RazörFist Arcade: THE SABOTEUR

  • Published on Feb 4, 2018
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  • Liberty Prime
    Liberty Prime Month ago

    32:16 50:09 1:02:01 1:13:47

  • Aerin Lockeadon
    Aerin Lockeadon 8 months ago

    If you already have the Aurora perks when this race starts you can use nitro and the machine gun. Also pretty sure you can driveby but i don't remember how

  • Aerin Lockeadon
    Aerin Lockeadon 8 months ago

    Being captured by the nazis is all skyler's fault

  • Aerin Lockeadon
    Aerin Lockeadon 8 months ago

    He could also mean who is your favorite singer who sings bass,

  • RaderJam
    RaderJam Year ago

    love the comments in the vidio by the way !

  • RaderJam
    RaderJam Year ago

    im downloading it at the same time im watching these Frence Irish Nazi hating characters

  • AthetosEternal
    AthetosEternal Year ago

    One of my favorite games. Controls were crap but game play and ambiance made up for it.

  • Basement Philosopher

    2:00 Thoughts on the "no kill" rule that some superheros have?
    2:52 Favorite bass singers?
    5:08 Are you two into the Diablo series?
    10:10 Thin Lizzy mythos?
    13:25 Thoughts on the Dune movie?
    15:40 Who is better? The Shadow or Daredevil?
    19:45 Thoughts on Mad Men?
    23:42 Thoughts on Judas Priest's new album?
    24:10 Thoughts on Barry Goldwater?
    26:08 German or Jap tits what's better?
    30:00 Thoughts on the Venom character and the upcoming movie?
    34:48 Thoughts on a series covering all of your favorite books?
    36:35 When are you going on with Crowder again?
    36:45 Thoughts on The Kids in the Hall?
    48:00 How would you compare hair and glam metal?
    52:20 Thoughts on reviewing any Marvel series?
    54:40 Any desire to watch the new version of Dune?
    58:00 Thoughts on Star Trek Enterprise?
    58:55 Blue Oyster Cult or Hawken mythos?
    59:10 Favorite in person baseball memory?
    1:00:16 Thoughts on the show Strike Back?
    1:02:07 Will Ted Kennedy ever be president?
    1:04:48 Thoughts on Nintendo's big comeback?
    1:07:00 Thoughts on Wolfenstein The New Colossus?
    1:10:33 Thoughts on Arpaio's chances at the senate?
    1:12:10 What would a Razorfist from a parallel dimension look like?
    1:15:01 Any other Star Wars streams coming up?
    1:18:14 What are Terran's favorite bands?
    1:22:22 Do you have any insight on Trump's hair?
    1:27:14 Pringles or Lays?
    1:29:35 Steroids in baseball? What's with Japanese JRPGs and killing God?
    1:33:17 Ever heard of the Wing Commander saga?
    1:39:50 Is Star Trek Discovery still hot garbage?
    1:44:02 Thoughts on Sabotage?
    1:45:20 Have you read Incognito?
    1:46:20 If only a ninja can stop a ninja, who can stop Bronson?
    1:46:30 Anymore in depth comic review videos?
    1:47:00 Do you wish Sega still made hardware?
    1:47:20 How would you fix the economy?
    1:48:08 How would you rank Wesley Snipes?
    1:48:34 Thoughts on Zelda: Breath of the Wild?
    1:50:20 Thoughts on Darksiders 1 and 2?
    1:50:54 80's power ballad guilty pleasures?
    1:52:44 Where should I start with The Phantom comics?
    1:53:40 What are some of the more recent metal bands that you dig?
    1:54:54 Any classic rock or country bands that you like?
    1:57:24 Have you seen Poland the Unconquered?
    1:58:10 Thoughts on Tygers of Pan Tang?
    1:59:30 Thoughts on WCW Circa 2000?
    2:03:40 Thoughts on Superman games?
    2:04:00 Have you played King of Dragon Pass?
    2:05:38 Do you think the memo will dent liberal views?
    2:07:02 Have you seen Lex?
    2:18:16 Do the gas chambers exist?
    2:20:10 Thoughts on Monster Hunter world?
    2:21:22 Better bomber? B-Wing, Broadsword, or Motorhead?
    2:21:33 Thoughts on REO Speedwagon?
    2:22:22 Have either of you beat Cuphead?
    2:22:50 Favorite Phillip Marlow film or book?
    2:26:00 Fuck, marry, kill: Hillary, Skeletor, or Pocahontas?
    2:27:40 Will the IG report ever come out?
    2:37:50 Will Witcher 3 ever get the backlash it deserves?
    2:40:40 Have you seen Adam Carolla's podcast?
    2:43:00 Did you know that Woodrow Wilson was the worst president ever?
    2:47:00 Any current TV shows that you like?
    2:52:10 Feudal Japan games?
    2:53:10 Thoughts on Attic?
    2:53:30 Interested in seeing Joseph Anderson's analysis of the witcher games and books?
    2:58:00 Does Bound by Flames have more RPG mechanics then other games?
    2:59:00 Any chance for a Black Sabbath mythos?
    2:59:55 Do you think Final Fantasy 8 is the best Final Fantasy?
    3:04:40 Speed metal band recommendations?
    3:07:00 Ever considered doing a rant on big data?
    3:09:50 Which war would you like to fight in?
    3:15:45 Have you played Doki Doki Literature Club?
    3:19:50 Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun?
    3:20:34 Any Sunny Slope stories?
    3:22:10 Do you have a twitch channel?
    3:22:40 Thoughts on the raise of price on graphics cards?
    3:25:30 Thoughts on the Mission Impossible films?
    3:30:28 Thoughts on Shadow of Rome?
    3:30:50 Top 5 sci-fi TV shows?
    3:36:48 Thoughts on Stargate and Doctor Who? And Star Trek original series?

