Meet the Ranchers Who Claim the Brazilian Amazon is Theirs to Burn | The Dispatch

  • Published on Oct 7, 2019
  • Welcome to the lawless heart of the Brazilian Amazon. Here, cattle ranchers and loggers - emboldened by President Jair Bolsonaro - are clearing huge swaths of rainforest every minute. All in the name of progress.
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  • John Spinelli
    John Spinelli 4 days ago

    I'm conservative but this is actually sad to see and nobody knows about it. Why can't there. w a solution that works out for the environment and the economy

  • BLaCK mAgic zq
    BLaCK mAgic zq 5 days ago

    I could see why they burn it's either they expand outward into the forest to develope land and earn a living off of this land destroying it in the process or live a meager existence in the middle of a rainforest...i see this as progress.

    • White Wolf
      White Wolf 5 days ago

      And I see abortions as progress too,EvangeliCUNT.

  • Piped and drought
    Piped and drought 6 days ago

    People at doing this to feed there family so I can't get away of a man or woman trying to get there bread.

  • Thiago Braga
    Thiago Braga 6 days ago

    2:58 the national anthem playing in the background is almost ironic, since he's talking about illegal acts

  • borgi
    borgi 6 days ago


  • Insomniac17
    Insomniac17 6 days ago

    wait till there children starve of oxygen in 20 years XD

  • Mark Angel Dizon
    Mark Angel Dizon 6 days ago

    This is a crime to the environment. Stupid and greedy people. 🤬🤬🤬

  • Brian V.
    Brian V. 7 days ago

    Human beings are the worse of the worse, I'm ashamed at all this I'm seeing, this people don't care about anything but money, this will accelerate global warming, thanks for speeding it up, well done guys.

  • Alpha Kappa
    Alpha Kappa 7 days ago

    Pidtyuban ba mga taw e minggula sanan nyanin bo kyug nyabo igkamayaman mabinasa kano sa magan sa magan tupo na mga kafir yahodi tupo ni piraon mga saytan mabinasa kano mga taw makalat sa nanam so mga taw a kigwan sa inged nyako pangini nginin na magan kano mabinasa apya tayn pagunot kano presidente nin abpig so simugo do minggula mga malbot kano a mga taw mabinasa kano langona tupo no mangasi mangasi barAkat rabanna atina fid dunya hasana wafil akhirati hasana wakina adzabanar antamawlana fansurna alal kawmil kafireeen ameen mabinasa kano langoooooonnnn ameeeen ya rabalamin

  • Joey Augustus
    Joey Augustus 7 days ago +1

    The governments of the world should refuse beef from Brazil and put trade sanctions on the country until this is remediated.

  • filho do EduUu só que capitalista.

    E muito bom ver um homen falar que vai preservar, todos juntos para a volta da Amazônia!
    Fora comunistas!!!

  • Giovanni Garcia
    Giovanni Garcia 8 days ago

    The European colonizer mindset has destroyed mother Earth our only home.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 9 days ago +1

    Why is nobody addressing that abandoning beef and dairy products will end this?!?! Be the change you want to see!

  • Alex Giraldo
    Alex Giraldo 10 days ago

    Revelation 11:18

  • The Reeper
    The Reeper 10 days ago +1

    you know while it is sad whats happening, and it should stop, literally everyone here isn't viewing it from there point of view.
    Imagine you being a middle class person being told by some random group you have never meet before, who have gained unimaginable wealth by similar methods as your attempting, telling you that "nope sorry, you cant do this because some other group long after your dead will be effected, plus its not your forest but ours. so just stop.".
    This farming method is there whole livelihood and there ticket into the middle class, and without it a lot of them would be bellow the poverty line. Sure they shouldn't be destroying the rain forests, but what else will they do? In addition its kinda argoent that we in the west are becrying a nation for using its own rescorces to better itself and become wealthy, when we did more or less the exact same thing just a hundred years ago.
    Just saying, before you go yelling or calling for the deaths of these people, think for a second about what there going through. Its not your rain forests, but theres to do with as they please.

  • Derek
    Derek 11 days ago

    What is Morgan Freeman doing in the Amazon?

  • Erick Segale
    Erick Segale 11 days ago +1


  • Paula Meder
    Paula Meder 12 days ago

    Para empezar el amazonas no solo abarca brazil y lo que estos idiotas empezaron a teñido repercusiones en varios paises de sudamerica sin contar para el mundo. Cada arbol del amazonas almacena una tonelada de dioxido de carbono al año, multiplicalo con cuantos años ha vivido dicho arbol. Una vez cortado o quemado todo lo que acumulo lo libera al aire, el cual respiramos todos. Tremendos hdp

    • Paula Meder
      Paula Meder 12 days ago

      For starters the amazon is not only part of brazil and what this idiots have started has had repercussions for many countries in southamerica. And the world, every tree in the amazon accumulates one ton of carbon dioxide each year, multiply it by how many year have such tree lived. Once that tree is cut down or burned it releases everything it accumulated to the air we AL breathe.

