Short Highlights: Ireland v France | Guinness Six Nations

  • Published on Mar 10, 2019
  • Watch the short highlights as Ireland hosted France in Dublin.
    Ireland: 15 Jordan Larmour, 14 Keith Earls, 13 Garry Ringrose, 12 Bundee Aki, 11 Jacob Stockdale, 10 Jonathan Sexton, 9 Conor Murray, 8 CJ Stander, 7 Josh van der Flier, 6 Peter O’Mahony, 5 James Ryan, 4 Iain Henderson, 3 Tadhg Furlong, 2 Rory Best (c), 1 Cian Healy
    Replacements: 16 Niall Scannell, 17 Dave Kilcoyne, 18 John Ryan, 19 Ultan Dillane, 20 Jack Conan, 21 John Cooney, 22 Jack Carty, 23 Andrew Conway

    France: 15 Thomas Ramos, 14 Damian Penaud, 13 Mathieu Bastareaud, 12 Gaël Fickou, 11 Yoann Huget, 10 Romain Ntamack, 9 Antoine Dupont, 8 Louis Picamoles, 7 Arthur Iturria, 6 Wenceslas Lauret, 5 Felix Lambey, 4 Sebastien Vahaamahina, 3 Demba Bamba, 2 Guilhem Guirado (c), 1 Jefferson Poirot
    Replacements: 16 Camille Chat, 17 Etienne Falgoux, 18 Dorian Aldegheri, 19 Paul Willemse, 20 Gregory Alldritt, 21 Baptiste Serin, 22 Anthony Belleau, 23 Maxime Medard

    Date: Sunday, March 10
    Venue: Aviva Stadium, Dublin
    Kick-off: 15:00 GMT
    Referee: Ben O’Keeffe (New Zealand)
    Assistant Referees: Angus Gardner (Australia), Karl Dickson (England)
    TMO: Ben Skeen (New Zealand)
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Comments • 286

  • BOGOSS Eric
    BOGOSS Eric Day ago

    Grotesque tas de glands bleux...le vieillard à leur tête est à dégager d' n'a aucune idée de là ou il và ni là ou il faut aller...ensuite il faut choisir 20 mecs, garder les même et lentement progresser ensemble...pas les tentatives balbutiantes à l'emporte-pièce de Brunel l'incapable. Quand à certains joueurs plus capable de faire ne serait-ce qu'un plaquage, il faut qu'ils remballent les crampons...

  • Big Ramy
    Big Ramy 6 days ago

    Cj Stander has proven to be a great n8. What a wrong decision has been taken by SA coaches with him!

  • thomas pollock
    thomas pollock 6 days ago +1

    2th try held up by irish

    • aileen dorgan-sheehy
      aileen dorgan-sheehy 5 days ago

      I can't understand how the 2nd French try was given. Ref blew the whistle and there was Soo much movement after that, that a supporter could have some on the field and grounded the ball. The TMO doesn't see it grounded so how can the ref give it. I can't understand it

  • Rachel little games
    Rachel little games 7 days ago +1

    Ireland won't even past the Quarter Finals in the RWC. best thing for Irish fans to do is not visit Japan. stay home COZ it won't be long until the Irish team will be going home too. 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • Elizabeth Farrell
    Elizabeth Farrell 7 days ago

    Truly enjoyed watching the video. :D

  • Wade Sharp
    Wade Sharp 7 days ago +1

    Irish strong right across the field..well done

  • Lindy Hnawosse
    Lindy Hnawosse 7 days ago

    Trop fort l Ireland

  • sam jones
    sam jones 7 days ago +1

    well well first try once your knee touches the ground in a tackle u cant get back up and score illegal try

    • aileen dorgan-sheehy
      aileen dorgan-sheehy 5 days ago

      He was lifted by the French player so is he not entitled to place the ball?

  • babe76detect
    babe76detect 7 days ago

    On apprend ca mm en equipe amateur !.. On suit son Vis a vis... Pas le ballon.. Reveilez vous... Elles sont où les valeurs !!!... On est pas des footeux... On relève la tête et on ne subit pas !!! (meme si les footeux ont le mérite d etre champion du monde... Bravo a vous)

  • Bastien Michel
    Bastien Michel 7 days ago +1

    Italy should have their chances against France this week-end.

  • Stid Starz
    Stid Starz 7 days ago

    Another humiliation and even Ireland let them score twice to make it interesting. the frogs are shite

    • Maxence Lacheteau
      Maxence Lacheteau 7 days ago

      Stid Starz well we are at least an independent country... on this note good day to you Subjects of the English crown

  • Matthew Williams
    Matthew Williams 7 days ago +4

    Good game Ireland from a Wales supporter, can't wait for the game on the weekend. Wales v Ireland regardless who's home is always the game of the tournament for me.

  • LSM Flow
    LSM Flow 7 days ago

    My brother plays rugby and he wants to get big,so he made highlights check him out look up (Ryan Flores rugby)please and if you watch it thank you

  • Evan Sofer
    Evan Sofer 7 days ago +2

    Keith has some speed like if u agree with Me and comment

  • TITI 43
    TITI 43 7 days ago +1

    bravo messieurs
    vous avez un grand pays
    j'aime votre fierté
    votre travail sur 20 ans est extraordinaire
    Bravo à vous
    l'équipe de France me fait HONTE
    je regarderai chacun de vos match durant la coupe du monde
    Et gagnez cette coupe vous la méritez

  • jumbeaux1
    jumbeaux1 7 days ago

    Love to see tries scored from backline moves from scrums. Vintage rugby.

    • ICantSplel
      ICantSplel 7 days ago

      Earls was in the line out, hahaha. Won't be able to use that one again for a while 🤣

  • Jason Young
    Jason Young 7 days ago

    Ireland really punch above their weight.