  • graham peters
    graham peters Year ago

    Would love to see a game where u play as an oss agent like this in 1930s japan.

  • MadVulcan
    MadVulcan Year ago

    2:30:20 Is it moral fagotry for a Liberation to be saying that or to be concerned at all is consider a moral fagot?
    3:27:02 Had a feelin' that movie was leaving something out.

  • Reaper
    Reaper Year ago +2

    Rip Mercenaries and Mercenaries: World In Flames :(

  • bmay81
    bmay81 Year ago

    My Brother Presumably Pawned all of my cherished Marvel Comics :(

  • Revenant
    Revenant Year ago

    You can't stay here, YOU'RE GONNA END UP IN JAPANESE HELL.

  • Stefan Chirila
    Stefan Chirila Year ago +2

    I love this game !

  • wakesake
    wakesake Year ago

    This game has the easyest car races ever
    On the start of every race you need to get out of the race car and point the gun at the rest of the drivers/racers
    & they get out of their vehicles , with that done you can drive miss Daisy and get first place every time :)

  • commenter name
    commenter name Year ago +2

    criminally underrated game

  • LudeandLude
    LudeandLude Year ago +4

    This game is super underrated.

  • teddyharvester
    teddyharvester Year ago +1

    First time I've heard about the Altered Carbon creators going on about any connections between the show and MeToo, but I'm half way through the series and haven't seen any indications to that effect, so they're probably talking out of their asses probably to get some people who don't even consume entertainment media on board.
    So far the show's been pretty bad ass and free of SJW bullshit as far as I can tell, but now you got me all paranoid.

  • Quentin Els
    Quentin Els Year ago

    Was a fan of Lex growing up and had a huge crush on Eva Haberman

  • Char Aznable
    Char Aznable Year ago

    Why does the French guy sound like a Khajiit?

  • Char Aznable
    Char Aznable Year ago

    Vive la France.......

  • Char Aznable
    Char Aznable Year ago

    Damn, i wanted that intro to keep going.....

  • Indigo Gaming
    Indigo Gaming Year ago

    Underrated game. I loved the aesthetic of the Nazi-controlled areas. Like Sin City in video game form.

  • Kevin Sica
    Kevin Sica Year ago +1

    Considering the military makes those who join get circumcision surgery because they can get infected I say allow for civs. Not to mention its been proven that you have a higher chance of getting some stds including HIV. Being circumcised ain't to bad deal with it

  • Pyrela
    Pyrela Year ago +1

    Can't find a band called Animatronic :/

    • Pyrela
      Pyrela Year ago

      Try Carpenter Brut: Turbokiller

    • MrACABification
      MrACABification Year ago

      Nor me; I've found Animatronix and Animatronica, but they're both shit-tier dance music shite.

  • toni vidovic
    toni vidovic Year ago +3

    Sleeping Dogs Arcade NOW!!!!!!

  • mad9172
    mad9172 Year ago +1

    there was a soviet polish army but the polish home army was anti-commie and the reds killed most of them after the war

  • supajasiu
    supajasiu Year ago +2

    Dimmp of this was answered.
    But considering Russia not only invaded us a month after Germans kept bouncing off of us.
    Also Poland was quietly getting ready for a Russian invasion as a revenge for 1920

  • MrACABification
    MrACABification Year ago


  • Lance leader
    Lance leader Year ago

    The voice acting in this game makes me angry for whatever reason.

  • Mr. Worm Casting
    Mr. Worm Casting Year ago

    Hey, get your mind right...thexvid.com/video/gCJkJ0RdNtY/video.html

  • Torge Enigme
    Torge Enigme Year ago

    I have majority Irish in my family. How the fuck haven't I heard of this game?

