Nvidia Said We Couldn't Game On This Cyrpto Mining Card...

  • Published on Jan 14, 2019
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    It’s a shame that so many of those dedicated mining GPUs are useless now, isn’t it? But even with no outputs, Chinese hackers made it so they can still game! Or have they…
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  • JMUDoc
    JMUDoc 13 minutes ago


  • C21 Echo
    C21 Echo 19 minutes ago +1


  • ProJaCore
    ProJaCore 6 hours ago +1

    It is not necessary to delete the drivers. Just install them and select the card > options > select driver.

  • -Kevin-S
    -Kevin-S 7 hours ago +1

    IM watching this on my laptop which has a 1060 in it

  • MadScientist512
    MadScientist512 12 hours ago +1

    Ironically crypto-mining's now creating profit for capitalism's e-waste-based profit (hence nVidia's lockout), are there any AMD cards this could be tried with?

  • MadScientist512
    MadScientist512 12 hours ago +1

    Using it in SLI would solve the output issue and make for a cheap upgrade; I'd like to see whether that's easier than doing it this way or even possible at all, especially considering SLI's decline in popularity and support.

  • Josué Calle
    Josué Calle 15 hours ago

    12:30 Delicious :v

  • Patrick Tsang
    Patrick Tsang 17 hours ago


  • late dev
    late dev 21 hour ago

    *crypto title

  • David Sobelman
    David Sobelman Day ago

    The site for the mining card lists it as only
    2 GB of memory.. VS. legit or "real" cards at 6 GB. is this a problem?

  • Nick Harris
    Nick Harris Day ago

    half the time i have no idea what he’s talking about. But I still like watching this channel

  • Creations Maxo
    Creations Maxo Day ago

    I imagined the joke...
    Nvidia: "These cards can only be used to mine crypto-currencies... and your PC's data by a Chinese sub-market company."

  • Big Dumpling
    Big Dumpling Day ago

    “Cyrpto” is the title supposed to be spelled like that?

  • deminybs
    deminybs Day ago

    Linus said to do this

  • Wolarski
    Wolarski Day ago

    I don't know if they still do it like this, but back in the days Intel produced a CPU and sold it as 3 by limiting 2 of them

  • The Real KCMill
    The Real KCMill Day ago

    Anthony's PC teaching...new show...time to show the verge how to really build a pc😂

  • Deral Kotek
    Deral Kotek Day ago


  • shagadelic3000
    shagadelic3000 2 days ago

    We need waaay more competition in the GPU market. It's kinda obvious that AMD and Nvidia are agreeing on overpricing their products.

  • Absurdoburgo
    Absurdoburgo 2 days ago

    you spelled crypto wrong

  • Russell Irving
    Russell Irving 2 days ago

    Why couldn't these enjoy a second life as a dedicated physix card? No graphics, but offload all that physix work.

  • Luis Lozano
    Luis Lozano 2 days ago

    I need an Anthony in my life :v

  • Mask
    Mask 2 days ago


  • Zombies Personal Chanal

    Would it be posible to do this for crossfire

  • Sergyu Andrei
    Sergyu Andrei 4 days ago

    I think that gpu from the start of the video is a rx 580 cuz i have a gpu which looks like that one .

  • Midknight0122
    Midknight0122 4 days ago

    If they are totally redundant as mining cards now, could one use them for rendering or other non output uses?

  • ben cohen
    ben cohen 4 days ago

    so ther is more? did they put an HDMI on it?

  • MWB Gaming
    MWB Gaming 4 days ago +13

    instead or releasing a mining card that you cant game on
    why didnt they release a gaming card that you cant mine on?

    • MWB Gaming
      MWB Gaming 3 days ago

      @oh yeehaw yeehaw That can be fixed in the BIOS of the GPU, lockdown the BIOS and force the card performance to be throttled to 1% performance if it detects mining software running or high GPU usage without any games running, it's not foolproof but it should curb the "impulse buyers"
      It won't stop the most persistent miners from installing a custom BIOS to bypass it if they REALLY want to, but they could pay full market price for an "unlocked" GPU instead of a "gaming only" GPU
      Not only will it keep prices manageable for gamers, but it would ensure that even the ex-mining cards can still be used by anyone
      Gamers can still buy GPUs
      Nvidia and AMD can still cash in on miners
      Everybody wins

    • oh yeehaw yeehaw
      oh yeehaw yeehaw 3 days ago

      Because you can mine with any gpu

  • EpicMickey
    EpicMickey 5 days ago


    "seat of our pants"

    do you mean "edge of our seat"?

