Barcelona legend wants Mo Salah at the club! ► Daily News

  • Published on Jun 24, 2019
  • On Today's Daily News - Salah is urged to join Barcelona, City could smash a transfer record, Bayern continue their defensive exodus, Alves leaves PSG and there’s transfer talk from around Europe including Neymar to Barcelona!
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    Photo credits: Getty
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Comments • 570

  • Onefootball English
    Onefootball English  Month ago +127

    Is there any reason that Salah would leave for Barcelona?

    • Sergio vitolo
      Sergio vitolo Month ago

      Onefootball English Samuel etoo must be very delirious wonder wtf he’s been smoking 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Ali Playz
      Ali Playz Month ago

      to be terrible, just like coutinho

    • Kari Kugan
      Kari Kugan Month ago


    • Charlie Shivnen
      Charlie Shivnen Month ago

      Salah loves Liverpool we the fans the support the team love him too

    • Mc !
      Mc ! Month ago

      Swap deal for dembelé

  • Abdulrasak Maalin
    Abdulrasak Maalin 22 days ago

    Wtf he is already a legend he my fav player too. He should stay at liv look at what he has done. He a top 10 player

  • Leo Berisha YT
    Leo Berisha YT Month ago

    Salah Neymar Suarez greizmann messi...
    Have fun on the bench Suarez with neymar on midfield

  • Liverpool YNWA
    Liverpool YNWA Month ago

    Harry Maguire will not perform anywhere NEAR as good as Virgil Van Dijk

  • zac h
    zac h Month ago +1

    nope i hate liverpool but that would be the most retarded thing ever. he won the champions league and is in a fan base that love him. why would he want to go under messis shadow

  • 남영경
    남영경 Month ago

    Now MSS

  • Khaled Abu Omar
    Khaled Abu Omar Month ago +2

    If Salah leaves to Barcelona, he would be outclassed by Dembele , neymar, Messi, Suarez and his career would get destroyed

  • Reach Sky
    Reach Sky Month ago

    It's better u ask Messi to leave Barca for Liverpool instead..

  • Sumer Rana
    Sumer Rana Month ago

    Eto'o must be the one tell Phil to join Barcelona,
    Poor Phil

  • MD Soccer 25
    MD Soccer 25 Month ago +1

    Dani Alves 36 Still Faster and better than Young

  • cRiTiCaL GamerX
    cRiTiCaL GamerX Month ago

    Neymar is such a snake Fcb Shouldn't accpect him

  • Egbert Craftom
    Egbert Craftom Month ago +1

    U need intro music to gain more subs

  • SuperNoobS JX
    SuperNoobS JX Month ago

    Personally harry Maguire is overrated for me don't get me wrong his good but seeing that man city need some good defender's I think that he'll fit right in seeing that there CB have lost form they need someone like Maguire if they wanna win a CL in the future.....

  • Samuel Essel
    Samuel Essel Month ago

    Harry Maguire to man city would be a great transfer, neymar going back to Barcelona is possible and salah to Barcelona is probably not gonna to happen

  • Anees Abdulhafid
    Anees Abdulhafid Month ago

    I really don’t see why salah would leave Liverpool

  • Orveus
    Orveus Month ago

    Neymar should go back to Barcelona to help them win the UCL. Also, he should clean up his off the pitch act and stop diving so much

  • Jekabs Stirna
    Jekabs Stirna Month ago


  • Rayan Khan
    Rayan Khan Month ago

    #Team Barcelona

  • shadowphantom619 123

    EPL is the best league

  • Bariem Gony
    Bariem Gony Month ago

    I think harry is worth 50-65 million pounds

  • savyásáči 23
    savyásáči 23 Month ago +1

    I'm so furious on Woodward...
    What he did last season is really awful and now we are suffering coz of his lame decision...😤😤

  • Somonic Mahato
    Somonic Mahato Month ago +1

    Etoo - Barca Legend lul

  • MrGumbwit
    MrGumbwit Month ago +1

    That Barcelona legend should shut the hell up

  • EJ Estonactoc
    EJ Estonactoc Month ago

    There is no way in hell salah is leaving and this is not me saying this as a fan but he said it himself, he has more than once rejected a move away from Liverpool. At the moment Liverpool are the most attractive team in the world, we are in a better position and overall higher ranked than both Barcelona and Real Madrid it makes no sense for him to leave.

