Professional Data Recovery with $300 Data Recovery - Part 1

  • Published on Aug 22, 2017
  • In this new series, Brian Cometa, owner of $300 Data Recovery in Los Angeles, California, exposes the tricks of the trade!
    Why is data recovery so expensive? How come $300 data recovery is considered cheap? What's involved in data recovery? Can solid state drives, m.2 drives, flash drives and/or RAID arrays be recovered as well?
    Find out in this very informative interview with a data recovery expert that has over 98% customer satisfaction and more than 1000 5-star reviews!
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  • Brendan Keane
    Brendan Keane 15 days ago

    any notes on the zeff paste (?) and the hot air compressed heating gun?

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown Month ago

    the "freezer trick" sounds like a terrible idea. but i know from experience that the "toaster trick" does work in certain situations that involve heat damage, if the platters have heated up and contracted, causing the data to be misaligned.

    only to be attempted if you're comfortable with removing the hdd control board, cause you don't want the toaster to fry it. then you put the hdd on top of a toaster, just briefly enough to expand the platters a bit, and then grab as much data as you can while they're still hot.

  • John Langerijs
    John Langerijs 3 months ago

    Pretty interesting. :D

  • Michael Coates
    Michael Coates 7 months ago +1

    Like to have him as a friend he knows his stuff thanks Carey

  • WCR
    WCR 8 months ago

    So 2 years later, did they crack the Sandforce code?

  • Electric Poliville
    Electric Poliville 10 months ago


  • killerpot. stuclaire
    killerpot. stuclaire 10 months ago +1

    hahaha austin power quote so funny !

    ONCE UPON A TIME Year ago +1

    I had Bian Cometa work on my PC and my friends' Mac and he came to our places and did a great job, about 8 years ago. Today my hard drive failed and I'm planning to call him. DRIVESAVERS charged me 5 years ago $2,160 for a failed drive and it took forever to pay them back since I'm on SS Disability. I learned eversince to make 2 or 3 backups of each drive but disaster hit too soon this time. I had no time or a spare drive to back it up....darn it......

  • sid vicious
    sid vicious Year ago +3

    This is the process that most people never think about. I have recovered drives before, but not at this level and he is right it can takes a long drive and I had one drive take me 7-15 days, so his rate at $300 is not unreasonable at all depending on how important your data is to you. Very good one here Carey because it hits home on how important a good back up routine really is across multiple platforms to secure your data.

  • Bruno O'neil Ferreira

    nice video, but yes, people use that solder paste for smd components.. I use it here in Brazil very often.. fortunately and unfortunately, information goes fast everywhere nowadays. I happen to speak english and other languages so for me it`s pretty easy to get what I need on the internet. I came across your video accidentally here and I must admit I learned a little piece of valuable information here concerning the ssd drivers. I didnt know manufacturers
    were encrypting their chips

  • Derek Coster
    Derek Coster Year ago

    Nice explanations. Have you tried MRT Labs hardware? Not as fully featured as PC3000 but it costs very little up front and you only pay monthly for 23 repayments of $180. I've had some impressive results with it. Their technical support used to be woeful but they seemed to be serious about improving it lately.

  • RamasamyKalimuthu

    good information .

  • Fanta BH
    Fanta BH Year ago

    Great video , I love it.

    • Fanta BH
      Fanta BH Year ago

      I have to say, I did not expect any reaction from you CareyHolzman , but again you surprised me big time, thank you. You belong to bigger youtubers but still you do care about comments on your videos,

  • Phil Collins
    Phil Collins Year ago

    Absolutely fascinating

  • J.G.M.C Tech Solutions

    Wow amazing work

  • A J
    A J Year ago

    I noticed your ice cube tray at 4:31; I bet you had to make more room in the freezer for hard drives.

    • DayNation
      DayNation Year ago

      I also noticed the little fridge on the floor at 5:40; I've used this trick to keep a drive from over heating.

    DIST ORTION Year ago

    i wanna work for you!

  • Adam N
    Adam N Year ago +1

    I discovered this company about a year or so ago and have since used them for recovery of hard drives of 3 different clients of mine. In all cases they got everything back, although the 3 drives were probably not the worst case scenarios when it comes to drive failure. Actually have another drive that I am about to mail out to them. And finally seeing and hearing the owner Brian in this video makes me even more confident of the companys honesty and work. The cost and services are exceptional considering what so many other recovery companies charge.