  • Pepe La pew
    Pepe La pew 7 days ago

    Rory’s leg day showed there, what a get up and drive .

  • L' Ovaliste
    L' Ovaliste 7 days ago

    Amateurs de rugby, en ces temps durs, venez faire un tour sur ma chaine !

  • Larvancio Ramos
    Larvancio Ramos 7 days ago

    Who will win in the match italy-france???
    Im waiting against ilegaland and wales.

  • Dipesh Grg
    Dipesh Grg 7 days ago

    way better than us rugby

  • irish1
    irish1 8 days ago +1

    Ireland back to themselves now we will beat Wales now and hand the championship to England watch this space lol

    • Matt M
      Matt M 6 days ago

      I agree lol, However can say its being Handed to England seeing as England will get it because they have put themselves in this position by scoring bonus points wheras wales are only even near the winning picture because france gave them a win lol, wales would probably be 4th right now and England and Ireland battling it out

    PAUL DOLAN 8 days ago

    wtf France are Merde

  • Jean pierre Lebon
    Jean pierre Lebon 8 days ago

    Any way entraîneur de merde quinze de merde

  • Jean pierre Lebon
    Jean pierre Lebon 8 days ago +7

    Dans le passer les anglais disait : le quinze de France l'équipe a battre ,
    Aujourd'hui le quinze de France une formalité .

  • Jean pierre Lebon
    Jean pierre Lebon 8 days ago +2

    Le Quinze de France n'est pas entraîné , il joue comme des débutant , auqu'une inspiration, auqu'un flair ,
    Le Quinze subis, le quinze ne s'est pas quoi faire avec le ballon , pour la coupe du monde notre quinze vas courir derrière le ballon , le regardé passé et rien d'autre
    Un quinze minable.
    Je pointe du doit la FRR qui en prenant Phillips Saint André comme entraîneur a tué et enterré la meilleure équipe du monde ...

  • kelso fire
    kelso fire 8 days ago

    little too late froggys

  • CroulantRoulant
    CroulantRoulant 8 days ago +2

    The ref let the Irish get away with murder. The result: 3 French forwards going off injured in the first 20 minutes. Make him wear a green jersey next time, things will be clearer. And Cian Healy should be cited and suspended, Poirot's knee was snapped in half, his season is over. How on earth was flying in from the side like that not penalised?? The ball was not in the try area!
    AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, refs, make an effort to speak slow and simple english when giving instructions to the French players! Not everybody on earth speaks english you know?? Typical anglo arrogance.
    Anyways. Rant over. Nothing I just said changes the fact the Irish were a class above Les Bleus. But some things happening on the pitch were just disgraceful.

    • CroulantRoulant
      CroulantRoulant 5 days ago

      +aileen dorgan-sheehy Irish fans keep comparing what did happen to what could possibly have happened, maybe, in an alternate universe. Typically one-eyed from you guys. Seriously the worst fans along with the New Zealanders.

    • aileen dorgan-sheehy
      aileen dorgan-sheehy 5 days ago

      +CroulantRoulant can you not see the ball on the try line so both Healy and Murray had a right to go for the ball. You keep saying that 3 french players were taken off in the first 20 mins or so but you never mention how the French barely go outside their 22 so there going to be battered and bruised from that physicality. If the ball is on the try line or behind it then they can go for the ball which they did. I don't like seeing any player injured no matter what team but you can't have it both ways. You can't look for 1 player to be sent off but not another just because the player didn't do more damage or break his neck.

    • CroulantRoulant
      CroulantRoulant 8 days ago +1

      +Darren Byrne 1- the ball was before the line. 2 - ruck being over does not mean you can fly in from the side. Otherwise no scrum-half would be able to play, ever. 3 the French players were penalised for the incident you are talking about, Healy was not. 4 - you are comparing what could have happened to what did actually happen.

    • Darren Byrne
      Darren Byrne 8 days ago

      The ball was on the line, ruck was over, Healy had every right to try ground it. And while you're ranting why don't you talk about the French players taking out the two lifters on the kick off. That could have ended in a broken neck.

  • Monday Rhymes
    Monday Rhymes 8 days ago

    For anyone complaining about the last two tries, yes they were frustrating but our points differential won’t matter if Wales win the slam and England have scored to many points to be caught that way. It’s all up to Cardiff and Twickenham now...

    • Limmeh
      Limmeh 7 days ago

      +ICantSplel It was also in our ability to squeeze out a BP from the Scots, sadly we were off form in the beginning. But it's a world Cup year, so there's bigger things I suppose.

    • ICantSplel
      ICantSplel 7 days ago

      Tbf throwing that intercept to give England a BP and denying us a LP has cost us in the end, hindsight is a great thing of course, they had to go for it. Still. Argh!

  • Gauthier Merlot
    Gauthier Merlot 8 days ago +3

    French rugby is so behind, it s not even funny . Very disappointed, not a single player of this team put his head out . The whole team sucks n won t get out of the pool for the first time in the next World Cup . Pathetic.

    • Pierre G
      Pierre G 7 days ago

      +Matthew Williams Yep. Now we have to change this, but how to say...all is biased in this federation that sweat politics and personal interests.

    • Matthew Williams
      Matthew Williams 8 days ago +1

      It's because the top 14 sides sign so many overseas players and don't rely on their academies.

  • ericmarseille2
    ericmarseille2 8 days ago +1

    Guys, if you could understand french, you'd be laughing your asses off reading the comments of the french equivalent to this youtube vid...In short : we're puppets, we're jerks, we're the laughing stock of the world, we've hit bottom and are still digging, we'd better not go to the world cup, and so much more about the Top 14 (the Flop 14!), Moustache, Simon-Laporte, Marcoussis...It's just hilarious.

