Unintentional ASMR 🍸 Classy Japanese Bartenders make Cocktails for You (Compilation)


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  • Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo 9 hours ago

    Around the 8:00 mark. Whats the point of the raspberry reduction on the outside of the glass? Suppose to lick it after youre done?

  • Marlon Reichert
    Marlon Reichert 3 days ago

    24:20 Why does he almost dance? I mean, I understand that you need to shake it very well, but do you need to overact and get out of control while you do it?

  • Audrey-Anne
    Audrey-Anne 3 days ago

    I am fascinated (and kind of hypnotized).

  • WildSiren
    WildSiren 15 days ago

    alcohol and asmr
    love it.

  • Crash Bandicoot
    Crash Bandicoot 17 days ago

    anyone know what the green drink is at 18:55?

  • Daniel MacKinnon
    Daniel MacKinnon 22 days ago

    Unintentional ASMR will always be the best

  • TaxEvasion
    TaxEvasion 27 days ago

    This is how sophisticated I am when preparing a drink: crack open a beer, toss it back, cut a load fart/belch.

  • 잡덕
    잡덕 Month ago

    이거 보면 뭔가 안정적이면서 잠이 잘옴!

  • 정유나
    정유나 Month ago

    손 차갑겠다.

  • Madcat221
    Madcat221 Month ago

    They all get so into shaking the shakers...

  • Credibility Mayhem
    Credibility Mayhem Month ago

    This is unlisted now? :o

  • 3DGvisuals
    3DGvisuals Month ago

    Is the ice carving guy aware that you can also get ice in liquid form and freeze it to the esired shape without risking losing a digit and a shocking bout of Raynaud's?

  • Jeff Ler
    Jeff Ler 2 months ago


  • digital1911
    digital1911 2 months ago

    Wait until you see your bar tab. I’m getting drunk just outside the bar paper-bagging a pint of bourbon.

  • The 239 Life
    The 239 Life 2 months ago

    please, another one of these videos.

  • PolvoJack
    PolvoJack 2 months ago

    i like that !

  • Westen Quasar 24 F
    Westen Quasar 24 F 2 months ago

    cool cool but some cocktails are so nasty, like when they put mustard or hot sauce in it

  • 7m keeper
    7m keeper 2 months ago


  • Nova kun
    Nova kun 2 months ago

    Funny how this is more interesting and pleasant to watch than a guy throwing the mixer all around.

  • hr1meg
    hr1meg 2 months ago

    Love this stuff. These guys get it. The journey is just as important as the destination.

  • fat2slow
    fat2slow 2 months ago

    What drink is being made at 16:21, I'm not sure but it Looks like Gin, Lemon Juice Simple Syrup and Soy Sauce? Can anyone help me out

  • Swedish Gamer
    Swedish Gamer 2 months ago

    Of course they had be asian :)

  • J78Kio
    J78Kio 2 months ago

    That first guy was awesome

  • Nati P.
    Nati P. 2 months ago

    This is art.

  • Sunpaw
    Sunpaw 2 months ago

    I like my ASMR shaken, not stirred.

  • Candace Washington
    Candace Washington 2 months ago

    This Is So Cool. 👌🏾

  • Bakura
    Bakura 2 months ago

    I love japan

  • scorpiolovepeace
    scorpiolovepeace 2 months ago

    Im so in love with your videos.. keep up the good work 👍👍👍👍

  • Ankar Ankarich
    Ankar Ankarich 2 months ago

    *when a bartender wipes a bottle after effervescence alcohol, it seems to me that he does not even touch her. Who thinks like me, put on a like*

  • Michael Shannon
    Michael Shannon 2 months ago

    They all carry on like a bunch of failed surgeons, it's mixing drinks u pretentious cunts.

  • DiamondIO gaming
    DiamondIO gaming 2 months ago

    Tomato NANI?!?

