TMNT: Out of the Shadows - Nostalgia Critic

  • Published on Nov 9, 2016
  • Angry Video Game Nerd, Black Nerd, and the Nostalgia Critic look at the Turtle movie that was supposed to please every Turtle fan!
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Comments • 7 024

  • Arlia Marr
    Arlia Marr 17 hours ago +1

    999 diss likes

  • Rambling Hyena
    Rambling Hyena Day ago

    Holy shit. He looks nothing like I imagined.

  • Jared Nowasielski

    Just finished the 5th season of Bojack horseman’
    Sees angry nerd and nostalgia critic
    Me: what is this a crossover episode?

  • optimus Transformer

    Why Michael Bay is blamed for TNT is beyond my understanding. I get his criticism for movies he directed but why criticize him for movies he didn't direct.

  • JManPlays
    JManPlays Day ago

    Fuck it.
    I loved both of these movies.

  • Pain Ville gaming
    Pain Ville gaming 2 days ago

    This video has the holly trinity

  • Nate Macrae
    Nate Macrae 2 days ago

    stephen amell should have used more arrow and less channelling grant gustin as flash

  • Malaysian Productions

    15:25 "CD's nuts" that made my day😂😂😂

  • CT
    CT 2 days ago

    batman vs ninja turtles animated movie. doooo it

  • Marc DeBenedetto
    Marc DeBenedetto 2 days ago

    I would have preferred The Black Nerd instead of Tyler Perry as Baxter Stockman.

  • Truce Truce
    Truce Truce 3 days ago

    April was the actual worst part.
    She’s not April she’s literally just the packaged female eye candy that can be taken out of every action movie.

  • Shane Thereaper
    Shane Thereaper 3 days ago

    Lol when NC looked at his dick he looked so sad lol

  • Red reaper
    Red reaper 4 days ago

    16:02 monkey we have same ancestor as a monkey in what life there is a man with a pig as an ancestor?!

  • Red reaper
    Red reaper 4 days ago

    Keanu reeves as casey jones

  • crazy'bout drawingstuff

    this needs to be shown in a theater

  • Tanner Hutchings
    Tanner Hutchings 5 days ago +1

    But i like leo

  • Connerd Corps
    Connerd Corps 5 days ago

    personally I would have gone with blackster stockman but seeing as there was only 1 time he wasn't black I digress.

  • Lego Boy
    Lego Boy 6 days ago

    How dare you mention the samsung note7

  • Dark Demonik
    Dark Demonik 6 days ago

    BoJack Horseman was in MIB and TMNT

  • Dark Demonik
    Dark Demonik 6 days ago

    TMNT 1990 is the best movie period end of story

  • Thundrex
    Thundrex 8 days ago +4

    0:42 it's funny you should say that since historically ninjas actually did use guns when they were invented. They weren't used often but ninjas definitely weren't above using them

  • WolfieDaRadar
    WolfieDaRadar 8 days ago +2

    Watch Meghan fox get replaced in TMNT 3 (Its A joke. TMNT 3 SHOULD NEVER COME OUT)

  • nessie productions
    nessie productions 8 days ago

    Funny enough a gun is actually a ninja weapon in their later years

  • Major Marvelous
    Major Marvelous 9 days ago

    Even though Leonardo is my favorite Turtle in TMNT, I do agree with these three nerds that Leonardo is a dick of a leader and a primadonna a-hole. But when it comes to bad leaders, I say the WORST leader of all time would be Cyclops from the X-Men. He's shown to be more of a terrible leader and more of a primadonna when it comes to making team decisions.

  • Cadet Hayward
    Cadet Hayward 9 days ago

    If they made the guy who played Casey Jones more like arrow it would be better

  • awturbosp
    awturbosp 10 days ago

    Best crossover EVER!

  • Drew Tube
    Drew Tube 10 days ago +1

    0:53 Eeehhh, I don’t know. How about “Black-Ster Stock-Nerd”?


    I have anger mate issues and I’ve been on a bad ass I’m a fucking lazy Who watches channel awesome

  • Someone From somewhere

    A gun is a traditional ninja weapon

  • Elene Mek
    Elene Mek 11 days ago

    I love this movie! It is waaay better than the first one!

  • Kuro Kage
    Kuro Kage 12 days ago

    A movie with the characters from the 87 series and named after a game with the 07 movie based on the 03 series

  • Aku From the future
    Aku From the future 12 days ago +1

    Animal ancestors?
    Forget apes.
    He's a rhino

  • Aku From the future
    Aku From the future 12 days ago +3

    "I'm gonna be a detective someday!"
    THAT was the dumbest thing Casey could ever say

  • Jackson Warfield
    Jackson Warfield 13 days ago

    I can't believe I LIKED THIS TRASH

  • 詩やわあ混ん
    詩やわあ混ん 17 days ago

    Favorite part 16:23

    APOLLOROCK3R 18 days ago

    05:49 I think the random bird imitation was supposed to be a reference to how the Bluth family poorly imitating how a chicken sounds like from Arrested Development, which also has Will Arnett.

