Is Boris Johnson's Brexit strategy damaging the Conservative Party? - BBC Newsnight

  • Published on Sep 26, 2019
  • Former Conservative Prime Minister John Major has said Boris Johnson's Brexit strategy is "profoundly un-Conservative". But is it doing permanent damage to the Tories?
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    Boris Johnson has been heavily criticised for the language he has used in the House of Commons. The prime minister has also been urged to apologise after he said the best way to honour Jo Cox, the MP murdered during the EU referendum campaign, was to "get Brexit done".
    Conservative MP Andrew Mitchell, expelled Conservative MP Dominic Grieve and The Brexit Party’s Ann Widdecombe - all once members of the same party - join Mark Urban.
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  • Shanjan Usman
    Shanjan Usman Day ago

    Anti Brexit Scumbags

  • Dean
    Dean 17 days ago

    Why in the name of all that is holy did you cut from tranquil scenes of a 19th century period drama, to Ed Miliband and his ugly mug screaming.
    It requires mental preparation before you see or hear Ed Miliband.

  • The Chauvinistic Gentleman

    Total dull swats like nick watt Having a monopoly on the news, Who are utterly biased.., is why people don’t listen to it

  • The Chauvinistic Gentleman

    This is a propaganda hit piece as usual, the BBC is incredible

  • The Chauvinistic Gentleman

    Jess Phillips is utterly revolting

  • doreen duke
    doreen duke Month ago

    The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is a British public service which is so bias lets wait as see there bias on the BBC Newsnight

  • stubones
    stubones Month ago

    Thanks to your pathetic anti British, globalist funded smear campaign I’m going to go right ahead and back the PM against you treacherous, worthless filth.

  • Kalum Batsch
    Kalum Batsch Month ago

    Another related question: Does the Pope shit in the woods?

  • Mister Lister
    Mister Lister Month ago

    Johnson is a dangerous LIAR!

  • Gus Hutchinson
    Gus Hutchinson Month ago


  • Broonzied
    Broonzied Month ago

    Is the Remainers Brexit strategy damaging democracy? - BBC Gobshite.

  • Eternal Goof
    Eternal Goof Month ago

    You don't know this will become historical in England? There will be videos about the downfall of English parliament in this period. Future people will shake heads because of what happened and they will shake heads heavily because of the stupid questions about it. Could cutting off all your fingers harm you? Happy stupid questioning!

  • gary dates
    gary dates Month ago

    BBC BULLSHIT AGAIN. Law applies to all not one acts are rules of civil law we are not under civil law in England if we get brexit we keep common law (get it back ) from EU law we have now

  • Michael Parker
    Michael Parker Month ago

    But it is the SURRENDER ACT call it what it is the remainers caluding with the corrupt undemocratic EU

  • Carey Parker
    Carey Parker Month ago

    Hardly. You want to damage the conservatives, then don't deliver brexit. Corbyns anti brexit stance is doing wonders for the reducing the Labour vote.

  • MrTrainerGuy1
    MrTrainerGuy1 Month ago

    Boris says Humbug over some people act like children screaming and crying while they try to stop a democratic vote, they call it wrong, evil and disgusting, all while they spent years insulting and attacking everyone and anyone who is critical of them for not doing their job, the way they voted, called them, Nazis, fascists, racists etc... all that bullshit they do when they cant debate or understand peoples issues haha they cry over Humbug but don't mind insulting and slandering the majority of people ha

  • Donald Duck Trump
    Donald Duck Trump Month ago


  • ben hackett
    ben hackett Month ago

    what's plebgate arse doing on the tv

  • Tn Tn
    Tn Tn Month ago

    Fucking mini trump

  • WildPhotoShooter
    WildPhotoShooter Month ago +2

    4:20 does that reporter have some political bias there ?

