Gordon Ramsay's Top 5 Lamb Recipes

  • Published on Dec 18, 2017
  • We've raided the vaults of the Gordon Ramsay channel to bring you our top 5 lamb recipes. Just delicious.
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  • paulo delos reyes

    check this steak cooked in butter ckk.ai/o6OIf

  • Blox Vlogs
    Blox Vlogs 6 hours ago

    What a little winner medium rare lamb chops

  • Fabricio Vieira
    Fabricio Vieira 12 hours ago

    Looks like a cat just vomited on the first one.

  • sean barman
    sean barman Day ago

    every recipe stolen from some peasant lol

  • Neal Capuchino
    Neal Capuchino Day ago

    sorry yours looks to dry....ill stick with lamb chops from carrabbas...

    • greenman 91
      greenman 91 3 hours ago

      I'll stick my foot in your ass

  • Charly El-Hage
    Charly El-Hage Day ago

    in one of his multiverses his daughter turns vegetarian.

  • Haassan1
    Haassan1 2 days ago

    Anyone know why he did lid on here: 14:37
    But then decided lit should be off, because it would ruin the meat at: 19:16

  • Usman Anjum
    Usman Anjum 3 days ago

    Shit u don’t know anything about cooking all shit dishes u cook come to Pakistan in Lahore I will show you what is taste

    AARO LEV 3 days ago +1

    fantastic cook-but i wouldnt give this guy a mop job

  • 420th Legioner
    420th Legioner 3 days ago

    You already know what he needs for LAMB

    • Aniss 05
      Aniss 05 2 days ago

      Where is the lamb SOOOOOOOOCE

  • Zues _
    Zues _ 4 days ago

    Everyone go to 3:31 is you’re seeing this and turn your sound all the way up, you have to put all your trust into me, DO IT

  • Toby dog
    Toby dog 4 days ago +1

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  • Michael Mcmillon
    Michael Mcmillon 4 days ago

    Did that women ever give him the Lamb sauce? 😭😭😭

  • Mike S
    Mike S 5 days ago

    A fathers daughter. Good girl.

  • GoodGuySalad Shendelzare


  • Nick Scott
    Nick Scott 5 days ago

    Hey Gordon (No Vegans Here) the smell of burning animal flesh is putrid.

  • khairuddin 258
    khairuddin 258 5 days ago

    I really love the way u cook, sir..it looks like u really pay respect to the food that it is so astonishing..btw im malaysian..and i have a question..what can i change wine and red wine vinegar? Cause im a muslim, so i cant it something mix with wine ...i really hope to get the answer..

  • Darkavenger Gaming
    Darkavenger Gaming 5 days ago

    *wHeReS tHe lAmB sAuCe*

  • Jose CMW
    Jose CMW 5 days ago

    we love piñon (pine nuts) here in New Mexico !!

  • Hazys Day
    Hazys Day 5 days ago

    Damn near nothing tastes as good as something that takes 2 and 1/2 hours ! That must be ever most tender !

  • Marie Lou Cordova
    Marie Lou Cordova 5 days ago

    Mind creator recipe.
    Master degree culinary chef it's self study my own self style.

  • M56 J
    M56 J 6 days ago +1

    W H E R E ‘ S T H E. L A M B. SUACE?!

  • Ali
    Ali 6 days ago

    First off that cut is not cheap and also should he roasted not fried. Eastern chefs know lamb best

  • Vegetableles Gameing 21

    Gordon Ramsay cheap meet me I can finally do a recipe of his Gordon Ramsay says you need a very expensive stuff to actually cook this also need a Lotta time me well there goes my hope to actually cook some of the stuff

  • Vegetableles Gameing 21

    Gordon Holy I’m your daddy do the pastel up down call me daddy you’re nails yeah no other boys I mean no boys

  • RoadRunner WR
    RoadRunner WR 9 days ago

    olive oil

  • Dru Walsworth
    Dru Walsworth 10 days ago +6

    7:43 that marinade literally looks like diarrhea

  • TheNewWave
    TheNewWave 10 days ago

    Shoulder chops

    • TheNewWave
      TheNewWave 10 days ago

      I might make a better shoulder chop lol

  • Xu Zihan
    Xu Zihan 10 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay’s secret weapon: “salt and pepper.”

    YASHRAJ DHILLON 10 days ago +1

    Legend has it Gordon seasons his salt with pepper and his pepper with salt.

  • Melvin Grassel
    Melvin Grassel 10 days ago +1

    It took me three to figure out he was saying "oregano" 16:47

  • Shane Lowry
    Shane Lowry 11 days ago

    Had me right up until the anchovies and capers. Just personally indespice the flavor of both.

  • fanaticz666
    fanaticz666 12 days ago +1

    Holly: 😯
    Gordon: "sorry to dirty your nails"

    • greenman 91
      greenman 91 4 hours ago

      That's what I say to your wife before I fuck her in the ass 🖕🏿

    ANDREW CULLEN 12 days ago

    Go on you potty mouthed twat. Shout at her the way you shout and verbally abuse your staff? If you talked to them the same way you talked to her you may have earned some respect because you cannot demand it like you seem to think tosser.

