Fake Robot: VFX Before & After Reveal

  • Published on Jun 17, 2019
  • Side-by-side comparison of our "Boston Dynamics: New Robots Now Fight Back" parody video.
    Big ups to Xsens! Their mocap technology is DOPE: bit.ly/Xsens_MoCap_Suit
    Big ups to CLINT for GETTING BONKED and taking it like a BIG BOY!
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    Side by side comparison of our Boston Dynamics: New Robots Now Fight Back parody.
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Comments • 2 745

  • 無我
    無我 23 hours ago

    so real omg...

  • Soul phase100
    Soul phase100 Day ago

    Does anyone else notice that he turns his head on the right side as the robot walks out and on the left he doesn't, it happens at🤨2:53

  • kos mos
    kos mos Day ago

    One day that robots will own the world

  • DatOneNoder
    DatOneNoder 2 days ago

    Logic: Robot can grab with 1 hand despite it being a little half sphere

  • Sulman Ali
    Sulman Ali 2 days ago

    How you replace robot with actor. Which software you use

  • bisbeejim
    bisbeejim 3 days ago

    That is so well done. Do some more.

  • thinker
    thinker 3 days ago

    There are no reference points on your back door for the computer to create and generate movement correlation points show me your software. I guess you guys didn't think that you'd go viral

  • thinker
    thinker 3 days ago


  • Erik Hamburg
    Erik Hamburg 4 days ago

    All this shows just what magic every living creature is. It shows the magic of life. Which I really cannot describe how impossible it seems.

  • Solid Snake Fox
    Solid Snake Fox 4 days ago

    Fake moon.fake robot, what next?

  • Abdou Ed-daoudy
    Abdou Ed-daoudy 6 days ago

    😤😤😤😠😡Fuck you I thought it was real😔🙁

  • Catatan Inspirasi
    Catatan Inspirasi 6 days ago

    How to edit

  • Ariel Enriques
    Ariel Enriques 7 days ago

    How they remove the actor, getting the background without cleanplate, rotoscoping? And no greenscreen, I have a lot to learn, even English xD

  • 調査別室
    調査別室 8 days ago

    2:48 👍

  • 193001 kiplssd
    193001 kiplssd 8 days ago +1

    the funniest part is people don't think the REAL Boston Dynamics is real now because this was so good

  • Олександр Виговський

    Друге відео відзнято, щоб заспокоїти людей і не налякати першим відео)))

  • J Doe
    J Doe 10 days ago


  • Christine Mott
    Christine Mott 12 days ago

    I actually thought this was real.

  • matheus mathechan
    matheus mathechan 12 days ago

    Good to make movies but fake??

  • matheus mathechan
    matheus mathechan 12 days ago

    This why should never trust in these videos '-'

  • Mai Văn Đạt
    Mai Văn Đạt 14 days ago

    Howwwwww impossible

  • Semut Api
    Semut Api 14 days ago

    that how google fooled by boston dynamic

  • tube1318 x
    tube1318 x 15 days ago

    It's a cool movie

  • abalapan ulu
    abalapan ulu 15 days ago

    Left video is fake, the real one in right

  • Charles Wang
    Charles Wang 17 days ago

    Well, in fact, the professions are still able to identify it's not a real robot when the robot was fighting back. You kinda failed. But nice try.

  • Bngazy
    Bngazy 17 days ago +2

    Almost all Western technology and they are like the illusion of space

  • Э.К.М.
    Э.К.М. 18 days ago

    Я тоже всегда надеялся , что робот даст сдачи этим кускам мяса ;))

  • Paul H
    Paul H 18 days ago

    I knew the robot was CGI after realizing it's too advance to be true

  • Hernan Saavedra
    Hernan Saavedra 19 days ago


  • Bonnie Amof
    Bonnie Amof 19 days ago

    Crap I both Hate and Love you guys. Nice work! (y)

  • G S
    G S 20 days ago

    insisto no es imposible.

  • LiL Boy John yt
    LiL Boy John yt 20 days ago

    that's sad the guy gets beaten so badly

  • Fxxx Axxx
    Fxxx Axxx 21 day ago

    Trobbo bello

  • MaKS Yevtushenko
    MaKS Yevtushenko 22 days ago

    Ну всё кожаные мешки, вы меня выбесили...

  • Uwe
    Uwe 23 days ago

    Genial und fantastisch, mir tut nur der Robot leid😁😂.

  • عبود يحى
    عبود يحى 24 days ago

    What is this crazy

  • Aidar Serik
    Aidar Serik 25 days ago

    Это обучение ИИ

  • Gem Sadicon
    Gem Sadicon 26 days ago

    like it

  • Crazy Gamer
    Crazy Gamer 26 days ago

    Which app use for video editing?

  • rochman rosidi
    rochman rosidi 26 days ago

    How to remove mocap artist 🤔

  • Emmanuel Maingard
    Emmanuel Maingard 27 days ago

    if we look at the feet of the "robot" from 1:04 we can see that the movements of his feet are very soft, they slide abnormally. It already seemed to me fakz of the first video.
    GG bro

    ROB IKONA 28 days ago

    poor. very poor

  • All in ONE Ĕntertainers
    All in ONE Ĕntertainers 28 days ago +1

    I was fooled i thaught its real and will replace army soon😂

  • David Dave
    David Dave 28 days ago

    So what? Are you saying the Boston Dynamic videos are fake?!..... no

  • ghjv
    ghjv 28 days ago

    Read the description. Its a parody. Boston dynamics are still real

  • 777 》》777стрелок без оптики《《

    точна теперь не верю сторону Америку 😂😂😂😂

  • aa as
    aa as 29 days ago

    So fake?

  • Allord
    Allord Month ago

    0:57 pay attention to the feet on the robot on the boxes. awesome video nonetheless, love your content guys

  • Dem Su
    Dem Su Month ago

    hahaahahha right

  • andres Martínez
    andres Martínez Month ago

    babosos omeee

  • Theara Vlogger
    Theara Vlogger Month ago

    Nice 👍

  • DAngerrous 0811
    DAngerrous 0811 Month ago

    I thought it will be an evil robot after i watch the robot video but it's just cgi it looks soo real so awesome the detail is soo good and i watch corridor vids and never knew the robot was one of their project

  • juan matus
    juan matus Month ago

    this sounds like 'earth its flat'

  • kevin still
    kevin still Month ago

    next time I will never believe those shit

  • predator1286
    predator1286 Month ago

    Good day) tell Me and your robot was animated manually or movements were removed from the actor? I do not see on actors markers for cracking (

  • Hemant khati
    Hemant khati Month ago

    Holy shit.....⛪💩💩💩...
    They were fake😡😡😡🤬🤬

  • fighting force
    fighting force Month ago

    i hope you have enough room for my fist cause I'm going to aim it in your stomach!

    GOOGLE LLC Month ago

    Nice montage 👍



  • Om Alive at last
    Om Alive at last Month ago +1

    Obviously paid for by Boston Dynamics or there would be court action , so the real question is why the need for satire ?