• Published on Feb 14, 2017
  • #Relationship Goals Compilation reacted to by the TheXvidrs! Original videos linked below!
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    And shout out to Liza Koshy, Alex & Lauren and more, from conversations to the screen, thanks all!
    TheXvid Couples react to a compilation of #RelationshipGoals! Watch to see their reaction!
    Videos Featured in this episode:
    I just want to play with you all around the world
    Relationship goals!!
    Funny First Wedding Dance-REALLY FUNNY!!
    The dancing pregnant couple returns
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    This episode features the following TheXvidrs:
    Jack Douglass & Erin
    Jenna Marbles & Julien Solomita
    Joey Graceffa & Daniel Preda
    Liza Koshy + David Dobrik
    Luzu & Lana
    MatPat and Stephanie
    Philip DeFranco & Lindsay DeFranco
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    TheXvidrs React #113 - TheXvid Couples React to #RelationshipGoals Compilation
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  • FBE
    FBE  Year ago +9057

    Hey FBE Viewers! In honor of Valentine's Day, we premiere the first ever TheXvid Couples React! Hit that like button if you want to see more of this! Have a great and Happy Valentine's Day! - FBE Team

  • shook sister
    shook sister Year ago +18497

    Honestly Mat and Stephanie are goals

  • Giulia Antoniazzi
    Giulia Antoniazzi Year ago +30935

    I see Liza and David
    I click

  • Yaoi Master
    Yaoi Master Year ago +5689

    so who's the uke and who's the seme?

  • Ryan Charlap
    Ryan Charlap Year ago +6403

    Ugggggggh Phil and Linsday are goals for suuuuuurrrrrrre

  • Sheetal Mallik Word
    Sheetal Mallik Word Year ago +7728

    could they do best friend reacts !

  • Remi C.
    Remi C. Year ago +2095

    wow MyMusic xD havent thought about that in years!

  • max papp
    max papp Year ago +14657

    Relationship goals are Liza and David tbh

  • McLizcot
    McLizcot Year ago +4844

    Matpat has a Starlord look

  • Cody Broadfoot
    Cody Broadfoot Year ago +4657

    Can we all agree that Joey and Daniel were the most #goals couple in this video

  • Htx_alex05
    Htx_alex05 Year ago +2069

    Did anyone notice the Mario in the background

  • Alexis Rainey
    Alexis Rainey Year ago +3259

    Is jacks films just mattpat with a bigger head? No offense meant lol.

    I WANTS TO BE A LLAMA Year ago +2048

    Teens react to Heathers the musical!!!!

  • AWeirdLisa
    AWeirdLisa Year ago +1738

    OMG MYMUSIC ;-; Also loving these couples, Stephanie and Matthew are one of my most favourite couple goals xD

  • Caro Rodriguez SansΓ³
    Caro Rodriguez SansΓ³ Year ago +5956

    Liza and David are the best couple goals ever

    • Kaya Swan
      Kaya Swan Year ago +128

      Caro Rodriguez SansΓ³ I agree!!!

  • KoreanRice SP
    KoreanRice SP Year ago +3768

    4:57 "I love old people"

  • ErinnVsZombies
    ErinnVsZombies Year ago +2982

    Mat-Pat and Steph are goals

    • JazzyUnnie
      JazzyUnnie Year ago +271

      ErinnVsZombies Whenever MatPat stares at Stephanie... I SAW THAT. I wish someone can look at me like that too.

    • Jarmzie
      Jarmzie Year ago +48

      ErinnVsZombies definitely

    • Oka Ruto
      Oka Ruto Year ago +9

      ErinnVsZombies yesh

  • Irina Novikov
    Irina Novikov Year ago +687

    please,react to bts-spring day!πŸ’œ

  • Micah Fernald
    Micah Fernald Year ago +869

    matthew is so cute sjgfsghghjsa

  • Nate Roe
    Nate Roe Year ago +659


  • Juan Molina
    Juan Molina Year ago +1709

    that last wedding one was TOO white for me lmao

  • Za La
    Za La Year ago +1548

    i love jack's and erin's relationshipπŸ’•

  • Salamander
    Salamander Year ago +1344

    Mat pat and steph are are definitely goals

    • Oka Ruto
      Oka Ruto Year ago +60

      Oh definatley. My fave yt people!

  • Lori Webb
    Lori Webb Year ago +1561

    jenna when she said "my heart" at 1:56 was so cute and funny haha

  • Cynthia Pulido
    Cynthia Pulido Year ago +1656

    david looks like he wants to leave lol

  • Ved Vartak
    Ved Vartak Year ago +250

    I just came here to watch Phil!

  • ShockwaveGaming
    ShockwaveGaming Year ago +117

    Stanly Parable anyone?

