Nate Diaz vs Anthony Pettis (UFC 241 Highlights)

  • Published on Aug 19, 2019
  • After nearly three years away from the Octagon, Nate Diaz returned at #UFC241 to fight the always game Anthony Pettis.
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Comments • 463

  • carrie j
    carrie j 12 hours ago

    Diaz my man..... 👊 Masvidal v Diaz gona be a proper dogfight, looking forward to it.

  • flava82
    flava82 Day ago

    Masvidal has matrix head/ foot movement, lethal body shots, knockout striking, and many tools in his bag. I see Masvidal winning Nate. It won't be easy though, I see Masvidal being nervous in this fight

  • Raph Walker
    Raph Walker 9 days ago

    Askren approved of those knees to Petti's head.

  • Mustafa Sohail
    Mustafa Sohail 9 days ago +1

    We need nate vs khabib

  • davym23
    davym23 12 days ago

    Can he fight kab?

  • J R
    J R 14 days ago

    Need to see Diaz vs Ferguson and Diaz vs Khabib

  • Electric Voodoo Child
    Electric Voodoo Child 14 days ago +2

    Nate is like UFC's ultimate Anti Hero

    He's like the Red Hood of UFC

  • SilverSurfer
    SilverSurfer 18 days ago +1

    Great fight but skill wise nowhere close to Khabib.

  • Abdulraqib Khan
    Abdulraqib Khan 19 days ago +1

    This just goes to show how great Nate Diaz is. The man is a fighter never a dull moment with Diaz. One of the most entertaining fighters in the history of MMA. Always a pleasure to watch his fights

  • J S
    J S 20 days ago

    Ref gives Diaz a breather while he is gassed.

  • Connor Mckenna
    Connor Mckenna 20 days ago

    Diaz knee at 2:46 folds pettis like a deck chair to the canvas some fight tho 2 top flight fighters

  • Dannielle j Hill
    Dannielle j Hill 22 days ago

    Go on Diaz make him suffer Xx

  • Walter White
    Walter White 23 days ago

    Diaz is the Gennady Golovkin of the UFC, has a steel chin

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  • Kasper Hauser
    Kasper Hauser 26 days ago


  • daltoninthelionsden
    daltoninthelionsden 27 days ago

    Respect to Pettis

  • Tony Bramhall
    Tony Bramhall 28 days ago

    Nate the lion heart Diaz

  • A C4th
    A C4th 28 days ago

    Can't get over how long Diaz spaghetti arms are.

  • Krissy Bradley
    Krissy Bradley 29 days ago +1

    I don’t think these highlights do Nate justice at all he pounded him from start to finish, Petis did really well too don’t get me wrong but in my opinion nate battered him and it doesn’t come across on here

  • Vini SThrill
    Vini SThrill 29 days ago +1

    Nate has a strange way of fighting, he looks practically exhausted from beginning to end and until he wins he always looks like he's losing plus he can take a lot of punishment!

  • liv seren
    liv seren 29 days ago

    29-28??? What match is he watching

  • Freddie Bosher
    Freddie Bosher 29 days ago +1

    Amazing fight between 2 top class fighters. Best ground work I’ve seen from both of them in a UFC bout that kept me on the edge of my seat! Part 2 maybe?

  • MegaBenjo88
    MegaBenjo88 29 days ago +1

    Nate diaz is a beast, much respect for this bloke, humble as too

  • Geraint Lewis
    Geraint Lewis 29 days ago

    Shocking refereeing.

  • Aimee Frost
    Aimee Frost 29 days ago +1

    Pettis holding that poor guillotine early....what on earth was he wasting time for lol

    LEFT HOOK LARRY 29 days ago

    Maaaan I wish Nate Diaz was a boxer so bad.

  • skev hugh35
    skev hugh35 Month ago +3

    was off me face on ecstasy at an after party watching this, was mad

  • Scott Stewart
    Scott Stewart Month ago

    Nate just overwhelmed him proper

  • Aj Rochester
    Aj Rochester Month ago +6

    The fact one of the judges had it scored 29-28 is a joke it wasn’t even remotely close can say Pettis won round 1 but 29-28 Jesus Christ 😂😂. Clear dominance by Nate good to see him back!!

