Omarion RESPONDS to Apryl & Fizz Relationship ( Short Clip)

  • Published on Nov 29, 2019
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  • ṂṿṨḲ ṂṿŔĎÄ mσвílє gαmíng


  • delores walmack
    delores walmack 4 days ago

    Everyone else is more bothered than Omarion is. They are placing their feelings on Omarion. Get over it already it's 2020.

  • Theo Sullivan
    Theo Sullivan 25 days ago

    Tasha K U killing it. I love it

  • CaramelDiva7
    CaramelDiva7 Month ago

    Omarion is the epitome of CONFIDENCE ✅

    AL WHIN Month ago

    LOOK GOOD :)

  • Natural Walk
    Natural Walk Month ago

    Can anyone tell me what paper work is fizz on and why would O be made about it

    FEDXTHAGREAT Month ago

    Dam Tasha got all the tea i ain’t know they was having 3somes with Carter The Body

    KAT STERLING Month ago

    👩🏽‍💻:57 👀YIKES! Ok O

    KAT STERLING Month ago

    Wait 1:00 min ....I gotta check something right quick......☝🏽wait...👩🏽‍💻....👀

  • lala C.
    lala C. Month ago


  • Precious Leah
    Precious Leah Month ago


  • shanny11
    shanny11 Month ago +2

    Mama always told me the same way you get them is the same way you lose them

  • SpoilthePrincess
    SpoilthePrincess Month ago

    I’ve heard if that make up line before. I didn’t know what the name was. I definitely gotta check it out💯

  • Chatty Me
    Chatty Me Month ago

    All these advertisements and ish...come-on....already...too much in the beginning....

  • Royal TheeVoice Flemming

    I know you're going to add to this now... 😹 Adding Jo Budden & Boog to the mix. The shade was real. I hope everybody had a great thanksgiving.. 🍷🍷

  • cece9266
    cece9266 Month ago

    Old news

  • Berwyn Stone
    Berwyn Stone Month ago

    Fucking hilarious just do a comedy special on celebrities and get it put on Netflix

  • sinamen516
    sinamen516 Month ago +1

    Most feminine guys are good in bed...Tasha's commentary is on point 😂

  • Gold Hoops & Diamonds

    😁😁😁😂😂😂 Lort! Take Tasha's phone & camera!!!!

  • Tea Scobie
    Tea Scobie Month ago

    A.P. B all-points bulletin

  • homegirlscloset
    homegirlscloset Month ago

    What color foundation are U wearing?

  • Bighearted Sunshine

    APB = All points bulletin 😂🤣
    O looks good!

  • MIssV Mack
    MIssV Mack Month ago

    Why so ma y short videos?

  • Carla Townsend
    Carla Townsend Month ago +7

    O is a class act he dont have to respond to trash. More men need to follow his lead. Women too

  • liset1383
    liset1383 Month ago


  • Mariam ndungu
    Mariam ndungu Month ago

    Lol...Tasha... Mmmh

  • Trina Bartholomew
    Trina Bartholomew Month ago


  • Trina Bartholomew
    Trina Bartholomew Month ago


  • ingrid717
    ingrid717 Month ago


  • NurseMoniqueRN M
    NurseMoniqueRN M Month ago +2

    There is no B2K without Omarion.. He’s has handled this situation very maturely.He getting the last laugh and he’s sleeping well at night .while fizz and Apryl can’t sleep at all with all the KARMA that’s about to take place. Omarion give fizz a early birthday present by dropping out the tour for good. Karma is real..

  • Angel Marie
    Angel Marie Month ago


  • Loyana Dale
    Loyana Dale Month ago +3

    He got SERVED

  • Loveless 78
    Loveless 78 Month ago

    I can’t forget watching Apryl pat her puss talking about how good her fat puss was. 🤦🏼‍♀️ So embarrassing.

  • Purple Kitten
    Purple Kitten Month ago +3

    Most feminine guys are really great in bed? Ummmm ok.😕

  • Smiley Mobzzz
    Smiley Mobzzz Month ago

    Tausha u r such a BOSS!! And loooove your makeup!!👍💋♥️♥️

  • Andrea Andrea
    Andrea Andrea Month ago +5

    Please make a video exposing Christ Stokes and Marques Houston for what they did to Raz B and other victims. It’s like RKelly and Cosby all over again. Victims are being silenced, and these perpetrators are being allowed to continue this sick work.

  • Wendell Kirton
    Wendell Kirton Month ago

    Tasha too enjoy she wine

  • Priyal Gajbhiye
    Priyal Gajbhiye Month ago

    Hehehe 😂😂😂😂

  • Elyse George
    Elyse George Month ago +3

    BP love supporting that culture vulture VladTV. Another WM getting rich off the backs of BP. I guess BP don’t know or don’t care that he publicly stated he’s against reparations.

