Moment MPs 'snub' the SNP as they walk out of Commons

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
  • REBEL MPs have today trashed Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal as Sir Oliver Letwin’s sabotage plot forces the PM to beg for a third delay.
    In a day of high-drama in the House of Commons in a historic Saturday sitting, MPs voted for the Tory rebel’s wrecking amendment by 322 to 306...
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Comments • 2 113

  • Diand Bull
    Diand Bull 11 days ago

    S.n.p. Do not speak for me. Bawbags to them

  • John Cook
    John Cook 17 days ago

    That's all the snp are good for.
    Total waste of time.

  • Charlie Dunn
    Charlie Dunn 21 day ago

    Encyclopedia Britannica
    Modern Geology
    The Bank Of England
    Gin and tonic
    Dolly the sheep
    Chicken tikka
    Colour photography
    Criminal fingerprinting
    Grand Theft Auto
    The BBC
    Tractor beams
    Decimal points
    Aston Martin Vanquish
    Hypodermic syringe
    Flushing toilets
    You can all sit here moaning about Scotland.
    Scotland will get back to single handedly inventing the modern world 😁

  • jhiv3945
    jhiv3945 22 days ago

    And these 'right honourable members' are supposed to be running our country! Turn the lot out and let's get some decent folk in. They have misused the powers given to them by the electorate and played the fool! They will answer for it in due course!

  • julian shepherd
    julian shepherd 22 days ago

    Didnt realise I could be more pro SNP.
    The Union is being murdered.

  • Bean she
    Bean she 23 days ago

    And Scotland voted to stay in the UK ? To be disrespected by Tories in a so called national parliament ...

  • Corri ander
    Corri ander 24 days ago

    It is time for the Conservatives to go and never come back! They have brought our country to its knees. They are an awful party of rodents. Most of those MPs should be imprisoned for the deaths of so many vulnerable people! Also they have covered up Andrew and the so called royal family hosting the paedophile Epstein, at their private functions at the different palaces, whilst the country starved and people are being stabbed and brought to their knees. It is time people to tell these horrible inbreds to stop treating the British people as Peasants. Open your eyes people! Please!!

  • john parr
    john parr 24 days ago

    is it any surprise the SNP are treated with total contempt ? The sooner they get their long awaited independence and are standing on their own two feet the better for all concerned. We should let them go and wash our hands of them. no more pampering to the chavs will do me fine !

  • Dave Smith
    Dave Smith 25 days ago +1

    I’d do the same myself, You can only listen to so much of the SMP & Lib Dem’s 🤪🙄

  • Kevan Innes
    Kevan Innes 25 days ago

    Same as Blackford = pair of cretins

  • Mohamed Liban
    Mohamed Liban 25 days ago

    reese-mogg cheeky nodd before he left 😂😂

  • Tracy Muckle
    Tracy Muckle 25 days ago

    When will Scotland learn?

  • Terry Ferguson
    Terry Ferguson 26 days ago

    The state of Scotland is Snp down fall bow your heads in shame

  • Ryan Branton
    Ryan Branton 26 days ago

    SNP don't want Scotland to remain a part of Britain, complete conflict of interest having them involved in Brexit votes.

  • Mark 'firefly 'Miller
    Mark 'firefly 'Miller 26 days ago

    I have no idea how the SNP are running Scotland at the moment , I would like to know, because none of them ever seem popular.

  • erepsekahs
    erepsekahs 26 days ago

    Fabulous stuff. It is only in the UK Parliament one hears the full power and entertaining possibilities of the English language. It's a super place to come for wit and humor combined with serious business. There is nowhere else in the world one can get all this entertainment without paying an entrance fee.

  • Derek Cooper
    Derek Cooper 26 days ago

    Now she gets a taste of what millions of people endure after being ignored and their opinions rubbished.

  • Thomas Anslow
    Thomas Anslow 26 days ago +1

    We have utter contempt for any one trying to break up our uk.

  • Thomas Anslow
    Thomas Anslow 26 days ago

    He cant incarcerated any one. Bet boris is liking this fact.

  • Holdmybeer
    Holdmybeer 27 days ago

    Scotland will never be heard if they keep voting for Ian Blackford! Every living thing known to man switches channels as soon as the baw bag starts to speak!

  • Dan Price
    Dan Price 27 days ago

    SNP or any of the other idiots in the respective U.K. countries. If you try to break up the U.K. you are a traitor as far as I’m concerned. No referendums on “independence”. There is nothing to declare independence from as we are all the same, all British. They got nothing else to do but complain get over it and enjoy being part of one of the most powerful nations in the world

  • AntPDC
    AntPDC 27 days ago

    No wonder! The SNP want us all to die of perpetual BOREDOM. Day after day, year after year, these whiny haters of the English drone on in the House of Commons with their perpetual grievances. Begone! There's a reason the unhinged Joanna Cherry starts legal challenges in the Scottish Courts, namely that in her chippy little mind she thinks she's sticking it to the English. Even the Scottish Courts are becoming sick of her nakedly political abuse of the Scottish Judiciary.

