FRESHEST SEAFOOD FEAST! INSANE Seafood Meal at Dampa Market Manila Philippines

  • Published on Mar 11, 2018
  • When I was in Manila Philippines I was told that I HAD to get some FRESH seafood at a local seafood market called Dampa. At this market, you shop for seafood items like fresh fish, crabs, clams, mussels, lobsters and then take the seafood to a number of local restaurants located nearby so they can prepare it for you in a variety of ways.
    We also happened to run into a few very friendly friends from Saudia Arabia and went with them to their hotel for a Salmon and Rice feast. After which we returned to the seafood market, selected some fish, crab, clams, and prawns. We then headed for a restaurant called Hong Kong Master Cook and begin one of the most delicious seafood feasts I've ever had!
    The seafood was prepared in many different ways and my favorite was the fish cooked in spicy chili broth. Also, the crab was some of the most tender onesI've ever had. I would highly recommend this seafood market if ever in Manila Philipines.
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  • Lumememous
    Lumememous Day ago

    13:10 *dIdNt* *YoUr* *MoM* *eVeR* *tElL* yOu* *NoT* *tO* *pLaY* *wItH* *YoUr* *FoOd*

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    NOT FORFREEE 7 days ago

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    Angel Grace 10 days ago

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    Kyla's Life 23 days ago +8

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  • Kyla's Life
    Kyla's Life 23 days ago +5

    meanwhile im watching this at my home province in the philippines eating century tuna (CANNED TUNA) yes i taste the flavor

  • eccentricandfantastic
    eccentricandfantastic 26 days ago

    You know you're in a filipino market when the price haggling begins lol. But really, so glad to see this side of my country getting represented like this, through food and great people

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    Napasubo si arabo...and the arabs only drink bottled mineral water?
    Mike may not realize this but he is learning all how to do "Tawad".

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    All the love to my habaibi from the PH ❤

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