It’s Time to Cancel the Electoral College | Full Frontal on TBS

  • Published on Sep 12, 2019
  • No one has any fond memories from the electoral college, so isn’t it time to graduate and move on?
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  • joseph price
    joseph price Day ago

    Bias as shirt corporate news program

  • Tucker Bowen
    Tucker Bowen 4 days ago

    for the most part this is a fair and reasonable argument, but on the flipside, just consider: if it turned out that laws saying you can't just go around shooting people randomly had just been made so that you wouldn't accidentally shoot somebody else's slaves, would you advocate abolishing _them?_

  • tornado b
    tornado b 5 days ago

    Real democracy is one person one vote. Period. Electoral college needs to go.

  • Jenny Shull
    Jenny Shull 5 days ago

    Isn’t popular vote how popular teens are elected for student government in teen movies and tv shows?

  • Alan Thompson
    Alan Thompson 10 days ago


  • MatthewClarkson
    MatthewClarkson 10 days ago

    This is ridiculous. America was not designed to be a democracy, it was designed to be a Constitutional Republic as to not give the leader absolute power, so they could prevent a dictatorship. To suggest that we need to abolish the Electoral College (which is what you’re doing, probably because you just disagree with the person who was democratically elected by the people. And you probably wouldn’t be making this argument if Hillary became president) is to assume you know better than the founding fathers did. Which you don’t. And you keep falling back on and keep repeating the popular vote because that’s the only thing you can rely on that makes you feel like safe and secure because you think Hillary should be president.

  • redrock1963
    redrock1963 13 days ago

    The Electoral College system AND the 2nd amendment are both outdated relics of the past - Both were put in place by a fledgling country trying to find a right fit based on their CURRENT requirements of the day - Those requirements are no longer present in this day and age and so these mechanisms put in place to meet those requirements are are no longer needed.

  • olivier Bourrée
    olivier Bourrée 15 days ago

    Thank you Samantha, for making us ( rest of the world ) understand how Trump got elected while blosing in numbers.
    America seems to not have understood the "concept" of a democracy.

    • olivier Bourrée
      olivier Bourrée 12 days ago

      @Chad Justice
      Democracy comes from the Greek Demos (the people) and kratia (governing). Democracy is therefore a political system where power is held by the people. In a representative democracy, the people elect representatives who govern on their behalf.
      Republic comes from Res publica, which means "the public good or the public thing". The affairs of the city, the organization of life in society, must be the responsibility of every citizen. It's everyone's business.
      These two definitions are not excluded except in cases of dictatorships like the People's Republic of China, and other countries with authoritarian regimes.

    • Chad Justice
      Chad Justice 12 days ago

      We are not a democracy we are a republic. She didn't give you the numbers correct at all and you thanked Samantha bee for anything which hilarious. She is nothing more than a leftist puppet who doesn't understand how it all works

  • Allen Tompkins
    Allen Tompkins 18 days ago

    The Founders, for varying reasons, distrusted popular democracy. Southerners were wary of a challenge to slavery; others feared the emergence of a national demagogue. The Electoral College, Alexander Hamilton wrote in Federalist Paper No. 68, would block the rise of a leader with “talents for low intrigue, and the little arts of popularity.” An extra layer of electoral deliberation, he thought, would also insulate the American system from a hostile hack from abroad-“the desire in foreign powers to gain an improper ascendant in our councils.”
    Andrew Jackson was the first to suffer this constitutionally enabled result of losing-while-winning, when he conceded the 1824 race to John Quincy Adams. Jackson, whose portrait now hangs in the Oval Office, charged that he had been undone by a rigged ballot. In 1888, Grover Cleveland lost in much the same manner to Benjamin Harrison, but then avenged his humbling four years later. Samuel Tilden fell to Rutherford B. Hayes, in 1876; and yet, after the baroque, months-long struggle inside the Electoral College, Tilden seemed almost relieved. Now, he said, “I can retire to private life with the consciousness that I shall receive from posterity the credit of having been elected to the highest position in the gift of the people, without any of the cares and responsibilities of the office.

  • Rob
    Rob 18 days ago

    I want power taken away from the white establishment and I’m proud of it.

  • Matt Pressman Pressman

    Anybody notice how the electoral college was fine for 240 years until Hillary lost?

    • Matt Pressman Pressman
      Matt Pressman Pressman 20 days ago

      @Godless Toyota The uproar for the electoral college being abolished wasn't even half as bad back then. Most of these casuals don't even know the difference between the popular vote and electoral college when their candidate loses.

