Avengers Endgame - Travel Back in Time Scene | Funny Moments

  • Published on Sep 4, 2019
  • Avengers Endgame - Travel Back in Time Scene
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Comments • 522

  • Taypha Jr
    Taypha Jr 11 hours ago

    Thought this was all funny moments. It’s just...... moments

  • channara ngoun
    channara ngoun 13 hours ago +2

    Black widow is the one who said “see you in the minutes “ but she is also the one that didn’t make her way back

  • Viceroy
    Viceroy Day ago

    If they have a limited amount of pym particles, what was Ant-Man using to shrink?

    EYE M WATCHING Day ago

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  • Making A Lot
    Making A Lot Day ago

    See my avengers drawing on my channel

  • Shawn Davis
    Shawn Davis Day ago

    U literally cut out all of the funny moments

  • LastHope Of Fire

    Banner looks like Dylan from now you see me

  • TheSassJacket
    TheSassJacket 2 days ago

    People are getting demonetized and channels are getting taken down by fraudulent copyright claims but this son of a bitch is uploading raw footage of a movie and getting millions of views. Fuck you.

  • Marissa Paz
    Marissa Paz 3 days ago

    I see some of the funny parts aren’t in the video lame 😒

  • ItsDan
    ItsDan 3 days ago

    How is it hard for hulk but not for tony ?

  • Daniel Farinas
    Daniel Farinas 3 days ago

    7:37, well, that didn’t go as planned in the first guardians of the galaxy movie

  • Kanecobe
    Kanecobe 4 days ago

    13:33 never noticed before that thor shields rocket

  • george taskas
    george taskas 5 days ago

    Robert d.j is 1,74cm and Chris Evans 1,83cm but in 8:58 both has the same height ,look closer to RDJ feet.. you will see..

  • BigBeauf _____
    BigBeauf _____ 5 days ago

    Was the Infinity Guantlet to strong for the Hulk?

  • tanner godden
    tanner godden 6 days ago

    Love the outtro

  • Mario Mythes
    Mario Mythes 6 days ago +1

    Acient One: You’re about... what do you want from him?
    Prof Hulk: That actually
    Acient One: Ah! *Separate Bruce Banner as a spirit from his body*
    *Asgard - 2013*

  • Alejandro Feo Cecin
    Alejandro Feo Cecin 6 days ago

    4:51 when you discover who was your real enemy

  • The default Alcaraz
    The default Alcaraz 7 days ago +18

    Thor’s mom: Ur not the Thor I know
    Thor: How do u know?
    Me: sounds of frustration

  • Michael Brent
    Michael Brent 7 days ago

    Imagine if Captain Planet, Danny Phantom, Ben 10,Freakazoid(Dexter Douglas),Generator Rex or even the power puff girl battle Thanos!

  • rahul s
    rahul s 7 days ago

    Help me please..... 👑

    I upload this video and I get copyright strike... Please help me how to upload this movie scene without getting copyright strike???

    BHAVESH WAGHELA 8 days ago

    Not funny moments but i like it. B-)

  • Febry Antono
    Febry Antono 8 days ago

    keren fidionya

  • Gaston Gustafsson
    Gaston Gustafsson 8 days ago

    How do you sleep at night? The cutting of this video is horrible

  • MadJamYT
    MadJamYT 9 days ago

    That's America's ass

  • Ken P
    Ken P 9 days ago

    Which Hulk would win in a fight?

  • I am Brand bro
    I am Brand bro 9 days ago

    7:33 verry funny

  • bruce chen
    bruce chen 9 days ago

    Black widows mask isn't tracked well.

  • Ian Sol II
    Ian Sol II 10 days ago

    Anong klaseng edit yan nawalan ng sound

  • 277imperator
    277imperator 11 days ago

    0:22 oh Nat. If you only knew 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Liam O'Hara
    Liam O'Hara 11 days ago

    Strike those keys green man, should’ve been my high school quote

  • StrifingRite
    StrifingRite 11 days ago

    Avengers are really sore losers

  • Life Diary Jr.
    Life Diary Jr. 11 days ago

    Poor natasha. She never know she will die

  • yellow ducks
    yellow ducks 11 days ago

    13:13 stays funny😂

  • Shut Up And Pick
    Shut Up And Pick 12 days ago +3

    This... Wasn't really funny moments. It was kind of just clip segments of things that happened in the movie...

