Bulgaria v England: 'One of the most appalling nights in football'

  • Published on Oct 15, 2019
  • England's trip to Bulgaria was marred by racist abuse hurled at their players during the Euro 2020 qualifier in Sofia. Play was halted twice as part of a new protocol aimed at stopping racism in football. A section of Bulgaria's support could be seen giving Nazi salutes as well aiming monkey chants at players. The FA Chairman, Greg Clarke, described it as 'one of the most appalling nights I've seen in football'.
    British government urges Uefa to crack down on Bulgaria in response to racism
    Bulgaria goalkeeper praises home fans and says England players 'overreacted'
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  • Andi _retard
    Andi _retard 3 hours ago


  • Magistralata na bate Boiko


  • тым оғаш
    тым оғаш Day ago

    Englishmen they are all racists

  • jode
    jode 4 days ago

    English are the champions of racism.

  • Rhibhu Bhattacharjee

    When you know your team sucks (0-6 lol) yet you have to bark 😂.
    So superior, indeed 🤣🤣🤣

  • Rhibhu Bhattacharjee

    With a slight knowlege of History, you'll see that mixed races have almost always beaten the pure races.
    Most successful mixed races:
    England is the most mixed race in Europe (if you consider 1500 years of history.......I'm not talking about color only. If you consider ethnicities, they UK was really diverse even from its early days.),
    People of Mongol Kingdom

  • David Murphy
    David Murphy 8 days ago

    So appalling they NEARLY refused to carry on

  • NonSerious Adda
    NonSerious Adda 8 days ago +8

    British ancestors after watching the video
    - *KIDS*

  • Abdifitah Bosto
    Abdifitah Bosto 9 days ago

    I thought Bulgaria was Turkish food 🤣🤣

  • Kam Singh
    Kam Singh 13 days ago

    Don't throw stones from glass houses blinkered hypocrites.

  • Sandile dladla
    Sandile dladla 13 days ago

    One thing i hate about this is England making Bulgaria their escape goat for their own racism problems in their country, come on England abuses black player week in week out with racism you should deal with racism in England first before judging other countries in Europe. We know the whole of Europe is racist and we expect it as black poeple but when one racist act like is better than the other that is what i hate the most.

  • kareem ali
    kareem ali 13 days ago

    Lol Bulgarian are far from white so why are they racist

  • Sony Black
    Sony Black 13 days ago +15

    Brits are so sensitive nowadays

    • Sony Black
      Sony Black Day ago

      @_________ British are multicultural almost like USA
      Russians, ukrainian, us serbs, croats (slavic people in general) are mostly nationalistic not racist but we don't look at it as such a big deal which was my point about sensitivity nowadays

    • _________
      _________ Day ago

      Most racist people are russian ,British and ukranian

  • Trevor White
    Trevor White 13 days ago

    Shout out to all the black and mixed race footballers out there...when is enough an enough ? Forget Fifa and UEFA you all have to act collectively.... show some proud and respect for yourselves remember those who when before remember those to come after and make a stand... TLMDH

  • Benjamin Christensen
    Benjamin Christensen 14 days ago

    I'm not into football at all, but why are the fans always screaming at the other team and their fans. Imagine if Federer and Nadal fans had to be seperated and screaming at each other. Why aren't people just sitting enjoying the football match?

  • meilleur man
    meilleur man 15 days ago

    Shame on you racist dogs

  • Coz Paynes
    Coz Paynes 15 days ago +2

    The English moaning about racism. Lol. The British empire rings a bell?? Anyone?? No?? Oh ok then. England, the glorious non racist country. Lol

    • Sandile dladla
      Sandile dladla 12 days ago

      Yes it is 2019 and there is still racism in Britain, why was it 100 years ago when Rahim Sterling was racially abuse at Stamford Bridge😕

    • ROBLOX gamplay - vids every week - subcribe
      ROBLOX gamplay - vids every week - subcribe 12 days ago

      Are you aware that its 2019?

    • Sandile dladla
      Sandile dladla 13 days ago

      British poeple and all the drama fix the racism in your country first

    • BERO 94
      BERO 94 13 days ago

      How many years ago was this? It’s 2019 not hundreds of years ago

  • Coz Paynes
    Coz Paynes 15 days ago +2

    Lol. UK is better?? The most racist country I've been to. Just cos it's underground, don't kid yourself, that it's not prevelant

  • Bhouncer
    Bhouncer 15 days ago

    england supporters not long ago were the most racist and violent in europe. only when england play are there 'racist incidents' with black english players. There are no problems with other black players. English cry racism, yet are the most racist country.

