Man United 1-1 Liverpool | Jurgen Klopp Press Conference

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • Jurgen Klopp reflects on Liverpool's 1-1 draw at Old Trafford.
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Comments • 409

  • JΓΊbilo de Matos Morais

    Excuse excuse excuse, Old Trafford is not a place to go.

  • Kababalax
    Kababalax 24 days ago

    "I'm not angry..." No! your are arrogant and a terrible loser, you and your team have had more luck than any other in the league this season. I hope Tottenham teach you a lesson on Sunday!

  • starvil25 Simpson
    starvil25 Simpson 28 days ago +1

    Always hated that ref he's one of the worst bias ref I've seen.

  • oliopetrolio
    oliopetrolio 28 days ago

    Is the name of the ref Rowan Atkinson?

  • anth1878 Obrien
    anth1878 Obrien 28 days ago

    So when ole said it was the right time to play u I guess he was right and u where wrong eh do u agree Liverpool fans

  • anth1878 Obrien
    anth1878 Obrien 28 days ago

    There was contact but not enough for a foul and he makes a meal of it and manes goal was handball take it klopp it’s a contact sport take it like a Man U have to be happy with a point against the man united team ever πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚someone give him a tissue to wipe he’s tears ffs πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆembarrassing frustrated u never stopped going on to the 4th official πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈπŸ€·β€β™‚οΈπŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

  • kicking back
    kicking back 28 days ago

    if liverpool wins. ole mr bean goes. so he stays. means man scum stay a mid table team for the forseeable future. job done in my opinion. worth just getting the 1 point. ynwa

  • Tom Merks
    Tom Merks 28 days ago

    In the last two games, Liverpool were very lucky. Today they were a bit unlucky.
    That's football

  • DailyBits
    DailyBits 28 days ago

    Haha we will make them fear us he said. Fear a draw lol future champs can't beat a relegation team.

  • Freddy G
    Freddy G 29 days ago

    You'll never complain about the referee alone.

  • Teo Burca
    Teo Burca 29 days ago

    Im M City fan....but ,...first...congratulations both team....was great match....Last sunday Liverpool have penalty in the 93 min and...100 % NOT PENALTY !....Let s be fair....! Before the seson...i was for VAR....What happent now in premier league...VAR it s o joke....MU have in few penalty in this seson ...was never call....City the same...VAR must to be use just for offside...period....Ev team in some point gonne lose match because the VAR ...and...VAR destroy the pleasure to watch fotbal !....This is not american fotbal...there no one cares if the match it s stop ev second...they have hot dog and Stela...! Sorry,im not soeak great...i realy dont care i thing ...what we can do like suporters to stop use the united do not going anymore to watch games....And im sure in maxim one mounth...the VAR gonne be out...! If we are still going to watch the match...this idiots who invent VAR....gonne use...because they are thinking are ok...!...Only solutions....let ematy the stadion...and will see what happent ...! Sorry again because im not from Uk and imspeak very poor...but im sure ev one know what i talk here....! Thank u and sorry!

  • martin z
    martin z 29 days ago

    Liverpool didn't play as they should have. Hence, the result is fair. You can complain about va and ref, but the score line seldom lies.

  • roslan hassan
    roslan hassan 29 days ago

    Overall..they referee don't like liverpool team...why πŸ˜‡πŸ€‘

  • Mark D16
    Mark D16 29 days ago

    VAR decisions was spot on in the United v liverpool game. It wasn't a foul, contact between 2 players is not illegal. Origi was rolling on the ground holding the opposite leg that was "kicked" implying he dived and therefore could have been booked. The handball was the correct decision. The only people crying about it is liverpool fans! Coz they know its the slippy time of the season! 😁

  • Julian Eaton
    Julian Eaton 29 days ago

    sore losser

  • Tom Wilko
    Tom Wilko 29 days ago

    Admitting the first half performance was to blame for not getting the win despite one of the worst reffing debacles in recent times shows this fellas undoubted class, we can’t lose with klopp at the helm! Ynwa

  • let's talk about it
    let's talk about it 29 days ago

    Fucking United defended all 95 minutes, it's a dame shame.

  • Xavier Rugoyi
    Xavier Rugoyi 29 days ago

    Hahha European Champions complaining about the formation opposition played Wooooooow, Please can people step up coz this is bull shit

  • Alexander B
    Alexander B 29 days ago +1

    I'm glad he admitted to bad play in 1st half. A better play could give us a win if MU would be pressured. I also agree with the stupidity of the decision making. If you want to let VAR make the call then: 1- You have to count and analyze the foul, 2- The ref has to make the call on it after review. Not some dude behind tv analyzing the distanxe of foul to goal. Suppose ref is hesitant and leaves it to video check, then he has to watch and make hinself sure of the decision and bring the game back to the foul.

  • Martin Hasson
    Martin Hasson 29 days ago

    Liverpool are not as

  • Martin Hasson
    Martin Hasson 29 days ago


  • Herr KAPPO
    Herr KAPPO 29 days ago +1

    This VAR shit and a lot of disabled referees destroy football...!!!

  • yjcentv
    yjcentv 29 days ago

    Var is rubbish. So Origi fell was a dive? Shouldn’t mane equaliser be considered goal? Var didn’t show the ball touch the hand. If the ball did touch the hand the ball will bounce to the right side, so mane run to the left .. did the ball touch mane left hand to lend the ball there? That equaliser from mane show var is dumb.