    • Godless Toyota
      Godless Toyota 20 days ago

      No take a look at what happened in 2000 genius

  • SehaChan
    SehaChan 26 days ago

    The argument for the EC that republicans keep making is so incredibly dumb, I'm appalled it's still there.

  • AtariM216
    AtariM216 Month ago

    Without the electoral college we would have had Hillary who totally destroyed Libya. She would be making a lot more of a mess internationally that Trump. I think you need to understand how corrupt the democratic party has become,. Its not what it should be. Dem party doesn't care about anyone (not saying the republican party does either, I'm just saying, dems are dead. The DNC is trying to shut up the two candidates who can actually save the country Sanders/Gabbard2020)

  • Benjamin Brown
    Benjamin Brown Month ago

    We are a Republic not a Democracy....a democracy is mob rule. If we had a democracy we would be ruled by the coast. I do not live in New York or San Francisco nor would I ever want to live in these cities. I would not want these people passing laws against my constitutional rights to suit their whims. Our power lies in our constitutional rights the issue is that the left is trying to erode those rights by making the people capitulate that we have to use pronouns (1st amendment). They want us to lay down our guns (2nd amendment). They want to do away with religion and control our news (1st amendment). I live in Alabama. I have lived in Ohio, West Virginia, North Carolina and California. I do not know where you call home but I ask you; do want the state of Alabama to make all federal laws? Yea neither would I just as I would not like New York and California to control the rest of the country.
    The electoral college works. No one in the electoral cast their vote differently than their district in 2016. Hillary thought that she could tapper off her campaign in key states and assumed that she would carry them but she didn't. Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and Florida; 93 electoral votes that buried Hillary.
    The issue that I am seeing is that the left does not want a person of religion to push their morals down their throat but at the same time they (the left) want us to swallow theirs and I for one will not capitulate. I am free to raise my children and hold my beliefs as I see fit. My view of the world is how I-i-i see it and I have my own truths and I do not demand any one to see it through my lens. So take your spy glass out of my face....mind your own business and we'll get along fine but the moment that you try to demand of me through law that I have to kneel down to your truth you will understand why the left fears the 2nd amendment.
    Thank you for hearing me out.
    PS: Read what they are trying push through as law right now. "The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact"? 100% of the states that are backing this so far are Democrat held states.

  • HashTag Mastermind
    HashTag Mastermind Month ago

    Let's just quit calling it a "college" for starters.
    04:38 Finally, a sexy candidate who can man-handle me.

  • Shaun Firth
    Shaun Firth Month ago

    Alexander Hamilton was concerned that “somebody unqualified, but with a talent for "low intrigue, and the little arts of popularity” could win an election. The irony is, this was the reason he supported the electoral college. How ironic is that?!

  • Progressive Frog
    Progressive Frog Month ago

    In this relatively new century, we have had 2 presidents, whose time in office will total 12 out of 20 years (unless trump is impeached & convicted-ha!) who were elected without even a plurality of the votes, much less a majority. This should be an outrage to all Americans, regardless of party affiliation, since the Electoral College could just as easily turn the other way. But right now, it favors the reactionaries who control the Senate, so they won't even consider voting it out.

    • Benjamin Brown
      Benjamin Brown Month ago

      @Progressive Frog By the way it's not global's "climate change" you are but a long list of fools that have enabled our government to tax us more. Soooooo I have 1 question while we the U.S. is taxing it's people for your green new deal how do you plan on getting the rest of the world to follow those exact same guide line. You listen to a hypocrite stepping off a jet plane that then tries to "educate" me on how this can be fixed. Let me guess Greta Thurnberg is your hero

    • Benjamin Brown
      Benjamin Brown Month ago

      @Progressive Frog I listen and watch multiple news outlets but it seems like you have not. True progressives are now considered middle right so are you a true progressive. I used to consider my self a liberal at one time but I found it hard to agree with an idea and or a party who says that because I have these views that are conservative I am no longer welcome.

    • Progressive Frog
      Progressive Frog Month ago

      "Jackboots in the streets"?? "Bullying old ladies"? "Go against science"? Sounds like right wing dictatorships and global warming deniers to me. And these are not progressives. You've got to start listening/watching something other than Breitbart, Fox and trump. Enough said.

