an (un)helpful guide to kpop

  • Published on May 30, 2018
  • so one of my friends wanted to get into Kpop so I made this to show them, and I thought might as well post it publicly cause I worked for way too long on it. My inspiration for this video was Kpop Planets video ‘This is Kpop’, I basically just remade it with new music and with a bit more in it, so please go check out that video and give it some love if you haven’t seen it :)
    This is Kpop:

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  • my soul to taek
    my soul to taek  22 days ago +175

    Before you comment WAIT A SECOND. I know there’s so much missing, and I probably missed your faves right? I’m sorry. I can only include so much and when I made this I wasn’t doing any research I went purely on my own interests at the time. I didn’t expect it to blow up lmao so I did it for fun. Thank you guys for so much support and advice though! With my updated knowledge as well as the comments on this video I plan on making a part two so please refrain on leaving hate because I missed something :)

    • Lisa Galindo-Amundsen
      Lisa Galindo-Amundsen 6 days ago

      Yes I'm mad cause you showed only the same k-pop groups all the way: mostly VIXX, BTS and Big Bang. Yes they have hit the roof hard but what about other k-pop groups? Or other VERY popular songs. I think you missed a lot and I really aint happy about that. For instance, what about shows outside of music? - that the watchers get to enjoy the fullest of the groups and not only their music, such as they go on training camps, have idol meetings, excetra.
      I also wanted to point out that B.A.P (now disbanded) have rly great songs, choreographies, and so it goes on but you didn't even show ONE member. These bad boys have won lots of awards and have done rly great in k-pop, and they have a huge scale of different genres in their songs it's actually unbelievable! They even had a lawsuit against their company for their human rights broken (which made them a few steps behind and BTS had a moment of silence where they could 'take over the whole world' with their songs they copy from other groups - I'm not a BTS hater, I just dislike and lots the will to watch and listen to them after finding out that they copy from other groups and want the ones who love them to know that what they have done isn't all as great as they make it seem like - yes they are cool but I now don't listen to their songs anymore and kinda dislike them, it's a personal opinion so don't attack me for it)
      B.A.P is a great example and I'd love it if the ones who make k-pop vidoes show at least 50-80% of the k-pop groups instead of always the same and adressing their videos as "the whole k-pop community! Can we include all groups and not always BTS, VIXX, Big Bang, INFINITE, SEVENTEEN, Black pink, excetra. It's kinda annoying for those who also enjoy other k-pop groups.

      Personally I like Daehyun and Yongguk the most.
      - Daehyun has those sweet honey vocals, at the same time he has a powerful voice and THAT really amazing voice.
      - Yongguk was the leader and is a rapper and produces songs (also produced b.a.p songs in many genres amazingly). It's worth it, just search up "why to stan bap" or something, cause I promise, there are reasons to fall in love~
      I didn't dislike the video cause that'd be unfair, so don't worry, but I won't like it either - cause I obviously didn't :)

    • Charmander
      Charmander 13 days ago +1

      Yea that's fine but one thing about the "nail high notes every time" please don't add in IU's triple note. It's extremely pushed and she hurt her throat every time she did it. It's not a good note and not something you want to encourage, she herself know this since she went back to her normal singing which is fantastic after that song. But I still see fans linking it as an example of "look at this awesome note" when it's actually the opposite.

    • Nahla Jouni
      Nahla Jouni 20 days ago

      Even though it missed some things at least with respect to my personal is a great vid and am definitely sharing it with my non-kpop friends hahahaha 👍🏻

    • Veerle Koopen
      Veerle Koopen 21 day ago +3

      this is honestly such a great video and i'm really thankful, you did your best and mentioned so much more than i could've ever dreamed of, even lesser known and lesser mentioned ones besides the big ones like BTS ( who are my faves) so thank you for an amazing video!