  • Lil arctic
    Lil arctic 5 days ago

    It just intel graphic yall r dumb

  • Silent Tortoise
    Silent Tortoise 5 days ago +1

    Seems too risky and time wasting

  • delukard07
    delukard07 5 days ago

    guys a question.
    i have an i7 second gen on an intel motherboard.
    is this still cheap compared to a "real" 1060 6gb?
    im gaming on a hd 7850 ! ha ha ha.
    thanks for the reply

    • Andreas Kevin
      Andreas Kevin 5 days ago

      delukard07 it’s almost a third of the original price

  • Jacob Powers
    Jacob Powers 6 days ago


  • Dec1lent
    Dec1lent 6 days ago

    Cyrpto crypto

  • Gamma Rust
    Gamma Rust 7 days ago


  • shubham bhalekar
    shubham bhalekar 7 days ago +3

    Could have used same kind of drivers (with no direct o/p) with original 1060 too just to compare.

  • powerlinkers
    powerlinkers 7 days ago

    Anthony is Yoda

  • SludgeDredd
    SludgeDredd 7 days ago

    the music in this video is straight up slapping....what a banger!

  • damian kotarski
    damian kotarski 7 days ago

    Give us more Anthonyyy!!!!

    A_SQUARE 7 days ago


  • Kam Mil
    Kam Mil 8 days ago +6

    there is a typo in the title... "Cyrpto" how did anyone notice?

  • David Lockwood
    David Lockwood 8 days ago

    Just a question: If I have two gpus in one rig. One Nvidia and One AMD. Both work great assuming I am gaming on the monitor that the needed GPU is plugged into. Is there a way to get my second gpu to process the game but still output to the first gpu's output. Basically if I need a game to process on the Nvidia card can I get the game to still output to the AMD monitor? Kindof confusing but thought I would throw it out there.

  • Sendhil Kumar
    Sendhil Kumar 8 days ago

    Can it be overclocked through msi afterburn

  • Best
    Best 9 days ago

    Linus do this with NVIDIA TESLA V100 @linustechtips

  • Piu :-D
    Piu :-D 9 days ago

    Anyone spotted the typo on the title? 😊

  • Pablo the thot slayer

    my graphics card failed while watching this... hella ironic

  • CarsOne
    CarsOne 9 days ago

    Is the mouse in the begin a g203 or gpro

  • Taylor Black
    Taylor Black 9 days ago

    Am I the only one that noticed the spelling error in the title?

  • unidoubt
    unidoubt 9 days ago

    5:08 Holy shit... I didn't know you could route that!

  • Satan Lover13
    Satan Lover13 9 days ago

    hey do a dx12 test with a 1070ti or 1060 to complement

  • 3D
    3D 10 days ago

    Anthony rules!

  • Mitchel
    Mitchel 10 days ago

    Trying to be like apple ey Nvidia? lol

  • Adkatka
    Adkatka 10 days ago

    U can solder it on gpu

  • James McGovern
    James McGovern 10 days ago

    What about vr?

  • JemiLee DaBear
    JemiLee DaBear 10 days ago

    It is not pronounced THAO BAO
    it don't have the H sound and the B should be P

  • Elestro Air-soft
    Elestro Air-soft 10 days ago

    Wow, what is that cool build platform? I want one

    • Lämp Plz
      Lämp Plz 9 days ago

      It's an open-air test bench

  • memememe
    memememe 10 days ago +1

    *C Y R P T O*

  • Electro Fr3ak
    Electro Fr3ak 10 days ago +3

    I got a rog gtx 1060 strix 6gb
    Nvidia released rtx cards
    Me : This is madness

  • James Wallace
    James Wallace 10 days ago

    Nvidia could profit instead buying and resell refurbished

  • Halo Fan
    Halo Fan 11 days ago


  • TheAder1002
    TheAder1002 11 days ago

    i'm thinking how it could be used in console killers or other mItx builds.

  • George Bonta
    George Bonta 11 days ago

    Can you SLI that with a normal card?

  • Dino Dare
    Dino Dare 12 days ago +10

    "We had to contact them directly... And to ship it they had to deliver it as a mouse."
    That's shady asf.

  • A Videos
    A Videos 12 days ago

    Amateur cameraman...

  • Gregory Grieves
    Gregory Grieves 12 days ago +3

    Is it worth buying one of these for 60 bucks?

  • Jonas Grill
    Jonas Grill 12 days ago +1

    Nvidia: This card will not work for gaming.
    Linus: hold my beer

  • KroookodilGena
    KroookodilGena 12 days ago

    @Linus can you do the same with a older Tesla? It could be nice for videoeddeting! Or 3D CAD.

