ISLA NUBLAR SANDBOX DETAILS REVEALED! | Jurassic World: Evolution Isla Nublar Sandbox Mode

  • Published on May 21, 2018
  • NEW details about the Jurassic World: Evolution's sandbox mode on Isla Nublar have been revealed in an IGN First video (watch it below). We'll go through the important news and details right here.
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    ISLA NUBLAR SANDBOX DETAILS REVEALED! | Jurassic World: Evolution Isla Nublar Sandbox Mode
    A brand new Jurassic World video game - Jurassic World: Evolution has been announced. Coming in Summer 2018 this park builder for PC, Xbox One and PS4 is going to let us finally build our very own Jurassic World. A sort of sequel to Jurassic Park Operation Genesis and the Jurassic World film, Jurassic World Evolution will contain a bunch of dinosaurs including the Tyrannosaurus Rex Rexy, Velociraptor, Triceratops, Indominus Rex, Indoraptor (okay probably) and more. Jurassic World Evolution will release alongside Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom in 2018 and is the top upcoming dinosaur game for 2018.
    No swearing, family friendly commentary.
    For Adventure!
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Comments • 326

  • BestInSlot
    BestInSlot  10 months ago +96

    It's not all the control all of you wanted, but it's definitely a decent amount that's going to inevitably lead to ten billion Jursssic Park enactments on TheXvid. My own probably included.

    • Joseph Makowski
      Joseph Makowski 9 months ago

      Is there early access for people who have preordered

    • The Dishonored Coward
      The Dishonored Coward 10 months ago

      First I heard of it.

    • Aj Lupan
      Aj Lupan 10 months ago

      What do you think of the coming of aquatic and pterosaurs coming to JWE? Do you think we will get more dinosaurs released after the JWFK DLC? What about the third movie? will we get more DLC dealing with that?

    • The Dishonored Coward
      The Dishonored Coward 10 months ago

      I can be your friend if you want, but I come with a couple of rules. I feel the need to make a precaution and lay them out before I let people decide.
      1: Do not be afraid to speak your mind. By not telling me if I do something wrong you are not being "nice", what you are doing is denying me permission to give you respect. In the end it will only leave me scared and confused once things escalate.
      2: Give me a fair chance.
      3: Do not spite me for my best efforts to please you, there is only so much of that I can take before I snap.
      4: Ignoring me only makes me wonder if I did something wrong and come up with paranoid theories as to what I may have done. It is not hard to tell me to give you space if you need it, my mind works only on confirmation.
      If you uphold this agreement, or preferably like me for who I am, as always what I offer in return is putting your feelings before mine, a endless supply of love, my best support, loyalty, I will stand up for you, and I will try my best to comfort you when you need it. And I will always try to be nice and make your day great.
      What do you say? Want to be my friend? I get so lonely in the comment section when Fang is at school.

    • animals king
      animals king 10 months ago

      Will you be my friend as I have none

  • Ted Bermell
    Ted Bermell 8 months ago

    Can you get every dino Free?

  • Bruce Ferguson
    Bruce Ferguson 8 months ago

    I beat the game and I have no idea how to control the day/night and weather cycles on Nublar on PS4. Anybody know how?

  • Unboxing Deutschland
    Unboxing Deutschland 9 months ago

    Cooles Video gefällt uns, echt gut geworden 💪 Schon bei uns vorbeigeschaut? würden uns freuen. Like hast du aufjedenfall 😎

  • Darkdraco002
    Darkdraco002 9 months ago +1

    I've heard that this game is supposed to be an improvement over operation Genesis. But from what I've seen in gameplay you don't get to use the whole island which isn't too big to begin with you're limited to probably half the total circumference especially for a Sandbox that's not good. Feels like a waste of $65 but I can't get a refund hopefully the gameplay will make up for the lack of play area we were promised

  • Pelaaja1337
    Pelaaja1337 9 months ago

    But can you let the dinos roam free and without fences 'n' buildings like in JP:OG Site B? Cause I want to create my own ecosystem where dinosaurs just roam free and well, live.

