Was Windows Vista THAT bad?

  • Published on Nov 17, 2018
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    I mean, was it that bad?
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Comments • 16 043

  • Ahmad RajPoot
    Ahmad RajPoot 9 hours ago

    try Window Batman xp

  • John Da Beyonder
    John Da Beyonder 9 hours ago

    Started With 7 (in 2011), Used 8.1, now happy with 10 🙌
    [Miss 7's aero glass effect]

  • William Michaeli
    William Michaeli 11 hours ago

    You know, the only Windows OS I ever had a problem with was 8. Even the beta version of Vista I installed was fine but for one graphical issue in one of my games (fire was green). Once I deleted and reinstalled with GPU drivers everything was great.

  • Rogue Vigilante
    Rogue Vigilante 14 hours ago

    Yes Linus Vista was a step backwards from Xp and windows 7 is superior to 8 and 10 in terms of stability I remember Longhonrn it was faster than Vista because "reasons" but I also remember using it and it crashing irrecoverably seemingly for no reason and while I got some xp programs to run on it it wasnt ideal just like Linux isnt ideal and isnt as stable as Windows no matter what anyone will tell you. Windows 7 Fa life w custom patches ;')

  • Mr Smile
    Mr Smile 14 hours ago

    Windows ME / Vista / 8 /8.1 was worse OS

  • Gaurav Ramasani
    Gaurav Ramasani 16 hours ago

    (coughs) Windows 10 (coughs)...

  • Hey
    Hey 16 hours ago

    I loved using Vista back in the day. I also had a decent computer though, but the features were great.

  • JJHoover70
    JJHoover70 17 hours ago

    I had no issues with Vista

  • Tactical Aioli
    Tactical Aioli 18 hours ago

    why is he always overdoing his facial expression?
    he's like a bad theatre actor playing in a B-movie

  • EthanWindows
    EthanWindows 23 hours ago

    I Like Windows Vista
    I Like Windows ME

  • Николай Новицкий

    10:40 ДА, ОФКОРС.

  • MetreX
    MetreX Day ago

    I remember I used vista when I was ...uhhh les than 5 and I liked it more than XP
    *How Dirty Was I ?*

  • mirocici21 no last name kinda like cher

    I loved Vista. Still have a PC that has it installed. Wish they still supported it.

  • everves
    everves Day ago

    Vista is better than XP and win 8, Only people who cry that XP is better are those who had weak PCs back then, XP 64bit edition was a peace of shit and if you had more than 4 gigs of ram, you wanted vista, also XP couldn't utilise more than 2 cores and those 2 it utilised poorly. I used vista for all its lifespan till win 7 came out and i loved every moment. I know it is unpopular opinion but Vista>XP.

  • Jason Tam
    Jason Tam Day ago

    Oh man, I hated that Uac. Other wise, I liked vista. It was stable for me anyways, and installed easier then ex for me.

  • Tio Hadi
    Tio Hadi Day ago

    can u make video for windows 8 to just wondering

  • zRedRampage
    zRedRampage 2 days ago

    I guess 77,000 people didn't think Windows Vista was a flop

  • Beatles4Life
    Beatles4Life 2 days ago

    vista has beautiful aesthetics

  • Karen Elizabeth
    Karen Elizabeth 2 days ago

    After a its major service packs, Vista was a decent OS. I was happy with it until its End of Life forced me to upgrade.

  • Stephen Guesty
    Stephen Guesty 2 days ago

    2006: OMG YOU HAVE THE NEW WINDOWS VISTA!!! OMG! 2019:What it feels like using Windows Vista in 2019?

