Half in the Bag Episode 5: Your Highness and Samurai Cop


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  • SevenShadesOfNerd
    SevenShadesOfNerd 15 days ago

    I'm from the future. The guy who directed Your Highness directs a Halloween film, and it doesn't suck!

  • The LenseBender
    The LenseBender Month ago

    Gentlemen - Dexter is a TERRIBLE show. You might even do good to spend an episode on 'the show that nobody talks about anymore because it's the epitome of a great-premise-turned-garbage tv program.'

  • Toasty Boii
    Toasty Boii Month ago

    wait, dentist offices dont usually reside in hospitals? what the fuck??

  • HeathenMetalhead221

    Back before Jay hit puberty and Mike looked like he actually gave a shit

  • cheetahEAR
    cheetahEAR Month ago

    Be nice to hear your thoughts on "The Little Hours".

  • Shonen Batto
    Shonen Batto 2 months ago

    I honestly never thought my biggest complaint about a movie would be that it didn't have any stoner comedy in it.

  • Jack Gude
    Jack Gude 2 months ago

    Can't wait for the Plinkett super-cut movie

  • Spectre Kelevra
    Spectre Kelevra 2 months ago

    Jay looked like an amish person in this video.

  • Howie Benatovitch
    Howie Benatovitch 3 months ago +2


  • MadAdam
    MadAdam 3 months ago

    love the vid ..
    hate that green bar on the right. thx god is gone down by the road .

  • Fifty shades of Graih
    Fifty shades of Graih 3 months ago

    First time i watched your highness was after a blunt, so it's the only way i can actually watch it now.

  • Kevin McKinnon
    Kevin McKinnon 3 months ago

    GOD DAMN IT! I just lost my fucking artwork I worked on WITH Photoshop for three grueling months!!! Red Letter Media, TAKE ME AWAY!!!

  • Tristan Hagen
    Tristan Hagen 3 months ago

    Is there Tropico 5 music playing in the background for this HitB?

  • Jamal Gleeson
    Jamal Gleeson 3 months ago

    Did they watch the movie? It spend oodles of movie time establishing these characters so that when fun weird stuff happens it is character driven humor, like the humor they keep describing they like.

    • Shonen Batto
      Shonen Batto 2 months ago

      I have no idea, but your usage of the word "oodles" made me giggle for a good 10 - 15 seconds. Thanks, dude.

  • Jamal Gleeson
    Jamal Gleeson 3 months ago

    Did these two not notice the entire Your Heinous movie was a satire or spoof on the serious fantasy movies? The characters try to speak in the fantasy vernacular but then at points, the characters have no pithy or witty thing to say so “fuck” or “shit” comes out, sort of real life.

  • Jaunty
    Jaunty 4 months ago

    So, whose ass was it?

  • dogcow666
    dogcow666 4 months ago

    Joe bob Briggs commentary is worth the price of samurai cop dvd

  • Alexander Rebelle
    Alexander Rebelle 5 months ago

    I will bring you his head, and I will place it on your piano.

  • Abderian
    Abderian 6 months ago

    Jay shaved between the intro and the discussion.

  • DjMu3L
    DjMu3L 7 months ago +2

    I feel like this video is badly edited on purpose because Samurai Cop

  • James k
    James k 7 months ago +1

    i think your highness was a parody of Game of Thrones in many ways, even has a Lannister as the King. James Franco makes fun of this movie in the film This is the End

  • Matthew Taylor
    Matthew Taylor 8 months ago

    Strangely erotic

  • Cupid Kid
    Cupid Kid 8 months ago

    lol 480 is max setting on this video , what is this 2001 ??

  • Zachary S. Marsh
    Zachary S. Marsh 8 months ago +27

    "ay and Mike take on David Gordon Green's "Your Highness" as well as the should-be cult classic "Samurai Cop.""

    • MiN DiM
      MiN DiM 26 days ago

      +Jack Richardson Do you mean Ay Auman?

    • Jack Richardson
      Jack Richardson Month ago

      Whatever happened to ay?

  • drumspaz80
    drumspaz80 8 months ago

    It’s kind of weird watching these older videos because they look all blurry and low quality. It makes me feel like they are more like twenty years old instead of about 7

  • PC Master Race
    PC Master Race 9 months ago +2

    Is James Franco "good actor"? That guy is a "genius" right? Isn't he supposed to be "talented"? I'm "seriously" asking.

