The Truth About What Happened To Jean Claude Van Damme

  • Published on Dec 8, 2018
  • In the 1980s and 1990s, the charismatic and photogenic "Muscles from Brussels" became an international movie star - and then, just as fast and unlikely as his rise, came the fall. Here's how the man born Jean-Claude Camille François Van Varenberg has occupied himself in recent years...
    The Kickboxing Universal Soldier | 0:19
    Jean Claude Van Predator? | 2:18
    The Statue of the Muscles from Brussels | 3:09
    Jean-Claude’s Van Dogs | 3:39
    Splits Sells | 4:16
    Kicking ass in a feminine way | 4:57
    The real-life Johnny Cage | 5:33
    Addiction and illness | 6:39
    But can he fight? | 8:24
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  • Jonathan Gillis
    Jonathan Gillis 11 hours ago

    Van Damme is my hero!

  • Tire Man
    Tire Man 13 hours ago

    mi suck my sick faggit

  • Christopher Fava
    Christopher Fava 19 hours ago

    Double impact classic 1 of my favorites

  • Islam Ashraf
    Islam Ashraf 20 hours ago

    Van Dam's 2nd best commercial is the one he did in Egypt with our best Egyptian actor, Mohamed Ramadan.

  • DarkHorse_2018
    DarkHorse_2018 Day ago

    She can kick ass? Then why Doesn't she Chamber her kicks!? Very important to do. Not just for power but for looks as well. Her kick just shown, looks like shit!

  • DarkHorse_2018
    DarkHorse_2018 Day ago

    Damn.... If Van-Damme would have done that scene with Jet Li? That would have been amazing to see. WHY would Jean Claude refuse that scene? Stupid move man. But that is just typical for his career. Mostly stupid films and bad role choices.... Wakey Wakey Van-Damme.

  • Team DriveAlot
    Team DriveAlot Day ago

    Drugs ?

  • Bob Yuman
    Bob Yuman 3 days ago

    Who is dux everyone is talking about in the comment section

  • Frankie Fourfngrs
    Frankie Fourfngrs 3 days ago +1

    Frank Dux is an actual fraud.

  • Jason Hensley
    Jason Hensley 3 days ago

    i love how this rumor of him being a "kickboxer" champion and winning matches is continuously perpetrated in the media. Karate tournaments is not kickboxing, just because he starred in kickboxer, he was never a kickboxer for fuck sake. Also, a champion in tournament is like saying someone is a champion at their local karate dojo, tournaments are often limited in competitive scope and it wasn't a worldwide or even a European title. These rumors started years ago, much in the same way the Frank Dux rumors started and keep getting told... but its mostly bullshit

  • Fuzzy Butkus
    Fuzzy Butkus 3 days ago

    I think Chuck Zito made him reconsider his career choices.Chuck told the story on Stern and other. Paces.Tyson in his prime was scary as hell.

  • John Douma
    John Douma 4 days ago

    Desert heat

  • Antonio Marco
    Antonio Marco 4 days ago

    Wow I'm surprised that no one has said Illuminati. Don't tell me he ain't good enough for that fictitious clan.

  • Richie Rich
    Richie Rich 6 days ago +1

    I've always wondered, Is Jean Claude Van Damme and Rob Van Damme brothers.?! 🤔

  • Gaming boiboi
    Gaming boiboi 8 days ago +1

    He snorted coke on street fighter so.

  • Olivier Marion-T.
    Olivier Marion-T. 8 days ago

    Good dogs ...

  • Usman Khan
    Usman Khan 10 days ago

    His role in all his movies were almost identical that bored me , i every movie he is doing same things lol i think he didnt concentrated on story and role , acting much , more into action and fantasy fighting . vandamn , arnold and silvester stallone have same issue , they used too much artificial drugs for body for movies that they all aged early , there face and body has deformed badly ,

  • mortal chap
    mortal chap 14 days ago

    Lionheart 👍👍👍👍👍

    RYAN SEACREST 15 days ago

    how long have u been there

    awhile, welcome to the jungle lol

  • abraham ranjbar
    abraham ranjbar 16 days ago

    Damet you we all get old!

