Batshuayi smashes in late equaliser | Everton 1-1 Crystal Palace | Premier League Highlights

  • Published on Apr 5, 2021
    Highlights from the Premier League as James Rodriguez’s second-half strike was cancelled out by a smartly taken finish by Michy Batshuayi.
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Comments • 70

  • Faze Pooperman
    Faze Pooperman 3 days ago

    Crystal Palace has not been in they're form.. They're best hope is Benteke!

  • killakitakong
    killakitakong 4 days ago

    Everton should of been at least 3-0 up at halftime, if they had a good striker..

  • Jacob Gorton
    Jacob Gorton 6 days ago

    2:18 I screamed because I thought Everton were gonna score again

  • MrMessyb
    MrMessyb 6 days ago

    That ball at 0:28 was AMAZING!!!!!! 😍😍

  • Bruno Bruno
    Bruno Bruno 6 days ago

    the way the ball moved tho, for the rodriguez goal.

  • red cantona
    red cantona 7 days ago

    Are Everton more Spursey than Spurs?

  • Dr Krueger
    Dr Krueger 7 days ago

    Richarlison has really had a bad game

  • Abigail Thompson
    Abigail Thompson 7 days ago

    2:00 watch dcl 😂😂

  • T Smith
    T Smith 7 days ago +1

    I remember when batshuayi did bits fir Dortmund on loan a couple of years ago

  • Carlin Peton
    Carlin Peton 7 days ago

    DCL should not be going to the Euros.

  • divinefallfromgrace
    divinefallfromgrace 8 days ago

    Kinda felt we picked Everton's pocket a bit in this one, 'keeper on a blinder though, def 1 of about 9 players I'd keep, but some new blood needed over the Summer. If Brentford don't make it to the Prem this time, I'd ask after Ivan Toney, for one.

  • GrandadPyjamas
    GrandadPyjamas 8 days ago

    Classic case of Everton not killing the game off and being haunted by it.

  • NdidiSZN
    NdidiSZN 8 days ago

    0:28 no 9ne talking about that pass

  • Callum Wain
    Callum Wain 8 days ago

    Everton only have themselves to blame they need to buy a class striker

  • Jana Fausova
    Jana Fausova 8 days ago +1

    Ancelotti said once richalson can score 20 goals per season. I was laughing

  • Austin Stratton
    Austin Stratton 8 days ago +1

    Guita didn't make any saves, the Everton players just hit him

  • 762 mm
    762 mm 8 days ago

    I don't know who hit that pass for DCL but that was pass of the season

  • Dylan Rafala
    Dylan Rafala 8 days ago

    How good is Guaita

  • Colin Geddes
    Colin Geddes 8 days ago

    Im a southampton fan, and quite simply, if everton,s home form wasnt so abysmal they wouldve probably nailed that 4th spot by now. But typicaly, they still managed to beat us at goodison. But a saints victory at goodison is as rare as a visiting team getting a penalty at old trafford!

  • Bizzle Tree
    Bizzle Tree 8 days ago

    Batshuayi needs first team, he is a very good player.

  • El Machico
    El Machico 8 days ago

    A shoot only with his weak foot and score, this is the difference between a champion and a regular player! James🇨🇴💪

  • The Wild Goose
    The Wild Goose 8 days ago

    The real problem with Everton is not the players, it's the one who buys the players. A constant stream of players who aren't good enough and who transfer from the big clubs so they can have a cushy mid-table pension. You'll never get ambitious players if you keep shopping at the likes of Real, Barca, Juve, Man City etc. and buying their cast-offs.

  • Ruben Delgado
    Ruben Delgado 8 days ago

    How many chances richarlison needs to score a least one goal its incredible

  • Alex Ioannides
    Alex Ioannides 8 days ago +1

    Eze is a talent. He’s got great technical ability and seems like he knows the game well at a young age. Great player.

  • PixelStacker
    PixelStacker 8 days ago +1

    Batshuayi: in that position I just have to smash indeed!

  • Jerome Daniel
    Jerome Daniel 8 days ago

    If de bruyne did that pass that mason holgate did then the world would go crazy

  • Paul Brady nsno
    Paul Brady nsno 8 days ago

    Poor substitutions from ancellotti he has to do better taking off rodriquez was a bad move and dcl cant hit a barn door with his feet we battered palace should of finished the game off

  • Bob Thebuilder
    Bob Thebuilder 8 days ago

    Guaita motm surely

  • The legendary Sport: Football

    Everton is improving

  • Johnny25k
    Johnny25k 8 days ago +1

    0:28 unbelievable pass

  • Finlay Brown
    Finlay Brown 8 days ago

    Awful from everton. Should have put them chances away

  • stephen mudie
    stephen mudie 8 days ago

    If you don't take your chances you get punished..Everton took their chances so got punished..I wish we had bought Lingard..