  • attention_amv
    attention_amv 12 days ago +1

    Long story short,Antony knows his shit

  • n z
    n z 13 days ago +1

    cyrpto? ok

  • SamB33
    SamB33 13 days ago

    review this

  • Noah Brooks
    Noah Brooks 13 days ago

    I think everyone LOVES Anthony!

  • Joel
    Joel 13 days ago +1

    Are you looking at the girl or the fps? 12:44

  • Retro Adickt
    Retro Adickt 14 days ago +1

    when now 1070 are 250$ cad loll

  • Matt
    Matt 14 days ago +1

    Title: Cyrpto not Crypto

  • Arnaud Meert
    Arnaud Meert 14 days ago

    Something tells me Anthony has done some mining.. it must be the way he skilfully disabled Windows update.

  • Zay
    Zay 15 days ago +1

    Man I got scared for a second because that shell is the same as the rx 590 and I thought my rx 590 was a crypto currency mining card

  • nathyn81
    nathyn81 15 days ago

    Downloading the nvidia driver package and modding the driver inf file to include the p106 gpu will also work

  • L C
    L C 17 days ago

    Is there anything special about the Taobao card or could this work with any p106

  • Kênh thích Master Yi

    Who has succeeded like them yet?

  • Honk Honk
    Honk Honk 17 days ago

    You can tell anthony uses linux. He is the very definition of a linux user. We need him more

  • Ahmed Faruk ASLANTAS
    Ahmed Faruk ASLANTAS 17 days ago

    You could use it for machine learning tho

  • Shane Mio
    Shane Mio 18 days ago +29

    Linus: *Roots around in a trash can for 30 seconds, emerging with a half eaten cold cut combo*
    Linus: *Plugs it into a PC*
    PC: *Has an aneurysm*
    Linus: *Disables every possible safety regulation possible that protects the PC and keeps it functioning*
    Shadow of the Tomb Raider: *Runs at 4k 120fps using the cold cut as a GPU*
    Linus: "Don't do this at home"

  • Ben Eslick
    Ben Eslick 18 days ago

    anyone else notice the graphics card was orange like linus's jacket

  • Sergio Gomez
    Sergio Gomez 18 days ago


  • Shaun Robb
    Shaun Robb 19 days ago

    can i sli this with a normal 1060

  • trunks10k
    trunks10k 19 days ago

    did anyone notice the table they are working on looks like a door? has a door lock slit.

  • krigar_b
    krigar_b 19 days ago


  • Deadlocked
    Deadlocked 20 days ago

    NVIDIA be like:
    Wait. That’s illegal.
    What about soldering a video output to it?

  • JayCS
    JayCS 20 days ago

    Title still misspelled?

    FINNY ZMEO 20 days ago +1

    Oh except I turned off motion blur cos it's stupid..... Lmao

  • יובל הרמן
    יובל הרמן 21 day ago

    You actually took a risk yourself with that driver, if there would be a malware it could install other software and in bad scenarios since that PC was connected to your local network it could infect your other computers, although I admit it's unlikely but I still would disconnect the cable after installation just in case

    • HyperNinja ZX
      HyperNinja ZX 20 days ago

      Yeah I bet they blocked it off from everything, they are professional TheXvidrs who have a tech show, I'm sure they know what they are doing.

  • SkilledWorm
    SkilledWorm 21 day ago

    can you please try to run a ~15000€ nvidia tesla graphics card because it also has no port to put a video cable in. the difference is that they probably have more performance or maybe not

  • limitlessaeon
    limitlessaeon 21 day ago

    His desk is a door.

  • Paul Goodwill
    Paul Goodwill 21 day ago +1

    Loved the video. Not something i'm likely to use, but it gives me a warm feeling in my otherwise cold gamers heart to know that i would if i really wanted/had to. Not something i say a lot, hardly ever really, but respect Nvidia for not hard locking it.
    Edit. Now that i think about it its probably just good marketing. This is never going to relevant enough to dig in to their margins, yet hard shutting this down might get them some PR backlash witch is simply not worth it.

  • HGamerYT悲
    HGamerYT悲 22 days ago

    from 450 to ¥730.00

  • Ren
    Ren 22 days ago

    So you may actually be able to flash a bios to the card from a card that's identical too it but not mining? I know some AMD cards you can do it, then again I don't know how flashing a bios on Nvidia cards work.

  • Madfrazzer
    Madfrazzer 22 days ago

    You misspelled crypto

  • James Field
    James Field 23 days ago

    Anthony Tech Tips

  • Nick Figueroa
    Nick Figueroa 23 days ago

    Okay okay okay haha

  • razer blank
    razer blank 24 days ago

    Question can you redirect it ona video card?

  • lex
    lex 24 days ago +1

    We need a tribute vid for Anthony he’s awsome