How to remove the triangle?

  • Published on Aug 30, 2021
  • Handcuffs puzzle(Tridiculous!) -
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  • Puzzle guy
    Puzzle guy  8 months ago +119

    Handcuffs puzzle(Tridiculous!) sold here -
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  • K. Zern
    K. Zern 8 months ago +3332

    You demonstrated very well, I watched several times but I still have no idea how you did that.

    • Mas Gus
      Mas Gus 19 days ago

      agree, i think we should try it first hand

    • Divy Patel
      Divy Patel 2 months ago

      @Aziz Setyawan I agree he was very disrespectful to the guy, but I don't understand why would you bring India/Indians in these? Every country has good and bad citizens, and judging by your surname you are from Indian sub-continent as well (sorry in advance if you're not).

    • Aziz Setyawan
      Aziz Setyawan 3 months ago +1

      @सुशांत मेनोन well atleast he manage to make a very good response to those who toxic to him
      I just hoping India is not full of people like you

    • SoniXperia
      SoniXperia 4 months ago

      I have that puzzle and I kept solving it but I had no idea how I did it and even know I don't fully understand it I just know how

  • Anold Toulon
    Anold Toulon 8 months ago +1799

    " How to escape from handcuffs.
    I have no idea , but I know how to remove the triangle from this puzzle"
    Slides out hands.

    • Cay9s
      Cay9s 3 months ago

      @Taqie10 1 We all watched the damn video

    • jala Al kakouni
      jala Al kakouni 3 months ago

      Hahahahahahha i was shocked when i saw the video !! Hahahah

    • PinkGae Whistle
      PinkGae Whistle 3 months ago

      @bee enlighten me

    • bee
      bee 3 months ago

      @PinkGae Whistle its not the point of it tho lol.

  • Cardinal Ham'N'Eggs
    Cardinal Ham'N'Eggs 8 months ago +137

    I actually have this puzzle. The ring on mine is circular and not triangular, and the cuffs themselves are iron horseshoes. My dad bought it when we went to a Cracker Barrel once. Also, the horseshoes are connected a bit more distantly, by two five-link lengths of iron chain. The links on either end are welded to the prongs of the horseshoes, leaving three loose links between them on each side. The distance allows for greater maneuverability and an easier way of getting the ring off. You start by giving one of the horseshoes a half-twist (180°) in either direction, then sliding the horseshoes next to each other in a way that allows the ring to fall into the right place on its own. (Also, the ring on mine is smaller compared to the cuffs on my version than the one shown in this clip is compared to the cuffs on its version.)

    • Sam Foutz
      Sam Foutz 3 months ago +1

      I used to have the same puzzle you described, after taking the ring off and putting it on again hundreds of times and watching this video over and over again I still have no idea how it works

    • Ema Auld
      Ema Auld 6 months ago

      Hey I also have this puzzle, i got it as a child....i took the ring off and had never been able to get it back on....thankgod you explaind how to put the ring back on again.

    • Breathe Dreams
      Breathe Dreams 7 months ago +1

      Had the same horseshoe one as kid too🙂

    • Anold Toulon
      Anold Toulon 8 months ago

      @Sweet Misery welcome to the real world.
      I am very coordinated, agile, nut I never did the RUbix cube.
      Got close, but at s friends house liming, and driver said we have to go.
      Anytime I saw a RUbix cube after that I just gave it to someone else to try.
      So I'm lousy at that.
      I run out of patience.

    • Sweet Misery
      Sweet Misery 8 months ago

      I have the same one I have three different rings that came with it and it gradually gets smaller and more difficult. This is my favorite puzzle and it was the first my father ever bought me.

  • Nature Imposter
    Nature Imposter 8 months ago +13

    I love watching this guy slove puzzles in these shorts It's so very interesting.

