EXCLUSIVE: Anthony Joshua raw backstage footage after victory over Andy Ruiz Jr

  • Published on Dec 9, 2019
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    Exclusive raw footage of Anthony Joshua heading backstage following his victory over Andy Ruiz Jr in Saudi Arabia.
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Comments • 1 673

  • Dr Cerebro
    Dr Cerebro 17 days ago

    The landlord was a chicken run on this fight. The fight was named Clash of Dunes. Not chicken run that by the way it was a great movie. Better than Clash of Dunes.

  • kay kay
    kay kay 17 days ago

    How can you not like this guy called AJ? Unless you're just a hater, he's so humble, loving And respectful.

  • S T
    S T 18 days ago

    This guy is so good for boxing it’s unreal - a genuine nice guy who is always humble and at the same time one of the baddest men on the planet if not the baddest .For me he out muscles and out batters both fury and wilder cos he has shown his ability to adapt and implement almost any game plan at this stage .Go AJ undisputed in 2020.

  • Stuart Bell
    Stuart Bell 21 day ago

    Fury was robbed

  • bombousboy
    bombousboy 25 days ago

    The boy is good.

  • Tony Lyons
    Tony Lyons 28 days ago

    Can i get a 2 time 💪

  • Oni700
    Oni700 28 days ago

    AJ is just a cool dude...

  • JTG
    JTG 29 days ago

    Think they left the mic back at the ring

  • Gallant Gallo Man
    Gallant Gallo Man 29 days ago

    The face of boxing is back to the top, AJ 2 time champ, it's good to bring back the belts to the British soil

    NO NAME Month ago


  • Nurudeen Femo
    Nurudeen Femo Month ago

    So humble guy,love from your Nigeria brother in Belgium. Bismillaha

  • South Croy
    South Croy Month ago

    The champ,true champ....

  • ian o
    ian o Month ago

    aj walks like a god

  • I B
    I B Month ago

    Bum likers 😂 they all suking up for his money his team

  • Iceprince Kelly
    Iceprince Kelly Month ago

    Class. I was a nerve wreck watching the fight. Glad he pulled it.

    SANGANI VIKASH Month ago

    True champ.

  • Marcus Fwang'an
    Marcus Fwang'an Month ago

    I love to see humility in aj & the understanding in Andy Ruiz despite the victory and the lost.

  • Mandimbisoa Randrianaivo

    C'est la classe pure et totale, un athlète humble comme il le dit lui même et c'est la réalité. Respectueux envers tout le monde sans exception, le public, l'équipe adverse et tout le reste du monde. Je l'aime beaucoup et je souhaite qu'il va gagner tous ses futurs combats et il va le faire car il ne sous estime personne et ce qui fait de lui un guerrier unique en son genre.
    Good luck my favourite champ 💪🤗👍.

  • Neil Bott
    Neil Bott Month ago

    Shit no sound

  • Tina Pease
    Tina Pease Month ago

    Hahahahahaha. ..Eddie Hearn..Anthony Joshua. ..the biggest fraud in boxing history. ..😨

  • Darren Mclaughlin
    Darren Mclaughlin Month ago

    First thanks to the Saudis for taking care of josh after fight

  • Tayo Yessuff
    Tayo Yessuff Month ago

    Unlike those arrogant American! Very respectful that's an African culture! Am very proud of you..

  • Castro Troy
    Castro Troy Month ago

    Why was AJ dissing that sheikh? 4.31-5.41....maybe he had backed Ruiz to win.

  • Castro Troy
    Castro Troy Month ago

    Well done AJ....now go smash that skinny runt USYK straight out of the heavyweight division where he belongs.
    🇬🇧🥊LETS GO CHAMP 🥊🇬🇧

  • Bereshit bara Elohim

    Even after a 12 round fight they don't let him rest

  • Dzifanu Agbenya
    Dzifanu Agbenya Month ago

    Naturally humble, no fakes. Genuine. Will go higher.

  • ystre hggui
    ystre hggui Month ago


  • Rafu Chief
    Rafu Chief Month ago

    the real man anthon joshua may Allah giv u new lif of islim AMEEN

  • James
    James Month ago

    Float like a bee sting like a dragon fly

  • James
    James Month ago

    Anyone here a lip reader??

  • Livin_great 2019_IGaccount

    Joshua rocking the winners robe!

  • Stacy Johnson
    Stacy Johnson Month ago

    Aww he look so tired , lost a lot of weight but I still love him

  • malcolm booth
    malcolm booth Month ago

    Well that must have shut fury up now! They all said he had no chance in the rematch .. he gave Ruiz a boxing lesson and Ruiz is the boxer!!

  • Zeon Pily
    Zeon Pily Month ago +1

    He's just a humble man.

  • Samson Ifegwu
    Samson Ifegwu Month ago

    AJ is the definition of "CLASS"!

  • Richard Byrne
    Richard Byrne Month ago

    Aj the man

  • Yaw Owusu
    Yaw Owusu Month ago

    I really love Joshuah

  • LoGaN JaYcOle
    LoGaN JaYcOle Month ago

    Was it like this when he lost ??

  • paystyles
    paystyles Month ago

    U Brits have a braver fighter in fury than AJ. And im no fan of Fury but facts are evident

  • paystyles
    paystyles Month ago

    When AJ beats Fury/Wilder then the hype becomes believable.
    Lets all count from today how long it take for him or master Hearn to get the courage to even get in ring with them

  • 1and2so
    1and2so Month ago +1

    Lold at the guy trying to get a Insta live with Joshua during 7 min lol

  • gung agaolu
    gung agaolu Month ago

    The Boy (AJ) Is Good, very humble and modest......you've got to love him and may the good Lord always be his Shepherd.

  • Mark Harper
    Mark Harper Month ago

    Who can't like AJ top man with loads of time for everybody

  • Papa Nabri
    Papa Nabri Month ago

    Awesome footage. Thank you sky sports. 👍🏽

  • David Indelicato
    David Indelicato Month ago

    The master class beat down....

  • Joe Angel
    Joe Angel Month ago

    This is the weakest boring fight all he did was run away from ruizzzz

  • JSM 26
    JSM 26 Month ago +2

    I went to the fight and had some kabsa. I Spent 7 rounds sat on the toilet..

  • Groove Traxxx Gingerbreadman

    It's now all over for the rest of the HW division......you just watch.

  • agitated shinobi
    agitated shinobi Month ago

    Where the lip readers at?! 4:42 to 4:59 lol

  • Keith Sonatra
    Keith Sonatra Month ago +1

    i give him credit for winning but at the same time he only did what i expected him to do on june first.

  • Muhammed el-shabazz

    We cannot discredit Andy Ruiz because he's a very talented fighter and he's also very powerful!

  • Racerx247
    Racerx247 Month ago

    As Ali would say " Not a Mark on my Face"

  • Myron Hill
    Myron Hill Month ago

    Fight wilder

  • Adam Bailey
    Adam Bailey Month ago

    Anyone else’s sound out of sync?!

  • David Dumont
    David Dumont Month ago


  • steven harris
    steven harris Month ago

    Hope you don’t forget to pack your running 🏃‍♀️ mc you will need it to run from any good boxers

  • vraie congolais vraie congolais

    This man is from Congo 🇨🇩 but the father from Nigeria

  • C
    C Month ago

    He is so humble...am in awe

  • Medwin X
    Medwin X Month ago

    That was a masterclass performance from josh.. well done brother !

  • Oscar Ashford
    Oscar Ashford Month ago

    4:24 wtf?