  • Not Me
    Not Me 13 days ago

    Are Gordons oven temps in centigrade or Fahrenheit?

  • Cooking with the Blues


  • Mother Phoenix
    Mother Phoenix 14 days ago

    So beautiful! ❤

  • Xavier Dye
    Xavier Dye 14 days ago

    I don’t like his commentary with his kids

  • Laura Filby
    Laura Filby 15 days ago +2

    His passion and enthusiasm is intoxicating. I love it! Fabulous recipes, Thank You. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • James Garza
    James Garza 15 days ago

    Give your meat a good ol rub

  • Pie Fish
    Pie Fish 15 days ago +2

    That all looks good but WHERE IS THE LAMB SAUCE !!!(edit I found the lamb sauce)

  • Manuel Garcia
    Manuel Garcia 15 days ago +2

    Latinos stand up! I just seasoned my lamb with adobo Y sason! Came out bang bang lol 😂

  • killers mega1
    killers mega1 15 days ago

    hhhhhhhhh gordan ramsy is the worst chef on earth he's just good with cutting and washing fruits cleaning fish ,chicken and meat i must admit it he's good at that. but the recipes are disgusting i think he should try to taste his food and judge it not because he cooked it before he serve it to people

  • The Bishop Of Battle
    The Bishop Of Battle 17 days ago

    Doesn't walnut face, think he's the business

  • Saoussan El makdad
    Saoussan El makdad 17 days ago

    I so want to meet Gordon Ramsay 💕👍

  • アートA s t r o v i b e s

    i came here for the lamb sauce memes

  • Steez Productions
    Steez Productions 17 days ago +3

    Every recipe..
    "Season it beautifully"....

    Adds salt and pepper

  • Lamb Bone
    Lamb Bone 18 days ago +1

    Jeez what did I do to you

  • Simon Nicol
    Simon Nicol 18 days ago +1

    Every time I see Gordon he's in a different kitchen. Either these are studios, or he moves home about 7 times a year. Constantly getting evicted? Can't pay the rent? lol x

  • Simon Nicol
    Simon Nicol 18 days ago


  • LYX 001
    LYX 001 19 days ago

    Where are the lamb sauce meme?

  • brad
    brad 19 days ago

    gordon ramsay's top 5 lamb sAUcEs

  • Country Foods
    Country Foods 20 days ago

    Traditional delicious mutton curry recipe thexvid.com/video/005f27uGSNU/video.html

  • kami neko
    kami neko 20 days ago +1

    14:35 should really taste before putting the raw lamb in

  • jason
    jason 21 day ago

    dont forget the LAMB SAUCE

  • coco pony
    coco pony 21 day ago

    number 4 is the most sweetest thing ive ever seen, it reminds me so much when me and my dad cooked together XD but there was a lot of yelling when I burnt something, lol

  • Sahil Bhagat
    Sahil Bhagat 21 day ago

    Gordan is more like home chefs as the presentation of dishes is off and not near at any level of the michelin's chefs. He is good but overrated in my opinion.

  • B Rumph
    B Rumph 21 day ago

    He makes this look so easy. Lol
    The smoke from my skillet be black.
    I try hard too. Lol
    My cheap cuts end up looking like a cheap meal. 😂😂😂

  • Hoverbike
    Hoverbike 22 days ago

    Gordon, please refrain from describing an amount of seasoning as 'beautiful', its really hard to work with.
    Lightly? What does it mean??

  • The HentaiBukai
    The HentaiBukai 23 days ago

    The internet has ruined me. from 7:19 onwards i started hearing things i should not be hearing.

  • Balwant Kandari
    Balwant Kandari 23 days ago

    Hello sir im indian chef pilz one diss indian making this

  • Seven Chords
    Seven Chords 23 days ago +1

    lucky kids, i'm jealous

  • Half-naked Banana
    Half-naked Banana 24 days ago +6

    Gordon: "Let the lamb rest"
    Proof that he's so nice that he doesn't even wan't to exhaust his food.

  • Mendrit Latifi
    Mendrit Latifi 24 days ago

    You fucking piece of shit color color color fuck you

  • unknown
    unknown 24 days ago

    Where's the lamb sauce 😂😂

  • Tucker Mathis
    Tucker Mathis 24 days ago +2

    25:15 Okay Gordon, you made your point, you really didn't have to press your knife into that crackling, but dear Lord am I convinced if I wasn't already.

  • YoshiX9
    YoshiX9 24 days ago

    I like it when he stuns himself at how good he is

  • scott smith
    scott smith 24 days ago

    Big green egg grill

  • Armands Sviķis
    Armands Sviķis 26 days ago

    where's the lamb sauce

  • cristina lexy
    cristina lexy 26 days ago +1

    I hate lamb,so I am out!