  • Matt7895
    Matt7895 27 days ago

    The SNP still saying they are the same as Scotland, I see.

  • Simon Turpin
    Simon Turpin 27 days ago

    1. referendium = LEAVE, 2. 75% constituencies = LEAVE, 3. TOry GE manifesto = LEAVE, 4, Labour manifesto = LEAVE, 5. 498 Mps vote to trigger A50= LEAVE, 6. Brexit Party sweep all aside in Euro elections = LEAVE... so WHY havent we left?? 128 Mps voted Leave, 480 Voted Remain, that's the answer. traitor remainer Mps who want to overturn democracy and blatantly ignore the mandate from the people and many are in 70% Leave constituencies, which is why they are taking dogs abuse off the local population, many of these traitor Mps are women and beta males i.e 100% no logic, reason, ethics or integrity. Worst of the lot Cooper, Cherry Soubry and Swinson. This is no longer about Brexit its about Freedom of Speech, the LibDems and the ultra left labour Momentum will come for our language and voices next, Fascism is coming unless Brexit goes through. They will attempt to silence and no platform ANYONE who DARES to have an opinion different to their own.

  • Jason TV
    Jason TV 27 days ago

    Peaceful protest of career, corrupted politicians, General election NOW

  • Sean Moloney
    Sean Moloney 27 days ago


  • Daniel Nutt
    Daniel Nutt 27 days ago

    I love Scotland but the SNP are a load of whining fools. If Scotland left the UK they would be utterly screwed, there would be no economic setup to support Scotland or its people. The SNP is an embarrassment to the Scottish people and their values.

  • Irshard Thowfeek
    Irshard Thowfeek 27 days ago

    Let's unite and get out, Brexit on 31/10/2019, bring back the sovereignty. Don't be fooled by EU elites.

  • LordHeath1972
    LordHeath1972 27 days ago

    This was hilarious. The SNP do not deserve any respect from the Conservatives after repeatedly sucking up to Labour and blocking Brexit just because they can!

  • Oder1001
    Oder1001 27 days ago

    Any further proof needed Scots need to have an independent parliament?

  • Random Chaos
    Random Chaos 27 days ago

    I live in Scotland and I snub the SNP as well 😂

  • Phil wright
    Phil wright 27 days ago

    Why would they stay the SNP are like parrots they just keep saying the same thing over and over and over Indy squark Indy Indy squark squark squark

  • Steven Marry
    Steven Marry 27 days ago

    lol, I cut the volume on the TV when the SNP start..

  • john Roddy
    john Roddy 27 days ago

    SNP know your place!!

  • Ivan Walker
    Ivan Walker 27 days ago

    You miserable little runt. You've held more than 60 million people hostage by frustrating and openly thwarting, at every possible opportunity, the will of the majority of Britain.

  • Ivan Walker
    Ivan Walker 27 days ago

    That's the best thing that Parliament has done in almost 4 years! Very soon the Scots people will be able to shove their 'Xs' where it will really hurt the despicable, anti-Scotland, SNP.

  • Ironflag Tim
    Ironflag Tim 27 days ago

    Cherry is a slevering eejit...

  • Paul Reddish
    Paul Reddish 28 days ago

    It’s because we have heard it all before

  • Not Gary Oldman
    Not Gary Oldman 28 days ago +1

    It cuts both ways, Nicola!

  • Calum McCracken
    Calum McCracken 28 days ago +1

    I don’t blame them. Would’ve done the same

  • Andrew Macaulay
    Andrew Macaulay 28 days ago

    The SUN is going to be accused of helping paedophiles by not highlighting them to the public so they
    Dont get jailed they are helping them

  • Davidson A Davidson
    Davidson A Davidson 29 days ago +1

    I’m Scottish and embarrassed that every single time that the SNP stand up it’s all about indi2. If they were more concerned about the best Brexit deal for us all, it would have been over and done with long ago! Bet England can’t wait to get rid of them!!! Sorry, we are not all like that...

  • Natalie Mendelsohn
    Natalie Mendelsohn 29 days ago +1

    Also the planned leave of Rees-Mogg: Point of order = point of leaving.