  • James Fils
    James Fils 18 days ago

    Awesome review. Very organic. It seems like you guys are really friends

  • Unslaadahsil
    Unslaadahsil 18 days ago

    How is Leo the worst leader? He's ALWAYS proven right. Also, Raphael is an egotistical idiot.

    • Unslaadahsil
      Unslaadahsil 18 days ago

      also, how do you react when the end sketch of NC is better than the movie they just review (or is at least more funny)

  • Kelli Vincent
    Kelli Vincent 19 days ago

    I just wish I could have a geek meeting with Black Nerd

    I AM BREAD 19 days ago +1

    12:06 can someone explain too
    Me why ther is a blue lady in a dress

  • Ricky Jones
    Ricky Jones 19 days ago +1

    Does anyone else think nostalgia critic should talk about the 2012 tmnt show I thought it was fun and had interesting storys and character designs to me it was one of the best turtles shows

  • greatpower30
    greatpower30 19 days ago

    Megan Fox would get it.

  • Casper
    Casper 20 days ago

    I came back here since we are getting a cross over between
    Batman and the ninja turtles
    It's real look it up

  • KoreeluStromboli
    KoreeluStromboli 20 days ago

    6:25 - 6:46 LMAO, Black Nerd got trolled! XD

    18:25 Heh-heh! XD

    19:35 - 19:40 Heh-heh!

  • KoreeluStromboli
    KoreeluStromboli 20 days ago

    6:25 - 6:46 LMAO, Black Nerd got trolled! XD

    18:25 Heh-heh! XD

    19:35 - 19:40 Heh-heh!

  • vaibhav nimale
    vaibhav nimale 20 days ago

    is it just me was the kaww kaww reference to Arrested Development?

  • Nick P
    Nick P 21 day ago

    Is everyone just ignoring he fact that the whole animal genetics thing is basically the exact plot from the super mario bros movie?

  • Yo Yo
    Yo Yo 21 day ago

    13:03 "I wanna use the techinidrone made by dodge ram" lmao

  • Yo Yo
    Yo Yo 21 day ago


  • Joseph Marsh
    Joseph Marsh 21 day ago

    MICHAEL BAY: So, Stephen, we really loved how you played a badass, threatening, cool vigilante on Arrow, how would you like to play Casey Jones? STEPHEN AMELL: Sure, sounds awesome. MICHAEL: Good. Now, just make sure you play Casey Jones completely opposite of how you played Oliver Queen.

  • Jack da ‘alf brain ork

    This movie was doomed when they got Michael bay

  • Creative Videos 13
    Creative Videos 13 22 days ago

    5:00 how the hell is any supposed to believe that? 5:55stroke

  • Morgil
    Morgil 23 days ago

    12:06 and 12:13 - those are two completely different crowd shots.

  • PiggyLauncher Studios
    PiggyLauncher Studios 24 days ago

    27:21 you’re welcome for that face

  • Zena Hasna
    Zena Hasna 25 days ago

    Zain I like bebop and rocksteady

  • Zena Hasna
    Zena Hasna 25 days ago

    Zain I like bebop and rocksteady

  • Luke Queen
    Luke Queen 26 days ago

    Im pretty sure the only reason why Stephen Amell is Casey Jones is because of his most famous role being The Green Arrow. However instead of copying his strengths in being a dark vigilante in Arrow, they made him a whiny pos.

  • Bubbertin
    Bubbertin 26 days ago

    So the move went to S*&t because Shred-Michael Bay-Der...I Guess pressed space on a keybord

  •  26 days ago

    This Is Me At 16:08-16:11

  • Disambiguation144
    Disambiguation144 27 days ago


  • David Higgins
    David Higgins 29 days ago

    Michael Bay....ruining my childhood, one franchise at a time. Krang's entire exposition piece is like the preface for a fucking video game. What a travesty of a movie.

  • Tikiwizard
    Tikiwizard 29 days ago

    Got to get my daily fix of SUNSET SASPIRILLA

  • Kenx Fury
    Kenx Fury Month ago +2

    And came for Nerd from Angry Video Game Nerd

  • the Cannon
    the Cannon Month ago

    Ok how do you make aliens appear to the world make them come up through the ground we all saw how that ended

  • 4 diamondz
    4 diamondz Month ago

    i should buy the dvd...
    and give it a public execution...

    but the shot will go right through the hole for being such
    ASS to TMNT fans!