    SURAJ M JADHAV 16 days ago +6

    Englishmen getting taste of their own Medicine...This is not even tip of the iceberg of what we Indians have been subjected in past.....

    • Coz Paynes
      Coz Paynes 15 days ago

      Not allowed to mention it mate. Sorry. The British can only criticise, can't be criticised. Perfect little country init

  • Stars Are Angels
    Stars Are Angels 16 days ago

    Fear masked as racism.

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah 16 days ago +69

    England complaining about Racism oh the irony 😂😂😂

    • The Revenant
      The Revenant 18 hours ago

      Oh Yeah Yeah nailed it 😂

    • Matheus Scher
      Matheus Scher 8 days ago +6

      The abused players don't have anything to do with it. They're the victims.

    • Kam Singh
      Kam Singh 13 days ago +1

      @BillBoBoo when one hears the bitter truth it does not feel very funny

    • Kam Singh
      Kam Singh 13 days ago

      Blinkered hypocrites from Babylon

  • Ангел Борисов

    Хора що ни излагате така бе

  • Chastity Harris
    Chastity Harris 19 days ago +1

    Nothing new to see here.

  • gerard henry
    gerard henry 19 days ago +3

    I watched genk play Liverpool last night in European cup it was like the African cup

  • chilled91
    chilled91 19 days ago

    Is it as appalling as the abuse James McClean gets from English football fans for refusing to wear a poppy in November?

    • chilled91
      chilled91 18 days ago

      Matt Wordsworth Armed British soldiers shooting an unarmed children. Very clear who the terrorists were.

    • Matt Wordsworth
      Matt Wordsworth 18 days ago

      Were they really children or IRA terrorists?

    • chilled91
      chilled91 18 days ago

      Matt Wordsworth not the ones who shot children in the back in his home town?

    • Matt Wordsworth
      Matt Wordsworth 18 days ago

      I think he should show some respect to the British Empire soldiers who lost their lives in defending Europe but that's just me.

  • Ajesh Khadka
    Ajesh Khadka 19 days ago +2

    Come to england nxt time

  • Malok K
    Malok K 20 days ago +2

    I see no issue, keep Europe European and you won't have this happen.

  • Offa of Angeln
    Offa of Angeln 20 days ago +2

    English is an ethnic group, there is no such thing as a black anglo saxon.

  • Mr Dub Crazy
    Mr Dub Crazy 20 days ago

    Bulgarians hate these fans aswell believe me!

  • Just A Clown
    Just A Clown 20 days ago

    Maybe the bulgarian fans got angry for paying to see England and instead got Africa?

  • Bob Marleys Final Dreadlock

    Erm..... heysel?

  • Hekuran Qaka
    Hekuran Qaka 21 day ago

    This is disrespectfoul is in the same amount that England did to Kosovo by giving Czech Republic 3 points. I know England and ur politic strategy so don't play like u r a victim.

  • Uruguay y Nigeria
    Uruguay y Nigeria 22 days ago +2

    6-0 do you happy England? Your fans provoke more trouble than ya think

  • 권영경
    권영경 22 days ago +1

    Ok but everyone knows how bad Mings is on the pitch? He kicked the faces of other two players

  • Kam Singh
    Kam Singh 22 days ago

    Yeovil v Haringey. Don't throw stones from glass houses, you blinkered pagan hypocrites in Babylon.🇯🇲

  • Lawton Strickland
    Lawton Strickland 22 days ago

    Dumb video.

  • The Great Danku Tree
    The Great Danku Tree 23 days ago +2


  • educator to the left carl bussey

    Safe spaces for African players who dont want to represent African countries

  • Sage
    Sage 23 days ago +2

    I didn’t hear anything

  • thebeatnumber
    thebeatnumber 23 days ago +2

    Yep. They really typify the blond, blue eyed Aryan ideal.