  • Ben Pham
    Ben Pham Month ago

    no way salah to barca no way dont be like coutinho and suarez

  • NuBzLlamaFantasy
    NuBzLlamaFantasy Month ago

    salah publicly refused too leave

  • Vilgot B
    Vilgot B Month ago

    Eto is stupid and say that La liga id betther than PL and Liverpool is the best team in the world

  • Thabane Mhlongo
    Thabane Mhlongo Month ago

    Salah will sit on the bench in Barca🤞

  • Josh G
    Josh G Month ago

    Spanish league is shit

  • Hi There
    Hi There Month ago

    Lagia is not the best league

  • Kairo Palmer
    Kairo Palmer Month ago +1

    I wouldnt mind if Salah left but I dont think would

  • Mohit Garg
    Mohit Garg Month ago

    People saying salah will or could leave for barcelona should not be allowed to publish or distribute any news.

  • GeckoBoyYT Official

    What about how de ligt chooses juve

  • Isak Emanuel
    Isak Emanuel Month ago +1

    If Salah goes to barca then he will be shit! (like coutinho)

  • alex waring
    alex waring Month ago +1

    Why would salah leave he has just won the champions league with liverpool
    would he win it with barca
    He is the best in a front three at liverpool and gets picked everygame
    Would he start everygame at barca with messi suarez dembele and coutinho fighting for that position

  • Sirsak K c
    Sirsak K c Month ago

    Best youTube er, award one football nominated.

  • Seyam Rahman
    Seyam Rahman Month ago

    Don’t worry, PSG can break maguires record for de ligt

  • Masoon Malki
    Masoon Malki Month ago

    Neymar come back please

  • James Malone
    James Malone Month ago

    Javi Martinez can also play cb Nd you can push Pavard to rb and have kimmich play cdm

  • Sudesh Shew
    Sudesh Shew Month ago

    You shouldn’t have to ask to subscribe, you’re the best in the game when it comes to football news

  • Premier League Freak

    Eto'o has lost his mind

  • TrollPotatoe
    TrollPotatoe Month ago

    Maguire is NOT WORTH 80Mil. ridiculous value.

    GAMING WITH ARFAN Month ago +1

    What a coincidence. Today barca offered me 118 mil for Salah in career mode

  • Kenny Omega
    Kenny Omega Month ago +1

    Hahahahahahaha lol La Ligua is the best ligue hahahahaha it’s the premiere league then the série A then the bundesligua lol not top 3 best league

  • K M D 123
    K M D 123 Month ago

    EPL teams have improved a lot in Europe over the last three years. I think another premier league team could win it next year

  • KKV
    KKV Month ago

    Europa and Champions league finals this year were all english teams ,so fuck Spanish league as the best league.

  • JOJODPROz lolz
    JOJODPROz lolz Month ago +1

    Still no wan bissaka

  • blah ha
    blah ha Month ago

    La liga is shit etto

  • Amani Kinywa
    Amani Kinywa Month ago

    Good luck hitting 300,000!

  • Amani Kinywa
    Amani Kinywa Month ago +2

    Boateng can go to Arsenal or Manchester United.
    Dani Alves can go to Valencia CF or the MLS/Asia
    Nkunku should go to United when Herrera leaves

  • braydon ehnes
    braydon ehnes Month ago +4

    Salah needs to be consistent to become a legend and I feel like he is little overrated currently.