  • Bob Anderson
    Bob Anderson Year ago +1

    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Curtis Pazar Jr
    Curtis Pazar Jr Year ago +1

    love your vids!!!!!

  • Terry Adelsberger
    Terry Adelsberger Year ago +3

    You cannot believe the ray of hope you guys have given me by sharing this video. I talked to data recovery for $300 this week and I am sending in a hard drive this week. I had seen another video on this wonderful company that knows they can make more for what they do but understanding the American people and their struggles just to survive in these troubled times we are in is truly a breath of fresh air. Careys helpful videos I watch whenever I can find one I am a handyman by trade I have always fixed anything was broken but now I am handicapped. Two years of diagnosis for me and realizing will really the truth for me and my life was over as I knew it. I have a computer company service who made a mistake by doing what I asked him to do without thinking it through on my home computer and all my my family who are deceased were suddenly gone away it was like a second death. To no longer hear my father telling me that he loved me broke me completely. But I am hopeful now. And I love Brian's attitude and his gentle disposition of life. Thank you again so much for sharing this video I will be talking with you very soon. Terry Adelsberger

  • Elder PlayGames
    Elder PlayGames Year ago

    Very good vid guys.

  • DrGuglea
    DrGuglea Year ago

    10 +++++++++++++++++

  • Bill Somrak
    Bill Somrak Year ago +1

    As a retired Sr. Electronic Technician/Specialist, it was nostalgic to see you doing a little hot air station work. A small 8 pin j-lead IC like the one you pulled I could probably do blindfolded. When you get to high density leads (250+ leads) or BGA work (ball grid array), then you really require some special skills to successfully remove/replace components. I've bookmarked your website .. just in case I ever need your services. Cheers.

  • Andrew Harley
    Andrew Harley Year ago

    There are options available to attempt data recovery from SSDs using SandForce controllers, they aren't perfect but to say it's 'unrecoverable by anyone' is not an accurate statement :P
    I love hearing about the service you provide and in all honesty the cost to consumers is pretty outstanding. If I was unable to recover my own data ( I do practice the 3-2-1 strategy for my most important data although 'offsite' is simply a fireproof safe in the same room lol) I'd definitely send off a drive to these guys for a recovery attempt.

  • MilMike
    MilMike Year ago

    thats awesome!

  • Dr. Victor Strange

    Cool that there are economical ways to recover...but as many say in comments below..its like $5 a month for unlimited backup...have to be nuts to use a disk today without a backup.

  • Mdanilo Aragon
    Mdanilo Aragon Year ago +2

    Great video !!! thank you Great price

  • Matrim1985
    Matrim1985 Year ago +1

    This is really cool, have always wondered about data recovery. I would love a little more explanation of some of the terms and a little more talk about programs and stuff. Really cool though!

  • Brandon M.R.
    Brandon M.R. Year ago

    Heat gun solder looks amazing.

  • News Tube
    News Tube 2 years ago

    Can you guys recover data if the HDD has been wiped with something like DBAN?

    • $300 Data Recovery
      $300 Data Recovery Year ago

      If a HDD was wiped with DBAN I don't think any "files" could be recovered by anyone.

    • CareyHolzman
      CareyHolzman  2 years ago

      No, but a forensics recovery shop might be able to (though it will probably cost a whole lot more)

  • Gabriel Soria
    Gabriel Soria 2 years ago

    And this is why I have a ReFS RAID 1 running then both snapshots to another internal drive and disaster recovery on a fireproof NAS, had a hard drive fail during transfer to a new drive about 15 years ago.. left me butt hurt since.
    I even tested Windows ReFS for about 6+ months with two bad drives, one bad sectors and the other bad I/O from the logic board. Ran shared torrent files off itto constantly beat on it and ran a 100GB file to be backed up and verified daily... i was very surprised how well it performed vs a hardware RAID 1 card (3Ware 9650SE).

  • oldschoolchartist
    oldschoolchartist 2 years ago +1

    I recovered a bad drive with the freezer trick.

    • oldschoolchartist
      oldschoolchartist 2 years ago

      Actually, I sort of feel that my decision to do this with my own drive was taking 100% responsibility, liability and personal accountability. If I broke it I was not going to blame anyone but myself. Professionals have to approach things through industry standard practices. I understand that. But with my own stuff... I am free to muck it up a thousand ways while accepting all potential outcomes and owning them.