  • Gommie
    Gommie 9 months ago

    They say you CAN control the day / night or Weather.
    Not that it's the entire thing.
    Sandbox is normally a mode where you go in, and can play without cheating (Unlimited Cash, 100% control over everything, etc.) with no set objectives, or goal, to see how long you can last.
    If it is how you claim it to be, then that's rubbish. Enough to make me refund the game if it allows you complete control, without the option to play it as a big sandbox park where you can do what you want.
    Sandbox with Creative is the most boring thing ever in a management, park builder, survival, whatever game you want. :/

  • Brandon Bordewyk
    Brandon Bordewyk 9 months ago

    Man they dropped the ball on this game. 😑

  • James Carson
    James Carson 9 months ago

    Mosasaurus profile

  • Alfie Evans
    Alfie Evans 9 months ago

    SO MUCH JURASSIC PARK...... i love it

  • GoldIndominus5325
    GoldIndominus5325 9 months ago

    Can you still unlock things on nublar? Or do you need to go to other islands to get new dinosaurs and buildings?

  • Peter Bennett
    Peter Bennett 10 months ago

    I'm hoping that with Isla Nublar, you can set a starting amount of money. You can control weather, time of day etc. I know that the option for unlimited is there and that's great.. a lot of people will go wild with that (myself included) and I look forward to seeing all of that, however I would like to start off with say 100k and work and manage smart to get to 5*. So I'm hoping the option for that is there in the sandbox. If not I'm pretty certain Sorna may satisfy that need but I'd outside of the campaign as well. Fingers crossed. Game looks amazing.. I'm a 10 Goldblum hype!

  • Kaiden Bader
    Kaiden Bader 10 months ago

    I think it would be cool if when you unlock Isla nublar or sorna the dinosaurs you see in the film's you have to capture them and contain them also you have to rebuild the old buildings/structures

  • Moontrax de
    Moontrax de 10 months ago

    why unlimit funds i dont will it like jpog where is the fun i hope i can deaktivate that sandbox tool

  • Pretty Awesome Person
    Pretty Awesome Person 10 months ago

    Yep. It's time to refund the game. They fucked it up.

    FAK SHINX 10 months ago

    why wont they just make it into day n night cycles for the other islands but not nublar

  • Su Kribo
    Su Kribo 10 months ago

    Still don't have day night cycle?? MEH.. and since unlimited money will make the gameplay boring AF, i hope they make it as an option.

  • Savage potaTOE :
    Savage potaTOE : 10 months ago

    Usually sandboxes r just he everything in the game go crazy. But I think it’s cool we have to unlock stuff

    • Viktor Provosky
      Viktor Provosky 9 months ago

      Savage potatoe : I don't. That defeats the purpose of sandbox mode.

  • Will Jones
    Will Jones 10 months ago

    Waiting for this game is causing me physical pain. I start a new job on the 11th of June too, so I won't be able to all nighter it til the weekend. On the plus side, I will be able to afford it haha

  • Omelette Du Fromage
    Omelette Du Fromage 10 months ago

    I'm still baffled with them not doing a day-night cycle on non-sandbox mode. I feel like it's a weird excuse when they answered why.

  • austin parris
    austin parris 10 months ago

    I'm still hopeful for Jurassic park assets

  • elmaster947
    elmaster947 10 months ago +1

    confirmed, not limit money for the realese: Thanks for the feedback in this thread! Please make sure to keep it constructive, as well as respectful towards your other forum members - that'd be most helpful!
    Just to answer some common things in here:
    - On Isla Nublar you do have the options to set the weather and there are presets for different times of day (noon, dusk, and night).
    - Whilst we see that some people are asking for a JPOG-style challenge mode, it's not something that will be in the game at launch. The Career mode is the challenge of the game, with Isla Nublar as sandbox there to let you freeform with buildings and dinosaurs you've already unlocked. It's something we might look into after launch, but it's currently not in the planning.
    Hope this clarifies!!