  • kilgarragh
    kilgarragh 2 days ago

    I have an hp laptop that has an oem and pre installed windows vista

  • Red Zed
    Red Zed 2 days ago

    I think windows 8 is worse than vista

  • Count Zero
    Count Zero 2 days ago

    Vista wasn't half as bad at launch as XP was. For largely the same reason - releasing an OS into a market whose hardware wasn't up to the job. Most nof the first XP machines released here in the UK were around 300MHz PIII / Celeron with 128Mb RAM which DOES actually meet (and in some cases exceed) the Minimum Requirements for XP. While it IS possible to run XP on such a machine, it's going to run fairly badly (and I'm being generous here - the lowest spec machine I've ever installed XP on is a 233MHz MMX Pentium 1 with 64Mb RAM and while it DOES install (slowly) and run (even more slowly), the peformance is absolute dog s**t. But this is nothing new. All you millennials who think that the Vista / Win7 UI is outdated (despite being a favourite of the vast majority of regular-joe users) won't remember the debacle that ensued when Windows 95 appeared on the market, just ready to be crammed into old DOS-era machines that struggled to run Windows 3.1
    The bottom line is that EVERY new OS runs like crap compared to the previous version when installed on the same hardware. The combination of being "feature-rich" (aka "bloated beyond imagination") and inefficient programming (based on the assumption that just because RAM and hard drive space were dirt cheap in the US, the same held true in other markets. It's a bit like game developers today who always write for the highest end hardware available at the time, and if you don't have the latest gear then STBU.
    Windows 3.1 took up 6Mb of hard drive space (10Mb if you count the fact that it ran on top of DOS - yeah, Win 3.x is a DOS application - which runs great in DOSBOX if you enjoy nostalgia)
    Windows 95 took up a staggering (at the time and by comparison) 50Mb of disk space
    Windows 98 was around 120Mb, XP around 2.5Gb and Windows 7 around 6Gb-ish
    No idea how big Windows 10 is as it hasn't been around long enough for the machines to start appearing on my workbench - it was only two years ago that the number of Win7 rigs I got to see started to exceed those with XP for the first time. As for me, I went straight from XP to Linux Mint Cinnamon Edition which looks and feels very much like Windows 7 and takes up roughly the same amount of hdd space.
    Remember folks that no matter how high-end your hardware is, OS developers will always find a way to slow it down to a sad crawl (and that goes for Linux as well as Windows - I still have an old Acer Aspire 3680 laptop (single-core, 32-bit cpu with 512Mb RAM and Win XP SP2) that leaves my Linux desktop rig standing (six-core AMD FX6300 / 8Gb Ram and Linux Mint 18.3)
    Something isn't right here. Software development is like Moore's law in reverse :D

  • Borris G
    Borris G 2 days ago

    None of those "pioneering features" (i.e. Aero, prefetch, etc.) even SOUND good. It sounds like a lot of bullshit that slows the system down and uses too much memory. Which is why I have them disabled on Windows7. Because it IS alot of bullshit that slows the system down and uses too much memory. Even with all the extra stuff disabled, Win7 is a joke compared to XP, which itself didn't compare to 2000.
    I always appreciate being able to underspec, especially with the ability to fine tune performance, so I can't complain that much about the later versions of Windows. I'm the kind of person that hates new features and wants my OS to be as barebones as I can get away with. If it wasn't for driver compatability issues I'd still be using 2000.

  • Jonas Reichert
    Jonas Reichert 2 days ago


  • aswdfzxcvbhgtyyn hwaa

    Windows Longhorn came out in 2004 cuz windows server 2003?

  • Kokuyous3ki
    Kokuyous3ki 2 days ago

    Hated WinVista because it was stupid and couldn't do what I needed.
    I hate Win10 because it thinks I'm stupid and ignores what I need.
    Unless you bring a shovel and dig a tad deeper to force your will upon them! Had the time of my life learning new things about windows at work that I never needed before - to disable sh*t like the store that let's students install stuff and updates restarting the computer in the middle of an exam.

  • Tim0lmazan 1
    Tim0lmazan 1 3 days ago +1

    Windows Vista is like Windows 7 Beta

  • Chris Laezur
    Chris Laezur 3 days ago

    I’ll have you know I fucking loved Windows Vista >:^(
    I didn’t ever have any real problems with it, it seemed straightforward to use, etc
    Anything I did have issue with was standard windows pushing stuff on you, which was much more manageable back then

  • Jake Asunto
    Jake Asunto 3 days ago

    I think windows 10 pro is the best

  • weaktech
    weaktech 3 days ago

    what a frustrating video for an it professional of 20 years to watch...