    ZANIARRR Month ago +1

    3:15 that elbow tho

  • Neil Sorge
    Neil Sorge Month ago

    That Diaz is an animal

  • AKLF DB1982
    AKLF DB1982 Month ago

    Thanks for the upload. 💜

  • If you laugh you sub!

    Nate 'decision' Diaz

  • If you laugh you sub!

    Woodley vs Nate so we can see Nate getting slept

  • Atakan Yavuz
    Atakan Yavuz Month ago


  • Iain Glen
    Iain Glen Month ago +4

    Nate Diaz is best UFC fighter in world alongside Khabib. I don’t care what anyone says he won BOTH McGregor fights

  • David Molyneux
    David Molyneux Month ago

    Hope Nate gets the respect he deserves and the huge pay days ahead

  • JHJimbob
    JHJimbob Month ago

    If Diaz just quickly put his arm round his neck while he had pettis on his back it would of ended there

  • De Mouge
    De Mouge Month ago

    Two warriors. Great fight 👍

  • D
    D Month ago

    Nates skills are so underrated, he’s just know as a tough warrior but he’s 100% more than that.

  • Big John Fury
    Big John Fury Month ago

    I wonder which will end up more punch drunk🤔

  • John
    John Month ago

    Couple more fights to iron out the kinks and the lad from Stockton will be proper back.

    • Big John Fury
      Big John Fury Month ago

      John lol? The guy is brain damaged to hell how many fights u think he has left?

  • redman0121
    redman0121 Month ago

    420.000 view lol

  • johny ditch
    johny ditch Month ago

    nate rely on grabs... no wonder conner destroyed him 2nd time.. coward

  • M Swayze
    M Swayze Month ago +2

    I think Mcgregor would take Nate in a 3rd fight for sure. Pettis clipped Nate twice in the first round and made him grapple for the rest of the fight

    • Big John Fury
      Big John Fury Month ago

      M Swayze no he wouldn’t😂😂 he lost the second fight too. Conor needs to stick to selling whiskey nowadays.

  • Kenny Baker
    Kenny Baker Month ago

    Hats off to Pettis for applauding Diaz.

  • Lukes Fifa specials
    Lukes Fifa specials Month ago +2

    Love Nate, speech 0, fight 10 getting everyone GASING before there rounds are up, being a smoker with Nick since ever. PRICELESS. Respect to this Warrior.

  • Adam Monks
    Adam Monks Month ago

    What do the numbers been by the names, Pettis 7 but Diaz none?

    • Adam Monks
      Adam Monks Month ago

      @M Swayze safe

    • M Swayze
      M Swayze Month ago +2

      Pettis is ranked 7 in that weightclass, but Diaz isn't ranked.

  • Fox B
    Fox B Month ago

    Better fight then either diaz vs mcregor fight

  • Shane Hayden
    Shane Hayden Month ago

    Joe says beatiful right hand by pettis when nate has just 1 2 him then pettis right misses,😂

  • Uncouth Behavior
    Uncouth Behavior Month ago +2

    This was a great fight. Nate won, obviously. But Pettis put up a stellar fight right up until the very end.

  • Gareth Dowler
    Gareth Dowler Month ago

    What I'd give to get Nick back

  • Patrick Ryan
    Patrick Ryan Month ago

    That was a sensational fight... Both fighters are brilliant - Diaz found a way to win as he got stronger towards the end despite taking a battering to his face...

  • Jamielee Jones
    Jamielee Jones Month ago +3

    Pettis wouldn't have made 5 rounds . Nate would destroy him .

  • Jamielee Jones
    Jamielee Jones Month ago

    Diaz whooped him

  • nav ahmed
    nav ahmed Month ago

    Wasnt expecting that from diaz....well done dude

  • Dr Grow UK
    Dr Grow UK Month ago

    Good scrap 👏👏👍

  • Beetle Juice
    Beetle Juice Month ago

    Diaz is a scrapper

  • Tom Farrance
    Tom Farrance Month ago

    Good fight, good ref, good show

  • Callum Radway
    Callum Radway Month ago