Mike Tyson Doesn't Work Out Anymore: Here's Why - Joe Rogan

  • Published on Jan 18, 2019
  • Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1227 w/Mike Tyson: thexvid.com/video/7MNv4_rTkfU/video.html

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  • Mason Salesa
    Mason Salesa 21 hour ago

    I also remember the video where Mike Tyson said his belts mean nothing.

  • Arnold Kim
    Arnold Kim 23 hours ago

    Floyde, this message is for you.

  • Wool Verigne
    Wool Verigne Day ago

    I used to hate Tyson, but he's slowly winning me over... seems he really has discovered personal responsibility, and identified the toxic people in his life.

  • Marquis Lee
    Marquis Lee 3 days ago

    You can tell joe idolize mike

  • Elmer MCcracken
    Elmer MCcracken 3 days ago

    Tyson just wants to live in the now man. People who always look behind can never look forward.

  • USA Freedom
    USA Freedom 4 days ago

    For a man that was once out of control of his own life and only had one way out, to fight. He has turned out to be a very funny and good hearted man. If you can’t laugh at yourself every once in awhile you probably don’t laugh very often at all.

  • Big Lance
    Big Lance 4 days ago

    Words of wisdom from someone who has learned from their mistakes.

  • Michael Tejeda
    Michael Tejeda 5 days ago

    Get mike Tyson on again

  • Vatemir
    Vatemir 5 days ago +9

    Cause hes mike tyson


  • Ibrahim Ahmed
    Ibrahim Ahmed 5 days ago

    Not finding Joe respectful at all in this interview

    • OJ The Viking
      OJ The Viking 3 days ago

      @Ibrahim Ahmed He did mention at some point idolizing Mike as he grew up, which is why I'm leaning towards the fanboying myself.

    • Ibrahim Ahmed
      Ibrahim Ahmed 3 days ago

      @OJ The Viking good point, I didn't consider it might be the latter

    • OJ The Viking
      OJ The Viking 3 days ago

      I couldn't decide whether Joe was baiting him somehow, or just fanboying too hard to consider how he was coming across.

  • Getoffofmycloud
    Getoffofmycloud 5 days ago

    Tyson doesn't just make the bag rattle...the whole building rattles with it...

  • samuel abnavi
    samuel abnavi 6 days ago

    dude you dont even know how much people like Mike have been abused in their past (regardless)of their success that when they've passed it ,they even dont want to go back no matter how much fame was involved .
    this man is humble man! Mike is the only boxer that inspire a 40 year old man like me.
    I think Mike is a real star man!
    not like some of that Haliwood FGS . He is a real star and i respect this somebitch more than any other fighter in this world .Az much as bruce Lee

  • Troy Keeling
    Troy Keeling 6 days ago

    He is right.

  • Jon Graves
    Jon Graves 6 days ago

    Mike Tyson is a national treasure.

  • redd Greene Blue
    redd Greene Blue 7 days ago

    I wouldn't be surprised if the Mike Tyson captured in time in this video could still knock a weightlifter's dick in the dirt.

  • ahoyy. ahoyy.
    ahoyy. ahoyy. 7 days ago

    Who remembers when Tyson was being called retarded
    Now he spittin faxx and most of those that called him retarded are now learning from him💯

  • Chris Chapman
    Chris Chapman 7 days ago

    I admired him then and even more now

  • King Rat
    King Rat 7 days ago

    He may not speak like Winston Churchill but Tyson makes a lot of sense these days. I never thought I'd see the day Mike Tyson waxed philosophical and showed true wisdom . But he does

  • Blackperll66
    Blackperll66 7 days ago

    Love ya Mike😘

  • IronShovelGaming
    IronShovelGaming 7 days ago

    Remember when little mac beat him?