  • Lamboguy633
    Lamboguy633 Month ago

    Cowa-fucking piece of dog shit!

  • Lamboguy633
    Lamboguy633 Month ago

    Cows-fucking piece of dog shit!

  • Sean John
    Sean John Month ago

    Batman vs Teenage mutant ninja turtles . Great movie Batman fights Shredder. This is better then watching wack ass Avengers Endgame

  • Dark Horse
    Dark Horse Month ago +1

    Nerd cross overs are awesome

  • Plush Wizard
    Plush Wizard Month ago +3

    Captain America: on your left
    Ninja turtles: yeah falcon

  • Plush Wizard
    Plush Wizard Month ago +1

    4:51 This gives me an idea
    Angry video game nerd versus
    nostalgia critic versus black

    Comment = black nerd
    Like = nostalgia critic
    Dislike = angry video Game nerd
    I have a feeling that Black nerd will win

  • Plush Wizard
    Plush Wizard Month ago

    4:51 This gives me an idea
    Angry video game nerd versus
    nostalgia critic versus black

    Comment = black nerd
    Like = nostalgia critic
    Dislike = angry video Game nerd
    I have a feeling that Black nerd will win

  • Plush Wizard
    Plush Wizard Month ago

    4:51 This gives me an idea
    Angry video game nerd versus
    nostalgia critic versus black

    Comment = black nerd
    Like = nostalgia critic
    Dislike = angry video Game nerd
    I have a feeling that Black nerd will win

  • Andrew Ambrose
    Andrew Ambrose Month ago


  • Bridget Mistry
    Bridget Mistry Month ago

    Make the black nerd punches Doug Walker into a meme

  • Long Island Avenger

    CD’s nuts 😂😂 I shouldn’t have laughed that hard. Also sheamus as rocksteady is the best part of this movie

  • Rawkwilder
    Rawkwilder Month ago

    Malcolm wasn't fighting the biggest monster.... they were making the review. You've made Jon cry!

  • Chase TheHuman
    Chase TheHuman Month ago

    I laughed so hard at the faces on each to the critics when they looked at at their own dicks for the funny.
    seriously, pause i right before it cuts away back to the review and look at the looks on their faces.

  • Joel Baldwin
    Joel Baldwin Month ago

    I know what you were going for, but there's one major thing you got wrong: Bay doesn't have a mind.

  • Joel Baldwin
    Joel Baldwin Month ago +2

    Megan Fox, a lifeless computer generation or a robot? THAT EXPLAINS IT!

  • the Inevitable Iron-Traveller

    Will Sonic fans be able to Learn from this movie.....when the Sonic movie comes out, they'll remember their mistake.

  • jon
    jon Month ago

    OH MY GOD. The one two punch of the punch and drool is potent my friend 21:33

  • Matthew W Jr. Hasch

    Last time I checked,in the first movie... APRIL WAS FIRED

  • Matthew W Jr. Hasch

    I laughed my ass off at this part...26:44

  • Matthew W Jr. Hasch

    25:45...Even I can come up with a better roast than that

  • Matthew W Jr. Hasch

    Donnie is smartest out of all of the turtles,donnie should've been leader

  • Matthew W Jr. Hasch

    No matter who play's casey jones (except steven amell,because he's cool),casey sucks,especially in the 2013 cartoon on nickelodeon,he was an asshole

  • Matthew W Jr. Hasch

    Maybe shredder grew some hair

  • Matthew W Jr. Hasch


  • jon
    jon Month ago


  • name cannot be blank

    Honestly this movie made me rewatch arrow

  • Jacob Castro
    Jacob Castro Month ago

    6:41 that's racist

  • Michael Hodgkinson
    Michael Hodgkinson Month ago

    Best crossover ever

  • Bt99
    Bt99 Month ago

    PewDiePie: Frick You Brad

    Person Named Brad/Me: How Could this Happen this to me don't you know what I have done for you. D:

  • Bobby Brown
    Bobby Brown Month ago

    I didn't think it was as bad as everyone thinks it is.

  • Parker Picone
    Parker Picone Month ago

    I agree with leo as the worst leader, plus in most of the movies ralph is the hero while leo is always kidnapped.

  • Parker Jameson
    Parker Jameson Month ago

    Baxter Stockman looks like the Nutty Professer

  • Dragon Blane Z Kai
    Dragon Blane Z Kai Month ago

    13:02 Sam Elliot has different plans

  • Jinx_ Thebat
    Jinx_ Thebat Month ago


  • Dragon Lord
    Dragon Lord Month ago

    Michael Bay's tmnt = The Sonic Movie's Sonic