    • elmaster947
      elmaster947 10 months ago

      James Briscoe nothing is said about it, so nothing is confirmed, I would not agree with JP architecture, and in itself the content of JW buildings is not very large, however I think it is very likely to come out as DLC more ahead

    • James Briscoe
      James Briscoe 10 months ago

      elmaster947 do you know if we will have the option to choose between JP or JW architecture?

  • The Man With The Crystal Eyes

    But can we build our own Island from scratch?

  • Dggedsteven12
    Dggedsteven12 10 months ago

    why does it sound like a phone is vibrating at the 3-minute mark lmfao

  • Peter Der Klebrige
    Peter Der Klebrige 10 months ago

    I don't know which division i should take, because science is for Hybrids and stuff like the Indominus Rex but safty is also cool, because you handle with dangerous dinosaurs (sorry for my bad English... i am German)

    SOVIETENGLAND 10 months ago

    Half a million subs well done BestinSlot you deserve it!! Road to a million.

  • TheDeadYoshi
    TheDeadYoshi 10 months ago

    Hmm, the lack of building variety is a bit concerning. Each island is going to look exactly the same. Having a welcome/learning centre design specific to each island would have been nice. Even if the changes are minor.
    But yeah, small pens for small dinos would be a nice addition. More varied stalls and shops etc
    Oh well

  • Tom White
    Tom White 10 months ago

    What’s the point of giving you control and having the feature of a day dusk and night cycle if there’s not an automatic option? I don’t understand why if that’s all in the game you wouldn’t have an automatic feature in there too

  • Pat Garrett
    Pat Garrett 10 months ago

    Plot Twist , You cant Build on the whole island, like ps2

  • Kawasagi
    Kawasagi 10 months ago

    I feels like this game is going to be less featured packed than a lot of park/city sim games already on the market.
    Why is that? Production/development timing? DLC packs? Creative design?

  • Buildosaurus-LEGOSAURUS
    Buildosaurus-LEGOSAURUS 10 months ago +5

    Spared no expense :D

  • CalumF1
    CalumF1 10 months ago

    I hope they do something special with Sorna.

  • Skywalker17807
    Skywalker17807 10 months ago

    Ok this is the best game I’ve ever heard of and I’m getting it!

  • Casualgames23
    Casualgames23 10 months ago

    I guess the good news is that we'll be able to recreate the T-Rex breakout from Jurassic Park. I'm hoping they have classic JP skins for structures and jeeps so we could really do this.

  • Mason sweetman
    Mason sweetman 10 months ago

    I don't want it to be unlimited money I liked the way it was originally where you get some money and have to build up in a sandbox environment. I hope you can pick between unlimited money and limited money

  • Arya Faeqy
    Arya Faeqy 10 months ago

    I'm hoping they'll give us a DLC where we can make a marine facility for sea creatures on one of the islands. I can't wait to see a Mosasaurus in action. Will there be another Dino reveal today?

  • Marwane Guedda
    Marwane Guedda 10 months ago

    The spinosaurus are little

  • Rick Everson
    Rick Everson 10 months ago

    Hmm, wonder if we can trigger Mt Sibo... earthquakes, smoke, ash...

  • Szini50
    Szini50 10 months ago +1

    I dont want to play the campaign... Usually its just a boring tutorial mode...

  • pippyschannel1
    pippyschannel1 10 months ago

    I wonder if you can still manage security and entertainment on Nubla

  • Master-Theorem
    Master-Theorem 10 months ago

    Unlimited Funds? So there is no way to play like on the other islands where you have to earn your money? :/

  • *Mechanical Breathing*
    *Mechanical Breathing* 10 months ago

    hopefully other than the day&night/weather options theres an option for us to click that would basically change the time of the day/night every second which is pretty much a day & night cycle. i dont know how hard it is adding that into the game, but its pretty necessary.

  • Accurro
    Accurro 10 months ago +1


  • animalman57
    animalman57 10 months ago

    Nice. Can you talk about if Dilophosaurus will be in JW: Fallen Kingdom and what role it might have if it appears?