  • sixdon Ysg
    sixdon Ysg 29 days ago

    We all know y pep said they still had a chance hahaaa we still have to go to manchester two times every season, Lol. πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

  • Rehaz Zoulou
    Rehaz Zoulou 29 days ago

    Atkinson is anti-liverpool.. it's too obvious.. if u still have doubts..go and watch all the matches he has been refereeing..

  • abdallah hussein
    abdallah hussein 29 days ago +1

    A real man they not after excuse we played under performance

  • MNElitte Chanel
    MNElitte Chanel 29 days ago

    Loserpool is Fucked! Now City will kick their asses those losers.

  • santclause1
    santclause1 29 days ago

    Klopp is just shite. Fails in big games. liverpool have played shit this season but rode there luck.

  • Manuel Gutierrez
    Manuel Gutierrez 29 days ago

    Sorry guys but I am loosing my illusion about the league title, yesterday our made a poor game , was terrible it doesn't matter the referee decision I'd like to keep dreaming maybe , that's the reality we've played really bad the last months.

  • Nidiba Luriahk Ghaza LFC

    Mane have a disappointing game. Same with firmino. No Salah maybe. BTW hopefully klopp will realise that Origi are not good enough & its time to sign new and fresh attacking player

  • Dimitri payet
    Dimitri payet 29 days ago

    Spot on by klopp

  • Steven Watson
    Steven Watson 29 days ago

    Ferguson paying refs again and sitting in the VAR room

  • danny harty
    danny harty 29 days ago

    Go on klopp cry cry cry

  • Hong J
    Hong J 29 days ago

    Man utd miss howard webb so much buy martin atkinson turn up :) the fergie days where refs are so bias

  • Sudaryanto reyhan mario


  • The Beautiful Game
    The Beautiful Game 29 days ago

    Ha, ha. Klopp caught himself before saying "Why should I be frustrated by Manchester United's style, their fans should be frust...

  • Drew Smith
    Drew Smith 29 days ago

    Unless L-Pool up there game and start scoring lots of goals they ant
    winning no EPL ..there last three or four games they have been poor
    will be City's again

  • Drew Smith
    Drew Smith 29 days ago

    Unless L-Pool up there game and start scoring lots of goals they ant
    winning no EPL ..there last three or four games they have been poor
    will be City's again

  • Drew Smith
    Drew Smith 29 days ago

    Unless L-Pool up there game and start scoring lots of goals they ant
    winning no EPL ..there last three or four games they have been poor
    will be City's again

  • Carlton Ivory
    Carlton Ivory 29 days ago

    Well said Klopp, match fixed yet again

  • pisswobble
    pisswobble 29 days ago

    Atkinson is the Bercow of the refereeing world... Absolute disgrace

  • Kev The Red
    Kev The Red 29 days ago

    Oh yeah..... Atkinson nobbled by Fergie again!

  • Kev The Red
    Kev The Red 29 days ago

    Have said it before..... VAR is being used by refs to protect their own!

  • Sergio Garcia
    Sergio Garcia 29 days ago

    Saur Kraut!!

  • Trebors-Times
    Trebors-Times 29 days ago

    I'm afraid Liverpool are have to be guided by you King Klop to get passed the low block ...everybody sees Liverpool football club as a scalp now ever

  • Aaron Briggs
    Aaron Briggs 29 days ago

    Do you know nobody is giving keita enough credit he came on and started passing the ball forward

  • Rashaad Price
    Rashaad Price 29 days ago

    I never sawJurgen so upset...but good to see Liverpool escape with a draw...

  • M Azzopardi
    M Azzopardi 29 days ago

    He knows Liverpool didn't deserve anything from that game. This is a contact sport. Liverpool complaining about VAR? Amazing.

  • Peter S
    Peter S 29 days ago +1


  • MrMeoow91
    MrMeoow91 29 days ago

    How can someone get kicked in the shin pad rolling around holding his lower-calf like Neymar?

  • mR mAgOo
    mR mAgOo 29 days ago

    the EPL is the most corrupt orginization in football......end of

  • paul mccarthy
    paul mccarthy 29 days ago

    Origi dived just like Mane against Leicester

  • Spectre Magic
    Spectre Magic 29 days ago

    liverpool must get rid of henderson...hopeless

  • Klyntoh _OvO_
    Klyntoh _OvO_ 29 days ago

    You can't dictate how the opponent should play you clown

    RA DRAVEN 29 days ago

    the FA is fking corrupt ...wanted Liverpool to lose..there was heavy betting on mancs win..

    RA DRAVEN 29 days ago

    if that scum ref was in columbia he would have got his ass kick by the players surely...

  • Tony Browne
    Tony Browne 29 days ago

    Am a liverpool fan . Yes var did work against us did think was a foul but united played well ... we came out second half and show y we are a great team could off won the game in the end.. we go again take a point move on

  • Jeffrey Day
    Jeffrey Day 29 days ago +1

    we have rode our luck this season, it ran out today, its a fair result

  • Deego Ruddy
    Deego Ruddy 29 days ago

    Someone please Happy Slap that Ref next time you see him in public

  • Scott
    Scott 29 days ago

    To foul another player from behind in kicking his standing calf muscle, and yet the ref was to bias to stop the match & *VAR* completely laughed at the fact of that being a foul πŸ€” maybe there was a secret Alex Ferguson spy in the VAR with a gun pointed at the blokes head πŸ€” the whole match stank of Alex Ferguson dirty Ref tactics & has made *VAR* look like a fucking joke ❗ the worst refereeing I have seen in ages.. and for that prick Ole to say there was fuck all wrong with it was pure stupidity !! Let's see how the shoe is on the other foot when Manu get put in the relegation position's for bad decisions.. still can't get my head around that VAR decision πŸ€”