    • CareyHolzman
      CareyHolzman  2 years ago

      I didn't say it wasn't possible. What I said was no professional would ever do that. Its something a home user does who has no accountability, liability or responsibility for the damage they cause.

  • shakapkialondon
    shakapkialondon 2 years ago +1

    Never knew that there is something like freezer myth , i accidentally bumped on this link as currently i am trying to recover my data from one of my external WD passport drive which died a few years ago but i never had the time and tools to recover it. i did try a few times when it originally failed but since the size of drive is 320 gb it was a time taking task with little result as the partitions had been soft formatted since.I tried a number of professional softwares with nil result and than i noticed the disk was heating up a little and making click sounds in the middle and dying randomly before scanning is evern 1% complete. Just out of curiosity i put it in a freezer as i had earlier that heat is number 1 enemy of disks . fortunately this worked for me as now the scanning is 20% complete with runtime easy recovery surface scanning and thousand of file starts identified whereas no other software was able to find any files or folders.. it still showing 60 hours remaining but thats understandable. hopefully i get my recious data back

  • Jeroen
    Jeroen 2 years ago

    The problem is... PC vendors in general, only supply one HDD / SSD into a computer or laptop in general. When that fails, all data is lost. And not everybody is technically aware enough that a single point of faillure is just enough to chase people into serious datarecovery costs. I've did this myself as a service as well for a few years. I always shipped the PCB's which needed a 'swap' with MCU to a pro company. We had a good price deal and i was able to provide people's data for less then 150 euro. The disks that fell from table and had head / surface damage i automaticly skipped, because they are another league. People be aware to only choose for a professional company who is there for years with good reviews. It's your personal data you are giving out to someone.

  • uwu
    uwu 2 years ago

    youtube recommending some interesting stuff, love it!

  • Dysfunctional Wombat
    Dysfunctional Wombat 2 years ago

    I had a quantum fireball 4 GB die. its controller board shorted out. It came out of my revision A iMac. I still have the drive. it has Mac OS 9.2.2. I had updated it all the way from Mac OS 8.1. Need to get it recovered. I have data on it that I have nowhere else. Listen. I had yet to back it up. It just so happened to blow the main control chips, while it was running. and I was preparing to back it up to my Mac Mini server. Over ethernet of course

  • synchro505
    synchro505 2 years ago +9

    After watching this video I immediately did a complete backup on both of my main computers!

    • LaVidaLocaHomie
      LaVidaLocaHomie 7 months ago +1

      Did you backup the backup of your backup?

    • shellite
      shellite Year ago +4

      But did you backup your backup?

  • Oliver Carr
    Oliver Carr 2 years ago +25

    Wonder how many of those drives are holding Bitcoin

    • $300 Data Recovery
      $300 Data Recovery Year ago +1

      We've recovered many BTC wallets, along with wallets for other CCs.

    • Dedskin Prodcer/DJ
      Dedskin Prodcer/DJ Year ago

      coin si not stored on drives , it on Network or RAM , wallets with 1 million $ are flash dists not HDDs or SSD.

    • Jeffrey Bozko
      Jeffrey Bozko Year ago


    • Argih Bueno
      Argih Bueno 2 years ago +2

      None, bitcoins exist only in the blockchain, what could be stored are the private address needed if you want to be able to send btc.

    • Brandon Durocher
      Brandon Durocher 2 years ago +3

      Oliver Carr lmao no doubt

  • Dec Deo
    Dec Deo 2 years ago

    cool video!

  • marco A Figueroa campuzano

    133 dislikes ?? WTF he should be working 4 the NASA u r awesome mr cometa

  • Kfftfuftur
    Kfftfuftur 2 years ago

    wait a second i just bought a WD 2TB drive a week ago and you tell me now that these have the highest fail rates of 12.57 % per year?

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith 2 years ago +2

    cool stuff ....

  • Cyrano Burleson
    Cyrano Burleson 2 years ago +1

    Damn. I thought could recover data, but this guy

  • ROv Ibot
    ROv Ibot 2 years ago +3

    great content making it so accessible to all new comers and tech heads in general.....Brian is doing his thing, kudos to him and his team

  • Dj Kagz
    Dj Kagz 2 years ago +2

    Nerd porn indeed, love it

  • weelgunny
    weelgunny 2 years ago +2

    I'm now hot air solder trained.