    • Benjamin Brown
      Benjamin Brown Month ago

      @Progressive Frog compromise? I do not see any one on the left "compromising"?
      I turn on my TV and see jack boots in the street spitting on people and bullying old ladies. The majority? The majority live in crime ridden cities with no latitude for differing views. The majority have transformed our education systems in to left leaning think tanks teaching children in mass to go against science and or any semblance of morality. Where history and is being changed and civics is no longer "relevant". There have only been 5 US presidents elected with out the majority.
      I guess at the end of the day we have to ask ourselves do we want true freedom or do we want mob rule. Mob rule is great when it is agreeing with you but what happens when it doesn't?

    • Progressive Frog
      Progressive Frog Month ago

      Ahh, Benjamin, but what we have now is a minority pushing their beliefs and ideas on the majority of the country. And as for a real democracy being "mob rule," that's just a purposely inflammatory phrase which has nothing to do with a real democracy in a country as diverse as ours-it's all about compromise. If you look at our history or that of any democracy, you'll see that when the pendulum even begins to swing too far in one direction, it's counterbalanced. But it absolutely is NOT fair or reasonable for a minority to force its wishes on the majority. Such governments either fall apart or end up as the logical result-a dictatorship, with force as the only way to keep the majority under control. And the minority DOES have significant representation-in the Senate. That's the idea of that body. But, I'm not going to try to teach you a lesson in civics-nor even what the compromises that led to the Electoral College were about. We obviously strongly disagree on this matter, and I do understand your viewpoint.

  • chuck sellers
    chuck sellers Month ago


  • macduggles
    macduggles Month ago

    Divide larger states, like California, into smaller states. Problem solved!
    ps. speaking of California, Hillary should run for the governorship, that’s where she won the popular vote, by over 4 million

    • Chad Justice
      Chad Justice 21 day ago

      Of mostly that were dead or iligeal

  • No One
    No One Month ago

    *Yassss abolish the electoral college!*

  • Bruce Wing
    Bruce Wing Month ago

    It time to cancel the democrat party! The GOD complex they have and the willingness to lie on demand! The incredible accusation that they have confidential informant that has no knowledge of here say but I think it! We need term limits to get this government to work for the American people,we need term limits! Term limits would fix the deep state also! I don't mean fire them. Just move to different branch!

  • Mordicus 420
    Mordicus 420 Month ago

    The last 2 Republican presidents won because of the Electoral College.
    They will never take a vote against it.
    Edit USA is no longer a democracy

    • Chad Justice
      Chad Justice Month ago

      @Mordicus 420 we have never been a true democracy lol this is a republic. Once again why does everyone want the fruit cakes of California telling them who to be president? Plus if you take the vote totals out for California trump wins the popular vote.

    • Mordicus 420
      Mordicus 420 Month ago

      @Chad Justice you don't leave in a true democracy then...sad

    • Chad Justice
      Chad Justice Month ago

      They won because they were voted in. Do you want California deciding the president everytime? Because I dont

  • Danielle king
    Danielle king Month ago

    yes america isnt a democracy

  • jebstewart666
    jebstewart666 Month ago

    “Numerous bodies … are less subject to venality and corruption”. [James Madison, 14-August-1789] while we are considering getting rid of the electoral college, let's consider increasing the size of representation in the house as originally intended. "435 Representatives Can Not Faithfully Represent 300 Million Americans..." take some time to study that idea here:

  • Chet Simmons
    Chet Simmons Month ago

    Another thing, the electoral college has always favored the conservstives, and as years went by and it became painfully obvious most Americans preferred liberal policies, hence the increase in support of it today by republicans.

  • cary k
    cary k Month ago

    voting by state is antiquated
    1 citizen 1 vote 1 tally= democracy

  • Lethgar Smith
    Lethgar Smith Month ago

    Conservatives seem to think that if the country is majority Liberal then that's not fair.
    They only like Democracy when they are in the majority. I dont believe that Liberals would be so willing to toss aside our belief in the democratic process just to hold on to power. We tend to believe in the power of ideas to win back a majority, not lies and deception and cheating the system.

  • chefpetey
    chefpetey Month ago

    Get real. Subtract the huge margins in NY and Cali and Trump hammered Clinton...everywhere. I am a Dem and voted Hillary. But look at the numbers. She got clobbered. Couldn't even get Latino vote in PA, OH, MI and WI...there is your difference.

  • Lesbian Amazon Sister

    Moose Race would be a hella awesome way to elect, and tbh, still somehow more fair than the electoral college.

  • Ace Diamonds
    Ace Diamonds Month ago

    if it wasnt for the electoral college republicans would never win the presidency.