    • Sideros
      Sideros Year ago +14

      ShockwaveGaming YEEEEEES

  • The DisneyAddict
    The DisneyAddict Year ago +221

    Oh yeah I can't believe people just saw this video. I saw this a few days ago. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ This is one of my favorite video on TheXvid.

  • The DisneyAddict
    The DisneyAddict Year ago +578


  • Maddy Wittenberg
    Maddy Wittenberg Year ago +432

    I think they all are cupple goals

  • Liliana G.
    Liliana G. Year ago +251

    you guys should add Matthias and Amanda Faye for relationships react like if anyone else agress

  • 420 Otter
    420 Otter Year ago +1057


  • valerie wong
    valerie wong Year ago +133

    yo solo vine por Luzana

  • Marie y Hugo Jokela
    Marie y Hugo Jokela Year ago +115

    Yo solo viene solo porque sabΓ­a que iban a estar Luzu y Lana. Eso. Chao.

  • Malene Thao Mi Tran 5C
    Malene Thao Mi Tran 5C Year ago +742

    I was waiting for pewdiepie and marzia

    • Queen Cat
      Queen Cat Year ago +4

      Malene Thao Mi Tran 5C exactly

  • digitalsshark
    digitalsshark Year ago +406

    jack and erinnnn

  • Sikeyia Miller
    Sikeyia Miller Year ago +911

    Here for David & Liza.

  • Meg C
    Meg C Year ago +1345

    Can we acknowledge Julian and Jenna and the fact that they are matching, goals

  • MacDaddy Freshy
    MacDaddy Freshy Year ago +67

    more couples

  • Carson Chamness
    Carson Chamness Year ago +332

    Came for Matpat and Stephanie

  • i'm the one I should love

    #laurex ??? 😒😒

  • Victor M
    Victor M Year ago +368

    please bring marzia & felix, ethan & hila and also idubbbz & tana mongeau

  • Aya
    Aya Year ago +238

    Marzia and Felix 😍😘😘😘😍😍😘😍😍😘😍😘😘

  • Stony Tark
    Stony Tark Year ago +645

    thats the most serious ive ever seen david and liza

  • Riley Macias
    Riley Macias Year ago +145

    What about #laurex ???

  • n n
    n n Year ago +31

    I WANT MOREE πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  • An Tea
    An Tea Year ago +207

    The way boyfirends look at girlfriends

  • Rookie Red Velvet
    Rookie Red Velvet Year ago +245

    I want to see pewdiepie and Marzia. thanks FBE

    • Rookie Red Velvet
      Rookie Red Velvet Year ago +6

      deantrbl maci maci I want to see felix and marzia. (read it in rookie RV tuned)

    • xie
      xie Year ago +13

      Rookie Red Velvet rookie rookie my super rookie rookie rookie

  • Ezekiel Hazard
    Ezekiel Hazard Year ago +222

    Jack and Erin really are best friends.

  • Lala Asta
    Lala Asta Year ago +52

    LUZANA is real !!!!! 😍

  • Lisa Renee
    Lisa Renee Year ago +127

    The DeFrancos are relationship goals!

    • Dyessicabears
      Dyessicabears Year ago +29

      Lisa Renee okay and Linz would've been pregnant during the filming. So when they were asked if the baby picture was goals, it was just so cute.

  • Crescent Sapphire
    Crescent Sapphire Year ago +132

    Daniel: I already know we are
    Joey: yeas!

  • ThatGirlJill28
    ThatGirlJill28 Year ago +244

    David and Liza ?!?!? πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  • Britney Rosswurm
    Britney Rosswurm Year ago +179

    When are dan and Phil coming

  • sinna
    sinna Year ago +173


  • MissyLillie
    MissyLillie Year ago +60

    I wannna see Bart and Geo on here

  • Colettie Pie
    Colettie Pie Year ago +88

    Elders react to eff boys musical.lys now that will be something

  • Lilly Began
    Lilly Began Year ago +62

    Teens react to Thomas sanders

    • Karley B
      Karley B Year ago +2

      Lilly Began PLEASE I NEED THAT

  • Camila As Sweet As Vanilla

    Bring Zoella and Alfie!

  • chogi broke
    chogi broke Year ago +488

    Liza: Yeah, that's goals.
    David: Yeah, goals.
    Throughout the whole video, David was waiting for Liza's answer and he immediately agrees right after her. Now that's goals. πŸ’ž

    • chogi broke
      chogi broke Year ago +70

      Yeah, he sure is! To be honest, I don't usually fan over famous couples but with those two, I just can't help it.