    • Pierre G
      Pierre G 7 days ago

      franchement entendre Brunel mais c une punition, j'ai jamais vu qq'un se voiler autant la face. c'est une tanche, ce mec pue la défaite comme Guirado. Qu'ils se cassent tous mais vraiment tous...on peut pas être plus bas.

    • Bob Leymar
      Bob Leymar 7 days ago

      +ericmarseille2 eeeh oui, la douce époque où le tournoi des 6 nations était une occasion de voir les français distribuer les branlées est bien loin, tu as peut-être raison, il vaut mieux en rire, mais ça reste sacrément triste !

    • ericmarseille2
      ericmarseille2 7 days ago

      +Bob Leymar ça fait dix ans qu'on en prend plein la gueule à force ça a fini par me faire rire, mais au début pas du tout crois-moi!...Mais avant, c'était autre chose! Les Irlandais faisaient pas les fiérots, les Gallois et les Anglais non plus!

    • Bob Leymar
      Bob Leymar 8 days ago

      je vois pas ce qu'il y a d'hilarant, c'est juste triste et la plupart des commentaires sont ceux de gens qui supportent une équipe qui avait l'habitude de jouer systématiquement la gagne avant. C'est de la déception, de la désillusion, appelle ça comme tu veux, mais hilarant je trouve pas.

  • Notorious Rogue
    Notorious Rogue 8 days ago


  • Klonoaps1
    Klonoaps1 8 days ago

    Ireland to beat all balcks again

    • Jamie Odonnell
      Jamie Odonnell 7 days ago

      +david and always will be so walk on

    • david
      david 7 days ago

      +Jamie Odonnell who said i was Irish?

    • Jamie Odonnell
      Jamie Odonnell 7 days ago

      +david yous can come Clean our cup's for us

    • Jamie Odonnell
      Jamie Odonnell 7 days ago

      +david what I love about your comments is that you are pure jealous of NZ cause Yous know you will never get to celebrate what we have😂😂..

    • Jamie Odonnell
      Jamie Odonnell 7 days ago

      +david how many world cups Yous got hahaha how many semifinals 😂😂😂 you can't even win the six nations 😂😂

  • billywilliams williams

    i think italy could of beat france today that was the worst frence side i have seen in many years. wtf has gone wrong with frence rugby

    • Pel et Soivre
      Pel et Soivre 8 days ago +1

      1- Not a enough of former U20 players join the team, pack is currently too old.
      2- New managers stuck in former glory and refusing of evolution, hence becoming predictable.
      3- Constant refusal of accepting foreign trainers like kiwis or aussies to improve the federation.
      Honestly, I was disapointed of france winning against Scotland and I hope Italy win the next one so that maybe the people in charge of les bleus will shake their collective asses for the world cup, perhaps not in Japan but at least at home in 2023.

  • Kim Kim
    Kim Kim 8 days ago +1

    French exciting new generation predicted by French clown experts after lucky last week win over Scotland. ..omg look at useless lambey or worse of all bamba. This a lost generation haha

    • Rom's
      Rom's 7 days ago

      they are world champion under 20 !!

  • Michael Chambers
    Michael Chambers 8 days ago +1

    Thats was one bored game

  • fish keeper
    fish keeper 8 days ago +2

    Ireland not playing great and still winning ,a great day rugby team.

  • MrEd
    MrEd 8 days ago +5

    Why wasn't the first try disallowed for standing up while being held in the tackle?

    • david
      david 7 days ago +1

      probably because be was being chocked by the french player

  • SB 50cal
    SB 50cal 8 days ago +1

    Wales are gonna get their asses handed to them next week. England to lift the trophy.

    • Ryan BobDaveSon
      Ryan BobDaveSon 8 days ago +2

      England to do absolutely nothing apart from watch from the sidelines, 21-13

  • chanctonbury63
    chanctonbury63 8 days ago

    An on form Ireland would have blown France away, instead we again got the 75% Ireland we have been watching for the last 4 games. 2019 could have been, and still might be their biggest opportunity yet do really achieve something in japan. They are, or were one of the Worlds top 2. One off game v England OK, but 4?? History and the cynic in me says Ireland dont do World Cups, and as this is their warmup then history will simply repeat itself. I cannot put a finger on it but this is a team with big problems.

    • Gary O'Driscoll
      Gary O'Driscoll 7 days ago

      +chanctonbury63 sorry, didn't mean to upset you, I forget how soft people can be today. But just maybe learn to think for yourself. All the games from last year are on youtube by the way. You'll feel much better.

    • chanctonbury63
      chanctonbury63 7 days ago

      +Gary O'Driscoll You know even less about rugby than you do about my character. You work that one out.

    • Gary O'Driscoll
      Gary O'Driscoll 7 days ago

      +chanctonbury63 Go watch the France and Wales and Italy games from last year. Seriously, you will feel alot better. Then tell me again how far off we are. We weren't as good as you think we were last year. The English and All Black performances is all we seem to remember. If we beat Wales on Saturday we are perfectly poised. The media, who get paid to sell stories love pumping teams up, like they did us last year. Its a business, the objective is to sell and the consumer loves a good story. They did the same with Englands slump last year, yes they weren't at their best, but it was sold as a complete derailment/horror story by the media. The World cup is the focus this year. and I'm extremely confident. Try not to be so emotional, it doesn't suit you.

    • chanctonbury63
      chanctonbury63 7 days ago

      +Gary O'DriscollId prefer to see them playing somewhere near where they have been playing for the last 4 years. This is a major dip for a side of that quality. 4 mediocre games on the trot is a major dip for a squad that has played so consistently well for a long time.
      Get back to the soccer mate it suits you better..