  • Kaptain Kid
    Kaptain Kid Month ago

    END THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE . . . . The Electoral College makes the people of some states, and in essence, the state itself, irrelevant in the election. The EC may have made sense in the 1700s, but it is no longer relevant to the Republic.

  • Young God
    Young God Month ago

    kids wiping the pieces off the board after a loss - grow up

  • TJ Kyong l ZoomDS
    TJ Kyong l ZoomDS Month ago

    Her video wall needs to be color calibrated, its terrible! I"ll do it!

  • Y B
    Y B Month ago

    This foul little shrew wouldn't have a problem with the Electoral College system had Rotten Hillary won the election. LOL!

  • Tyke Handsome
    Tyke Handsome Month ago +1


  • KaibaCorp HQ
    KaibaCorp HQ Month ago

    How about we fix the rampant gerrymandering, that's the real problem where the politicians are able to choose their voters.

    • KaibaCorp HQ
      KaibaCorp HQ 3 days ago

      @starventure I mean, I don't necessarily disagree.

    • starventure
      starventure 3 days ago

      KaibaCorp HQ Electoral district borders should be the same as county borders. No exceptions.

  • Papershire
    Papershire Month ago

    Why should the votes of rural people count more than people in urban areas? Isn't that disenfranchising people?

  • Tony Tia
    Tony Tia Month ago

    It's funny how America goes around the world forcing "democracy" on other countries when it's own system isn't truly democratic. Plus only a two party system? That's only one more party than communist China lol

  • Scott Davis
    Scott Davis Month ago +2

    The Electoral College is corrupt and works for the 1%. They steal our elections.

  • Levity
    Levity Month ago +1

    America's founders, elitist pricks? They were ordinary farmers.

  • suzi perret
    suzi perret Month ago

    NO Electoral College NO!

  • The Home Plate Special

    I dont like Trump and am hoping he is impeached but I dont think the electoral college should be abolished.

  • The Home Plate Special

    No need to insult corn, lady

  • The Home Plate Special

    Castrating hogs... i vote for Joanie to be Prez

  • ettekamba6969
    ettekamba6969 Month ago

    Electoral college is racist and anti BLACKS.SIMPLE

  • doobiewah357
    doobiewah357 Month ago

    Has anyone tried the "Media’s Blame Trump for Everything" drinking game yet ? Every time someone on CNN or MSNBC say the words "racist", "white supremist", or "unnamed sources", everyone does a shot. You'll be hammered before the next commercial break ! lol

    • Bonnie Parker
      Bonnie Parker Month ago

      Don't tell me, you are white? Just an educated guess, lol.

  • Manish Mishra
    Manish Mishra Month ago +1

    They can surely edit out the inhalation sound!!!!

  • doobiewah357
    doobiewah357 Month ago

    Bee's just not funny - Chris Rock

  • Hazukichan X
    Hazukichan X Month ago +2

    There is no need to coddle or fear offending the less populated states. States don't have feelings. _People_ have feelings. People who live in less-populated states do not have more important feelings. They are not more qualified. They do not matter more in any way. Thus they do not deserve more weight to their votes.
    Enough is enough. *Democracy isn't democracy if all votes don't count **_equally._* Not electors' votes. People's votes.

    • Mark Foster
      Mark Foster Month ago

      This is a really good post.
      And I've read many....

  • Richard Miller
    Richard Miller Month ago

    We need the electoral college...obviously

  • J.A. Bristol
    J.A. Bristol Month ago

    Oh my, you libs are REALLY getting desperate. For those of you in the comments implying the college exists to suppress minority voting, let me educate you. The electoral college helps ensure that balance for a large combined territory is in place. Also, consider that Trump lost the popular vote by an amount equal to half a major city. Those cities are Democrat strongholds, with rural areas thus always being outvoted. Also, the majority of the states in US elections run by the idea that the popular vote winner of that state would win its electoral votes. Thus, California, highly populated, highly liberal, does not suddenly become a gigantic benefit for the liberals. It makes candidates go outside their cities and go see the rural areas and the inner country. If it ran by direct voting, no one would be travelling to, say, Utah, or Ohio. In the case of the 2016 election specifically, It prevented all you finatical extremists from drowning out the voices of the population of reasonable, educated voters. That's why these people are against the electoral college, because the political equaIity it imposes lost them the control over our nation they so desperately hungered for. It forced the entire country into the equation, which no reasonably minded person can say is truly a bad thing. Its not about racism, it's about equality. The founders of America knew what they were doing, stop acting like you know better than they did, especially when you most clearly don't.

