Kitchen Nightmares - S05E07 The Curry Lounge

  • Published on Mar 9, 2015
  • Kitchen Nightmares - S05E07 The Curry Lounge
    Kitchen Nightmares - S05E07 The Curry Lounge
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  • saif Malik
    saif Malik 12 hours ago

    I met mr khan the head cheff today. Lovely man.

  • navya smily
    navya smily 4 days ago

    You nailed

  • Jamy Chong
    Jamy Chong 4 days ago

    I wonder how they managed to pull off that thicc British accent🤔🤨

  • Shadow Force
    Shadow Force 4 days ago

    As person Who loves Indian food this Is sad! I feel bad for chief!

  • bow down
    bow down 4 days ago

    I so do not mean to offend but the food looks like hogs slop

  • Russian Bot #568984
    Russian Bot #568984 5 days ago +3

    Those aren't asians Gordon...
    Its sad to see Nottingham, a traditional British town, become a Indian/Middle Eastern town.

  • Mitch L.
    Mitch L. 5 days ago

    This chef is very honourable and respectful of his craft

  • Kiko Dry
    Kiko Dry 6 days ago

    Dhuur halar hala

  • Scarlem Knight
    Scarlem Knight 7 days ago

    Waitress: Waitress comes to Gordan's Table.
    Gordon Ramsay: Fuck off

  • qwerty123627
    qwerty123627 8 days ago

    you remind me of one of my creepy

  • Audio Rees3
    Audio Rees3 9 days ago +1

    Waiter : Here's your water
    he Drinks water
    Gordon : it's dry

  • Izy Cananua
    Izy Cananua 9 days ago

    You Brits realize that Ramsay is out for cash.
    You have to have polite or you cry
    American people don't care how you feel and expect in your face Gordon.
    Either way gordy makes money, if you think its anything but money
    You need more than stick removal from your arse

  • fesokeo
    fesokeo 9 days ago

    Brilliant work it’s not the glamour of the venue it’s the taste 👏🏼👏🏼👍🏼

  • Aaris Howton
    Aaris Howton 10 days ago

    The audio at 37:00 is truly amazing

  • Nicholas CECERE
    Nicholas CECERE 11 days ago

    the British version >>> american version

  • jozsefkacsa
    jozsefkacsa 11 days ago

    I`m off to Nottingham where they`re knots about Curry ............oh ...... and about Child Sex Grooming Gangs!!! But let us just talk about the Curry because Child Grooming Rape Gangs are not that important!

  • Dat Do
    Dat Do 13 days ago

    I'm running out of Gordon Ramsay videos

  • RBFITNESS blake
    RBFITNESS blake 14 days ago

    Here i sit, hear i dream, show me bobbys and vagene

  • Morwen Eryn Vorn
    Morwen Eryn Vorn 15 days ago

    I hate restaurants with TV's in them. It's as bad as having your date sitting across from you staring at their cell phone- it's just a mindless distraction that takes away the entire point of going out together, and interacting.

  • Fiji
    Fiji 15 days ago

    4:30 the fucking timing LODISAJFIUSDbulghdz

  • M K
    M K 16 days ago

    This series won Ramsay my respect. The motivation, business vision, you can apply all of these tips to any business. Too bad his American series is a piece of sensational shit.

  • Markhos Finnic
    Markhos Finnic 16 days ago +1

    11:24 Is that sexual harassment?

  • griffo36
    griffo36 16 days ago

    Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Naan
    Harry Potter and the Naan of Secrets
    Harry Potter and the Naan of Azkaban
    Harry Potter and the Naan of Fire
    Harry Potter and the Half Blood Naan
    Harry Potter and the Deathly Naan

  • Fred Dingbar
    Fred Dingbar 17 days ago

    Lets hope the chefs from India are keeping their left hands clean.

  • sara4hayati
    sara4hayati 17 days ago

    The non existant sideburns tho

  • sara4hayati
    sara4hayati 17 days ago

    The non existant sideburns tho

  • B F
    B F 18 days ago

    This program is Guaranteed staged a little. The Chef with the mustache has been on channel 4 Coach Trip program as well. There's others who have appeared on Channel 4 shows and then have appeared on other channel 4 shows such as 2 contestants from C4 Coach Trip recently appeared on Four in a Bed as Hotel owners. There was another couple who appeared on a C4 program and then appeared on A Place in the Sun looking for a house abroad. How coincidental, people who appear on C4 programs seem to appear on further programs made by C4.