  • ivan ashley
    ivan ashley 29 days ago

    It's obvious that the Scots hate the English, if the attitude of the SNP is anything to go by. They would prefer to be a part of the EU than the UK, well good luck with that folks. It seems that one of the main reasons given is that they need the cheap foreign labour, in order to keep their businesses viable and as a control on pay rates for the working classes. I hope they are aware that the British government might see that as an uneven playing field and impose tariffs on imports. That of coarse assumes that there will be much of an import market from Scotland post independence, after all we'll have the rest of the world to trade with and it may be that to enter new markets we will need trade offs (loyalty, what loyalty?). Another thing, there are high tolls charged for our vehicles to transit European routes, surely it would be prudent to offset the high costs we endure, by making equivalent charges to non UK vehicles using our roads.But of course the main benefit goes to the UK, because we wouldn't have to see or listen to Nicola Sturgeon or the rest of her moaning cohorts again.

  • Gavin Mcinally
    Gavin Mcinally 29 days ago +1

    So its ok for the snp do.

  • solarneddy
    solarneddy 29 days ago

    The issue isn’t those ignorant MPs leaving, it’s the fact they return.
    Seriously though. Brexit isn’t going to happen, never was never will. The only good thing to come out of the leave/remain referendum is it dispels the myth of democracy.
    Just because the UK holds elections doesn’t mean democracy is real. If anything it’s an illusion. These self serving career politicians put themselves before their constituents and the country.
    Parliament exists to do the bidding of global corporations, the puppet masters who manipulate the economy. It’s the age old story. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer.
    I’m done with the lot of them.

  • sen dit
    sen dit Month ago +1

    bring on indyref 2

  • stephen isom
    stephen isom Month ago

    who in their right mind would want to listen to these boring doubters negative drab stale parrots ,just repeating the same anti british pro eu mantra ,paint drying would be more interesting,and worthy,.

    • ScottishRoss
      ScottishRoss Month ago

      Thanks for Fuelling independence sentiment mark:) ps the english government faces Loss of half the landmass , 790 islands, *All* the natural resources , Largest oil reserves of all eu member countries Combined and a gdp excluding our oil of higher than 5 eu member nations Combined, Estonia ,Latvia ,Lithuania,Slovenia and Croatia. *Equal to 5 Nations Wealth* leaving the english treasury.

  • Nick Shields
    Nick Shields Month ago

    Thank God for Bercow and curse him for leavers.

  • Nick Newey
    Nick Newey Month ago

    Absolutely fantastic! Serves these SNP idiots right. Did they not all leave the chamber en masse once. And as for Bercow saying he doesn't have the power to make them remain or hold them hostage, well he seems to have the power to make the British people remain and be held hostage to the EU!

    • ScottishRoss
      ScottishRoss Month ago

      You mean the majority of voters in Scotland are idiots. Thanks for Fuelling independence sentiment :)

  • Joseph Magraw
    Joseph Magraw Month ago +2

    Children! And yet because of brexit I guess everyone's gonna vote Tory again...

  • tacitus
    tacitus Month ago +1

    Looks like some people here need to get their emotions in check and then check again for their reason...

  • 1chish
    1chish Month ago

    Joanna Cherry is a walking reason for the UK to remove Scotland and cast them adrift in a sea of Independence. She has a far too high opinion of herself and loves her own voice more than Bercow loves his. And THAT is saying something. Just think post IndyRef and no more 35 shouty self righteous permanently offended SNP MPs ...
    Surprised she found time to be in the Chamber as she is normally hectoring judges in Scotland ..

  • Hannah Jardine
    Hannah Jardine Month ago

    I laughed harder then ever before I loved it 🤣🤣🤣 good on the conservatives I can’t stand that woman 🤣

    • Hannah Jardine
      Hannah Jardine Month ago

      ScottishRoss I am Scottish actually and I still can’t stand the SNP they don’t speak for all of Scotland! Just the ones stupid enough to believe there lies

    • ScottishRoss
      ScottishRoss Month ago

      You mean the voters in Scotland.

  • Goyim23
    Goyim23 Month ago

    The SnP to Scotland is what labour is to England by the looks of it. Then you got john Bercow who is in the pockets of the European communists

  • Frankie As above
    Frankie As above Month ago

    Why is anyone surprised? Everything with SNP leads to independence and Scotland being "oppressed" lol I get tired listening to them. The Scottish people deserve better than them

  • sailorashore
    sailorashore Month ago

    Vvanker bully

  • Tim S Lincs
    Tim S Lincs Month ago

    That's because the SNP has nothing new to say, "give us another Referendum". Most of Scotland are tired of hearing them too!

  • Rob Coker
    Rob Coker Month ago +1

    Don't blame them that Gobby cow has too much to say anyway.

  • Nigel Wilson
    Nigel Wilson Month ago

    She must have had something really good to say LOL SNP my arse!