    • Ashley Suhyun Kim
      Ashley Suhyun Kim 21 day ago +4

      It’s okay I understand :)

  • Mariah_ Drawz
    Mariah_ Drawz 2 days ago

    You weren’t kidding when you said, “ once your in, YOU ARE IN” now I’m trapped


  • Jessa Guno
    Jessa Guno 2 days ago

    you can't say kpop has creepy concept without mentioning red velvet

    HZT HZT 3 days ago

    Vixx brought me to the kpop and here they are. Kings

  • Stela Carneiro
    Stela Carneiro 3 days ago

    gosh some these songs took me BACK like WHEW you did that

  • Chelsy mae Malvar
    Chelsy mae Malvar 7 days ago

    There is a lot of things to know about kpop really

  • 항삼 함께 할거라

    The E.L.F.s' (SuJu) blue wave is iconic too🙂

  • hershey's reeses chocolate


  • StarElementalDancer
    StarElementalDancer 7 days ago

    This was really well organized, edited and feels very complete. Great detail and videos well chosen as good examples of points. Really really good showcasing of kpop. Thanks!

  • Joy Kpop
    Joy Kpop 8 days ago

    R.I.P jonghyun we miss you :´(

  • oof gangbangtan
    oof gangbangtan 8 days ago

    I love your wide variety of fandoms 🙈

  • Myra [Nashie Dragneel]•

    Such an amazing ending

  • L-1485
    L-1485 9 days ago

    The fact Exo barely appears lol bye

  • elle k
    elle k 9 days ago

    i love u for putting ALL KINDS OF GROUPS 2nd generation and pretty unknown groups

  • Makiah Granadino
    Makiah Granadino 9 days ago

    The end with the fandom's got me all soft hold on-

  • Yeetus The Felix
    Yeetus The Felix 10 days ago +1

    Thank you for putting ONF in they're way to underrated

  • XOkupkakeOX
    XOkupkakeOX 10 days ago

    YOOO you cant just bring out Lee Hi- Breathe like that, like I literally almost started crying

  • Canadian Gal
    Canadian Gal 11 days ago

    Lol I love peek-a-boo

  • Shadow-Queen The 3rd
    Shadow-Queen The 3rd 11 days ago

    Uwu i cant crying because of Jonghyun died Bc he commited a suicude and his mom sees him died already😥😥😥

  • celioust
    celioust 11 days ago


  • Noa the Notebringer
    Noa the Notebringer 12 days ago

    10:21 well dayum I watched the full video and that was one heck of a plot twist

  • Roll Like A Buffalo O_O
    Roll Like A Buffalo O_O 12 days ago +1

    Me: *is a veteran kpop fan of almost 9 years*
    Also Me: Oh look, a guide!

  • Cup of tae with a side Of kookie’s and suga

    Didn’t a member from ladies code die bc of selja?

  • Kookxe
    Kookxe 12 days ago

    Mh August d looks kind of like suga from bts..🤔 maybe they're twins?

  • trash since birth
    trash since birth 13 days ago +1


  • KJ-60659
    KJ-60659 14 days ago

    omg this made me cry why do you have to add Kim Jonghyun in this

  • Multifandom KPOP
    Multifandom KPOP 14 days ago

    Jonghyun's vid😭

  • Luka UrBona
    Luka UrBona 14 days ago

    Imma simple person
    I see Doni I press :)

  • mads._ mckee247
    mads._ mckee247 14 days ago +1

    Red V are the QUEENS of creepy.

  • kpop 2k19
    kpop 2k19 14 days ago


  • xxXXxx
    xxXXxx 15 days ago

    This is so fucking well done. The entire variety of artists, genres and years, the effort u put in this is so visible. At first I thought i was going to watch a cliché video with lot of BTS (no hate tho) and new eras but this suprised me in a very good way. Perfect video, for real. Thank u so much!

  • Taehyung Diaries
    Taehyung Diaries 15 days ago +1

    I have to watch this carefully before I send this to my mother

  • Hanna Kang
    Hanna Kang 15 days ago

    3:27 well that escalated quickly

  • r o o k i e r o o k i e

    Hmmm... solo singer... and ofcourse, Taeyeon.