  • Arnoldus
    Arnoldus 8 months ago +4

    If you see this in 3D, it becomes a little bit easyer to follow what's happening. The solution is that the trangle can only slide among one way to a point where there is just less friction enough left between the two parts that with just a little pressure, the triangle can disattach itself from the handcuffs. This principle is used also in the puzzle with the to little iron rods that are twisted in a curl at one end. you have to align them in each the opposite position and the also pressure and turn just a little to ger them loose from eachother. But again, in 2D it is very hard to grap for the brain what happens, because it is impossible to see 3D-deprh in a 2D frame. The fact that the puzzle is one coloured, makes difficult for jour brain to distinguish the elements your eyes register from each other... 🙂

  • Shadow Man
    Shadow Man 7 months ago +4

    I guessed how to do it before you had done the solution! I feel so proud of myself every other one you've done have stumped me!

  • Jalon Koontz
    Jalon Koontz 7 months ago +1

    My grandfather made one of these puzzles out of chains and horse shoes. I would always be so mystified by it as a kid but it's very easy to solve

  • DJ
    DJ 8 months ago +10

    Finally, a legit puzzle which does not involve any hard to guess trick

  • Martin Joneš
    Martin Joneš 8 months ago +44

    Idea: try recording yourself solving a puzzle in silence so that the recording of the hand cuffs is clear. And then do voice over. This way you don't hiccup when talking due to trying hard to focus on the puzzle. Should result in higher video quality as well as lower stress while recording.

    • Puzzle guy
      Puzzle guy  8 months ago +7

      It is possible while filming shorts but totally impossible on long videos.

  • Roberto Labez
    Roberto Labez 8 months ago +609

    Him:"I have no idea"
    *successfully removed his hands from the handcuffs

  • Jason Magee
    Jason Magee 8 months ago +3

    That's the first metal puzzle I ever did and had the ring off in under a min .
    So started my love of puzzles 🤣👌

  • JedyMaXX
    JedyMaXX 5 months ago

    When I was a kid, I had the same thing but with a small circle instead and it was always fun playing with it.

  • MattLutz03
    MattLutz03 6 months ago

    Ooh I have this same puzzle, but a circle instead of a triangle, and it was always so fun to solve no matter how many times I did it. It was just so fun I can’t explain it

  • mustang607
    mustang607 8 months ago +881

    That was fast. This video deserves a slow motion effect.

  • Veteran Decanus
    Veteran Decanus 8 months ago +5

    I found your videos amazing because when you show each puzzle I just imagine a mathematical/teacher/scientist/smart person in general bored as hell and coming up with the idea... "What if I build a puzzle? To test not only if I'm able to create one but if I'm able to solve it and then other people can try it"

  • Lucas Vandenberg
    Lucas Vandenberg 4 months ago

    This was the first puzzle I ever had and I would bring it to school and wow everyone in front of their eyes. It was so cool at the time.

  • Dom AZ
    Dom AZ 8 months ago +11

    It's like the horseshoes but a little more difficult with the triangle.

  • kamal hossain
    kamal hossain 5 months ago

    As far i understood, the flattened, connecting part was passed through the narrow opening of the triangular ring.

  • Robert Yzaguirre
    Robert Yzaguirre 8 months ago +1

    This was my first puzzle I had as a kid Love it and still has it and a few others..

  • Silver Samurai
    Silver Samurai 8 months ago +3

    How to escape from handcuffs:
    Dislocate your thumb, this can be done by pushing the lower knuckle of your thumb against the handcuffs and pulling. After that it should easier to slide your thumb and then the rest of your hand through the handcuff

  • Ryan DeLong
    Ryan DeLong 2 months ago

    I’ve had this exact puzzle for the past 25 years. Every time I pull it out at parties, no one can do it

    KING KILYE 7 months ago

    Thanks for this nifty little trick! I tried it, and the guy who was driving the car got out and started chasing me into the forest!