  • pandaminecartgamer
    pandaminecartgamer 12 days ago

    All they did is cut out all the funny moments.

  • Chitrabati Mishra
    Chitrabati Mishra 13 days ago


  • Daniel Montelongo
    Daniel Montelongo 13 days ago

    Couldn't they just time travel to when thanos got all the 6 infinity stone in avengers infinity war.

  • Shehzad Moosa
    Shehzad Moosa 14 days ago

    See you in a minute...sacrifices herself. That’s a long minute

    BEARDED BEAST 14 days ago

    love the ending bro... who doesnt like ducks...

  • enderfox169
    enderfox169 14 days ago

    Wait how can you find black widow's death, funny? Mest up man come on

  • Nithin Shine
    Nithin Shine 14 days ago


  • Iwan maickhel Maickhel

    Full filim sub indonesia l like 👍🏼

  • Mark Taylor
    Mark Taylor 16 days ago

    Why didn't Nebula tell anyone about Thanos being there?

  • Nexas Gaming12
    Nexas Gaming12 16 days ago

    2012 cap: I have eyes on Loki. 14th floor.
    2023 cap: *immediately attacks him*

    HERETICIAM 777 16 days ago +1

    I just realiased marvel just contradicted its own time travel theory when i watched xmen days of future past

  • markomus
    markomus 17 days ago +29

    Nat: "See you in a minute."
    Cap (thinking): "Yeah, you're nice, but...I'm still just...not that into you."

  • emre oyal
    emre oyal 17 days ago

    I am turkish (ben türküm)

  • Jake Rutigliano
    Jake Rutigliano 18 days ago

    If the Fantastic Four was in this film, Invisible Woman could have given them all invisible suits so that they wouldn’t be seen by their past selves.

  • Adrian Cahyamaulana
    Adrian Cahyamaulana 19 days ago +1

    Luar biasa filem Marvel nya

  • Titanus Gojira
    Titanus Gojira 20 days ago +136

    Natasha: see you in a minute.
    *So that was a f**king lie then.*

  • Eedsku
    Eedsku 20 days ago

    Why didn't avengers just go back in 2018 and kill thanos and take his infinte cauntlet?

  • Argon
    Argon 22 days ago +4

    9:20 That is actually Nick Fury's mom.

  • ielya tehrani
    ielya tehrani 23 days ago +2

    Imagine if they time travel to those places where do they took place after the movies throughout
    Battle between Avengers, Iron Patriot & Agent 13 with Loki
    1-Race between Spider-Man & Ultron
    2-Spider-Man saving Black Cat from Ultron
    1-Ultron killing General Ross in Sokovia
    2-battle of Sokovia Black Panther, Spider-Man, Ant-Man, Masters of the Mystic Arts vs. Ultron & Ultronbots
    3-Avengers fleeing to farmhouse
    4-Ant-Man & Black Panther fighting Ultron
    5-Avengers facility battle with Ultron
    1-Steve breaking up with Sharon
    2-Avengers fighting Riot

  • Dest Edits
    Dest Edits 23 days ago +3

    12:35 that’s NOT funny :(

  • ViolettaVie
    ViolettaVie 24 days ago

    I saw the movie before my husband. So when we watched it together, and the part where Cap sees Peggy through the window play, he turns towards me and says: "Well that's it. Cap is going to go back to be with her."

  • Julian TV
    Julian TV 25 days ago

    Hawkeye and Black Widow: I will go
    Me:Uhm ya you guys go

  • KevinGame3
    KevinGame3 25 days ago +1

    3:18 coordinate search and rescue I'm being honest shut up😂😂

  • Firepelt783
    Firepelt783 27 days ago +1

    7:32: me every time I listen to music.

  • STE Jambo
    STE Jambo 27 days ago

    2013 Thor must’ve been really confused when his Hammer suddenly flew away and disappeared.

  • Wilmarie Martinez
    Wilmarie Martinez 28 days ago +2

    Me when my sister wants me to stop singing and dancing 7:32