    • ierbutza21
      ierbutza21 Month ago

      nabil memo as a 16 years long Liverpool supporter I can say he is honestly,news not that amazing as his fanboys make him seem. He's good but not the best thing out there

    • nabil memo
      nabil memo Month ago

      braydon ehnes no

  • Xx_Andy_xX
    Xx_Andy_xX Month ago

    If u love ur parents

    Sub to me

    If u dont u hate them

  • MR SHOOT gamer
    MR SHOOT gamer Month ago +1

    You're the best

  • Tahsin Shabab
    Tahsin Shabab Month ago +1

    While it would be great to see Mohamed Salah at FC Barcelona as a Barca fan myself. I don't see it happening; Salah is just fine staying at Liverpool

  • Tahsin Shabab
    Tahsin Shabab Month ago

    Doesn't Salah and Messi play in the same position (RW)? Well nowadays Messi does play in CF since Barca tends to play in a 4-4-2 and Messi fits nicely into the the right side of the front attack.

  • Amani Kinywa
    Amani Kinywa Month ago +9

    If Ronaldo made that MU ~ RMA switch at the same level and age today, he probably would have been worth £200m.

    Hello, stranger

  • Reilly Seddon
    Reilly Seddon Month ago +2

    Barca can’t sign a Liverpool player till 2021

  • Dichhyant Thapa
    Dichhyant Thapa Month ago

    Not LA liga epl is best league in the world

    TOXIWASTE 34 Month ago +3

    Onefootball: Newcastle odder Rafa new contract
    Newcastle: Rafa is leaving

  • loco official
    loco official Month ago


  • TheVerstileGuy
    TheVerstileGuy Month ago +1

    Eto’o is saying how salah could be one of the best players if he joins barcelona as if salah isn’t great with Liverpool now, he won the champions league with Liverpool and Liverpool is a great team now so honestly salah should stay. Not to mention Liverpool have a really good history of trophies.

  • Phonuse077 The best
    Phonuse077 The best Month ago +1

    No no Salah is not going to Barca

  • Rolling Dough
    Rolling Dough Month ago

    Do you think Zouma will sign for Everton I feel that he has a future at Chelsea because the ban might go through or not but regardless David luiz is getting older and rüdiger is injured.

  • ιZчχεl
    ιZчχεl Month ago

    Maguire will be a complete flop IMO. The Morata of Manchester. He does not deserve to be an 80 million. I would say 55-65 million.

  • Atul Sharma
    Atul Sharma Month ago

    So bad photoshop of barca jersy on salha🤯

    MARC RODERICK Month ago

    Man City are just becoming another Bayern , Juventus and Barcelona

      GAMING WITH ARFAN Month ago +1

      @MARC RODERICK ok that makes sense now

      MARC RODERICK Month ago

      @GAMING WITH ARFAN bcoz bayern has Dortmund,Juventus has Napoli and Inter and Barcelona has Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid and Man City has Liverpool, which they fight all and win the league yet PSG is the only team big enough in France

      GAMING WITH ARFAN Month ago +1

      U forgot psg

    ARBAZ QURESHI Month ago

    Mr.Eto the best football league is the premier league not spanish league.

  • Eugene Krabs
    Eugene Krabs Month ago

    If Salah is smart he would go to Barca. He would go from playing with James Milner to the best in the world Messi. He will actually be able to win a league title there, not be at a club that continually slips up.

    • ierbutza21
      ierbutza21 Month ago

      Eugene Krabs San yes barca never bottles it, cough cough Ucl , cough cough Spanish cup, they are a shadow of what they used to be ,since Xavi left them they lost the magic in the gameplay

  • Zvi Gomez
    Zvi Gomez Month ago

    Bundesliga is easily the beat

  • Victor Amogu
    Victor Amogu Month ago

    Man££££City have done it again. Splashing money everywhere.

  • gaming with wahaj
    gaming with wahaj Month ago

    Don't leave Liverpool

  • Aayan Bashar
    Aayan Bashar Month ago +3

    I love Salah and Barca but I don't want to stop supporting Liverpool ☹️

  • Isaiah Bobby
    Isaiah Bobby Month ago

    Liverpool is a grt team bt Barcelona is more greater in terms of success Barcelona produce ballon dor winners dey wins treble wch Liverpool has never done bt Liverpool is a history clubs

  • Utsav Basu
    Utsav Basu Month ago

    Who told about the whatsapp thing if neymar don't believe him i don't believe a diver

  • Soccer Mario
    Soccer Mario Month ago +1

    Maguire is good and young but not that good or young.