  • BestWayKilla
    BestWayKilla Year ago

    No shit, you're into Night Demon, Razor? That's awesome! One of my very favorite modern metal bands, had the chance to see them live a couple of years ago and they absolutely killed. If you like Night Demon, I'd recommend the other band I saw that night, as well as my #1 favorite modern metal band, Visigoth. Sort of a mix of traditional metal with a some distinct power metal trappings, all with some kickass epic fantasy themes and lyrics. I pre-ordered their new album and it came in today, and it fucking slays.

  • Pinochet airlines
    Pinochet airlines Year ago +1

    The Antifa flag looks weird in this game and France lost to them to good god man.

  • Zatlovie
    Zatlovie Year ago

    u guys should play "getting over it"

  • chrisb413
    chrisb413 Year ago

    RE the illustrious Jerry Brown, Gov of CA, he is a piece of shit. 100%. Moonbeam needs to retire.

  • Steffen Bolz
    Steffen Bolz Year ago

    I like the 3.5 hr run time, I hope this will continue

  • Lonely Soul
    Lonely Soul Year ago +5

    FDR was talking about Soviet aggression against Finland, that's Winter War.

  • Dean Medcalf
    Dean Medcalf Year ago

    forgot all about this game. Just a thought since you can get this in a single complete volume via dark horse, have you thought about reviewing Blacksad ? The french with i think a Spanish artists graphic novel series done in a film noir style, story telling and art but with animal characters and set in the USA .

    GOREADDICT Year ago

    Fuck yes! One of my favorite games!!!!

  • D Roe
    D Roe Year ago

    Sees boobs. Clicks like.

  • Mastermind41
    Mastermind41 Year ago +1

    Ah, Pandemic's swan song...I will never forgive EA.

  • Domino Godbane
    Domino Godbane Year ago

    Great game

  • Dave The Impaler
    Dave The Impaler Year ago +1

    The Flashpoint Batman (Thomas Wayne) was pretty much the OG Batman with a gun.

  • ant cow123
    ant cow123 Year ago

    Piece of piss? Who freezes piss?!

  • Pain-Killer
    Pain-Killer Year ago +5

    The Denis Villenueve bit had me on the floor with laughter for 3 solid minutes.

  • Black Pill
    Black Pill Year ago

    saboteur was shit tbh

  • crusadersaracen
    crusadersaracen Year ago +1

    link to any recommended Animatronic songs?

    • Jhian Sy
      Jhian Sy Year ago

      Was that the spelling? Cause I only see FNF in my searches.

  • DT Scurvy
    DT Scurvy Year ago +6

    Gimme that Alice Cooper music mythos, Razor fam

  • ColonelEviscerator

    Would be nice to see how long Uncle Joe held up without that LendLease if the Allies weren't important to WW2.

  • DwRockett
    DwRockett Year ago +16

    The saboteur is great, I wish more people knew about it

  • Terri Nils
    Terri Nils Year ago +3

    Hell yeah. This is one of my top ten games.

  • Alex Gun
    Alex Gun Year ago +1

    I like this game! Reminds me Mafia! Well, sometimes..
    upd. YEAH! Scanner and Speedtrap! \m/

  • jeemstoybox
    jeemstoybox Year ago +1

    One of the few games I was obsessive enough to platinum, one thing annoyed me though, there's a glitch in the map with a tiny small farm that will not change colour in the ps3 version it stayed as enemy hands.....so annoying.

  • A. Dimchev
    A. Dimchev Year ago +19

    Little known fact about this game - the magnum takes down towers with 2 shots. No joke.

  • House Keeping
    House Keeping Year ago +1

    Sony is only in the game because of... What was he gonna say?

    • StrikeTeam7
      StrikeTeam7 Year ago +1

      competition is always better for the consumer, sony became king this gen and still wont patch cd support for the ps4 and purposely blocks backwards compatibility.

    • Mobius
      Mobius Year ago +6

      Leo Percara Nintendo. The PlayStation started as cd add on to the snes, the deal went south, and it lead to Sony entering the industry with a console of their own.

  • Steffen Bolz
    Steffen Bolz Year ago +4


    • R H
      R H Year ago


  • Binary Surfer
    Binary Surfer Year ago

    Before you bitch about french pronounciation; might want to learn how to say 'aluminium' properly first. And before you get snarky; what language are you speaking again? ;)

  • JackOBlades0801
    JackOBlades0801 Year ago +40

    2009 Boobs look better than Mass Effect Andromeda Boobs...

    • Ike of Pyke
      Ike of Pyke Year ago +4

      JackOBlades0801 2009 boob rendering technology is ahead of retro Last light

  • Red Menace
    Red Menace Year ago +13

    RIP Pandemic