  • Alex Whitworth
    Alex Whitworth 2 months ago

    this video should be called shaky hand camera man makes vomit enducing content for you

    CHIMÄRA RECORDS 2 months ago


  • Kevin Murray
    Kevin Murray 2 months ago

    The bartenders who dropped the shaker into the drink just contaminated both the drink and the shaker. They need to go back and learn a thing or two about how not to do that.

  • Jessicaga Sama
    Jessicaga Sama 2 months ago

    I mean.. wow

  • Sammy Boy
    Sammy Boy 2 months ago

    13:32 i just cant figure out if the bartender is just really short or if that is a really tall counter...

  • nash Shiku
    nash Shiku 2 months ago

    What the hell is happening at 17:57..am I that perverted

  • Squirrel Tamer
    Squirrel Tamer 2 months ago

    8:31 Customer: “May I have a glass of oral napalm please?” Bartender: “Say no more.”

  • Nanami Chiaki
    Nanami Chiaki 2 months ago

    These guys take “Getting the Job done” to a higher level great job

  • Shotgun Matt
    Shotgun Matt 2 months ago

    15:00 no name. Good drink too.

  • Clemente Fuentes
    Clemente Fuentes 2 months ago

    I would tip them a 1000 bucks

  • Alexander Roman De Pinto

    Perfect execution of making cocktails, I love it.

  • Dave Szcz
    Dave Szcz 2 months ago

    Give me some russian Standard

  • うんピー。
    うんピー。 2 months ago +1


  • ExclusiBe-Radio
    ExclusiBe-Radio 2 months ago

    For me, the most relaxing are 1:33 16:20 25:25

  • Clemente Fuentes
    Clemente Fuentes 2 months ago

    I suddenly feel rich

  • David Espinosa
    David Espinosa 2 months ago

    They put so much style, effort and even art on every cocktail, that I feel I don't have enough money on my bank account to pay even one.

  • chicken nugget
    chicken nugget 2 months ago

    ice is *nice*

  • Yakkari ♡
    Yakkari ♡ 2 months ago


  • Yakkari ♡
    Yakkari ♡ 2 months ago


  • Anti communist
    Anti communist 2 months ago +1


    • Anti communist
      Anti communist 2 months ago

      I must create anime to brainwash americans so that dey berieve japan were good guy hahaha varry shrickey.

  • PunishedRandom
    PunishedRandom 2 months ago

    1:30 Aaaaand that'll be 15$! XD

  • 김민중
    김민중 2 months ago

    진짜 뭔데 이걸 보고 있지... 신기하다

  • Mordecai VH
    Mordecai VH 2 months ago

    Olha é bonito de ver e tals...mais na boa.

  • Callum Moodley
    Callum Moodley 2 months ago

    Ah man that seal on the glass looks so classy

  • telepathy90
    telepathy90 2 months ago

    Soooo relaxing and intriguing to watch

  • Vita St
    Vita St 2 months ago

    Why are there so many reality shows that take place in tattoo shops but none that feature bars. Oh wait, almost every single one does take place in a bar.

  • Brandon Jeffers
    Brandon Jeffers 2 months ago

    27:15 Noooice

  • Brandon Jeffers
    Brandon Jeffers 2 months ago

    You can tell every drink that every one of these gentlemen prepare is like their own Mona Lisa they're sending out to please another lucky bastard lol

  • Cypheriest
    Cypheriest 2 months ago

    His hands been all over dat ice cube

  • Cypheriest
    Cypheriest 2 months ago

    He placed that ice cube very precisely

  • Young Hwan
    Young Hwan 2 months ago

    So you bought these all? Or what

  • Cryo Syndicate
    Cryo Syndicate 2 months ago

    I would go to their bar just to watch them do this unintentional ASMR

  • stewart gedge
    stewart gedge 2 months ago

    Pure class apart from the bit using Ardbeg in a cocktail

  • Senrune Thirteen
    Senrune Thirteen 2 months ago

    is it just me, or do all these drinks look strangely healthy?