  • WildPhotoShooter
    WildPhotoShooter Month ago

    Don't keep repeating "Get Brexit Done" at every opportunity. People got sick of hearing Theresa May saying "Strong and `stable" and it got tiresome hearing it every time she opened her mouth.
    We all know the psychological strategy behind it but there is a line to be drawn, WE ARE NOT STUPID, but just get Brexit done !!!!

  • Pedro degreat Lazoro

    I do believe certain mps pray 5 times a day for all your demise and follow Qur'an surah 9 verse 29 repentance to its word ! Antisemite to its core , humbug pmsl ,trump just tweeted hey putin u stoped laughing yet ! He replies - donald boris iz a stand up guy in a pond of nervous jelly fish ,sadact khant has more control than him,,

  • DynaMike
    DynaMike Month ago

    I'd pay any MP 100 "quid", as your Brits put it, to punch Dominic Cummings right in his face. Someone seriously needs to take that prick out back and beat the shit out of him. He says "Deliver Brexit" to that MP as if he was the one hold out on May' Deal. What the fuck has Cummings ever done to deliver Brexit except lie, cheat and manipulate the people of the United Kingdom? Anne Widdecombe: the people are saying "Get....It....Done." Yes, love, but they mean go on an die finally. You'll be dead soon, what does all this matter to you?

  • A
    A Month ago +3

    ann widdecombe should just be [redacted]

  • mehoprelivoda
    mehoprelivoda Month ago

    12:00 Black Ader wearing wig?

  • David Webber
    David Webber Month ago +1

    Boris Johnson: a man who's behavior is governed by what his winky is whispering in his ear at any given moment...

  • Kurii Klang
    Kurii Klang Month ago

    I dont care if he scull fucked mother teresa get brexit done and shut the fuck up ... and fix the lack of public toilets

  • Wizardmaren1
    Wizardmaren1 Month ago +1

    Bring people together? Too late. You’ve got two Great Britain’s. Will never unite again. The damage and divisions have won.

  • Ellis Bell
    Ellis Bell Month ago

    Dominic Grief!.. A petty whining sniping, bitter, old man seething with resentment towards Boris Johnson...! Quite what he thinks the public will make of this sickening display of bile is anyone's guess.... he has no decency or humility.....

  • Roger
    Roger Month ago

    Keep up the good work Boris, your language is not offensive. Its just that your opponents are getting fearful that the exit date of the 31st of October is coming fast and they are running out of ways to stop you. So all they have now is attack your mild language such as 'surrender bill' which is not extreme or offensive language.

  • Vernon Alexis
    Vernon Alexis Month ago

    Join the rest of us with threats and danger but you mps are the real threat to people with your constant oppression

  • Niknoks
    Niknoks Month ago

    Owe ok so the Lib slogan ‘Bollocks’ to Brexit is acceptable is it? So Bollocks to the un-democratic politicians who are experiencing backlash from the hoo snowflakes 🖕

  • johnnyj johnson
    johnnyj johnson Month ago

    I think Jess Phillips. is very fortunate ! She lives in Britain the Brits are easy going. Think on it she's been guilty of, with the other remaining F@ck wits, thwarting the will of 17.4 million British citizen's. Now I'm certain that not all 17.4 million are angels. There are bound to be a few "bad apples"she just has not met them yet.

  • Tony Chalmers
    Tony Chalmers Month ago

    All the hypocrites crying now. well you should have honored the vote. It's OK for the remainers to have a go at the prime Minister but when it comes to the prime Minister and the conservative Party retaliates their the bad guys. All this would not have happened if all the liars would have honored the vote. Simple really. S o all you remainers stop moaning.

  • Triple Gem
    Triple Gem Month ago

    Oh death threats death threats you whinge on and on.
    Lynch the bitch! was used by opposition and fuck all said then so give it a rest.
    Brexit is coming and you can do nothing.
    whether its Boris or brexit party.
    The people will stop the left and rightly so!