  • Hannah Sian
    Hannah Sian 16 days ago

    That vixx version of Havana gives me life

  • KizzaBean
    KizzaBean 16 days ago

    Absolutely love the variety in this! So many groups/songs here that don't get enough recognition, such a brilliant video!
    Thank you for sharing it❤

  • bangchan
    bangchan 16 days ago

    As we are already here
    I got a question
    I dont understand that nct thing
    There are so many of them and i understand nothing
    Is it one band? Or many? PLS SOMEONE

  • Advielly Durán
    Advielly Durán 17 days ago

    VIXX 😍

  • IME’s Wonderland
    IME’s Wonderland 17 days ago

    Starlights long life 💫💚

  • kpopinmy heart107
    kpopinmy heart107 17 days ago

    My Stealight soul has been feed

  • Aj-Killjoy
    Aj-Killjoy 17 days ago

    EDIT: I can see clearly you're a starlight but still thank you for including lots of vixx

  • Milagros Malpartida
    Milagros Malpartida 17 days ago

    Weird concept:
    *orange caramel* and *T.O.P.* lol so accurate. And jyp(whispers) xD

  • Tbhorbit
    Tbhorbit 17 days ago

    10:35 stan loona😔

  • GD Coruscate
    GD Coruscate 17 days ago +1

    Don’t know the fanbase name for Vixx but I know you are definitely apart of it.

  • Sophia Ysabel Leal
    Sophia Ysabel Leal 18 days ago

    Baby Don’t Stop literally a crime

  • RyRy The Nobody
    RyRy The Nobody 18 days ago

    Can i just say that was such a sweet note to end off one :')

  • SunHee Jeon
    SunHee Jeon 18 days ago


  • susanne
    susanne 18 days ago

    we love an intellectual who uses Astro's Baby on this video

  • Sandrita02
    Sandrita02 18 days ago

    astro at the start? ??? taste !

  • De Naja' Handy
    De Naja' Handy 18 days ago

    Thanks for adding B.A.P., EXO, TVXQ, Block B, Big Bang, 2NE1, and SHINee. I really appreciate the spotlight on are precious and deeply missed Jonghyun

  • Ilayda Aydoğan
    Ilayda Aydoğan 18 days ago +1

    0:03 this is the true point. Once you in, you can't escape!

  • dangyeol hoe
    dangyeol hoe 18 days ago

    im watching this when im already crazy for kpop. I don't have anyone to influence hahahahaha

  • Cree Fulford
    Cree Fulford 18 days ago

    army!!! you gave me chills at the end!

  • Shakira Min
    Shakira Min 18 days ago

    I knew Red Velvet would be the first mentioned in creepy concept.

  • estefi gonzalez
    estefi gonzalez 19 days ago

    So... aren't we talking about the fact that day6 isn't kpop? they aren't a group they are a band. Nflying, day 6, the rose, etc are k-rock.

  • thejanaxax
    thejanaxax 19 days ago

    sorry to be /that/ person but you didn’t include ELFs :(

  • Milagros Cuya Porras
    Milagros Cuya Porras 19 days ago

    Thanks for the end,i always cry watching that💜

  • Milagros Cuya Porras
    Milagros Cuya Porras 19 days ago

    We dont talk anymore is my cover😍😍oh shit ailee s vocal👀😳

  • Milagros Cuya Porras
    Milagros Cuya Porras 19 days ago

    Red Velvet definitely are my godess😍😍😍

  • Renee Commare
    Renee Commare 19 days ago

    i dont understand how its and (un)helpful guide
    seems like its pretty helpful sis

  • Milagros Cuya Porras
    Milagros Cuya Porras 19 days ago

    You really are a kpoper

  • Miriam Riquelme
    Miriam Riquelme 19 days ago

    6:02 where is Dreamcatcher? :'(

  • Björk Edelberg
    Björk Edelberg 19 days ago

    thank you so much for including TRCNG

  • Nino Darchia
    Nino Darchia 19 days ago

    I definitely didn't cry when I saw Jonghyun!

  • so fresh
    so fresh 19 days ago

    7:39 omg that's my favorite kpop mv ever 😂 thanks for including it

  • Maya
    Maya 19 days ago

    Ive been a kpop fan since mid-2017 but i just enjoy watching these lmao

  • Disney tigger
    Disney tigger 19 days ago

    I appreciate this so much!