  • D Smith
    D Smith 12 days ago +1

    An anyone that's from Brazil an feels as if they're aloud to burn down the Amazon, Goverment or not i will posion you, than your family..

  • D Smith
    D Smith 12 days ago

    Tell them God has posioned his ranch .. an i will go to his livestock next.. An inform the Tribe there if they don't start bombing an blowing up their sites an trackters i will curse their Family Tribe..

  • Dionísio Ramon Pinto da Silva

    BOLSOMITO 2022

  • Rugmini
    Rugmini 12 days ago

    It isn't for some,its for everybody in this world that nature provides air to breathe. One day these fella's or their grandchildren are gonna buy an oxygen cylinder. Its high time they should rethink

  • Arianne Kaye Vlog
    Arianne Kaye Vlog 12 days ago

    Please Jesus save the amazon rainforest the animals the plants our earth might get destroyed

  • Dinesh Bassi
    Dinesh Bassi 12 days ago +1

    Poor mindset... One day we will pay for our sins.

  • AsianDad202
    AsianDad202 13 days ago +1

    Why don’t they just put their pastures outside the Amazon?

    • The Reeper
      The Reeper 10 days ago

      they have, the issue is they need more land.

  • Milo Solomon
    Milo Solomon 14 days ago

    lets massacre them for doing the same to the indigenous species and people

  • SameelQureshi
    SameelQureshi 14 days ago +1

    Put Sanctions on Brazil so that no Country can buy their products from Amazon rain forest.

  • enuhsolrac
    enuhsolrac 15 days ago

    Every year natural fire start in amazon in dry season. some years more and other less. This year haved fire higher than average ! but the left mídia used this to try destabilize new govern. This is the true !!!

  • dodgerfreak0834
    dodgerfreak0834 15 days ago +2

    As much as I disagree it is theirs to burn. Why should we deny their progress. The jungles have been there forever and these people are still poor, something needs to change to allow these people to progress. The US and other countries for decades have thrown smog in the air and polluted the environment for progress.

  • Brian Franco
    Brian Franco 15 days ago +1

    Notice how the farmers are white

  • Zalera
    Zalera 16 days ago +1

    I’m growing some trees on an open land somewhere around my place, I stole the seeds just to plant them. I hope they’re doing well in the harsh winters of Canada

  • Joe Jia
    Joe Jia 16 days ago

    Make amazons a country and make a law on this horrendous act, brazil needs to be stopped #petition to stop brazil

  • Nicholas Deitrich
    Nicholas Deitrich 17 days ago

    These people deserve to be violently and mercilessly murdered and tortured. Their pathetic lives are insignificant to the beautiful rainforest. The US military should bomb these rural monsters

  • Theflowoflove
    Theflowoflove 17 days ago

    It is disgraceful the level of passive aggressive comments on this page. Instead of linguistically consenting to this planetary crime. Do something now, collectively boycott, take out social justice case against the leaders & the is list on line of all the people to write & hold accountable, as well as all the names of corporate banks & logging firms involved. The rainforests are more than lungs, they're a complex net work of intelligent grids with vital receptive healing communicators to life. The time has come for the corporate beasts to held accountable & restore this planet to good health. All of the hidden wealth in offshore accounts must be used to reintegrate a self sustaining planetary collective healing process. Everyone find your voice, speak up for life's right to live.

  • Theflowoflove
    Theflowoflove 17 days ago +1

    Jair Bolsonaro,is a threat to the integrity of Brazil. He must be stopped. Please peoples of the forest contact Leigh Day & Co.

  • Da Ro
    Da Ro 17 days ago

    I would put them dudes in prison for life. Stupid fools 😂😡😠😞

  • ColorWarrior
    ColorWarrior 18 days ago

    I am young farmer from europe and this is only sad. In western countries mainly farmers follow strict regulations and understand the full consept about enviroment.
    This is only stupid.