  • Mohul Vidyasagar Ghosh Biswas


  • Leeds Champions
    Leeds Champions 8 days ago

    For the money Everton spend they are very disappointing.

  • John Hazeldene
    John Hazeldene 8 days ago

    Ben Godfrey has been a terrible buy - virtually all the goals Everton concedes come from him being out of position...

  • Dániel Dobos
    Dániel Dobos 8 days ago

    Guitia is so much better than playing for palace. No offense palace fans

  • AdmiralMoth
    AdmiralMoth 8 days ago

    DCL is so useless

  • Lawrence STALBOW-BEST
    Lawrence STALBOW-BEST 8 days ago +1

    Guaita absolutely on fire 🔥

  • Toby Croxford
    Toby Croxford 8 days ago

    Richarlosan is so greedy wow
    I really dont see the appeal in him

  • Helena McElhone
    Helena McElhone 8 days ago

    Great pass by Coleman

  • E46Lewis
    E46Lewis 8 days ago

    As good as Calvert lewin can be, you just know In an england shirt in a big ko match he’d squander those chances like these ones in this video. Why he didn’t go round the keeper on the first chance is beyond me, just shuffle it to his right the slot it home

  • V O
    V O 8 days ago

    Keane let him go!

  • Ionut Sarbu
    Ionut Sarbu 9 days ago

    Batshuayi ...Hulk Smash

  • Mc Dyse
    Mc Dyse 9 days ago +1

    Mason Holgate what a pass. OMG!

  • Mons
    Mons 9 days ago

    the same calvert lewin most of you want at the euros? no chance should he be on the plane imo simply not good enough when it matters

  • Dylan Craft
    Dylan Craft 9 days ago +1

    How didn't Everton win?! They obviously didn't like the taste of Gary Cahill for lunch

  • Joe Colclough
    Joe Colclough 9 days ago

    Everton should’ve snapped Barca’s hand off for the 80 mill for Richarlison a few years ago

  • AlwaysAlive4- Roblox
    AlwaysAlive4- Roblox 9 days ago +1

    Calvert-Lewin needs to do better

  • Warren G
    Warren G 9 days ago

    0:33 just take it past the keeper

  • Tony McCarthy72
    Tony McCarthy72 9 days ago

    0:28 what a ball.

  • Bob Squash V2
    Bob Squash V2 9 days ago +1

    tickle my toes and call me timmy!

  • Gary morgan LFC YNWA


  • Mengha Rathor
    Mengha Rathor 9 days ago

    Everytime dcl shoots
    Commentators: at point blank range

  • Abdul Saboor
    Abdul Saboor 9 days ago

    Was a great advert for the prem. Really enjoyed this game as a neutral.

  • Croydon Boy
    Croydon Boy 9 days ago

    Guaíta is a heck of a keeper but he'll be disappointed to have let that shot squeeze in his near post. Intelligent hit from Rodriguez, mind.

  • yaboi tyrone
    yaboi tyrone 9 days ago +1

    Lets play a game...
    How many times have you heard DCL moan after a chance today?

    • Blake Timmins
      Blake Timmins 8 days ago +1

      @Elliot Foster go cry somewhere else kid

    • yaboi tyrone
      yaboi tyrone 8 days ago +1

      @Elliot Foster cry little child

    • Elliot Foster
      Elliot Foster 9 days ago

      Let's play a better game how many times does salah/mane dive in a game

  • RobEthy ❷
    RobEthy ❷ 9 days ago

    Imagine not beating CP by 7 goals. Could never be my team😂

  • APM M
    APM M 9 days ago +1

    Absolute disgrace Everton. Should have killed the game off by half time.

  • Ad
    Ad 9 days ago

    Everton really are a joke of a club. Even with the best manager they’ve ever had, they’re still shite. Hahahaha

  • Aasar Ptah
    Aasar Ptah 9 days ago

    Palace fortunate to escape with a draw.....

  • Joseph McConville
    Joseph McConville 9 days ago +3

    Coleman is honestly one of the most underrated players in the Prem at the moment

  • Seán
    Seán 9 days ago +8

    Coleman is some player🇮🇪

  • Alex Gunning
    Alex Gunning 9 days ago

    Does anyone know what happened to John Abraham?

  • gazelle
    gazelle 9 days ago +1

    Birds flying high,you no wat I mean. Thankyou eagles, not an easy one,but well done.

  • Captain Munch97
    Captain Munch97 9 days ago

    Richarlison couldn’t finish his dinner ffs hahaha

  • Russ Johnson
    Russ Johnson 9 days ago

    Up the palace

  • cal robbo 22
    cal robbo 22 9 days ago


  • Bob Ahmed
    Bob Ahmed 9 days ago +1

    DCL cost them the game

  • Cameron 13
    Cameron 13 9 days ago

    Crystal Palace are that team you play in FUT Champs arent they

  • Matt devereux
    Matt devereux 9 days ago

    everton chucking away top four chances again, mentally weak group sadly