  • Eunwoo_ 넓은fe
    Eunwoo_ 넓은fe 19 days ago

    K i just hear astro's baby in intro so i freaked out and kissed my friend so I'm fuckin' only mentioned astro once wtf

  • Gracia Five
    Gracia Five 19 days ago



    I was literally waiting for "BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS" in *sexy concept* ㅠ but it wasn't included. 😢

  • nAn nEoGo nEOn naYA
    nAn nEoGo nEOn naYA 20 days ago


  • nAn nEoGo nEOn naYA
    nAn nEoGo nEOn naYA 20 days ago


  • Daze Leee
    Daze Leee 20 days ago

    Astro started playing at the beginning and I immediately hit like without thinking

  • M r s. H w a n g
    M r s. H w a n g 20 days ago

    _am i the only one who watches this but already a kpop stan? like multifandom?_

  • Jamless Jimin
    Jamless Jimin 20 days ago

    I was gonna ask about a song but I got it now... thanks for a video to show to my parents hehe

  • infires man
    infires man 20 days ago

    ..... our fandoms are terrifying what're u talking about

  • sunshinechimmy
    sunshinechimmy 20 days ago

    *likes bc I see monsta x*

  • Sapphireblue 1225
    Sapphireblue 1225 20 days ago

    This is like checklist of my kpop lifetime 😄💙

  • Ami Starlight
    Ami Starlight 20 days ago

    Might I introduce you to Btob? Also I really love all the VIXX!

  • kollie
    kollie 20 days ago

    the fact that you included astro in this

  • Kendall Sharp
    Kendall Sharp 20 days ago +1

    So basically what I'm seeing is VIXX is versatile kings

  • Alexa Seok
    Alexa Seok 20 days ago

    i'm waiting for loona to come thanks for not disappointing me

  • freund von nebenan
    freund von nebenan 20 days ago

    When you want to watch a aestheticall mv than go and stream color by jvde x feeldog. ITS a bop too!

  • 5hinee-Vixx
    5hinee-Vixx 20 days ago

    I sense a Starlight

    • 5hinee-Vixx
      5hinee-Vixx 20 days ago

      (I reacted this somewhere halfway xD

  • no c quien :v
    no c quien :v 20 days ago

    for the sexy concept how you cant put "adult ceremony"!? but meh, i love it

  • Reem Gamodi
    Reem Gamodi 20 days ago +1

    17:05 god bless this man

  • Yoongi Jasmine
    Yoongi Jasmine 20 days ago

    Omg this makes me missing jonghyun and GD 😭😭

  • that hot potato
    that hot potato 20 days ago

    Psy- Napal Baji*

  • that hot potato
    that hot potato 20 days ago +1

    *AKMU* . I LOVE YOU♥♥

  • Amani Ali
    Amani Ali 20 days ago

    LOL when you love kpop already

  • Nahla Jouni
    Nahla Jouni 20 days ago

    But what about the member positions, the lightsticks, album photocards, special reality shows for the groups, and the "hi-touch" fan meetings...I think these are super exclusive things to the world of kpop and kind of the factors that get you literally stuck in the Kpop world #AghaseForLife 😂🐦❤

  • Shineesvtmonxnmanymore Shawol

    8:13 its napal baji not Nepal that's my country 😂😂😂😂

  • Kookiewith sprite
    Kookiewith sprite 20 days ago

    Who cried when before our spring came up... I sure did. Jonghyunnnn!

  • Angel Valencia
    Angel Valencia 20 days ago

    Monsta X- All in is literally my fave mv, though my ult bg is bts because the story really just got me. IT'S A WIN FOR THE GAYSSS

  • Minty Katelyn
    Minty Katelyn 20 days ago +1

    friend: Why do you love kpop?
    me: *shows* *the* *vid*

  • jEOn jUnGLeCoCk
    jEOn jUnGLeCoCk 21 day ago

    im a literal kpop fan but im still watching gosh

  • SMT Luver
    SMT Luver 21 day ago

    I died when K.Will's Please dont came😂🤣

  • _eclipse
    _eclipse 21 day ago

    ayo who is that in the red outfit in the thumbnail

  • Sh4d0wgaL
    Sh4d0wgaL 21 day ago

    Ooooo. When you already know all these songs and artist, but your still watching. 😂

    Thanks for the guide and the pinned comment disclaimer. A bummer you didn't have Stray Kids stuff, but they were the only ones among my favs you didn't have and they were new when you uploaded so I understand. Maybe in part two? *wink wonk*

    I know my Skz bias is showing okay let me live 😉