    • Gary O'Driscoll
      Gary O'Driscoll 8 days ago

      chanctonbury63 defeatist attitude, hear it loud and clear. You’d prefer to have them flying in February/March for a competition in October?

  • James Rosemary
    James Rosemary 8 days ago +3

    France's rugby was non existent. It's only 15 players hindering the opposing team.

  • thomas pollock
    thomas pollock 8 days ago +5

    ireland took off the main big players well before they where ready thats what done it for frances 2 trys if the big core group was left on till 65 mins ireland would have scored more

    • Limmeh
      Limmeh 7 days ago

      Got to save the big guns for Cardiff, I think that's the mentality Schmidt had. Good to see the subs in action I think, Carty impressed me.

    • infra white
      infra white 8 days ago

      the way ireland's progressed it seems a wrestle with continuity, still; 2nd bonus was claimed.
      Wales - +33 on 16 pts.
      England- +83 on 15 pts.
      Ireland - +19 on 14 pts.

  • Cdricax
    Cdricax 8 days ago +1

    Il n'y a pas de passage à vide sur le deuxième essai ??

    • Pierre G
      Pierre G 7 days ago

      c'est une bonne remarque mais j'ai l'impression que ça se siffle plus ?

  • Taught history Is a lie

    Ireland 2019 world champions

  • James McCarthy
    James McCarthy 8 days ago +5

    Very dissapointed with Ireland to concede the fourteen points to France so late in the game.
    The Ireland team of just four .onths ago, I don't think would have allowed that to happen.
    Pity, because if Ireland managed to hold out France and keep them scoreless, they not only would have beaten France by a record margin, but would have been fourteen points plus ( in the points difference) going into the game v Wales next weekend.
    Hope I'l be proved wrong.
    On the plus side, if any team can go to Wales and win, then I do think this Irish team do have a great chance of doing just that !!!

    • Benito Lonard
      Benito Lonard 7 days ago

      +Camcolito I suppose theoretically it could if Ireland get a bonus point win in Wales and England get a non bonus point win against Scotland leaving them both on 19 points. However in that case Ireland , even subtracting the late 14 points France achieved, would have to beat Wales by 70 points or over to win the title. About as likely as winning 3 consecutive Euro lottery jackpots.

    • Camcolito
      Camcolito 7 days ago

      +Benito Lonard It can't, they are talking shite.

    • Benito Lonard
      Benito Lonard 8 days ago

      +James McCarthy How can it come back to haunt us?

    • James McCarthy
      James McCarthy 8 days ago

      Fair point, but in hindsight, he should have went for the jugular.
      Like I said, hope it does'nt come back to haunt us.

    • thomas pollock
      thomas pollock 8 days ago +2

      blame smith he took of the core group players far too early

  • Max H
    Max H 8 days ago +12

    Il faut virer Brunel avant la coupe du monde et reformer une équipe avec plus de jeunes qui en veulent Sinon ça va être Waterloo au Japon

    • Costantino Milvio
      Costantino Milvio 6 days ago

      +Graham Durkin Graham, why are you so butthurt?

    • Pierre G
      Pierre G 7 days ago +1

      +powerbite92 je suis d'accord, Brunel est mauvais, a chaque interview son analyse est complètement à la ramasse. comme s'il était spectateur de son équipe. Gardons les jeunes et construisons avec...par contre pour la coupe du monde 2019 ça sent la branlée avec l'argentine et l'angleterre dans notre poule. Et on peut perdre contre les Tonga, sans problème.

    • powerbite92
      powerbite92 8 days ago

      +Jr94 mmzpour moi lentraineur est un probleme parce que je pense que guy noves a produit la beau rugby francais, alors, il y avait les problemes mais cetais un noveau journee pour lequipe de France.. Mais voila, Bernard Laporte et son ami M Brunel - change, change, change, cetais un change plus trop.

    • Joel from The Last of Us
      Joel from The Last of Us 8 days ago +4

      +Graham Durkin Shut up, we know it. You don't have to rub it in...

    • phil rud
      phil rud 8 days ago +3

      ++Jr94 mmz La culture du rugby en France a été détruite par la culture du business.....
      Les autres pays sont devenus professionnels aussi,mais ont su conserver une culture du rugby contrairement à la France.....

  • MortonTV
    MortonTV 8 days ago +7

    Come on Ireland take the arrogant overrated welsh to the cleaner whole of England is behind you🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿☘️

    • Frank Eeee
      Frank Eeee 7 days ago +1

      billywilliams williams yeah once in 6 games and they all get ahead of themselves 😂 id like to see Wales get the Grand Slam, about time they win it.

    • billywilliams williams
      billywilliams williams 8 days ago +1

      sounding a bit bitter must be the fact you got well beat by the welsh

    • Ryan BobDaveSon
      Ryan BobDaveSon 8 days ago +1

      +MortonTV 21-13

    • Aldo Zilli
      Aldo Zilli 8 days ago +1

      I'm not, don't speak for the whole of England retard. Come on Wales would love to see you getting a Grand Slam, Ireland getring far too cocky after beating the All Blacks and I just can't be arsed to follow England, supporting a load of passionless public school boys doesn't do it for me.

    • Kevin Russell
      Kevin Russell 8 days ago

      i agree after listening to Gats post match interview. No respect for him after he said Sexton was lucky with his drop goal. Ireland showed no luck in composing themselves for so many phases. like to see him take that goal under pressure. Clown

  • Rippedflesh 69
    Rippedflesh 69 8 days ago +13

    2nd French try should never have been given ; there was clearly a French player under the ball. Well played Ireland.

    • zabaleta
      zabaleta 7 days ago

      Nah....try all day.