  • jbbradford420
    jbbradford420 8 months ago +1

    The handcuffs police used to use in America about 20 years ago I was able to break the chain links in between the cuffs. I did this many times practicing and then once in a real arrest situation. It helps if you are strong but first you slide your hands under your butt and get them in front of you. Then you move the cuffs to the end of your shoe and lock your wrists at a twisted angle. It’s going to hurt a little but you use your bodies full momentum with your leg pushing and your arms pulling with your back and wrists locked and it snaps one of the links in between the cuffs. With modern cuffs with no links this does not work. The police cuffed me and put me in the back of the car. They then walked away and were speaking with their Sgt. While this was happening I snapped the cuffs and when the police walked back to the car I put my hands behind my back as if I was still cuffed. When we got to the jail and they opened the door I showed them my hands and they were shocked. I was fully cooperative though so the police did not beat me.

  • Jelly Bean's favorite Jellied Cheese Burger

    This guy makes all puzzles look easy and make it easy

  • JudePuu
    JudePuu 7 months ago

    This is like the only puzzle i've seen you solve that i know the way to solve it as i have a similar puzzle

  • thefamous andinfamous
    thefamous andinfamous 4 months ago

    I have this puzzle and its actually pretty easy to solve

  • Aditi S
    Aditi S 8 months ago +65

    Him: solving the puzzle like a professional
    Me: have literally seen the same things 10 times, still scratching my head!!🤔🤔

  • BMF
    BMF 8 months ago +8

    My father gave me that puzzle 45yrs ago still great today

    • binky bink
      binky bink 5 months ago +1

      What a coincidence. My parents bought me a puzzle like this 35 years ago. I'm still working on how to figure it out.

  • granand
    granand 5 months ago

    Case in the court:
    Judge to defender: Do you agree to the charge you were trying to take the handcuffs off ,& escape
    Defender: I reject the allegation, as I was solving the puzzle presented to me.

  • Puzzle Wanderer
    Puzzle Wanderer 8 months ago +3

    Cool :)

  • MsMookalate
    MsMookalate 6 months ago

    “How to escape from handcuffs!”
    “I have no idea”
    Realize he’s not handcuffed and then laugh

  • Anuj Nayak
    Anuj Nayak 8 months ago +3

    He : how to escape from handcuffs , I have no idea!!!
    Also he: removes his hand easily from handcuffs

  • david harper
    david harper 7 months ago +1

    I have this puzzle and I enjoyed it

  • Rabbott
    Rabbott 8 months ago +1

    I love these puzzles, but I always lose them.

  • null
    null 8 months ago

    We will never know how to escape from handcuffs 😭

  • Gx15Z
    Gx15Z Month ago

    So tricky and hard yet so incredible

  • Clyde Rowan
    Clyde Rowan 8 months ago

    Wow, it took you long. I had this solved in two minutes when I was two.

  • laty9🇺🇦
    laty9🇺🇦 2 months ago

    “How to escape from handcuffs… I have no idea”
    Criminals watching this video, trying to escape: “Well, guess I’m screwed”

  • Fad Guy
    Fad Guy 8 months ago

    You really have to teach us how to get out of handcuffs 😌😊

  • 賴東暐
    賴東暐 8 months ago +21

    It's impossible to solve this puzzle with hands stuck in it right?

    • Puzzle guy
      Puzzle guy  8 months ago +7

      Good question, but it is impossible 😁

  • Azrael Gaming
    Azrael Gaming 8 months ago

    Oh I’ve done that same puzzle, it’s really fun

  • Ralph McGonegle
    Ralph McGonegle 7 months ago

    All these puzzles are amazing.

  • EXS
    EXS 5 months ago

    That's a knowledge i was looking for. It's gonna change my life for sure 🤔

    CHESS FREAK 8 months ago +1

    Yeah I watched it a dozen times and finally got it..I thought you tricked but it was a good puzzle

      CHESS FREAK 8 months ago

      Yup it was an amazing puzzle

    • Puzzle guy
      Puzzle guy  8 months ago

      No tricks. Just a classic puzzle.