    • Count Zero
      Count Zero 2 days ago

      Yeah I've been doing this stuff since the mid 80s and much as I admire Linus, he's just SO millennial in his outlook and some of the stuff he comes out with just makes me cringe :D

  • Michael McDonald
    Michael McDonald 3 days ago

    i bought a new pc in 2008 with vista home premium, the only issue i ever had was my ancient scanner wasn't supported. i never had a system crash or lost any work. i still have the pc which still works. i repartitioned the drive and installed windows 7 in 2012, which started out ok but very quickly slowed right down. the vista still works ok.

  • CattleRustler
    CattleRustler 3 days ago

    Windows 7 is what Vista was supposed to be
    I used win2000 pro until xp sp2 was released, then i used xp sp3 until win 7 pro came along and was out for quite a while

  • darek4488
    darek4488 4 days ago

    The worst part about Windows Vista is what they did with the audio outputs. XP was the last Windows where you could have multiple inputs and outputs handled simultaneously. Any configuration of audio was possible back then and it was no problem to output sound to headphones and speakers at the same time or to play audio with one output and record with the other. Then they fucked it up.

  • king james488
    king james488 4 days ago

    eh, it worked... the UAC was the biggest problem.
    I kinda liked the sidebar somehow... the little notepad was great for quick notes.

  • Hunter Thorne
    Hunter Thorne 4 days ago

    people don't like windows 10??? I love it

  • will S.
    will S. 4 days ago


    • will S.
      will S. 4 days ago

      And 8 can go to hell

  • Japhet Layug
    Japhet Layug 4 days ago

    man, we have the same pc hahahaha (the one on the intro)

  • JessicaE
    JessicaE 4 days ago

    Although I remember learning how to use windows on windows xp but I used windows vista the most when I younger so vista holds a special place in my heart and I loved it.

  • Imr
    Imr 4 days ago +1


  • Spiritual Pathways
    Spiritual Pathways 4 days ago

    Did anyone else run XP to avoid vista but ended up running xp until around 2014

  • PsychoCaki
    PsychoCaki 4 days ago

    Was Windows Vista that bad? Ask Crysis 1 runing on Ultra with 8800 GT 320 mb xD

  • PsychoCaki
    PsychoCaki 4 days ago

    Im a simple man. I saw good intro and I already press a like button. That movie intro was hilarious and original! Good job!

  • Nikki Mooney
    Nikki Mooney 5 days ago

    Windows ME review?

  • Baron Clime
    Baron Clime 5 days ago

    I never had much of a complaint with vista. Yeah it was a pita at times but not terrible. At least for me.

  • Laimis Kleinauskas
    Laimis Kleinauskas 5 days ago

    i loved one thing about windows vista. FREE CHESS GAME !!!

  • Timothy H
    Timothy H 5 days ago

    Windows 8 is the worst

  • Lance Elliott
    Lance Elliott 5 days ago

    Launch was bad however once it was fully updated Vista and 7 were basically the same thing

  • windows vista bad
    windows vista bad 5 days ago

    It is very bad.

  • Manuel85
    Manuel85 5 days ago

    lolololol....9 rings was made, but a ring of power were crafted in secret

  • TaranTatsuuchi
    TaranTatsuuchi 5 days ago

    I see that blackboard in the back...
    And I want to strategically remove the 'not' and leave it as 'Do Disturb'...

  • luan assis
    luan assis 5 days ago

    i miss windows xp

  • abduL Hadi
    abduL Hadi 5 days ago

    Windows vista was like Batman & Robin... The reason for windows 7 and The dark knight respectively to rise...

  • Zynk Panther
    Zynk Panther 6 days ago

    Current, and ex, employees will tell you: Windows 7 is Vista. It's just software marketing, repackage it, reskin it, resell it at the "value" people want when it gets older and isn't being bought. BTW, Windows 10 is also Vista. Great video and thanks for the history!