    • david
      david 7 days ago

      +Djezon forward pass? lol shut up you idiot

    • Djezon
      Djezon 8 days ago +1

      In the same way the 4th irish try should not have been allowed with this forward pass from Stander. You see everyone can make stupid reclamations lol

    • CroulantRoulant
      CroulantRoulant 8 days ago +1

      also a clear obstruction on Irish second try........

    • louis martin
      louis martin 8 days ago +2

      And rory best getting back up on his feet to «score a try» after the tackle ? 🤔

  • Friedrich von Ziegler-Schickeldorff

    That second try from Sexton was so slick! Tore open a wide space to run into, much like Pollard (my other favourite fly-half) often does. The timing of the pass to Sexton from Ireland's outside center was impeccable...made two French defenders crash into each other. Whatever team you support, you've gotta agree that that try was poetry in motion.

    • CroulantRoulant
      CroulantRoulant 4 days ago

      +Friedrich von Ziegler-Schickeldorff your post is fairly balanced, I'll take the time to answer a few points.
      First off, as I said, IMO it's a 50-50 call and these plays rarely get penalized nowadays. By the law, it's still an obstruction though.
      Second, I did not use this as an excuse for the French team's bad performances of the last 8 years. This is mostly due to infighting and bad management at the federation level. French rugby is a bit like the gallic village in Asterix....
      Third, you refuse to believe in the language barrier? That does not change the fact it exists and the "wogs begin at Calais" mentality too. Just to give you an idea of how we are treated: France joined the 5 nations in 1910. It was allowed to join the International Rugby Board in....1978! If you want more recent exemples, in the last world cups: pretty much all neutrals agreed the reffing was awful and incredibly biased in the 2011 final. Or how about in 2015? How on earth could Sean O'Brien punch Pape without it being picked up by cameras?? That never happens in modern rugby! We only got the footage the following day....
      Fourth: one thing (at least haha!) I agree on is Bastareaud. Very underrated IMO. About other players, I think Barret, Russel or Trin Duc are way better with ball in hand than Sexton. But Sexton is the better kicker. Also you can't say Parra did not bring much to the French team. He was instrumental in the last French grand slam in 2010. And if you bring up Grosso, he disappeared from the French team after the AB's broke his skull in 2 places in 2018....(no card and no suspension of course).
      ok that was a long post, let's move I just hope we don't lose to the Azurri.

    • Friedrich von Ziegler-Schickeldorff
      Friedrich von Ziegler-Schickeldorff 4 days ago

      Wow! I never thought that such an innocuous comment would stir up such a heated debate. I watched that try again a few times. IMHO, and I’m by no means an expert on the intricacies of rugby, that sequence of play doesn’t look like a clear-cut case of obstruction and the try is thus well-deserved. First of all, we can see from watching this segment that the Irish fullback wasn’t intentionally trying to get in his opponent’s way (and right, I know that just because something is unintentional it can’t warrant a penalty). Look at the line that the fullback is running and you can see he’s well positioned to receive the pass from No. 13, except that No. 13 already had Sexton in his sight. A fraction of a second went by between the time that the fullback went past No. 13 and the latter passing the ball to Sexton. The French defender had committed to the tackle on the Irish fullback before the fullback went past No. 13…the defender was quick to react when he saw the pass to Sexton but unfortunately Huget was in his way. Huget was a bit slow to react, but I can’t blame him this time. I don’t think any other opponent, be it the Welsh, the South Africans or the Kiwis, could have done any differently to stop the try. This try was indeed a display of uncanny talent, especially from Sexton. Rugby fans the world over would agree that this try was a stroke of genius. Sexton was running at an angle that allowed him to tear a hole in the French defence. Among his many talents, Sexton’s ability to breach the opposition defence with ball in hand, an important skill for an international fly-half, is what puts him, along with Pollard, a notch above the others donning the No. 10 jersey (though Mo’unga for other reasons is also something of a spectacle to behold). I don’t see any ulterior motive, nor any bias against the French in the referee’s decision to award the try. On top of that, I refuse to believe that a language barrier has any significant impact on any team’s outcome and it’s downright shameful that the French would use it as an excuse to justify the slump they now find themselves in. The French only have themselves to blame for their recent string of disappointing outings, more specifically their completely illogical selection policy that can best be described as a revolving door. The French look most threatening when they follow a less structured gameplan with heavy emphasis on offloading. The French federation (coach and selectors) stray from this gameplan at their own peril. Players who looked very promising in the previous two editions of the tournament (Gourdon, Tauleigne, Machenaud, Grosso) were suddenly dropped for no apparent reason, just because the selectors thought it necessary to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic. Worse still, the players they did decide to keep in the squad never really contributed much value nor suited France’s natural style of play (Doumayrou, Parra, Lauret). Bastareaud is one of the few remaining players who continues to impress me and who’s developed into a much more refined player in the last couple of years. He’s one of the few in the team who regularly uses the offload to good effect. And yet the French fans constantly shit on him and dismiss him as an unfit lardass. If the French want to get out of their rut, they’d do well to take a step back and assess their strengths and weaknesses, instead of whining about how all the referees are out to get them. / Crime! Jamais j’aurais cru qu’un commentaire anodin susciterait une aussi vive discussion. J’ai regardé à nouveau cet essai plusieurs fois. D’après moi, et je ne suis aucunement un expert sur les nuances juridiques du rugby, cette séquence de jeu ne constitue pas un exemple flagrant d’obstruction et l’essai est donc bien mérité. Dans un premier temps, on ne peut pas constater en regardant cette séquence qu’il s’agissait d’un geste intentionnel de la part de l’arrière irlandais (et oui, je sais ben qu’il y a des gestes involontaires en rugby qui méritent d’être sanctionnés). Si on tient compte du trajet parcouru par ce dernier, on constate qu’il était bien placé pour recevoir la passe du No. 13 irlandais, sauf que le No. 13 avait déjà Sexton dans sa mire. Une fraction de seconde s’est écoulée entre le moment où l’arrière dépasse le No. 13 et que ce dernier fait la passe à Sexton. Enfin, le défenseur français s’était engagé à plaquer l’arrière avant même que l’arrière dépasse le No. 13…le défenseur a bien réagi lorsqu’il a vu la passe à Sexton, mais malheureusement Huget était dans son chemin. Huget était un peu trop lent à réagir, mais honnêtement, je ne peux pas le blâmer cette fois-ci. Je doute qu’un autre adversaire, que ce soit les Gallois, les Sud-Africains ou les Néo-Zélandais, aurait pu faire mieux pour empêcher l’essai. Cet essai est en effet un étalage de talent inouï, surtout de la part de Sexton. Nombre d’adeptes du rugby seraient d’accord avec moi que cet essai était de toute beauté. Sexton courait à un angle qui l’a permis de retrouver une brèche dans la défense française. C’est entre autres ce talent qu’il a pour pénétrer la défense adverse en portant le ballon, atout important chez un ouvreur international, qui fait que Sexton, comme Pollard, se situe une coche au-dessus des autres arborant le maillot No. 10 (quoique Mo’unga pour d’autres raisons est aussi tout un numéro). Je ne vois aucun motif caché, ni de malveillance à l’égard des Français dans la décision prise par l’arbitre d’accorder cet essai. D’ailleurs, je refuse de croire qu’une barrière linguistique aurait influé de façon importante sur les résultats d’une équipe, et ce serait franchement honteux que les Français s’en servent comme excuse pour justifier le marasme dans lequel leur équipe se trouve. Les Français n’ont qu’eux-mêmes à blâmer pour cette succession de performances décevantes ces derniers temps, tout particulièrement une politique de sélection totalement incohérente qu’on pourrait bien qualifier de porte tournante. Un style de jeu moins structuré qui mise sur les offloads me semble le mieux adapté aux Bleus, mais les sélectionneurs ont choisi de s’écarter de cette stratégie et ils courent à leur propre perte. Des joueurs qui avaient l’air prometteurs lors des dernières éditions du championnat, les Gourdon, Tauleigne, Machenaud, Grosso, ont été délaissés pour aucune raison apparente, juste parce que les sélectionneurs croyaient nécessaire de réarranger les chaises sur le pont du Titanic. Pire encore, ils retiennent des joueurs qui n’ont jamais apporté grand-chose à l’équipe (Doumayrou, Parra, Lauret). Bastareaud, un des rares joueurs retenus qui m’impressionne, a beaucoup affiné son jeu au cours des dernières années. C’est peut-être le seul qui utilise régulièrement l’offload à bon escient. Et pourtant, les partisans français ne cessent de l’attaquer, le traitant de gros tas. Si l’équipe française veut améliorer son sort, elle ferait bien de prendre un peu de recul et d’analyser ses forces et ses faiblesses, plutôt que de pleurnicher que les arbitres cherchent à la miner.