  • DicetheDon87
    DicetheDon87 3 months ago

    I remember playing this puzzle as a kid.

  • Matthew Martinez
    Matthew Martinez 8 months ago

    My uncle has the same, with a circular ring instead of a triangle.

  • aravin raju
    aravin raju 6 months ago +1

    “How to escape from handcuffs”
    Prisoner: Finally! Freedom!

  • James Endsley
    James Endsley 8 months ago

    There's a trick to that there's also one using horseshoes in a round circle the same principle

  • James Masters
    James Masters 4 months ago +1

    I have seen this one before, 30 years ago, but it was 2 horse shoes connected by chains with a small ring in the center.

    • Puzzle guy
      Puzzle guy  4 months ago

      That's a different and a little bit easier puzzle.

  • Samantha Weber
    Samantha Weber 8 months ago +2

    I’ve watched this 9 times and I’m still so confused

  • Jay Grows
    Jay Grows 7 months ago +17

    I'm glad this one was actually a puzzle✅

  • Jose Nieves
    Jose Nieves 8 months ago

    It looks so easy if I had a two year old he would have figured it out.

  • 🦆ducks love bread🍞

    Is a little piece of the triangle that goes in so then you can take the triangle off and put it back on I could tell because there's a little line on the metal where the area that can go in is

  • Arnoldus
    Arnoldus 8 months ago

    My brain each time is telling my eyes to pay more attention to the part where the triangle is put back, because they are not registering what my ears are telling to my mind... 😱😅

  • R Lomith
    R Lomith 8 months ago +1

    Yo bro my eyes are rolling round...
    And a lot of brain cells roasted even after seeing the solution....
    Good work bro..

  • Escanor MZMY
    Escanor MZMY 8 months ago +1

    The answer for the first question is not to have your hand cuffed

  • Parker Young
    Parker Young 8 months ago

    I have one with a longer chain between the horse shoes. If you twist them with the ring in the middle, it can slip out pretty easily

  • Vince Black
    Vince Black 8 months ago

    It’s like when your key gets stuck in The ring

  • Kuro DCupu
    Kuro DCupu 8 months ago +1

    "How to escape from handcuff? I have no idea..."
    *casually escape from the handcuff anyway*

  • lambert jonh urqueza
    lambert jonh urqueza 8 months ago

    Even if he didn't lock the handcuff his hand still can get out lol hahahah

  • Deviousmiasma
    Deviousmiasma 3 months ago

    I used to have a puzzle like that one when I was a kid except it was two horseshoes and a ring

  • Y e e t
    Y e e t 8 months ago +4

    "how to escape from handcuff? I have no idea"
    **Casually escape from it anyway*

  • Kayla Escobar
    Kayla Escobar 8 months ago

    I’ve gotten out of police hand cuffs before. My wrists are so small and the handcuffs don’t get as small 😂 so I slip my hands out

  • Lucky7Nico
    Lucky7Nico 8 months ago

    Havent seen one of those in ages. Throwbacks

  • Homer Simposon
    Homer Simposon Month ago

    damn learning these actually can help in irl problems

  • Himanshu Ghotekar
    Himanshu Ghotekar 3 months ago +1

    You should give subtitle on your video because your language not understandable but your videos are nice🙏🙏

  • updog12-06
    updog12-06 8 months ago +7

    You may be dead.
    I love your vids

    • Puzzle guy
      Puzzle guy  8 months ago +5

      If we can't solve it, we name it the impossible object 🤣

  • Kenneth Fillmore
    Kenneth Fillmore 8 months ago

    I had the Same trick with a brass Ring on the Chain & Horseshoes

  • 🌟lavendar🌟
    🌟lavendar🌟 5 months ago

    Him : I have no idea how to remove hands from handcuffs
    Him only : but I know how to remove a RANDOM triangle from handcuffs WITH HANDS .........
    Okay--- I'm speechless