    • Badenhawk
      Badenhawk 8 months ago +1

      I still haven’t seen disaster artist. Seemed like a different role for him?

    • PC Master Race
      PC Master Race 8 months ago

      Badenhawk, I felt that way about The Interview (the party scene), and he was probably playing himself in Pineapple Express too. He doesn't really have any acting range, in my opinion.

    • Badenhawk
      Badenhawk 8 months ago

      PC Master Race I liked “why him?” Because it felt like a documentary of how James Franco probably lives lol.

  • TheFlickinCritic
    TheFlickinCritic 9 months ago

    "I want you to be gay with me and father"

  • Mark Molloy
    Mark Molloy 9 months ago

    that black gift

  • PhiloBedo
    PhiloBedo 10 months ago

    02:31 What's wrong with his FAAAAAAAAAAAAACE?!?!

  • taistelutomaatti
    taistelutomaatti 10 months ago

    Mike used to say "Like" a lot.

  • Bishop Jones
    Bishop Jones 10 months ago

    Who is ay?

  • Maciej Bogdan Stepien
    Maciej Bogdan Stepien 10 months ago

    Oh, cme on. Your Highness was a solid piece of entertainment. Really

  • J Potter
    J Potter 10 months ago +1

    I had completely forgotten about these crap movies. Until now. Thanks, TheXvid.

  • Steven Simmons
    Steven Simmons 11 months ago

    I saw "Your Highness" in theaters when it came out and I honestly can't remember one thing about it other than a dude wears a dick around his neck. I would love a full episode from RLM about "Samurai Cop".

  • Dragon lair
    Dragon lair 11 months ago

    we showed this to our friend Rich Evans

  • Psychedelic Lizard
    Psychedelic Lizard 11 months ago


  • KyleKatarn
    KyleKatarn 11 months ago

    Was this shot using a potato?

  • TheFirstGuy
    TheFirstGuy Year ago

    Your Highness feels a lot like a silly D&D campaign. Its pretty ok for that.

  • Skelz0r
    Skelz0r Year ago +1

    This quest sucks.

  • Lawrence Scales
    Lawrence Scales Year ago +2

    But what about Monty python and the holy grail

  • Juboi
    Juboi Year ago +2

    10:11 enter the worst part of BoTW

  • PC Master Race
    PC Master Race Year ago +5

    "ay and Mike" just the level of ineptitude I'd expect from a couple of hack frauds like you two.

  • Dresdentrumpet
    Dresdentrumpet Year ago

    Why don't you guys review "Dogville?"

  • Red Cloud
    Red Cloud Year ago

    come to think of it, that "pest control - pest extermination" thing makes a lot of sense.
    they're pest exterminators who preform pest control, much in the same way "mental health" practitioners preform "behavioral management" treatment, as apposed to anything corrective. man, misnomers are everywhere.

  • Hllspwn
    Hllspwn Year ago +1

    Tropico 3 soundtrack

  • Bulwark1911
    Bulwark1911 Year ago +2

    *Rich Evans is legendary.*

  • Strangefreak
    Strangefreak Year ago +1

    I do not remember "Your Highness" even coming out in 2015.

  • WAMatt
    WAMatt Year ago +1

    Was this episode filmed on a Motorola Razr?

  • Gambit08
    Gambit08 Year ago +87

    Plinkett: "Jesus can look like anybody because he lives in your heart..."
    Me: "Wow. That's actually really profound and beautiful..."
    Plinkett: "And my Jesus looks like a sexy little black girl" *Licks lips slowly
    Me: God damn it

    • RobRIPDG
      RobRIPDG 3 months ago +4

      I still found it profoundly beautiful...

  • Ale Calderón Leal

    I hope they do a Best of the Worst of Samurai Cop

  • Alexander Linn
    Alexander Linn Year ago +79

    my favorite part of Samurai cop was the tums festival.

  • Adam Schnellenbach

    VCR Life

  • Wheatless
    Wheatless Year ago

    Fuck that screamer

  • Methos
    Methos Year ago +9

    Your Highness; Movie version of a D&D campaign with friends.