    WEEBBREAKER 7 days ago

    Me 20 seconds in: “you should drop it, Joe.. he ain’t keen on this topic”

    WEEBBREAKER 7 days ago

    Mike shouldn’t be so hard on himself for his past. He was a young man that had way too much put on him and given to him, with absolutely nobody he respected to help him through it.
    We would all have done ridiculous things in his place.

  • Bob Laughter
    Bob Laughter 9 days ago

    Just like the movie me, myself, and irene... Hank lol

  • Brasspineapple Productions

    Mike has come a long way.
    One must respect his journey in life.

  • code 6
    code 6 9 days ago

    joe your bad you pushed him through that he clearly didnt want to talk about that stuff man.

  • Motersickle Bum
    Motersickle Bum 9 days ago

    i'm not buying what Tyson is selling. once a fighter ALWAYS a fighter. NO, you don't forget about your past, you LEARN from it... Tyson's failing was WOMEN. a nasty, gold-digger WHORE can destroy the baddest man on earth.

  • D
    D 9 days ago

    I really really respect Mike Tyson. What a humble person. He's completely different from his early days as a boxing champ. Very inspiring.

    • James
      James 8 days ago

      lol tyson was always a humble and quiet kid. The monster you see him during his fighting days is all media generated bs to make him look like a bad guy.

  • Martyr Messiah
    Martyr Messiah 10 days ago

    Don't listen to Joe Rogan, Mike, he's a sock-puppet for mind controllers.

  • Colin Baldwin
    Colin Baldwin 10 days ago

    Mike, always so wholesome...

  • Gianluca Bonacina
    Gianluca Bonacina 10 days ago +3

    That “you think so?” around 2:10 was so pure. Bless this man

  • Hashtag Just a dad
    Hashtag Just a dad 10 days ago

    Props to Mike Tyson!!

  • Omega of Apostasy & Last Day Deceptions

    Mike Tyson is saying stuff that is kinda blowing my mind... seriously

  • Robert Westwood
    Robert Westwood 11 days ago

    First, know that I have talked my share of shit about Mike Tyson over the years regarding his behavior in and out of the ring. (I still don't believe he is or ever was a rapist, though. Bipolar maybe but not a rapist.) But such profound insights into himself he laid out in this interview have forced me to reevaluate my opinions of him. Many people go a lifetime without ever gaining this level of wisdom...

  • lupash
    lupash 11 days ago

    I believe some heavy cognitive behavioral therapy hit Mike Tyson so hard to make him regret his actual glorious past for it's probably related to some other unbearable memories (that are quite easy to imagine if we look at his biography). I mean I'm in this line of work and I can recognize some clinical signs that are clearly not self-generated when I see them.

  • roger said
    roger said 12 days ago


    • James
      James 8 days ago

      he was always humble and never talked much

  • Bob Robert
    Bob Robert 14 days ago

    2:00 merci

  • mi lo
    mi lo 14 days ago

    Mike is so insecure inside, which is the source of his problems.

  • Blane Walker
    Blane Walker 15 days ago

    I'm that guy who bit Holyfield twice.

  • Bo Stevens
    Bo Stevens 15 days ago

    0:39 lol... that's exactly what I tell myself when I look in a mirror.

  • Sandbagger42
    Sandbagger42 15 days ago

    Dude sacrificed his own 2 year old daughter for fame. Daughter hangs herself with treadmill cord. Give me a break.

  • Maziar Taghdiry
    Maziar Taghdiry 16 days ago

    Damn what wise words. I’ll remember that long after tyson is gone. Respect.

  • cameo burns
    cameo burns 16 days ago

    I love this new Iron Mike!!
    The idea of second chances and redemption is very real . Its bigger than a sport its the game of life!
    "Focus on the life ahead of you"- Mike Tyson

  • RunFor OurLives
    RunFor OurLives 16 days ago

    Why is Rogan trying to lure Tyson back to the dark side?

  • runtothehills
    runtothehills 16 days ago

    think this is my all time favorite JR interview...