    • CroulantRoulant
      CroulantRoulant 5 days ago

      honestly this pisses me off, so I'll expand: they are pro athletes. They are French and play in France. So what on earth makes you think they speak good english?? This mindset of assuming everyone speaks english is exactly the source of the problem. and WHAT interviews are you refering to ?? Picamoles should be the one exception in this French team as he spent a year playing for Northampton.

    • CroulantRoulant
      CroulantRoulant 5 days ago +1

      +aileen dorgan-sheehy sorry but like most english speakers you have no clue about the language problem. Most French players don't speak english. And certainly not "extremely well". And most refs, like the one in this game, don't make any effort to speak slower and more simply to French or Italian players. The language barrier I feel has always been a big problem for France but it is also up to us to choose a captain that can speak english.
      anyways non english speaking teams like Italy, France and Argentina regularly get shafted by the refs. It's simple linguistic bias. By the way why are there still no argentinean and italian refs at the top level??

    • aileen dorgan-sheehy
      aileen dorgan-sheehy 5 days ago +1

      +Guyll I will agree the reffing this year has been shocking in all the games. Way too many chats by the ref with no penalising. I don't agree that Healys smile/laugh had anything to do with the injury to the French player and I would say that about any player as I honestly don't think any player would be in any way happy to see a player seriously injured because of a tackle or try attempt. Even the spier tackles that are definitely reckless and should be more punished no matter where the player lands, I still don't see a player being anyway happy to injur another player. There have been many intentional fouls and if the player is seriously hurt the player who did the damage shows nothing but remorse for their actions so, I don't agree that Healy was happy/smiling about the injury. It was more about he nearly scored a try that would be more fluke than anything and didn't realise that the player was badly hurt because when he did, he was concerned about him. On the feel all these players are enemy's but off the field most of them have nothing but admiration and respect for each other. With regards to the whining, ya they can whine allot but I don't feel they do it any more than any other team. Any team that doesn't speak English are informed that if they don't understand what the ref is saying they can ask for him/her to clarify what they are saying or what they want. Most of the players in the 6 nation's speak and understand English extremely well and in past interviews they have been asked if because English isn't their first language do they find it hard to understand the ref and most have said they don't as between what the ref says and what he portrays with his hands they understand plus if they really aren't sure they ask to clarify

    GWLAD 8 days ago +4

    Take nothing away from Ireland good win for them answering the home crowd but France we’re not the best having said that you can only play what is front of you should be a cracker next weekend Pob Lwc Cymru 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

    • Aldo Zilli
      Aldo Zilli 6 days ago

      +Ellie 26 Irish have been good at bonfires of hate for a while I see the IRA are threatening to come back after Brexit, sorry to get political

    • Ellie 26
      Ellie 26 6 days ago

      +Aldo Zilli Better celebrating with parades of interaction and multiculturalism (which it has been standing for now,not just been of Irish heritage)... Than with walks of intimation and bonfires of hate 👌

    • midid 34
      midid 34 7 days ago

      En tout cas les gallois je vous supporterai jusqu'au bout pour ne pas voir cette equipe anglaise gagner le tournoi

    • Red Emrys
      Red Emrys 7 days ago

      +Max H
      Le Blues reviendra à leur superbe flair...for the RWC.