  • Walter Szukalski
    Walter Szukalski 10 months ago

    Which is bigger suchomimus or baryonyx? I thought that sucho was bigger but some say that the bary is

  • pippyschannel1
    pippyschannel1 10 months ago

    Thank you great vid and great and simple explaining ☺☺☺

  • DarkZerol
    DarkZerol 10 months ago

    Hold on a moment, is there day and night cycle changes within the sandbox mode? or will it be just either stay permanently at day or night time based on your preset setting?

  • Alex Bourgeois
    Alex Bourgeois 10 months ago

    Am I the only one who will probably make this island an island where the dinosaurs roam free and watch the carnivores hunt herbivores

  • mariano marcelo chapa
    mariano marcelo chapa 10 months ago

    I would like the volcano to erupt at some point in the game

  • Adamsky 87uk
    Adamsky 87uk 10 months ago +1

    Id love us to be given control of isla nublar at the time the t rex breaks out in Jurassic park,DLC for this game could be endless,i really hope there is some jurassic park content in there for us older gamers who craved this sort of video game back in the 90's

  • DinoBroof
    DinoBroof 10 months ago

    So will we able to make a sandbox with every building in dinosaur because I want to see every dinosaur in the game through my play through

  • CynderSpirit Dragon
    CynderSpirit Dragon 10 months ago +1

    This must be the year for video games Jurassic World Evolution, Kingdom Hearts 3, and Spyro Reignited Triology.

  • AirMan 2820
    AirMan 2820 10 months ago

    Congrats on 500k subs!

  • Riot Breaker
    Riot Breaker 10 months ago

    That's all I ever wanted

    • Riot Breaker
      Riot Breaker 10 months ago

      The Dishonored Coward sounds neat! Let's just hope we get more great footage, unlike that of the movie which keeps showing everything

    • The Dishonored Coward
      The Dishonored Coward 10 months ago

      That's alright, maby Armin will show up. He's a great guy.

    • Riot Breaker
      Riot Breaker 10 months ago

      The Dishonored Coward I doubt it, I don't exactly keep up with dino youubers, I just follow the JW channel and find things here and there.

    • The Dishonored Coward
      The Dishonored Coward 10 months ago +1

      Oh Hey its you again :) Good to see you. I May be wrong but I think Bestinslot will stream tomorrow, will you be able to show up?

  • Jason Hudry
    Jason Hudry 10 months ago +1

    Who thinks the Giganotosaurus will apear in the game ?

  • Kogasengaha Hishoshi
    Kogasengaha Hishoshi 10 months ago

    Mods, I know everyone wants it and so do I. Removes restrictions and lets us build ANYTHING WE WANT, and just like the PC versions of Jpog we can do anything concerning build restrictions and dinosaur limits. We can really build that "Dream" park unlike what the Devs promised. We can possibly build a park 3 times bigger than what we expected as shown by this map (I know its not ingame footage but movie SS) 0:04

  • mutantapk
    mutantapk 10 months ago

    I would so love if they could do like in JPog with a site b. An island with no fences, just dinosaur roaming free, and you could just watch life unfold on that island.

    MR TIMZ 10 months ago

    The fact there is not a true day/night cycle in this game tells me how serious this game takes itself.

  • Emilio Zamora
    Emilio Zamora 10 months ago

    We need a Site B

  • DelilahZx10 R
    DelilahZx10 R 10 months ago

    Now that I realize it I feel the games campaign will get repetitive and stuff and you'll be restarting it over and over

  • Saul W L Woodworth
    Saul W L Woodworth 10 months ago

    So, in the US, does anyone else have the release date in December? I’ve been told that’s just the placeholder date. But will Sony change the date to June 12th for the digital release of the game? And if not, will it still be released on June 12 or will I have to wait until December?

  • theferretman21
    theferretman21 10 months ago

    Well, here is my Site B!