  • Deus Ex Machina
    Deus Ex Machina 16 days ago

    "that guy took me to jail" Did he now Mike? Thought that was all a stitch up.

  • Anton Morris
    Anton Morris 17 days ago

    When your boss is a bully and piece of s....maybe Mike has just explained them.

  • Samantha Marie
    Samantha Marie 17 days ago +1

    I think Evander helped him to see this. (And Evander forgave him for the ear thing)

  • cartunes75
    cartunes75 17 days ago

    You mess with the bull you get the horns!.

  • Dane Wood
    Dane Wood 17 days ago

    "all that thtuff reactithathe my ego" - Mike Tyson 2019

  • None
    None 18 days ago

    here we go with Joe's "extreme winners" shit again

  • Atti Ylänen
    Atti Ylänen 18 days ago

    Shrinks really did a number on Mike. Now he believes that his greatness was really a curse, even though he wouldn't have lived past his 17's birthday if it wasn't for boxing.

  • Richard Lorenz
    Richard Lorenz 18 days ago


  • Derrick Bennett
    Derrick Bennett 19 days ago

    we appreciate you Mike

  • Ron Reutcky
    Ron Reutcky 19 days ago

    Mr. Tyson, you are full of humility. Good for you. God Bless you!
    One day at a time, Mike!

  • inthelandofnumbnuts
    inthelandofnumbnuts 19 days ago

    Fcking white bitches feed my ego.

  • Victor James
    Victor James 19 days ago

    They just wanted your money MT... Fk em

  • ian mulwitsky
    ian mulwitsky 19 days ago +1

    Mike is soooooo coool!!!

  • EarthMedicine
    EarthMedicine 19 days ago

    Thanks for sharing this one! Wise words

  • Mr L wiseman
    Mr L wiseman 19 days ago

    Joe Rogan " your a lion mike tyson, let the Lion out. " mike tyson, i dont want to, bad things will happen, cant we talk about my new hobby, pigeon watching"

  • AllProG
    AllProG 20 days ago

    Then dont do interviews about boxing

  • Ilija Stojanovski
    Ilija Stojanovski 20 days ago

    If mike sees things like that then he has never really put that ego too rest nor put that beast either.. kinda of feel sorry for him because he was probably 40 years too late before realizing he wished he never did boxing..

  • heavymetal 210
    heavymetal 210 20 days ago

    Danm the man said no he doesn't do that shit anymore......take the no joe and move on

  • Barry Ramírez
    Barry Ramírez 20 days ago

    Literally me too..all or nothing

  • Marijuana School Teacher


  • TheAkiyata
    TheAkiyata 20 days ago

    Mike Tyson is morphing into sage status

  • Ixxbrianaixx ?!
    Ixxbrianaixx ?! 20 days ago

    He got so old!

  • John Arch
    John Arch 20 days ago +1

    Tyson is 100% right

  • alecrizzle
    alecrizzle 20 days ago

    mike tyson mysteries is the best show

  • Morganna lefay
    Morganna lefay 20 days ago

    Woooow Mike Tyson giving You an educate !!! I never saw this before, such wisdom.

  • BlAkeem el
    BlAkeem el 20 days ago +1

    Rogan: you work out anymore
    Tyson: nah i cant itll destroy my life
    Rogan: we should workout after this

  • Joshan Sharma
    Joshan Sharma 20 days ago +2


    - Mike Tyson

  • Jordan Tilton
    Jordan Tilton 20 days ago

    I fucking love his voice

  • Daniel Barrera
    Daniel Barrera 20 days ago +1

    Thank you I needed that.. I've always I had a little Tyson in me and been in those establishments before.. zombieeeeswaggg!!

  • MQ Boxing
    MQ Boxing 20 days ago


  • Stevonoles1
    Stevonoles1 20 days ago

    It's a shame that most don't know how intelligent Mike is. I'm glad he made it through.