  • Deepak Sharma
    Deepak Sharma 8 months ago +1

    Its very simple ...i know it from my childhood

  • Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliofobický slovník

    Funny introduction 😂

  • Michael Swinehart
    Michael Swinehart 8 months ago

    I'm a retired hack from a federal penitentiary. It kept my attention until my 6 yr old grandson showed me first !!!!😄👍

  • Ian Canada
    Ian Canada 4 months ago

    Me trying to get my keys unstuck from the loops

  • LaBluEyezzzzz
    LaBluEyezzzzz 8 months ago

    I've never seen 👮‍♂️ cops use handcuffs like these. Maybe a few hundred years ago 🤔

  • dlyciousmusic
    dlyciousmusic 4 months ago

    If my time machine ever takes me back to the 1700s jail, or a slave ship, then I'll know how to escape their handcuffs.

  • hallo:D
    hallo:D 8 months ago +48

    How to escape from handcuffs? Idk. *literally just removes hands from them*

  • David Sanate
    David Sanate 8 months ago

    Ok, well enough put the handcuffs in your hand and try to removed the triangle and if you really tried to escape....

  • BGMI wale BHAIYA
    BGMI wale BHAIYA 5 months ago

    Lol he already escaped in starting 😂

  • Naveen kumar
    Naveen kumar 8 months ago +16

    Who plays this twice to understand what happens actually... 😃😃

    • Naveen kumar
      Naveen kumar 8 months ago +3

      @Samantha Weber watch again at 0.25×speed

    • Samantha Weber
      Samantha Weber 8 months ago +2

      9 times and I still don’t get it

  • evan chae
    evan chae 2 months ago

    the first line got me🤣

  • Maximum Bloop
    Maximum Bloop 4 months ago

    I used to just do these by folding the puzzle in half and twisting the entire thing

  • mr benchpress
    mr benchpress 8 months ago

    This one is easy. My brother-in-law has one.

  • MVE
    MVE 8 months ago +1

    I have a smaller version of that puzzle

    DT ZOMBIE MANIC 8 months ago

    Them: Now remove the triangle from the handcuffs.
    Me: ok let me get the bult cutters!!

  • Pugamer
    Pugamer 7 months ago

    I mean he did demonstrate how he got out with some extra steps if you think about it

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff 8 months ago

    I have a puzzle exactly like this except it has a circle instead of a triangle

  • River Deep
    River Deep 8 months ago

    Got this one :)

  • DHONY EE-067
    DHONY EE-067 8 months ago +1

    He: how to remove handcuffs I have no idea and removes it
    Me: wtf

  • ♡Valentina._.bbxxy♡

    The perfect loop doesn't exi-

  • IntuativeFIHA
    IntuativeFIHA 7 months ago

    A thief later showed at his doorstep and asked how to remove handcuffs. But the nerd only knows how 2 remove triangle.

  • Michael Teran
    Michael Teran 8 months ago +7

    My grandmother had one of those in her restaurant at the register for people to play with

  • 𝗔𝗺𝗶𝘁
    𝗔𝗺𝗶𝘁 8 months ago +4

    i really like your puzzle videos

  • tonicmix
    tonicmix 4 months ago +1

    My dad got me this puzzle when I was like 6 or 7 and I got suspended for my first time by hitting a classmate with it.

  • Micheal afton
    Micheal afton 8 months ago

    He had us in the first half not going to lie

  • marialiyubman
    marialiyubman 4 months ago

    This blew my mind.

  • Red Dondaroo
    Red Dondaroo 6 months ago +3

    I am waiting this moment so badly where i am solving these puzzles in school in front of my crush🤣

  • hom3isbyebye
    hom3isbyebye 8 months ago

    I remember my first try at this

  • Jane Munguia
    Jane Munguia 8 months ago

    Well I guess your teaching them how to escape from them!!!❤❤❤

  • Link Mcfate
    Link Mcfate 6 months ago

    I have one of those but it is a circle in the middle I’m good at it