably small, but

    I'm not saying it's offensive, cause everything offends someone and I don't give a fuck, but this is interesting and not very well known so I'll explain.
    people think the big black dick stereotype is racist because it has roots way back in colonial America when medicine wasn't so advanced, and we thought that there was a direct correlation between libido and penis size.
    the original reason for the stereotype starting was because the racist white settlers wanted a way to have everyone believe that black men were sexual predators and incapable of controlling themselves around women (white women specifically I'm sure), so they made up this myth that black people had big penises and thus a crazy uncontrollable libido.
    and since interracial relationships were frowned upon to the point where offenders would often be hung or shot, nobody ever really saw first hand that it wasn't true, so it continued on for years and years until now where most people generally know it's not really true, but obviously race mixing is a common fetish so the porn industry has capitalized on it since the 70's.
    apparently there's a similar version of the big dick myth in some parts of Asia regarding white men and some parts of Europe regarding Arabs.
    a lot of people who are into cuckolding and weird shit like that get off on being biologically inferior to another race, and every culture sort of has it's cliché superior.
    that and obviously no black dude ever is gonna say 'nah shit man my dick is like 5.7" max' like come one would you?

  • the darkone
    the darkone 2 months ago +2

    Joey diaz is awesome

  • Puppa Jacko
    Puppa Jacko 2 months ago

    Just saw a comment in this section that said and I quote, “the best comedians are liberal” let that retarded shit sink in

  • CORNDOG Extreme
    CORNDOG Extreme 2 months ago

    Dudes everything is racist it's fucking pathetic people need to shut the fuck up and grow a pair

  • Craig Crawford
    Craig Crawford 2 months ago

    Joey is living proof, but probably not for much longer, how you can look 100 years old at 50

  • Morningstar
    Morningstar 2 months ago

    ok i am not american and i thought i don't like this joey guy know nothing about him, he's so crude and macho, but i really like him now coz he said its not my style to say about aborted baby, thank you Joey respect, you're a good man, love Americans who don't toe the line always be free. God Bless

  • the larch
    the larch 2 months ago

    " offensive words" is confucked

  • Nigger Baby
    Nigger Baby 2 months ago

    Their confusing racism with stereotypes at certain parts

  • YouTube NOOB
    YouTube NOOB 2 months ago

    Joey Diaz gets a nigga card in my book anyways lol

  • Tj Nieto
    Tj Nieto 2 months ago

    Can't imagine a real life human being calling a network saying " Hi I'm offended by that joke thank you and goodbye"

  • Jay Dill
    Jay Dill 2 months ago

    Uh oh is he back on blow? Lol jk

  • Punk rock In the wrong hands

    Joe “Is it racist to say black guys have big dicks” Rogan

  • Connor Ferrand
    Connor Ferrand 2 months ago

    Hey I get it. I don’t say things for the sake of being offensive. I wouldn’t go up to with downs and use the word regard around them. But, there doesn’t mean there’s not an appropriate setting to use that word. Friend gets drunk and walks rough a screen door: well he’s retarded.

  • aj b
    aj b 2 months ago

    Jesus Are smart cause the dumb ones died in the holocaust

  • One World Yoga
    One World Yoga 2 months ago

    Rogan changed a while back, when he was asking for the truth about aliens. Since then he has calmed down a lot. Been very careful exactly what comes out.
    Watch the difference from before 2016 to now. I think he knows and can’t say anything.

  • Nope Nope
    Nope Nope 2 months ago


  • Clorox bleach
    Clorox bleach 2 months ago

    Joe “I chuckle at the word retarded” Rogan.

  • mysteryman447
    mysteryman447 2 months ago

    “chinese ran out of fireworks and moved onto other things” lmaoo

  • SomerEve
    SomerEve 2 months ago +6

    "why is that racist?"
    "because its racist"

    pretty much 2018/2019

  • Joonas Laine
    Joonas Laine 2 months ago

    lol why jews smart? they wrote the history ofc they arent gonna mention that many other races. Fuck you kikes

  • Domagoj Repinec
    Domagoj Repinec 2 months ago

    joey is suck a legend he ain't black but nobody says a word if he says the n-word

  • Lleyton Forster
    Lleyton Forster 2 months ago +1

    I AINT TAKING IT NO MORE! - Joey "i did an edible and cried" Diaz

  • Peter Dembowy
    Peter Dembowy 2 months ago

    If a comedian offends you or you don’t like his stand up then don’t listen to them...
    What is so complicated by that?
    Why would you try to silence someone or take away their freedom of speech...

  • Cousin Ryan
    Cousin Ryan 2 months ago

    3:31 he caught himself 😂

  • Tyronne Trice
    Tyronne Trice 2 months ago

    At least he said it right though lol 😂

  • jobje Rabbeljee
    jobje Rabbeljee 2 months ago

    schmuck is the circomcision residue

  • jobje Rabbeljee
    jobje Rabbeljee 2 months ago

    can americans swear in the comments? I'm dutch and apparently I can...

  • jobje Rabbeljee
    jobje Rabbeljee 2 months ago

    they beeped away the entire f*****n show!

  • R. H.
    R. H. 2 months ago

    This whole interview was about being 'genuine' instead of fake, borrowed or cheap. People can 'feel' genuine, they connect with it, because that person is being real and sharing an experience that we can pass along and can share with others without propagating lies and deception and yet still being insightful . . . something the mass-media has forgotten over time.

  • Margaret Mosca
    Margaret Mosca 2 months ago

    Joey is to funny he gets so passionate when he gets excited love it lol

  • erickdavid1997
    erickdavid1997 2 months ago

    Joe “is it racist if a black dude has a big dick” Rogan

  • Just a guy wasting some time

    I will now and forever use the term "kick a dead baby comedian"

  • erebusl
    erebusl 2 months ago

    Fuck all the pc shite.

  • Obi-wancucs 14
    Obi-wancucs 14 2 months ago

    I watch the old stuff because the comedians now can't do all this shit. It's boring!

  • Obi-wancucs 14
    Obi-wancucs 14 2 months ago

    Watch the roast of Sammy Davis! Don rickles and him were good friends and he kissed Sammy and turned to crowd and asked if he had black on his lips!? Hilarious even Sammy was laughing his ass off. And rickles always ended by saying he loves everybody and it's all in fun.

  • Obi-wancucs 14
    Obi-wancucs 14 2 months ago

    He's right. It's a joke. I'm Italian make fun of us, if you go to comedy show and your telling yourself they better not say something like this and that then don't go. Like he mentioned and one of my favourites Richard Pryor wouldn't have a career today imagine That!? Or even Rickles, Murphy! Some of the best would be ruined by this me too and pansy ass' people