  • argon opal
    argon opal 6 days ago

    i remember back in the day had to install vista cuz halo would not work on xp, it was that not bad as people say today, you just had to have a good machine, and not crappy hardware

  • Jon Alvarez
    Jon Alvarez 6 days ago

    Am I alone here... Vista>Windows 7.

  • Logan Jones
    Logan Jones 6 days ago

    I think the snapping windows feature should have been in vista. BTW I would use vista over any 9x system.

  • Fred Fox
    Fred Fox 6 days ago

    I'm one of those users that don't mind getting under the hood of my OS and configuring it to my own liking. I never had any problems with Vista.

  • Steve
    Steve 7 days ago

    The Time it came out was bad because most PC's we're one core at the time or 2 core en low ram made a really slow pc

  • Daniel JG
    Daniel JG 7 days ago

    Never had problems with Vista or ME. Bad reputation because of plebs.

  • yyangcn
    yyangcn 7 days ago

    Yes, yes it was. Answer is pretty simple.

  • Ryan Stokes
    Ryan Stokes 7 days ago

    Whoa. Did Linus just "PUSH" the dvd into the drive? 0:49

  • EsteBandido4444
    EsteBandido4444 7 days ago

    So Steve Jobs is not the reason Apple became successful. It was Vista all along.

  • Kieran tv Youtube
    Kieran tv Youtube 7 days ago

    windows vista lol

  • Phriswithaph
    Phriswithaph 7 days ago

    My first laptop was an HP pavilion dv2000. It came with windows xp which ran fine and the "windows vista capable" sticker. Little did I know how bad of an idea it would be to install vista with my simple amd processor and 1gb of ram but I did anyway, horrible experience. Went back to using XP up until 2011 when I built my first gaming computer with windows 7

  • MontyPythonChap
    MontyPythonChap 7 days ago +1

    I never had problems with Vitsa and seeing this os takes me back to the good ol days

  • Patrick76496
    Patrick76496 7 days ago

    It wasn't a bad OS all in all, at least after it got the right patches. It was just too early with bigger system reqs and Microsoft simply had to figure out the things they've done right with Windows 7. Without Vista there would not be Windows 7 and later OSes, it brought a lot of new things to users and a LOT of experience for Microsoft.
    I personally used it as a kid when I still had time to mess around with my computer and I had Windows XP and Windows 7 installled at the same time, so I really had comparison. I didn't have any problems with it at all, but maybe it's just because it was the SP2 version.
    BTW Windows 10 was also a buggy mess when it came out in 2015, yet almost everybody uses and loves it today..

  • Shylo Watson
    Shylo Watson 8 days ago

    Mac OS X DID NOT get the transparency from longhorn... Windows got it from OS X.. get it right..

  • ElectrodeYT
    ElectrodeYT 8 days ago

    I loved Windows 8 day one. On a Desktop.

  • toddler1009
    toddler1009 8 days ago

    Vista was just not finished. XP was fantastic and finished. 7 is great because it works. I just need my operating system to, y'know, operate. To work. That's it

  • jiakommo
    jiakommo 8 days ago


  • Rock'on
    Rock'on 8 days ago +1

    Windows Longhorn was suppose to be the greatest because of the Indexing Service. They finally decided to remove it, so it was the end for Longhorn, since it was not significantly different from XP

  • 10.10 1911
    10.10 1911 8 days ago

    Mojave is Mac now.

  • ZGtime gaming
    ZGtime gaming 8 days ago

    PURBLE PALACE vista better than XP

  • Hasaan Anjum
    Hasaan Anjum 8 days ago

    I used Vista for 2 years and never experienced any issues with crashes or drivers that many of my friends experienced.. I really enjoyed Vista.. ME was a different story.. it was great for about a day after installation and then the app crashes and BSODs started..

  • Elisha Robin
    Elisha Robin 8 days ago

    *no mention of gnome or any 10's of millions Linux window managers*

  • Any Bag
    Any Bag 8 days ago +1

    You dont know hell until you tried Windows Millinium
    The very short lived forgoten Windows Operating system

  • Abyssionknight
    Abyssionknight 8 days ago

    I remember owning Vista and always found the hate for it a little confusing, since I never had any issues with it. It didn't crash for me, and as long as young me could play his video games, I was happy.