    • Bonnie Parker
      Bonnie Parker Month ago

      @J.A. Bristol Agreed, take care!

    • J.A. Bristol
      J.A. Bristol Month ago

      I agree the background checks aren't the "silver bullet" solution but I firmly believe they're still a step in the right direction. Glad we could end this comments thread in a civil manner. All you onlookers take notes, THIS is what politics should look like. Until next time, Bonnie!

    • Bonnie Parker
      Bonnie Parker Month ago

      @J.A. Bristol Thank you for the sentiments. I never saw her after high school but knew her well in school as we had many classes together, she was on the homecoming court and very sweet, beautiful and popular. We have always had guns in this country but never the mass shootings until the last 2 or so decades. Something is fueling this crisis and it's bigger than guns. Yes of course your point is well taken that any barrier is a help but it won't stop the shootings. This is also an almost exclusively MALE phenomenon. I honestly think if it were females doing all these killings guns would be outlawed, at least the majority of guns would be.

    • J.A. Bristol
      J.A. Bristol Month ago

      Still, the background checks would help make it more difficult for people with those issues so they'd still be a net good even though they don't totally eliminate the issue. I don't know how distant of a memory this incident is or how close you were to this woman but politics aside, I'm sorry for your loss.

    • Bonnie Parker
      Bonnie Parker Month ago

      @J.A. Bristol A woman I went to high school with was killed by her son in Bondurant, Iowa a couple years ago. He also killed his sister and father with a gun he borrowed. He had mental issues his whole life but in Iowa there are very few beds available in mental facilities. Former Gov. Branstad had shuttered many of them. Anyway, there have been some high profile cases where the guy killed people or himself due to inadequate help and not under needed treatment that family members begged for before the incidents. The case of the woman I knew in school would not have been helped by red flag laws or background check since he borrowed the gun from a friend.

  • OnixTV
    OnixTV Month ago +1

    See the thing is that the electoral college represents the small less populous states of middle America the majority of this country.

    • Bonnie Parker
      Bonnie Parker Month ago

      Smaller states shouldn't matter more. Can we get "real"? The truth is if the electoral college always benefited Democrats instead of always benefiting republicans then Dems would say it was fair, lol.

  • Troy Walker The Progressive Proletarian

    or the "mob rule" excuse. which mob? the mob of repubs? the mob of the religious right? the mob of lobbyists? the mob of rich people? 🖕🤬🖕

    • Troy Walker The Progressive Proletarian
      Troy Walker The Progressive Proletarian 3 days ago

      @starventure yes cuz corporations cant bribe everybody in a direct democracy. the populace will become more educated.

    • starventure
      starventure 3 days ago

      Troy Walker The Progressive Proletarian The mob of urbanites who will vote for whoever promises them the most benefits and freebies, that’s who. LA County and the five boroughs alone can counteract the votes of multiple states. They already vote for those who make the biggest promises to you seriously believe that they are somehow going to magically care about the plight of rural populations?

  • Troy Walker The Progressive Proletarian

    popular vote, otherwise known as democracy

  • Sigma Geranimo
    Sigma Geranimo Month ago +1

    So in the US with the least population states have more power than the most population states ? 😳👎🏼

    • SsSs RoBbSs
      SsSs RoBbSs Month ago

      Noooooo. Try getting your information from someone who 95% of their vocabulary isn't "racist, Republican, Trump, bads"

  • Mikhail Mikhail
    Mikhail Mikhail Month ago

    If America is as racists and misogynist as you all claim, and its system and there are more of them, then you *REALLY DO NOT* want an a popular vote.

  • I dont want to use my real name

    Thumbs up for moose racing!

  • Tubmaster 5000
    Tubmaster 5000 Month ago +1

    Canada's electoral system leaves a lot to be desired as well. Due to our "first-past-the-post" model, a party can capture a majority of legislative seats with as few as 40% of the popular vote (we have a multi-party system here). Attempts at electoral reform ( to adopt some sort of proportional electoral system) have, so far, been unsuccessful.

  • Jezza Lenko
    Jezza Lenko Month ago

    I laugh...I cry for you America....

  • Nakor29
    Nakor29 Month ago +1

    If you hope to get rid of the electorial college you might want to start on a smaller scale first. The "democratic" party is obviously still using an extremly similar system to elect their presidential candidate. Electing representatives just to vote? Sounds much more republican than democratic to me.
    How can you hope to reform a broken system when the people, who are supposed to do so, can't even get it right on their own home turf? :(