    • AwesomeGlitter123
      AwesomeGlitter123 Year ago +76

      Janela Rivas I know right, you can tell he's absolutely in love with her

  • Vm Mia
    Vm Mia Year ago +42

    Should of shown them parts of their video make it more sentimental

  • Faith Linna
    Faith Linna Year ago +17

    Aspen and Parker should be on here

  • Al Seavey
    Al Seavey Year ago +14

    do the youtube couple reacts to jollibee "vow"

  • Hobosss Ftw
    Hobosss Ftw Year ago +5

    love this series!

  • Raven Soren
    Raven Soren Year ago +198

    Liza and David are absolutely 100% relationship goals for me

  • It’syeboi Potatoboi

    Of course mat and steph agreed with the duet one XD mats a singer! But srsly I agree. It's cute to do something with ur loved one like that

  • Dionn Dyal
    Dionn Dyal Year ago +34

    9:58 lol

  • mia Wort
    mia Wort Year ago +5

    1:50 what's the song called ?

    • Nathan Crvwf
      Nathan Crvwf Year ago +4

      Donnie Trumpet & the Social Experiment - Sunday Candy

  • Elda Muniz
    Elda Muniz Year ago +132

    Liza and David are goals😍

  • briana tovar
    briana tovar Year ago +108

    Liza and David

  • Emma Hixon
    Emma Hixon Year ago +88

    Matt, Steph stop giving me life advice, I'm eating pizza alone on a Saturday night

    • Rookie Red Velvet
      Rookie Red Velvet Year ago +25

      maybe both of you should date each other.

    • natalie j
      natalie j Year ago +6

      AH i just also watched this eating pizza alone tonight i feel ya

  • Amber Wright
    Amber Wright Year ago +7

    lol the one with them singing Sunday Candy is a no bcz that song is about Chance's grandma and thats weird to sing to your S.O.

  • Chrissy
    Chrissy Year ago +155

    Lizza: I love old people...they smell goodπŸ‘

  • Kennedy Brooks
    Kennedy Brooks Year ago +96

    9:04 "But did she do the thriller?" I was laughing so hard! Lol!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Scarlett
    Scarlett Year ago +6

    i want albert and lana.

  • The Pretty of the Odd

    Love all around

  • Moorooa A
    Moorooa A Year ago +24

    The couples in here are goals

  • jinnietrack
    jinnietrack Year ago +72

    MATPAT and Stef are relationship goals

  • Pusheen Crybaby Dawson

    Mat and Stephanie ARE relationship goals

  • Natalie almaelouf
    Natalie almaelouf Year ago +51

    All these couples and I'm just sitting her watching my dog chase his tail.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • ezaria Carline
    ezaria Carline Year ago +93

    the way David looks at Liza by did anyone see him with the baby looks like he's plotting

  • Lily Oshea
    Lily Oshea Year ago +72

    my sister thinks liza and david are so so so cute

  • Salahu-Din Hajir
    Salahu-Din Hajir Year ago +13

    When your ask where the dancing came from.......

    I've been kicking it ever since....literally

  • Moondust
    Moondust Year ago +4


  • jaliyah white
    jaliyah white Year ago +89

    TheXvid relationship goals
    Matt and Steph
    Lizza and David
    Marzia and Felix
    Dan and Phil (lol)
    In no order

    • crunchyhole
      crunchyhole Year ago +3

      jaliyah white I can't argue

    • Moorooa A
      Moorooa A Year ago +24

      Dan and Phil most definitely

  • Laura van Kouwen
    Laura van Kouwen Year ago +55

    jack and erin are goals to me though

  • crystal davies
    crystal davies Year ago +97

    Liza and David are my favourite TheXvid couple

  • Mina Blake
    Mina Blake Year ago +89

    Lizza Koshy "I love old ppl they smell nice"
    XD WZF

  • Rachel Schmidt
    Rachel Schmidt Year ago +76


  • Luna S G
    Luna S G Year ago +19

    Get Jess and Gabriel Conte, please!!!!

  • hs10slamdunk
    hs10slamdunk Year ago +7


  • ItsChioma
    ItsChioma Year ago


  • nic Ω‹
    nic Ω‹ Year ago +25


  • nic Ω‹
    nic Ω‹ Year ago +65

    I see liza and david, I click

  • Krazy alex 11
    Krazy alex 11 Year ago +5


  • Bethany James
    Bethany James Year ago +61

    liza and David are goals

  • Rayz Tube
    Rayz Tube Year ago +2

    i was expecting to see shay carl pop up in this vid somewhere

  • -A
    -A Year ago +39

    Helga and her newest husband

  • Sophie Nicholson
    Sophie Nicholson Year ago +32

    MatPat and Steph are GOALS😍😍😍😍😍😍