    • Red Emrys
      Red Emrys 7 days ago

      Top result Ireland. I can't wait for the 16th butty. The Thing is how am I gonna keep sober before the match starts? lol

  • Ben Nicholas
    Ben Nicholas 8 days ago +3

    Scoreline flattered France they were absolutely shocking duport was horrific and umtamack place kicking was awful

    • Ben Nicholas
      Ben Nicholas 7 days ago

      Such a shame seriously need a solid coach

    • Pierre G
      Pierre G 7 days ago

      for the next 3 or 4 years, do not expect something from us...we're out.

  • Shane Canning
    Shane Canning 8 days ago +16

    Thats more like it from ireland the scoreline flattered france ireland where miles better

    • Pierre G
      Pierre G 7 days ago

      Even for 2023 I'm not sure we're able to build something...that's awful, I'm sad.

    • Shane Canning
      Shane Canning 7 days ago

      +ericmarseille2 👍

    • ericmarseille2
      ericmarseille2 8 days ago +1

      Miles? I'd say lightyears...

  • Connor Oneill
    Connor Oneill 8 days ago +2

    I’m not being biased as I like many people know that no matter how good your team is, they could lose to anyone at anytime no matter the form their in. But how on earth did that last try get awarded without a visual grounding?

    • zabaleta
      zabaleta 7 days ago

      Only frogs there when they drove over. Perfectly good try.

    • Alexis Chaperon
      Alexis Chaperon 7 days ago

      Uh no it's not the same. In both occasions the TMO had a full view on what was going on and rightly refused the tries. Don't forget we were denied a try too this day and we also missed 4 against scotland.
      And if I was you I wouldn't bring this story as on the first attempt the irish player murdered one of our boys.

    • Connor Oneill
      Connor Oneill 7 days ago

      Sean Fleming you’re right, because the ref previously pointed to try, they then have to use tmo to disagree with the statement the ref made

    • Sean Fleming
      Sean Fleming 8 days ago +1

      The on field decision was a try so they had to disprove that statement since they couldn't clearly see the ball was held up then they must award the try

    • aughalough1
      aughalough1 8 days ago +1

      Connor Oneill, Ireland had two try’s disallowed because of no clear grounding ... (well that last try by the French no clear grounding) !

  • Arjen Carletti
    Arjen Carletti 8 days ago +2

    I really like Ireland and their rugby but this match wasn’t clean lads... constant whinning, dangerous play (with no sound from the ref)... it’s unworthy of the Ireland who won 2 out of the last 3 fixtures against the all blacks

    • david
      david 7 days ago

      +CroulantRoulant lol so it's ok for France to be awarded a try they didn't score but the ref is biased towards ireland? what a moron

    • CroulantRoulant
      CroulantRoulant 8 days ago +1

      I just posted a rant about that above. As a French fan I was furious at times, the ref should have just worn a green jersey. Cian Healy especially should be cited and suspended.

    • Shane Canning
      Shane Canning 8 days ago +1

      +Arjen Carletti spelling police its called typing fast who gives a fuck if its off of

    • Arjen Carletti
      Arjen Carletti 8 days ago

      Shane Canning lol dude your comment is already edited and it still has mistakes in the writing...

  • noel kemmy
    noel kemmy 8 days ago +3

    Ireland are poor??? all you hear, yet we still win. what's perfection??? doesn't exist. roll on wales and WC

    • Steve steve
      Steve steve 6 days ago

      +Old Monty he didnt ask you about anything.he called you a dick and a virgin.I agree with seem a bit frustrated ,bitter, and angry.The penny isn't dropping with you is it that you are speaking shit?There was no arrogance displayed on this thread just one loud fuck head shouting his mouth off.

    • Old Monty
      Old Monty 6 days ago

      +Ellie 26 Oh my sorry, I wasn't aware you had invited yourself to our discussion. How about introducing yourself, or is that beyond you?

    • Ellie 26
      Ellie 26 6 days ago

      +Old Monty A Brit accusing someone of another country of been arrogant 🤔

    • Old Monty
      Old Monty 6 days ago

      +noel kemmy Goes on points scored is which case England would win it after the thrashing they gave Italy.

    • Old Monty
      Old Monty 6 days ago

      +noel kemmy I actually have no idea.

  • Alain Molitor
    Alain Molitor 8 days ago

    Qqs bonnes Guiness après ça malgré tt !....

  • Thibaud Duhamel
    Thibaud Duhamel 8 days ago +9

    Would have loved to see in the highlights the way Ireland players spent the whole match whining in the refs ear, three or four at a time. All the while their left prop sent a french player to hospital with a reckless attempt while entering through the side of a formed ruck. He also added up a high tackle a few moments later. Dangerous and reckless play, repeateadly, not even a yellow card?

    Anyway, good job ireland, but by god these refereeing problems are seriously draining the fun out of professionnal rugby.