  • M3talMaddy767
    M3talMaddy767 2 years ago


  • Mixe All Masty
    Mixe All Masty 2 years ago

    Very good

  • John Furious
    John Furious 2 years ago

    Awesome video... thanks.

  • VAAQS Media
    VAAQS Media 2 years ago

    Are you able to repair corrupted video files.

  • Shotgun Reloader
    Shotgun Reloader 2 years ago


  • Sajid Dx
    Sajid Dx 2 years ago

    Computer sirf 3 cheezoon se chalta hai, Backup, Backup or Backup.

  • Sarge
    Sarge 2 years ago +40

    "even if it takes monthes its just 300 dollars" me: holy shit thats a good deal "unless the dont want the data then its just a 100 bucks" me : jesus christ your insane to offer that price

    • Mohammad Owayza
      Mohammad Owayza 7 months ago +1

      I used theire services . very professionals

  • Transhuman Mercury
    Transhuman Mercury 2 years ago +8

    10k for the hardware and god knows for the software...looks identical to software from the 80's, called x copy (blind copy) for the Amiga, that thing could recover almost anything, I think it was around $5 to buy...Just on a side note, with PCB repair, you should use the dedicated vacuum, heat removal head, tool, for that chipset (it also removes the old solder), should never re-use solder, as it breaks down, weakens, also when re soldering use similar tool, to isolate heat, or simply run iron across pins in one swift motion or multiple with smaller chip sets.

    • katsu TS
      katsu TS Year ago

      I don't think this is a long term fix, the broken drive gets replaced completely

    • Carlos Reyes
      Carlos Reyes Year ago +1

      Alternatively, you can make it much much simpler and go on eBay and buy the exact PCB board for your drive for a range of $20 - $65/ea max. Swap the board, fire up the drive...theres really no magic to it. I dont understand why people are going GAGA over this video. As you stated, X Copy.. HDD Sentinel and many others out there can do this for subpar $10 - $20 bucks. Same goes for the guy above who lost his ARRAY. Most RAID recovery tools can read and rebuild data...i just dont get why this video is making everyone make it seem like this guy is spewing magic out of his belly button...

    • zvpunry
      zvpunry 2 years ago +1

      The soldering was just for the video, I think they will normally clean the pads and used some additional flux. But especially for the video I hadn't skipped these parts, on video everything must be perfect! :)
      Also, the components can tolerate that heat, they are designed to tolerate it. Removing and resoldering a tiny eeprom isn't a big deal. Anyways, the work on the PCB doesn't need to be robust or nice... It must work until the data is extracted and thats it. ;)

  • duke francis
    duke francis 2 years ago

    You can try using data recovery software first, and if you haven't found the missing file, then you can find a recovery mechanism.
    Powerful data recovery software: iBeesoft data recovery

  • Pabs S
    Pabs S 2 years ago +2

    Pretty cool video!

  • Kevin Law
    Kevin Law 2 years ago +5

    OMG! I wish I would have known about this service sooner - Back in 2012 I had a major raid0 crash - sent the drives to Ontrack data recovery and paid 1800 to get the data back.... recovered 600G of precious family pictures and videos that go back 20 years - I would have paid twice that to get the data back..

    • Derck Layja
      Derck Layja 2 years ago

      Kevin Law you should have known better everything will always be cheaper in the future.

    • zvpunry
      zvpunry 2 years ago +2

      Unfortunately many people think that "RAID == Backup" but they don't even understand the different raid levels, they hear raid0 is the fastest an raid0 doesn't waste space. And then they use it and stop thinking about it. To make it worse, the guy who thinks that RAID is a backup is most likely the one who is the most knowledgeable about computers in a whole group of people and "fixes" the computers of his family and friends. :-/
      Backups are annoying, expensive and useless... unless you need them, then they are very helpful, cheap and useful. Perfect combination to just ignore them or do them later.

    • Long Islander
      Long Islander 2 years ago +7

      Real question is why the hell would you put your family photos on a raid 0. 😂

    • Kristopher Leslie
      Kristopher Leslie 2 years ago +7

      Kevin Law why would you have Raid O and no back up?

  • corey deas
    corey deas 2 years ago +2

    What???!!!! Never heard that and I am glad I didn't Glad I know that those not make sense. "Freeze a drive."

  • Del
    Del 2 years ago +2