    • A Frank
      A Frank Month ago +1

      Yeah, I don't care for him either. The last video I saw was when he interviewed Raz B, and he was foul as hell. Ever since, I don't support him.

  • love jones
    love jones Month ago

    I didn't think it was all that big

  • Liddie Robin
    Liddie Robin Month ago +5

    Bisssshhhhh, O will always be my fave.

  • Sharonica Nelson
    Sharonica Nelson Month ago

    I-- 😯😂

  • Chaqueta Jones
    Chaqueta Jones Month ago +43


  • diamond eyez
    diamond eyez Month ago

    Did i just watch this last week with tasha talking about the same thing but wearing diff outfit??ok im losing it 🤪😖

  • Debra Paige
    Debra Paige Month ago +3

    No no chess he was playing russian rhulette dropped a bomb on them both

  • Lia Wall
    Lia Wall Month ago +15

    "Whatever makes them happy" he says while shaking his head no the entire time 😂😂

    • yescarycan
      yescarycan Month ago


    • Lia Wall
      Lia Wall Month ago

      @MAMA CHOUCHOU Words are one thing, but you have to train the body to lie, which most people have no reason to do, unless they're professional criminals, some sort of sociopath, investigator, etc. So him shaking his head "no", indicated that the words coming out of his mouth were false

      MAMA CHOUCHOU Month ago

      Lia Wall what do you mean ?

    LOVE YOU Month ago


  • D Williams
    D Williams Month ago +4

    O, very smooth move my friend very smooth move indeed

  • Jaquanda J
    Jaquanda J Month ago +9

    Your last comment is facts.
    "Most fem men are Great in bed"

  • Stephanie Coles
    Stephanie Coles Month ago +8

    Omarion so unbothered he is the biggest pimp. Everyone gotta bring O name up

  • Danielle Taylor
    Danielle Taylor Month ago +17

    Omarion mom been called April out on being thirsty and a hoe. I ain’t wanna believe it but now it’s obvious. Moniece need to focus on herself. If y’all pay attention Moniece doesn’t bother fizz until she she is SINGLE. As long as she is in a relationship she isn’t worried with Fizz.

  • S C
    S C Month ago

    Everybody mad at Fizz, but Omarion is the one that did Apryl wrong 🤷🏿‍♀️

    • Dominique Dixon
      Dominique Dixon Month ago +3

      He left her for a reason and it shows why cause of the type of person she is

    • Melissa Owens
      Melissa Owens Month ago

      @S C so what u talking about then? I'm sure your had issues in your relationship as well that we dont know about so hush

    • S C
      S C Month ago +2

      Evelyn Dunham Nope, I wasn’t “there” 🥴

    • Evelyn Dunham
      Evelyn Dunham Month ago

      Was you their?

  • Lady Creole
    Lady Creole Month ago +64

    I guess O changed the narrative his damn self. Lol.

  • Jerina Hatchett
    Jerina Hatchett Month ago +9

    Most grown men do not and will not sit around discussing your ex all damn day. Hell most grown women won't either, and we tend to want to know backstories

  • Bashirah Wood
    Bashirah Wood Month ago +15

    Theeeee UN-FUKN-BOTHERED MVP award goes to Omarion with the ice box heart 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽😂😂

  • Yvette Williams
    Yvette Williams Month ago +6

    Apryl has wasted her looks chile, Fizz really?

  • ethel yolande
    ethel yolande Month ago +14

    Omarion is exactly like me. I will totally act like him

  • Ghana Mafia
    Ghana Mafia Month ago +86

    Fizz is a kept man. Whatever female or male he can get to pay his bills. I also do believe that fizz is fluid...meaning he would dip into the Mister Sir pond if he has to.

  • Shon Cobbs
    Shon Cobbs Month ago

    I love Tasha k got a lil crush lol

  • No Name
    No Name Month ago +3

    When two people are truly in love they don't care about money. Just so you know

    • Scovya Porsha
      Scovya Porsha Month ago

      No Name Good night💕

    • No Name
      No Name Month ago

      @Scovya Porsha Only gold diggers that can be bought say what you're saying. How much u cost to love? I bet the get by with the reality TV show money because they're people that's getting by with less.

    • Scovya Porsha
      Scovya Porsha Month ago +2

      No Name Geez you must have a broke one lol 😆😆😆. Only broke people utter such

    • Jerina Hatchett
      Jerina Hatchett Month ago +9

      They also don't make the ex the focus point and topic of conversation.

    • Blacks are the Biblical Israelites
      Blacks are the Biblical Israelites Month ago +5

      That's why ain't no bills getting paid lol