    • CroulantRoulant
      CroulantRoulant 8 days ago

      it's very simple: non english speaking teams like Italy, France, and Argentina ALWAYS get fucked by the refs because of subconscious linguistic bias and the language barrier. But this game was a particularly bad exemple. Especially agree about Cian Healy, should be cited. And why are there still no Italian refs in the 6 nations? No Argentinean refs in WC and Four Nations?? I would love nothing more than seeing a British team reffed by someone who does not speak english and makes absolutely no effort to. Maybe then they would understand the problem a little bit better.

    • Ryan BobDaveSon
      Ryan BobDaveSon 8 days ago +1

      +thomas pollock England moan at everything, even when they get what they want.

    • thomas pollock
      thomas pollock 8 days ago +1

      irish had every reason to moan after the try which wasent 2 actually wales are he biggest moaners hope we kick their arses sat

    • Thibaud Duhamel
      Thibaud Duhamel 8 days ago +4

      Conor McGowan There’s a difference between a mistimed jump (in front of the ref, penalty was given to ireland, could have been a yellow card) and an illegal entry into a ruck on the scoring line that resulted in an injury and no sanction.

    • Shane Canning
      Shane Canning 8 days ago

      +Thibaud Duhamel well you said it at ireland all teams do it and ireland destroyed france today scoreline flattered them and france were worse today so many times they offside hands on ball

  • Daf XF105
    Daf XF105 8 days ago

    Ireland , raped by England and barely beat the 3 worst sides in World rugby , great progress .

    • Marcus Setters
      Marcus Setters 8 days ago

      Yes but only for now. Wales beat England because England switched off in the second half. England are playing Wales twice in August, one of the matches in Twickenham so there will be a chance for revenge. All in all if you play bad then your results are bad.

    • Gerard Glavin
      Gerard Glavin 8 days ago

      +Marcus Setters they still put them in there place. And in fairness Ireland denied england and then won grand slam in Twickenham on St Patrick's day. I think we had it coming

    • Marcus Setters
      Marcus Setters 8 days ago

      thomas pollock England beat Ireland 30-9 in 2012.

    • Marcus Setters
      Marcus Setters 8 days ago

      Gerard Glavin Wales put England in their place for the first time in 4 years. So it’s only temporary.

    • thomas pollock
      thomas pollock 8 days ago +1

      english just won by 10 points hardly great when ireland battered england 2007 43 12 and last year

  • Tartan Timebomb
    Tartan Timebomb 8 days ago +13

    Well played Ireland. It should have been 40 points. France are in a bad place.

    • Azur Juvénile
      Azur Juvénile 8 days ago

      thanks to the french federation which fired Noves while building a new team, and spoil a new talentuous generation (Dupont, Ntamack, Penaud, Alldritt and other like Couilloud, Marchand, Iturria..). But, I think after the World Cup some heads are gonna fall. Congrats to this tough Ireland team aniway !

  • hey hey
    hey hey 8 days ago +2

    Another poor showing from Ireland, we'll have to be better next week.

    • Ger Gemini
      Ger Gemini 8 days ago

      +hey hey you have to look at it in the "context" off the campaign thus far and their previous performances were really poor and they had no spark whatsoever. this was the first time they looked "alive" and they were trying different plays, testing the french, running on to the ball (not stationary) line-speed improved.....seriously there were plenty of positives in that performance - not to mention the fact "no other team" kept the french scoreless until the 77th minute! a testament to their discipline while frustrating the french. yes - very disappointing to concede 2 soft tries in the final minutes - they feel asleep - however after all teh doom and gloom of the first 3 rounds.....comon lads......give the, a break.......they turned it around in the "penultimate round" which iw very tough to do.......too much critisism from irish supporters who are clearly SPOILED and have a very short memory indeed......and i say that as an irish supporter!

    • Steve steve
      Steve steve 8 days ago

      get off the crack pipe.youve lost your mind.

    • Ben Nicholas
      Ben Nicholas 8 days ago

      And you didn't France was absolutely terrible

    • Shane Canning
      Shane Canning 8 days ago

      Wtf where do these gimps come from ireland played well should off won by 50

    • hey hey
      hey hey 8 days ago +2

      +Ger Gemini if think Ireland were anything but poor today you're deluded. Camped in the French 22 and couldn't score against a very bad French side . Two very soft trys at the end ....

  • David C
    David C 8 days ago

    They have ads on the videos now ? 😂

  • Paul Cockram
    Paul Cockram 8 days ago +40

    Well played Ireland, makes for a great last day of the championship. 3 possible winners so should be very exciting.

    • aileen dorgan-sheehy
      aileen dorgan-sheehy 5 days ago

      +Limmeh fair enough. Was just making sure I wasn't missing out on a French possible 6 Nation's win

    • Limmeh
      Limmeh 5 days ago

      +aileen dorgan-sheehy Ah shit, I actually meant to say Wales, lol. Don't know why I said France...

    • aileen dorgan-sheehy
      aileen dorgan-sheehy 5 days ago

      +Limmeh how do France come into it

    • Limmeh
      Limmeh 7 days ago

      I dunno, it's still between Wales and England for me. For Ireland to have a chance, the Scots need to beat England, or else even if we get a BP v Wales, England can still beat us by points difference. They have an 83 PD vs our 19 I think.

  • Escocivo 30
    Escocivo 30 8 days ago +16

    Ireland is still in this. Good on France for at least fighting back in the end.

    • Ed Miller
      Ed Miller 7 days ago

      Jed Car lol bastareaud*

    • Jed Car
      Jed Car 7 days ago

      +August ocean yeah that's pretty clear

    • fish keeper
      fish keeper 8 days ago +1

      +August ocean he's a fat barrel of monkey spunk 😂

    • August ocean
      August ocean 8 days ago

      +fish keeper lol.. cool down bro..😂

    • August ocean
      August ocean 8 days ago

      +Jed Car yeah true.. iam just judging through highlights.. thanks man.