  • Zechariah12.10
    Zechariah12.10 Month ago

    Nice acting in front of the camera, Jess Phillips! While we absolutely should be concerned about the wrong actions of members of the public, we need to recognise that any aggressive person can grab hold of any word they choose and use it in their aggressive acts, whether the word is 'surrender' or 'give up', or 'buckle down' or 'curtsy', or 'challenge'....absolutely any word can be used or misused by anyone! A car is a vehicle used normally to get from A to B, but in the hands of a violent person, could be a lethal weapon! Likewise, whichever word the government chooses to describe the action of the Benny Hill Bill (sorry, Benn bill), it could be misused by any member of the public, so it really is immature to suggest that using the word 'surrender' for something that gives up negotiating power, is anything than what it is!

  • TheConversation
    TheConversation Month ago

    No to EU yes to Huewi

  • sai kissa
    sai kissa Month ago +1

    the man is an arrogant bully and all this ministers are scared of this dictator who is bringing a chaos !

  • Tom
    Tom Month ago

    Is leaving the e.u a bad thing?

  • Cliff Smith
    Cliff Smith Month ago

    The female MP who mentioned Jo Cox in Parliament raised it in an aggressive way and directed it toward the PM as if he had a responsibility for Jo Cox's death. He wasn't even PM then. I remember the Twitter comments by Labour male supporters attacking Theresa May during the 2017 general election. Those comments were disgusting. Labour has used violent language against the Conservatives since Margaret Thatcher was PM, but worse than that the left have used actual violence - remember the 'Poll' Tax riots and the riot against the raising of university Tuition Fees and the endless violence used by strikers during the Thatcher Premiership. But also remember how Labour Party supporters have used violent language and intimidation against their own female Labour MPs that have opposed Jeremy Corbyn.

  • Catrina Deeley
    Catrina Deeley Month ago

    It’s the opposition benches turning it sour and the ‘remain’ speaker using language like ‘boll*cks to Brexit’

  • John A Doe
    John A Doe Month ago

    umm does Boris have a strategy?

  • deenv
    deenv Month ago +1

    Call in Kenneth Clarke. Or send him here to Amsterdam to establish a government in excile

  • Andres Villarreal
    Andres Villarreal Month ago

    I am getting every time more frustrated with interviewers letting politicians use the phrase "Brexit with a deal". Which deal? Which deal?

    It is not the same when I send my kid go buy bread, and then haggle him because he brought nothing back. I tell him "bring bread, any bread". But lives and livelihoods depend on bringing more that just "a deal". You have to bring an agreement that, if done well, takes years or decades to negotiate. And you definitely have to bring a deal that you can explain in detail.

    • Andres Villarreal
      Andres Villarreal Month ago

      @John Towers Your argument is as theoretical as the case where Johnson brings anything new from the EU. If my kid goes to a store to buy bread, he will almost certainly bring something that a legal store will sell. If Johnson goes to the EU, the EU will only give him a deal that does not violate the laws of Ireland and other EU nations, which means they will not give Johnson anything that he can use to swindle the UK.

      Please tell me where can you get someone who sells rotten bread. I have gone to places where very few Europeans would dare to go, and I have never been sold rotten bread.

    • John Towers
      John Towers Month ago

      What if the any Bread he brings back is Rotten ? do you just eat it because you said bring back any bread ? at what point does it do less harm to come back with nothing at all ?

  • Red Alert
    Red Alert Month ago +3

    Boris Johnson, the first Prime Divider of the United Kingdom. Failure to jail this criminal will backfire on everyone.

    • stenka razin
      stenka razin 4 hours ago

      Scotland will leave. Ireland will unite and England will be left with all those sheep from Wales that they can't shift because of the new tariffs.
      i suppose they can intermarry.
      Or is that a baaaa-aaaad idea.

  • Richard Byrne
    Richard Byrne Month ago

    Meanwhile no news on how the rest of the parties in the House are destroying the UK.

  • robj
    robj Month ago +3

    Johnson is our very own Eton educated Trump. He is a glove puppet.

  • robj
    robj Month ago +1

    Johnson will destroy the Tory party. I am not so sure he has 100% control ?