    • Kris Voin
      Kris Voin 19 days ago +1

      First visit Bulgaria, and then write stupid k sarcastic comments :(

  • Full Speed Ahead Barcelona


  • Minecraft bg
    Minecraft bg 23 days ago

    you only see Bulgaria and you do not see the British drug addicts

  • svilen8080
    svilen8080 23 days ago +1

    5 mins after Bulgaria,every major broadcaster & journo elaborated disgust. You couldn't move for "we're disgusted, act!"
    We are now 2 hrs after a match was stopped in England for racism, where are the same broadcasters & journos?

    This is the hypocrisy that keeps racism alive.

    8:44 PM - Oct 19, 2019

  • Cameron Moore
    Cameron Moore 23 days ago

    The guy was fired because some drunk fans hurt feelings? What a joke, all you communists need to swing from lampposts

  • Yordan Yordanov
    Yordan Yordanov 23 days ago +3

    Why don’t you talk about English racism, they even kill each other?

    • Robert HS
      Robert HS 18 days ago

      Why don't you talk about how Bulgaria and Montenegro won't be playing Euro 2020?? 🤣🤣

  • Geo Geo
    Geo Geo 23 days ago +11

    Bravo Bulgaria! Greetings from your brothers in Macedonia 🇲🇰 🇧🇬!

    • ROBLOX gamplay - vids every week - subcribe
      ROBLOX gamplay - vids every week - subcribe 12 days ago

      @The Trashers "European
      Learn to pronounce
      plural noun: Europeans
      a native or inhabitant of Europe."

    • Geo Geo
      Geo Geo 16 days ago +3

      @Stop Smoking Ги поздравувам Бугарите што си го сакаат своето потекло и се згадени од европски тим да има црнци во него

  • The Bearded Critic's
    The Bearded Critic's 23 days ago

    They all look like borat

  • David Whittaker
    David Whittaker 23 days ago +9

    and all the left wingers want open boarders to let these people live in england

  • chris magnoson
    chris magnoson 23 days ago +8

    England didn't win, Africa won

  • Peter Grossett
    Peter Grossett 24 days ago +2

    Heysel was worse. Bradford fire disaster, also. Ibrox disaster too. All appaulling loss of life events. Hillsborough too as has been mentioned.

  • gaming pro
    gaming pro 24 days ago +1

    This is sad

  • MetalGuitarManiac
    MetalGuitarManiac 24 days ago +2

    so a white country doesnt want their people mixed with africans. thats shameful? what about white farmers getting killed in south africa? not a single word in the media

  • Michael N
    Michael N 24 days ago +7

    In 100 years the white brittish people will be replaced and racemixed out of existence. Bulgaria and its people will still be there.

    • mohamed Botan
      mohamed Botan 23 days ago +3

      Geo geo do so mate

    • Geo Geo
      Geo Geo 23 days ago

      R S we plan on doing that pal.

    • R S
      R S 23 days ago +1

      Then go ahead make as many babies as you can

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones 24 days ago +1

    Why do people get so worked up over words? Im white but if someone called me racist white names I wouldn't care. Its no big deal.

  • Mavisth555
    Mavisth555 25 days ago +3

    Bulgarians know multiculturalism in native western European countries is wrong.

  • Ashik Ashik
    Ashik Ashik 25 days ago

    cristian religion very failiure....

  • joshuel2008
    joshuel2008 25 days ago

    No one:
    US Leftist: That's Trump's fault 🥴

  • Tom
    Tom 25 days ago

    Take notes from the anglo-saxons what is racist and what is not, the irony....

  • 00kizuna00
    00kizuna00 25 days ago +2

    Bulgaria: Racist yes we are!
    UK: racist yes we are! Brexit! No immigrants!
    Also UK: racist yes we are on premier league games!
    Also UK: racist we are throwing black man off the train in Paris!

    • Geo Geo
      Geo Geo 23 days ago

      00kizuna00 yes, explain how that is a bad thing. Are you saying that england is not allowed to control their borders and decide who can come to THEIR country? England is for the English, the English are people who have genetic and cultural roots in England, they decide what to do with their country. That is not racism.

    • 00kizuna00
      00kizuna00 23 days ago

      Geo Geo one of the main reason when Brexit happened is coz British didn’t want immigrants come over. So yes mate!

    • Geo Geo
      Geo Geo 23 days ago

      Brexit is racist? Not wanting to be replaced by another group is racist? Alright buddy