  • SlickChick
    SlickChick 16 days ago +1

    There was nothing charismatic or photogenic about the guy.

    • Lupo 666
      Lupo 666 12 days ago +1

      Looks like there's nothing charismatic or photogenic about *you* either

  • Gheorghe Falcaru
    Gheorghe Falcaru 17 days ago

    what a shit!

  • The Xardas
    The Xardas 17 days ago

    The truth is no one cares what happened to him. I didn't watch just left a comment.

  • Xander T Saint
    Xander T Saint 17 days ago +3

    If I had three wishes I would wish that John Claude Van Damme would be young again

  • Ayhan Çapan
    Ayhan Çapan 18 days ago

    Because of he's one of the most congenial and spectacular actor, we'll keep watching any of his movie...

  • Jordan Striker
    Jordan Striker 18 days ago

    How was Van Damme standing at 5'6" gonna play the Predator at 7'2"?

    Van Damme talks from his ass the manlet

  • dark Gam3r
    dark Gam3r 18 days ago

    btw. this fucking video is to complicated. what was the question again ? cmon

  • dark Gam3r
    dark Gam3r 18 days ago +2

    Van Damne is a hero. he can do what he wants, he roxx0rtz my teenager years

  • Arnies FlyTying
    Arnies FlyTying 19 days ago

    Frank Duk is also a liar. He is a fraud none of his background checks out.

  • Andrea Gaye Scott Westfall


  • Andrea Gaye Scott Westfall


  • Joel Decoster
    Joel Decoster 19 days ago

    what a ham

  • cosinepi
    cosinepi 19 days ago

    why isn't this account banned from youtube. its all garbage

  • Russell Hawkins
    Russell Hawkins 19 days ago

    What a geeza!
    Respect for giving up the addictions.....

  • Umesh Shinde
    Umesh Shinde 19 days ago

    Second in command was also one of his best.

  • Jason Gann
    Jason Gann 20 days ago

    Watching a commercial & watching a film is comparing apples to oranges dickhead

  • M. Zeinali
    M. Zeinali 20 days ago

    I still watch his "Lionheart"

  • Jeff Kent
    Jeff Kent 21 day ago +1

    I'm a van damme fan period nothing will change that

    • Lupo 666
      Lupo 666 12 days ago

      Even if he touched you in a gay way?

  • yaroslav yefimov
    yaroslav yefimov 21 day ago

    You sir are not a vandam fan.

  • Osubuntu
    Osubuntu 22 days ago +1

    Great actor just had a few troubled times.... I wish you well

  • DiabloSamurai1985
    DiabloSamurai1985 22 days ago +1

    Considering everything Frank Dux said is a lie that means Van Damme must be a great fighter. Frank Dux is a fraud, a liar, an extortionist and all around piece of shit but that’s public knowledge these days

  • Jimmy Butler
    Jimmy Butler 22 days ago

    We all have to retire even if we do not want to or other want to keep seeing you.

  • JoeWaylo Gaming
    JoeWaylo Gaming 22 days ago

    JCVD Fell hard.

  • Goo Goo
    Goo Goo 23 days ago

    Someone should help him!

    BEN DOVER 23 days ago +1

    COCAINE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rafael cisneros
    rafael cisneros 23 days ago

    @0:52 It's American Dad. lol

  • troy lenz
    troy lenz 23 days ago

    Frank dux is full of crap. All that story about training with Tanaka and all that bullshit was a lie. Don't believe me? Google it.

  • lee hollebon
    lee hollebon 24 days ago

    Ten grams a day of cocaine utter crap that's humanly impossible if anyone took ten grams of cocaine every single day they would be dead

  • novadhd
    novadhd 24 days ago

    His only good movies :
    Blood sport
    In Hell

    • Jack Carey
      Jack Carey 23 days ago

      Blood sport is my favourite

  • TigerforHire
    TigerforHire 24 days ago

    What this documentary doesn't talk about, is his beef with Jason David Frank. check out the video of JCVD trying to punk Jason and instead, JCVD got pinned to the wall, lol!