    • Vitmar Tobby
      Vitmar Tobby 17 days ago

      @ColorWarrior but if you reay wanna save amazon, embargoing a country unstable as Brazil could be a problem, it's not that Brazil is incentivizing illegal logging, it's that such country can't stop it, it lacks organization and funding, Brazil is a joke which can't protect amazon, I suggest internationalizing it and then putting severe embargoes on Brazil as punishment

    • Vitmar Tobby
      Vitmar Tobby 17 days ago

      @ColorWarrior I as an anarchist want the full destruction of Brazil so yes please, that would help

    • ColorWarrior
      ColorWarrior 17 days ago

      Vitmar Tobby Multinational oppressing towards brazilian goverment is only option. By that i mean like real oppression, no silly warnings, i mean full stop to example any food exports from brazil.

    • Vitmar Tobby
      Vitmar Tobby 17 days ago

      There is a lot of regulations etc etc etc, but what can we do if the state doesn't work? Look at that huuuge land, look at all those corrupt people with a lot of money, do you think somebody can do something?

  • sighsare
    sighsare 18 days ago

    Alex Ernst?

  • David Tate
    David Tate 19 days ago

    There country they do want they want.but might pay for it
    With nature fights back.?

  • Richard
    Richard 19 days ago

    The Brazilian government should be ashamed of what they are overseeing. It's an absolute disgrace!! What about the impact on the biodiversity and wildlife who depend on the existence of these rainforests for their very survival.Its disgusting and its time the Brazilian people rose up against this happening and stop it before it's all too late. Brazil has lost 10,000 square kilometres of forest just this year alone. Unsustainable....

  • Joe Hunter
    Joe Hunter 20 days ago

    All because of supply and demand. If each human had their own live stock chickens gardens fruit trees ECT This would not be. I stead we are dependent of all things

  • Rodrigo Jimenez
    Rodrigo Jimenez 23 days ago

    Another good reason to stop eating meat 🥩 👎

  • xxxgalaxyxoxplays
    xxxgalaxyxoxplays 23 days ago

    Poor Amazon but I wonder where the got the fresh logs ?

  • Gamer E
    Gamer E 25 days ago

    Wtf why is this guy doing this

  • hank fontaine
    hank fontaine 27 days ago

    Many have necromancer's ,don't do anything without consulting lying spirits

  • Talha Tariq
    Talha Tariq 27 days ago +1

    Disgusting idiots.
    We are all going to die because of these "people"

  • Theashtanguy Richardson

    There's people are evil😠😠😠😠

  • Aisy Hatta
    Aisy Hatta Month ago

    Yes I know you want to be rich butt do you have to make humanity suffer

  • Aisy Hatta
    Aisy Hatta Month ago

    Man if just I can go gun blazing on these guys

  • Aisy Hatta
    Aisy Hatta Month ago

    Yes you gonna make it a economic soul but they just one problem you gonna die before that happen #global warming joke

  • Kopie
    Kopie Month ago +2

    Environmentalist: Boohoo, forest burning.
    Ranchers: We own this forest, we have our papers.
    Everyone: Welp, there's nothing we can do about it. They have legal papers. Moving on...

  • Shutta Fuggup
    Shutta Fuggup Month ago


  • Roger Wilco
    Roger Wilco Month ago

    Cant all the nations just come together and pay them?
    I mean we like breathing, and they got us by the balls like a bond villain, so lets just pay them. Even if it takes a trillion dollars a year, that's not that much divided among the worlds powers, but I bet it could be done for much cheaper. Its either that or we let a bunch of greedy morons slowly suffocate us.

  • genYprogressive83
    genYprogressive83 Month ago +1

    Time to ban Brazilian beef.

    • White Wolf
      White Wolf 5 days ago

      Tariffs on Brazil
      Tax the church

  • heli0 is cracked
    heli0 is cracked Month ago +2

    I mean the cattle won’t live without oxygen !?

  • Sheepster Bro
    Sheepster Bro Month ago

    Tom cruise is looking better than I remember

  • Ray Indra
    Ray Indra Month ago

    These people are so incredibly stupid..Christians should remember what Jesus Christ said about Earth destruction in Revelations 11: 18. Keep Brasilians EcoNAZIS outs of your country. They will burn all of your forests. Who knows they will burn the grass of famous footballstadiums ? They are so stupid ??? Jesus said that He will destroy these satanists

  • levner brown
    levner brown Month ago

    That was given 4000 acres of land by the Brazilian government in the 1980s. how come that the Afro Brazilian never gets the same opportunities?
    Same bs in the United States nothing has changed.
    And to be honest the Amazon is not debatable they’re need to be locked up for arson even clipped.

  • United Federation of KFC

    Let them do as they please. The only way they will learn is when its too late.

  • Dr Scott
    Dr Scott Month ago

    Maybe it’s time to burn some environmental criminals