  • Thomas Allen
    Thomas Allen 8 days ago

    Vista worked just fine for me when I used it, now ME was just a disaster on every pc I used that had it.

  • Sleepy Akeno
    Sleepy Akeno 8 days ago

    Hah I still am using windows Vista approx 9 years old desktop. Lots of rage knockings, frustrations, lags, blue screens

  • Rodolfo O'Farrill
    Rodolfo O'Farrill 8 days ago

    I am still using Vista and better than 7 which suck .

  • Shmuel A.
    Shmuel A. 9 days ago

    I love Windows Vista, and I don't care about the updates

  • sueta_2016
    sueta_2016 9 days ago

    I just hate Vista because when I run BonziBuddy, the voice for some reason takes from the narrator, making my best friend, gay!

  • DerpEye
    DerpEye 9 days ago

    I actually had Vista 64bit, and it was perfect. Upgraded straight to windows 7 in 2010. Oh yeah, and i installed it on a modern pc.

  • Monkee Nez
    Monkee Nez 9 days ago

    I actually liked windows Vista, especially more than windows 8 or 10 😶 Windows 7 misses some features I liked. XP is still my favorite 😆

    • Count Zero
      Count Zero 2 days ago

      Yeah I'd have to agree. While Windows 7 is pretty good (and IMO the last version of Windows that was truly usable in a professional -technical environment), XP still has the best combination of usability and functionality and overall, has by FAR the best user experience of ANY version of Windows (though I will admit to hating it when it first came out, mainly as there were hardly any computers out in the wild that could run it properly at the time)

  • Steve Morris
    Steve Morris 9 days ago

    It was in the.beginning, Linus. I spent a week trying to get a Lexmark All-in-one to work. Was on the phone with Dell, Lexmark and Microsoft. Yes, I did eventually get it to work.

  • Ryan
    Ryan 9 days ago

    I remember Vista being a nightmare for gaming. The first thing you had to do every time you installed a game more than a few years old was get on Google to figure out how the fuck to get it to run. 7 and 10 ran way better for me.

  • Junda Chen
    Junda Chen 9 days ago

    I heard that Vista was trying to do something fundamentally revolutionary with the filesystem that didn't work and essentially Vista got thrown together relatively last-minute.

  • IQuinho Kaique
    IQuinho Kaique 9 days ago

    me using vista in 2019 woww

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson 9 days ago

    and oh yeah my other pc is xp my god im stuck in the land before time..

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson 9 days ago

    im stuck w vista on a older pc wont let me get 7 dont want 10 cause it wont run it so back to vista

  • Jimmy Soto
    Jimmy Soto 9 days ago

    At 3:40 the video was stopping every 2 seconds on my phone, and i thought i was like that in the video at first

  • Matthew Watson
    Matthew Watson 10 days ago

    Do a video on Windows ME!!

  • Raptor302
    Raptor302 10 days ago

    Windows XP-great
    Windows Vista-trash
    Windows 7-great
    Windows 8-trash
    Windows 10-great
    Anybody else see a pattern?

  • The Nonchalant Shallot
    The Nonchalant Shallot 10 days ago +1

    I don't get it. I had never had any problems whatsoever with Vista. Not one. Absolutely zero. How can everyone else have so many issues with Vista when it never caused any for me.?

  • sobrohog
    sobrohog 10 days ago

    dat noise in linus' pupils. oopsies

  • Eddie Arafa
    Eddie Arafa 10 days ago

    Windows ME 👻👻👻👻

  • Richard Menfolk
    Richard Menfolk 10 days ago

    i liked this scream at the end

  • Benjamin Fuller
    Benjamin Fuller 10 days ago

    I use it sometimes in VirtualBox on ubuntu it ok

  • Thabang Segwapa
    Thabang Segwapa 10 days ago

    Chess titans. Come on people