  • Charles Lee Ray
    Charles Lee Ray 24 days ago

    Frank Dux is a bitch he got knocked out by a brown belt in my school and I mean unconscious and he couldn’t even break a green belt block we used plastic instead of wood each color was more dense it locked and was pre split 🤣🤣 he’s got fairy wrist too and he was obese he ask a fellow student of mine to demonstrate a spin kick to show us this secret style were he would knock him out by striking his heel well he didn’t block or punch the spin kick it caught him square in his forehead and he fell like an old oak tree

  • Afan Ali
    Afan Ali 25 days ago +5

    Double impact was great

  • Bill V
    Bill V 25 days ago

    Cocaine. Cocaine happened.

  • bwkid1
    bwkid1 25 days ago

    When I was in the Army, many years ago. A new guy joined. He was a bit older than most new recruits, as he had spent a few years as a full contact fighter. He used to train us slot. He had all his fights on video (yes it was that long ago). He had taught JCVD 3 time's, and beat him 3times, I seen the video's. And there was no mistaking that it was JCVD. He told us that it wasn't a big deal, as JCVD always got beat by everyone. And in the martial arts world, no one listened to him.

  • Removal Remedy
    Removal Remedy 25 days ago

    Video is inaccurate, he stopped getting casted when he requested a salary to match Keanu Reeves when he was offered the street fighter trilogy contract. Same time as Keanu was offered the matrix contract.

  • Marlon Khan
    Marlon Khan 26 days ago

    I dont like the settings. Rambo supported to be jungle. if this is not well done it can be a flop

  • Łukasz Kamieniarz
    Łukasz Kamieniarz 26 days ago

    Best actor always be forever young...

  • Tree Guy
    Tree Guy 26 days ago +3

    Frank Dux is full of sh!t! I'm old and crippled but I'll give 3days and a half hour to draw a crowd just for fun!
    JCVD is a good dude the way I read him.

  • Deplorable1381greg
    Deplorable1381greg 26 days ago

    Another what he is and was.

  • Gold grinder
    Gold grinder 26 days ago +3

    Without Van Damme no one would have even heard the name Frank Dux so him trying to paint Van Damme as a bad says alot about Dux.

    APHIN YESUDASAN 27 days ago

    Hardcore fan

  • TravisB
    TravisB 28 days ago

    The truth about Jean Claude?
    He got old & sadly he did not age well at all. It's difficult to market a guy who looks like life chewed him up and spat him out. Makeup cannot work miracles.

  • Prototype 81
    Prototype 81 29 days ago +1

    What a stupid commentator.

  • Harpo Marx
    Harpo Marx 29 days ago +1

    Didn't want a recap of his whole F*ing career .. I just wanted to know WHAT HAPPENED to him. FAIL.

    • Ron N
      Ron N 25 days ago

      What do you expect from a Yank ? Money and fame are their only interests.

  • A K
    A K 29 days ago +1

    Cocaine....bags and bags of Cocaine. I just saved you 10 minutes.

    I AM KURGAN 29 days ago

    If he luvs da boopies, he cant be all bad. A good dog can sometimes have more value than some humans.

  • Cristian Seitz
    Cristian Seitz 29 days ago +1

    He suffered the same fate as Segal, too much exposure went to his head.

  • Ray Adelic
    Ray Adelic Month ago

    So what happened to him?

  • Kurdish Warrior 1888


  • MightyJabroni
    MightyJabroni Month ago

    Frank Dux is full of shit! He is among the last people, who should call others out for being fake martial artists. Because there is ample evidence for him being just that. He never fought in a thing called the "Kumite". He basically invented his entire background. Including him being a secret agent. Well, it's not so secret anymore if you tell everybody, dip-shit!
    TheXvidr Pinkman does a brilliant job of exposing him (among other fake martial artists).

  • P. Quinton
    P. Quinton Month ago

    "Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!" (Brussels accent)

  • Corcon
    Corcon Month ago

    I heard he did a split and his legs locked up. Now he has to roll around in a wheelchair that's really, really wide.

  • Natasha
    Natasha Month ago

    this is the most stupid and confusing video ever... doesn't say anything at all

  • Chris So
    Chris So Month ago

    from Jean Claude van Damme to Jean Claude Old Man

  • samantha verdieu
    samantha verdieu Month ago

    He still my favorite ever actor.