  • Ava-Conda ASMR
    Ava-Conda ASMR 2 months ago

    omg yesss, amazing. the ice was the best part! that was so cool

  • Wassup
    Wassup 2 months ago


  • Kyle Glarum
    Kyle Glarum 2 months ago

    Le classy. *I tip m'fedora to you good sir who uploaded the video*

  • Seven Maxwell
    Seven Maxwell 2 months ago

    These guys seem like they would work at a restaurant with a bar and jazz playing in the background

    JEBIGA JOHNNY 2 months ago

    thank you to remind me that he is Japanese

  • gagid a
    gagid a 2 months ago

    thos bottles are taller than meh

  • Night Shine ASMR
    Night Shine ASMR 2 months ago

    I don’t watch ASMR all the time, but when I do...

    *I fall asleep*

  • すい
    すい 2 months ago


  • Jack Keown
    Jack Keown 2 months ago

    Did anyone else not relax but watched carefully at what he was doing?

  • Nill Cash
    Nill Cash 2 months ago

    No clue what drinks or ingredients WTF? ??

  • Nill Cash
    Nill Cash 2 months ago

    12:40 was that axe body spray? ??

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star 2 months ago +1

    Damn, I buy this stuff from Walmart for $5, who knows how much these would cost.

  • Jordan Sarver
    Jordan Sarver 2 months ago

    So this being my favorite asmr seals it. I'm a lush.

  • alexandre b
    alexandre b 2 months ago

    Serieux j'adore cette vidéo, c'est juste genial

  • Mia. W
    Mia. W 2 months ago

    If you go to the bar and ask for anyone of these drinks, the bartender would be like, U wot m8 .... I can give you a vodak?😂

  • Relongs
    Relongs 2 months ago

    I could give everything to become a bartender in japan.

  • Nameless
    Nameless 2 months ago

    Alright cool cool, now I want to see you finesse my bowl of cornflakes in the morning

  • PeroKe Conio
    PeroKe Conio 2 months ago

    Meh, I just need some bad wine mixed with coke in a plastic cup.
    2 fancy 4 me

  • just jaebum
    just jaebum 2 months ago

    These guys would give great head massages

  • Y3G0r LyU8K1N
    Y3G0r LyU8K1N 2 months ago

    What is the purpose of that little metal pouring thing?

  • Hinikuna Arijigoku
    Hinikuna Arijigoku 2 months ago

    It'd be funny if you recorded you throwing all the drinks at the end.

  • Koudai Of Movie Blog Official Channel

    How much?? Very very nice!!

  • I need attention
    I need attention 2 months ago +1

    Time to science me a drink. Mmmm tasted like diabetes

  • ハタ王子
    ハタ王子 2 months ago


  • Juan Maximiliano Maye
    Juan Maximiliano Maye 2 months ago

    3:23 that face.

  • BradLey
    BradLey 2 months ago +2


  • The Gaming Russian
    The Gaming Russian 2 months ago

    秀次上の constantly looks like he's about to either mess up or flawlessly make a drink and I can't tell which.

  • upacarasamadhi
    upacarasamadhi 2 months ago


  • Sean Chambers
    Sean Chambers 2 months ago

    5S Japanese bartenders style

  • MaaaXIMuuuZ
    MaaaXIMuuuZ 2 months ago

    Also ich nehme ja lieber ein Bier xD

  • Jack's Asylum
    Jack's Asylum 2 months ago

    Vodka martini shaken not stirred

  • Lark Alfen
    Lark Alfen 2 months ago

    Its very interesting how they are serious about making cocktails
    Profesionally and calmly
    And iam 16 years old
    Dont drinking alcohol yet.

  • Kermit the frag
    Kermit the frag 2 months ago +2

    *Stay thirsty my friends*

  • jessidraws
    jessidraws 2 months ago

    The shaking in 11:01 cracked me up man 😂😂