    • Mick McCrudden
      Mick McCrudden Month ago

      Johnson will destroy the Tory Party. It is a shame that it has come to this

  • B.T.
    B.T. Month ago

    Ed is behaving pretty passionate too. I hope the government is not hurt by his language and ‘tone’. Paula and Jess would certainly have been upset by it. The people shouting and screaming about disgrace are the biggest disgrace themselves.

  • Ben Gage
    Ben Gage Month ago +2

    Brexit party could overtake labour as one of the big main parties
    I welcome it!

  • Michael Brown
    Michael Brown Month ago +3

    Who could believe a single word this sleazy old man Johnson says?

    • Michael Brown
      Michael Brown Month ago +1

      @Zechariah12.10 nonsense. Johnson was first against Brexit then supported it as a strategic tactic to position himself for power. He knows full well what a disaster Brexit would be for Britain. But his disaster capitalist backers will do very well by shorting against the UK.
      As for his opponents, the Lib Dems, Greens, SNP, etc have always been totally open and honest in opposing Brexit.
      Most Labour members also oppose Brexit. Corbyn's in a mess because he supports Brexit but leads a party that opposes it.
      Simple point, though: Johnson is a lying cheating possibly criminal piece of shit.

    • Zechariah12.10
      Zechariah12.10 Month ago

      I do and frankly, his political aim is more honest and above board than any of the leaders of the opposing parties!

  • Ben Gage
    Ben Gage Month ago

    How about the surrender act and labour and Tory collusion with the EU to get the surrender act?

  • sorted65
    sorted65 Month ago +1

    jess phillips blames boris for her office getting broken into lol. its because you preach that your doing this for the people doing what though the working class people want us out , labour isnt the working mans party anymore . have a general election if you think you got a chance

    • john's shed
      john's shed Month ago

      Very true . When I was a young man the labour party was the party that could be trusted by the working man, Blairs new labour put an end to that and since then they have just lost there way . its sad .

  • incorrigible delinquent

    Paula Sheriff invoked Jo Cox the sick c@#t. For the record, Jo Cox's constituents overwhelmingly voted to leave.

    • G K
      G K Month ago

      You sad small narrow minded idiotic simpleton! epitomize exactly why we shouldn't have "Government by Referendum"

  • Washing Machine
    Washing Machine Month ago

    Do you realise how hated you are BBC.

  • Arjun K
    Arjun K Month ago +1

    People who think conservatives are bad people just because of Boris Johnson must learn about the leader of Labour party. Jeremy Corbyn is the most dangerous man in European politics. He is an hardcore anti-Semite, hate integration of Europe more than Boris or Farage, communist to bone and supported PLA that were killing innocents in 60s and 70s. All news networks warn us about the far-right politics which is dangerous indeed but nobody warns us about far-left politicians. Far-left politicians and their policies have killed more people than Hitler, Mussolini put together. Stalin, Mao (lest not forget communist politicians from North Korea, Myanmar, Vietnam) have more body counts than two world wars out together. Corbyn, squad from America are equally dangerous. We need pragmatic politics and not idealists.

  • Duncan Fenwick
    Duncan Fenwick Month ago

    Boris has forced parliament to show their true colours

  • lee parker
    lee parker Month ago +3

    Boris did not raise any make reference to Joe Cox's IT was her friends so call friends on the left WE WANT A CLEAN EXIT> WE CAN NEGOTIATE AFTER THAT

    • Ellis Bell
      Ellis Bell Month ago +2

      The media wouldn't let a little thing like truth get in the way of their narrative...

  • lee parker
    lee parker Month ago +1

    Boris has every right to call it as the public see it. Jess Phillips and other have made death threats . Jess made a threatening to her own leader. She did not look genuine when she was recounting the alleged threats. John Major did not think that when he was protecting the elites and their cronies.

  • _Eris_Eternal_
    _Eris_Eternal_ Month ago

    Highly biased reporting.