  • Suzette Watson
    Suzette Watson 10 months ago

    I'm really hoping for a first person mode on this. ;)

  • Noom
    Noom 10 months ago

    It'd be extra cool if they had volumetric clouds to add an extra layer of depth

  • Caio Goveia
    Caio Goveia 10 months ago

    I am disappointed, why don't let us have the sand box in every island ? And a normal nublar too ?
    Also there is some things that I want to know before buy it
    When I unlock isla xxx can I go to it and restart it from the 0 ? Or I will have to do a new campaing ?
    When I ended my campaing, it's gone ? Can I reload a past point of it ? Can I have 2 campaings running at the same time ?

  • Christopher Jordan
    Christopher Jordan 10 months ago

    I wonder what the next species profile would be? Could it be Chungkingosaurus perhaps?

  • Dr Scanlon
    Dr Scanlon 10 months ago

    Did I just hear your phone go off near the end of the video?

  • Jacob Perez
    Jacob Perez 10 months ago +2

    Could we just use it as a site b from jpog?

  • Xeno-Life
    Xeno-Life 10 months ago +1

    We’re getting there :)
    Dude I have a countdown on my phone and î’ve just made a day off request at my job on the 12th of June just for JW

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha 10 months ago

    I think i'll wait too, despite how excited I will be to play it. I want s many dinosaurs as possible

  • Lyhre Kitsu
    Lyhre Kitsu 10 months ago +1

    I'm a little confused...why is everyone complaining so much? I mean, really think about this. Thks game is the dinosaur park simulator EVERYONE wanted, with quality almost NOBODY expected. How can you sit here and complain about something not being big enough, or it not being EXACTLY the way you want it to be? I'm not trying to call people out exactly, I just really feel like...everyone is raising the bar on their expectations whilst forgetting and overlooking the incredible game it already is. Everyone just seems do dreadfully ungrateful lately...

  • Daniel Young
    Daniel Young 10 months ago

    It better be this limted island at the start unlock more of the island as you progress into the story and the full island with 5 star all rating

  • Timber Wolfe
    Timber Wolfe 10 months ago +3

    So excited to see what people will do with sandbox mode~

  • Luis Ramirez
    Luis Ramirez 10 months ago

    I wanted a sandbox where all of the dinosaurs can roam

  • BillLeftKneeCap
    BillLeftKneeCap 10 months ago

    Lol the patron name best in slot sucks

  • Todo Bien
    Todo Bien 10 months ago +3

    The picture at 2:56 . I hope you can build some of the attractions you see there. Like the dinosaur coliseum or the petting zoo. We didn´t see these in the gameplay footage so far, but I think it would be contribute to the diversity in the matter of building

  • JPOG7 TV
    JPOG7 TV 10 months ago +5

    The fact they actually listened to us and tried to do something that'll make us satisfied with brings me joy knowing that the developers really care about the game and the fans.

  • Scott Sadler
    Scott Sadler 10 months ago

    I think for me Isla Nublar will be just a Dino Reserve. I’ll just have them roaming free.

  • MrMetal92 TTV
    MrMetal92 TTV 10 months ago +1

    I cannt wait for this game.. Ive been having dreams about this and Fallen Kingdom. It needs to be June!!!

  • Nigward Harvey
    Nigward Harvey 10 months ago

    Been here since 2013 loved every second of it you deserve it Bis

  • CWdude
    CWdude 10 months ago +2

    I can’t wait to recreate scenes from Jurassic Park

  • Colin Gilligan
    Colin Gilligan 10 months ago

    i'd make my isla nublar a site b so it makes sense with fallen kingdom.

  • RedRaptor
    RedRaptor 10 months ago

    I can’t stop watching your videos. You provide the best information out of any youtuber if seen in terms of Jurassic world evolution. Great video!

  • Efrum The Retarded Rabbit

    To make things streamlined. I'm not going to the next island until I 5 * the previous one.

    • TripZ
      TripZ 10 months ago

      Efrum The Retarded Rabbit ya it's a little weird that they seemingly haven't put any real importance on getting 5 star park

  • Mehmet Akharman
    Mehmet Akharman 10 months ago

    You deserve each of those 500 k subs!