  • SweatyItalianKing
    SweatyItalianKing Year ago +1

    princess bride - great fantasy comedy

  • Lani Alvarado
    Lani Alvarado Year ago

    U wanna fuck?
    "Read at 2:35 PM"

  • littleteethkeith
    littleteethkeith Year ago

    Your Highness is one of two movies I got up and left before it was over. It sucked.

    • Atomix
      Atomix Year ago

      littleteethkeith Which was the second one?

  • PMcCul2477
    PMcCul2477 Year ago

    I loooove what I see

  • Skelz0r
    Skelz0r Year ago

    This quest sucks

  • Lone Knight
    Lone Knight Year ago

    damn... he was very skinny back then.

  • Benjamin Mooney
    Benjamin Mooney Year ago +11

    "ay and mike"

  • Kaleb Webb
    Kaleb Webb Year ago +52

    Didn't think I'd ever hear Mike say the words "James Franco" immediately after "There are some good actors in it."

  • Christian Changer
    Christian Changer Year ago +6

    If you want a funny entertaining fantasy movie just watch "Stardust".

    • ruse mode
      ruse mode 7 months ago

      Was it funny? Did it make you laugh?

    II DIRECTx II Year ago

    Samurai Cop is the perfect bad movie. It's truly a work of shear genius, absolutely amazing.

  • Psyq Watts
    Psyq Watts Year ago +42

    What's with the green line?

  • GrimoireOfKenji
    GrimoireOfKenji Year ago


  • Hector Jiminez
    Hector Jiminez Year ago +3

    I knew this video was dated when Mike foolishly stated Boardwalk Empire, Dexter, and Mad Men as well written shows.....Now that was funee:P

  • Konkoly
    Konkoly Year ago

    Samurai cop reminds me a bit of the American Ninja series.

  • brnt7342
    brnt7342 Year ago

    Rich Evans is a sex pervert.

    • Mister B.
      Mister B. Year ago +1

      brnt7342 Rich Evans is a sexpert.

  • killerskillet
    killerskillet Year ago +1

    6:28 - "And then they show that shot to get your attention"
    Literally the still image on the IMDB page, LOL - www.imdb.com/title/tt1240982/?ref_=nv_sr_1

  • JohnBoy
    JohnBoy Year ago

    Jay needs his moustache.

  • Mike
    Mike Year ago +6

    Ah, 2011. A simpler time.

  • Stargazer 117
    Stargazer 117 Year ago

    Holy hell this video is six yearly old

    LAVATORR Year ago

    Did...Mike and Jay just cite Dexter as a well-written show? What year was this?

    • E43
      E43 Year ago

      LAVATORR 2011

  • Joshua Wilson
    Joshua Wilson Year ago

    Perfect intro to follow the "Stop it now" website. Absolutely love when stuff lines up like that.

  • Poirot's Mustache

    I was also circumcised... my doctor wasn't so good...

  • Billy Studholme
    Billy Studholme Year ago +6

    That opening had me dying

  • Caffeinated King
    Caffeinated King Year ago

    Your Highness feels like wasted potential, it could have gone in the direction of something like "A Knight's Tale" with that cast and setting and could have been a genuinely interesting and fun medieval/fantasy movie with some cheeky moments and characters.

  • MrRichardsREM
    MrRichardsREM Year ago

    why is the resolution and sound so bad???????

  • Happy boy
    Happy boy Year ago +53

    Who's "Ay" is he replacing Jay?

  • Checkable Reality

    I was just watching chad Vader a couple hours ago!

  • anna elvira postma
    anna elvira postma 2 years ago +1

    So you are saying, that isn't Nathalie portmans ass?

  • Andrew Abrams
    Andrew Abrams 2 years ago

    at the beginning of the video actually sacred me lol

  • Siegfried Kircheis
    Siegfried Kircheis 2 years ago +115

    Wait, that wasn't Natalie Portman's ass? I wasted like three hours on that.

    • matt hagerty
      matt hagerty Year ago +45

      Normally I don't like sand. It's course, rough, and irritating. But in her case I'd make an exception

    • Adam Sullivan
      Adam Sullivan Year ago +8

      matt hagerty I believe she was pregnant when filming that movie.