    • Cyvan
      Cyvan 20 days ago

      This is no airport, no need to announce your departure.

  • Swmtothemoon
    Swmtothemoon 26 days ago

    Gordon is a sweetheart with his daughter.

  • Mark Banks
    Mark Banks 26 days ago

    Beautiful family moments Gordon 💕💕

  • Newt
    Newt 26 days ago +1

    Don’t forget the lamb sauce.

  • Guru Sandirasegaram
    Guru Sandirasegaram 26 days ago +1

    Condiments are difference what’s available. when cooking shank
    Greek Australian style

  • tomas gago
    tomas gago 27 days ago

    I'm here only for the *S A U C E*

  • knotkool1
    knotkool1 27 days ago

    lamb is for people who think cattle are their ancestors.

  • Destination: tonsils
    Destination: tonsils 28 days ago +4

    He used so much oil America invaded him.

  • mose david
    mose david 28 days ago

    Breast of lamb looks fantastic.

  • Tessa Mae
    Tessa Mae 28 days ago +3

    When Gordon cooks - he brings "heaven" on EARTH! Delicious!

  • Tessa Mae
    Tessa Mae 28 days ago

    Gordon, I'm becomming FULLY RAW vegetarian, then you cook thesee ... oh mhyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bluedevi Tekken monster

    Ramsey :It’s fuvking raw Holley ,
    Holley:...... I’m sry u say something
    Ramsey: Holley it’s fucking raw

  • KJ The Beast
    KJ The Beast 29 days ago +1

    That first dish, I made it tonight. It's so good

  • David Clark
    David Clark 29 days ago

    Where's the lamb sauce?

  • Lee Stevens
    Lee Stevens 29 days ago

    Cool, I only really like lamb with curry though.

  • luz mojica
    luz mojica 29 days ago

    I wish what's that you write the ingredients. Because I can't understand. I can't speak English very well. Sorry for that thank-you.

  • luz mojica
    luz mojica 29 days ago

    Thank you now i know well done is 9 minutes. I burn it a little because i never knew when it was ready.

  • mike vic
    mike vic Month ago

    Gordon Ramsay is just awesome the end.:)

  • Zgandaï
    Zgandaï Month ago +1

    That little beat between the recipes sounds... familiar...

  • Toby dog
    Toby dog Month ago +1

    Hi (to all my 100% loyal family)
    Just a reminder, I still did not get my confirmation (about my last post) yet.
    (And like I said I WANT THE TRUTH)
    (And I know that you (all my 100% loyal family) have been giving me the truth all along. (most likely)
    But just saying I WANT THE TRUTH and i CAN HANDLE the truth.
    (So go at it)
    (I want the truth whatever it may be, good or bad)
    So yeah i want the truth ASAP.
    To (all my 100% loyal family)
    Thanks for reading!

  • Retarded Potato
    Retarded Potato Month ago

    close your eyes and lisen to this

  • Barry Smallwood
    Barry Smallwood Month ago +1

    the recipes are amazing but who does the washing uo ...I want a recipe where you cook it and stick the pan in the dishwasher

    • Cyvan
      Cyvan 20 days ago

      @Barry Smallwood Alot of things do stuff they're not intended for.
      Yeah, have a nice day too...

    • Barry Smallwood
      Barry Smallwood 20 days ago

      @Cyvan mine washes pans mate and im sure many people put pans in anyway im not really interested in your pedantry so leave it !

    • Cyvan
      Cyvan 20 days ago

      @Barry Smallwood I am not. They actually are not intended for anything else than plates and cutlery

    • Barry Smallwood
      Barry Smallwood 20 days ago

      @Cyvan dont be silly

    • Cyvan
      Cyvan 20 days ago

      Dishwashers are not intended for pans.

  • Ares
    Ares Month ago +1

    Why do white people never cook their meat properly ?

  • Serri Not Sarri
    Serri Not Sarri Month ago

    Wow, the little pig is the spawn of ramsey and that really hot fit bitch,,,,, but they just created a little ugly pig. shame. genetics doust not make a person.

  • Serri Not Sarri
    Serri Not Sarri Month ago +1

    Who is the fat little pig at 6 minutes????

  • JasperGrasperJR TTV
    JasperGrasperJR TTV Month ago +1

    Gordon: drizzle some olive oil
    (Half the bottle later) Gordon: that's enough

  • the best chef
    the best chef Month ago +1

    I feel like he could cook dirt with shit as a garnish and it would still taste good

  • Neil Diamond
    Neil Diamond Month ago

    Why am I torturing myself to starve

  • Yesh uwah
    Yesh uwah Month ago +9

    @23:18 Roll the Joint.
    Stoners watching this just took a break. Lmao! Smh.

  • EXE KonatDonut
    EXE KonatDonut Month ago

    3:32 seductive way of saying parsley

  • Yesh uwah
    Yesh uwah Month ago +1

    Feel like I’m watching Man Vs Wild.