  • Mehmet Akharman
    Mehmet Akharman 10 months ago

    You deserve each of those 500 k subs!

  • Tucker Cooper
    Tucker Cooper 10 months ago

    ... Can we get the old ford explorers? Please? maybe as a mod

  • The Blobfish With Hands
    The Blobfish With Hands 10 months ago

    Was that your phone ringing at the end?😂😂😂

  • Schiller Memestar
    Schiller Memestar 10 months ago

    Do we only get to incubate dinosaurs that are unlocked, or all of the ones in the game?

    • Caio Goveia
      Caio Goveia 10 months ago +1

      Erik Schiller just the ones you already dig, so perfect island just when you search everything but maybe it is not that hard to do.

  • Schiller Memestar
    Schiller Memestar 10 months ago

    Half a million! Congrats! You deserve, like twice that!

  • Gehenna27
    Gehenna27 10 months ago

    0:55 I'm surprised that I'm not seeing any "there are *five* other islands apart from Nublar" comments

  • pariag travers
    pariag travers 10 months ago

    I hope we can put a 1993 skin im nublar

  • pariag travers
    pariag travers 10 months ago

    Ahhhh cant wait to let my tyranosaurus and spinosaurus loose

  • Lunsen 402
    Lunsen 402 10 months ago

    i hope they make it so you can chose whatever youll have unimited money or not on isla nublar. while i like fucking around a bit i also enjoy building stuffs without any real constraints but with limited money... kind of like in good old jpog though i guess that is to some extent what youll do on all the other maps i would indeed like it if we get to do that on isla nublar as well. another thing id like would be a mode where you like in jpog made a randomized island and build you´re park on it thatd be fun, maby they ad that latter and if they give out the modding tools i am sure some one will make some really cool and big maps

  • Ken-Eren
    Ken-Eren 10 months ago

    will dinosaurs walk in herd like in jpog ?

  • Mou
    Mou 10 months ago

    But will it be 1993 ?

  • DTV Entertainment
    DTV Entertainment 10 months ago

    Wounderrful ! Love it ! Thats Exactly what I wanted :D

  • Nolan Hanley
    Nolan Hanley 10 months ago

    So hype

  • NPC #19912020
    NPC #19912020 10 months ago +6

    Something I've noticed reading through these comments, is that a lot of people are asking for the same thing. It's funny, because in my opinion a "Sandbox" is a place where you do what you want... What if people *WANT* to set rules and restrictions?
    IMO, they should have two modes on Isla Nubla.
    *Automatic/Wild Mode:* Would have randomised weather, a working day and night cycle and the creation of Dinosaurs and Buildings are restricted by money and research, like the Campaign. Basically the full experience on one Island. (Things unlocked through an Isla Nubla Automatic/Wild playthrough, don't unlock Dinosaurs, Buildings or anything else for Manual/Creative use)
    *Manual/Creative Mode:* Is basically what they're suggesting already. Place everything where and how you want it with no expense. The only restriction is you must have unlocked it through the main Campaign. (This still gives people a serious reason to play through it, otherwise people might just skip past all that hard work put in by the dev's)
    Now, you could also switch back and forth at any time. THAT for me, would be awesome! I could make my dream park, exactly how I want it and then switch to *Automatic/Wild Mode* to really test it out. If or *WHEN* something goes horribly wrong, I can choose to deal with it legitimately or switch back to *Manual/Creative Mode* and fix it without any effort. (Obviously though I needed to play the Campaign, so there was some effort already invested into it)
    I think this is a fair well rounded structure. People could have the experience they personally want, and nothing in the game is sidelined. Everything still feels like it has a reason to be there. This also heightens the replay value of Isla Nubla. (I wonder if you can have multiple saved versions of one island? Does anyone know? Yeesh, I hope so...)

  • Förster44
    Förster44 10 months ago

    "You can control day and night on Islar Nublar" YEEEES!!!
    - "But it's not a full day and night cycle" NOOOOO! :O
    Why :"(