    • Garrett McGinnis
      Garrett McGinnis Year ago +15

      That's in Por-Tasste :)

    • matt hagerty
      matt hagerty 2 years ago +25

      She got a nice one too. Why was there a double in Highness, did she feel the film wasn't worthy of Portass

  • twatfaceno1
    twatfaceno1 2 years ago

    Rich will say anything! The Jesus bit killed me.

  • derekmcgoldrick
    derekmcgoldrick 2 years ago

    0:57 Its Hans Klopec from The Burbs :D

  • Nigel West Dickens
    Nigel West Dickens 2 years ago +5

    8:30 - 9:10 Mike realizes what most movies are going to be from now on

  • Zagardal
    Zagardal 2 years ago +165

    Dexter as an example of a well written show? man, those were the days

    • Transparency
      Transparency 2 months ago


    • Place Holder
      Place Holder 9 months ago +4

      Heitor Foca season 6 was at least 5% worse than season 4 (the trinity killer season)

    • HeitorX
      HeitorX 10 months ago +7

      Zagardal Season 6 was so bad i was wondering if it was the same show or not

  • ICUSeriously
    ICUSeriously 2 years ago +18

    This surprises me a lot. My sister and I watched Your Highness and we laughed a lot. I don't consider us stupid people, like, we wouldn't take any joy in something like those "Scary Movie" parody films.
    Not everything in you highness is funny but I remember enjoying it and would watch it again.
    I guess it helps I used to really like high fantasy stuff and also dumb shit.

    • i'm taking you to flavor town
      i'm taking you to flavor town 2 months ago

      ICUSeriously scary movie 3 is a great movie

    • Place Holder
      Place Holder 9 months ago

      ICUSeriously your highness was a good movie. At the end of the day it’s a comedy though so some people just aren’t going to get the jokes.

    • VFXNinja
      VFXNinja 10 months ago +1

      Bomullsträd basically this, if you don't know it's a satire going in you'll get caught off guard and it's pretty funny

  • HitchensImmortal
    HitchensImmortal 2 years ago +8

    I think Jay is the only person who's actually gotten thinner doing an internet show. At least within people who aren't documenting their cancer death.

    • jbkhjlkb
      jbkhjlkb 7 months ago +1

      the chemicals gave them cancer pay attention gawd

  • The Tragicomical
    The Tragicomical 2 years ago +1

    "Man that guy's just pantsless"
    why, why yes he is
    and soon i shall be as well
    ohhh myyyy
    also you're not auto gay if you're fabulous, that waiter is just fabulous; i would know, i'm gay :^)

  • Baklava
    Baklava 2 years ago

    Ayy and Lmao

  • Laser DuChamp
    Laser DuChamp 2 years ago

    review the Bill Hicks film 'Ninja Batchelor Party' please.... classic good/bad movie

  • Lord DIO
    Lord DIO 2 years ago +5

    I watched your highness drunk and it still wasn't funny

  • Mark Andrew Griggs
    Mark Andrew Griggs 2 years ago +2

    I'm offended as a stoner, that movie was shit no matter how much "pot" you smoke.

  • inutonmoms
    inutonmoms 2 years ago +32

    That praise for dexter must have been before the final season because it was HORRIBLE...probably the most dissapointing final season of a beloved show behind weeds

    • Tommy Derp
      Tommy Derp Month ago

      get it because his sister wants to jump his bones

    • Tommy Derp
      Tommy Derp Month ago

      Season 6 is Handmaid's Tale. Season 7 is Game of Thrones.

    • Blind Swordsman
      Blind Swordsman Year ago +6

      Season 3's impact on you probably strongly depends on your own ability to make friends, that's what i mean. Season 1 is family. 2 is a lover. 3 is friends. 4 is a mentor. Your own personal history of experience likely affects how much you connect to each.

  • tonyspacecowboy
    tonyspacecowboy 2 years ago +6


  • Third Track Off J Dilla's Donuts B-Side.


  • Aaron Scott
    Aaron Scott 2 years ago +2

    Dang it, only missed the Samurai Cop screening by three months!

  • Pire Aí
    Pire Aí 2 years ago +2

    i lol in the dogville joke