  • ENDN /Indian
    ENDN /Indian 20 days ago +1

    There’s probably no music because Bollywood claim it as copyright 😂😂😂

  • Florence Mendy
    Florence Mendy 20 days ago +1

    I got the idea from a Seinfeld episode where Kramer wants to open a make your own pizza 😂✌

  • Dexter Thompson
    Dexter Thompson 20 days ago +1


  • Jonny Bravo
    Jonny Bravo 21 day ago

    The US versions are better viewing. Americans are more dramatic.

  • Michael Martin
    Michael Martin 21 day ago

    That's got to be my favourite dish off of Kitchen Nightmares. The hanging knickers looks like someone forgot to throw out the staff's butter chicken for a month and needed space in the kitchen, so after a quick rinse the chef hung it to dry in the front.

  • François Van de Ven

    So Gordon needs to learn Indian chef to cook Indian,

  • Shivang Singh
    Shivang Singh 22 days ago +2

    update : restaurant is closed because
    of tax evasion

  • SomeRandomGuy101
    SomeRandomGuy101 22 days ago

    When your discord server name has the same name as a Kitchen Nightmares episode

  • kurluk04
    kurluk04 23 days ago +1

    “Fuck off, oh no not you” hahahaha

  • Matthew Poole
    Matthew Poole 25 days ago +1

    Lmao the owner got sent to jail I 2017 for Tax fraud

  • Damien CALLAGHAN
    Damien CALLAGHAN 26 days ago

    The U.K. episodes are MUCH better than the U.S.A episodes
    THERE IS NO FUCKING MUSIC OVER THE TOP and you can concentrate on what Ramsay is saying.
    It is the same story with Masterchef and Hells Kitchen
    WATCH a U.K. episode of Any three shows Then watch a U.S.A episode and you will notice the difference

  • Robert Francis
    Robert Francis 26 days ago +1

    theres something charming about the way people in the UK swear so frequently and casually. It never seems trashy for some reason when they do it.

  • Billy Austin
    Billy Austin 27 days ago +3

    New drinking game idea: Take a shot every time Gordon says 'authentic/authenticity' during this episode.
    You won't last long...

  • S Ali
    S Ali 27 days ago

    Raz is a crook

  • Expif
    Expif 29 days ago +2

    “In 2017 Raz admitted to tax fraud by failing to pay £45k VAT and falsely claiming £20k of tax repayments from the restaurant, he avoided a prison sentence, has paid back £45k and will repay back the remaining amount by instalment.
    The restaurant closed in 2018 after failing to secure a new owner.”

  • Sayan Karmakar
    Sayan Karmakar Month ago

    3:41 Zaheer Khan?

  • Shadow Runner
    Shadow Runner Month ago

    Is it just me or is he easier on brits then he is Americans ? He rips Americans a new asshole even before he walks through the doors.

  • Tariq Aslam
    Tariq Aslam Month ago

    Proper rate Gordan Ramsey for kickin Raz into shape.

  • antony ward
    antony ward Month ago

    Gordon is a culinary and business focus genius.

  • Paul Burkett
    Paul Burkett Month ago +1

    I wish more chefs took negative criticism the way Khan did. He was a bad mf on this show.

    CONCRETELUNG Month ago

    I like naan antlers.

  • Vivek Jasti
    Vivek Jasti Month ago

    Gordon you are British chef not even try to teach our Indian chefs about our cuisine

    • Clark Napper
      Clark Napper Month ago +1

      That's why he brought in Alfred, an Indian chef, to put together a menu, while he worked on the business failings.

  • East meets West
    East meets West Month ago

    The owner is so good at cricket 🏏 😂😂😂


    1st time i see this owner ,chef collaborate politely and happily with ramsey , listen to his opinons . and guess what restro is on high stakes these days

  • Lucas Dobson
    Lucas Dobson Month ago

    Wow wow I'll never go I dont eat that shit

  • TheLMan101
    TheLMan101 Month ago

    "Fuck off"

  • Northy
    Northy Month ago +1

    Half the staff were arrested for raping young white children and the other half were deported for being illegals.

  • Ashter Egg
    Ashter Egg Month ago

    Gordon makes sence team work

  • BU3 D
    BU3 D Month ago

    "hello" " Fuck off... oh not you" lol

  • Michael Alguire
    Michael Alguire Month ago

    It's not typical for Indian food to be bland.

  • Panashe Fundira
    Panashe Fundira Month ago +2

    Who knew Raz would be a cricket prodigy?

  • kozzicosgrovemusic
    kozzicosgrovemusic Month ago +2

    raj the tax fraud cheat. bet you raj wishes he had the bread antlers now to fend off inmates trying to stretch his butthole

  • Avishek Mazumder
    Avishek Mazumder Month ago +2

    Gordon constantly pulling leg of the good looing waiter :D.."" : 19:24