    FRED RANAHAN Month ago

    i guess being knocked out with one punch by his ex body guard Hells Angel in a strip joint private room never made the news, or helped his career

  • tristman 84
    tristman 84 Month ago

    Not su cow

  • C Kamtchueng
    C Kamtchueng Month ago

    He IS very deep...people dont understand but there are messages behind his way of speaking.

  • wba
    wba Month ago

    I took up kick boxing because of Jean

  • Ein Gravierend
    Ein Gravierend Month ago

    Hi cool Video! You forgott that they made a Game out of the Movie Streetfigher where he plays Guile. Its called: Street Fighter-The Movie-Game.

  • Mc007Queen
    Mc007Queen Month ago

    Van Damme and Steven Seagal most overrated actors and they're liars and douchebags

  • Cynthia Hrdz-Fristo
    Cynthia Hrdz-Fristo Month ago +2

    Van Damme just did a good show on Amazon; We die young.. it was really good, you all should watch it...

  • Tbone Touch Hadebe
    Tbone Touch Hadebe Month ago +29

    He refused Illuminati! Then exposed their control in a french show! Years after! He's my Hero!

    • Wensis Rompas
      Wensis Rompas Month ago +2

      If he truly refused illuminati van damme wouldn't be able to make movies in Hollywood. Let alone you would hear 'anything' from him.
      And alot of actors expose illuminati.. But just because 'they' want them to.
      Sorry to burst your bubble. It's even more clear when he showed a statue of himself. They loved to be praised. Its like a drug. That's why they sell their souls for this kind of business. Its even more worse then I'm telling you right now. But yeah. I don't want to lie. Sorry man.

    • Victor Angelo
      Victor Angelo Month ago

      Tbone Touch Hadebe he got exposed to Morgellons and Nano fibers that's what

  • Kenneth Floyd
    Kenneth Floyd Month ago +2

    Ahh Frank blood sport joke. Dux is bullshit. Segal is bullshit. They say all the shit about Jean because they are all jealous and envy him.jcvd is the best.

  • Tishawn Burger
    Tishawn Burger Month ago

    Nobody's old enough to know that the first movie Van Damm premiered in is No retreat no surrender back in 1985

  • R Johnson
    R Johnson Month ago

    How the fuck do all you people who narrate (different every time) seem to fuck up a pronouncing shit? I mean it's every single video... LMAO You screwed a name up this time... Is this some sort of marketing? lol

  • Keen
    Keen Month ago

    he got old and retired?

  • Chris Martin
    Chris Martin Month ago

    Just saying Van Damme would be a scary motherfuker to be around when he's having one of his bipolar fits

  • Martijn van Zanen
    Martijn van Zanen Month ago

    What an ass

  • Tom A
    Tom A Month ago

    rag channel ... blocked

  • hieuwey
    hieuwey Month ago

    What the heck is a dim mac?

  • earth time line
    earth time line Month ago


  • Dazarabia
    Dazarabia Month ago

    I like the animal charity thing

  • XanderShiller
    XanderShiller Month ago

    Jean Claude Van Daaaammn

  • carlos velasquez
    carlos velasquez Month ago +5

    He still my hero, impresive, he is not perfect, but I still wish I had his body, his skill and persistece , that would be really something, great job
    Jean-Claude Van Damme

  • carlos velasquez
    carlos velasquez Month ago

    He still my hero, impresive, he is not perfect, but I still wish I had his body, his skill and persistece , that would be really something, great job
    Jean-Claude Van Damme

  • carlos velasquez
    carlos velasquez Month ago +1

    He still my hero, impresive, he is not perfect, but I still wish I had his body, his skill and persistece , that would be really something, great job
    Jean-Claude Van Damme

  • Ali Dez
    Ali Dez Month ago +3

    'JCVD' was an absolutely incredible movie. You can really feel him coming through the screen.

  • Adam Garcia
    Adam Garcia Month ago

    You didn't talk about the very first movie he was in he played a bad guy and the movie is called no retreat no surrender he plays a guy for hire for martial artists to go under one company are paid do to them

  • DNYL 1
    DNYL 1 Month ago +3

    JCVD so glad your still with us ☯️