Steelers' season is over with Mason Rudolph, Colin blames Garrett for Cowboys' loss | NFL | THE HERD

  • Published on Oct 1, 2019
  • Colin Cowherd opens up today's show to break down some NFL topics. Hear why he thinks despite the Pittsburgh Steelers big win against the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday Night Football, the team's season is over and why Jason Garrett deserves more blame for the Dallas Cowboys' loss to the New Orleans Saints than Dak Prescott and Kellen Moore.
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    Steelers' season is over with Mason Rudolph, Colin blames Garrett for Cowboys' loss | NFL | THE HERD
    The Herd with Colin Cowherd
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Comments • 704

  • The Herd with Colin Cowherd

    Do the Steelers have a legitimate shot at winning the AFC North?

    • Drew
      Drew 3 months ago

      The Steelers suck pack it in its over

    • choctaw flathead
      choctaw flathead 3 months ago

      absolutely no doubt ...ducky Hodges can play quarterback maybe better Then his footwork poised calm..defense is gonna be doing there share..O-line some of the best..2 damn good healthy running backs an a damn good coaching staff/ owners

    • HP3 TV
      HP3 TV 3 months ago

      Of course. The two teams tied for first are sitting at .500. Despite all of the preseason hype, the Browns have been very inconsistent. Andy Dalton is the only veteran starter in the division, now that Roethlisberger is out for the season.

    • Will Vanluvanee
      Will Vanluvanee 3 months ago +1

      Mason 50 of 74 67.6 comp% 515 yds 6tds 2int Rate 103.2
      Brady 90 of 145 62.1 comp% 1061 yds 7tds 1int Rate 97.5

    • Thomas White
      Thomas White 3 months ago

      The game against the Ravens will answer this question. I don't care how they do it, but if the Steelers win... they will win the AFC North.

  • Mane Mann
    Mane Mann 9 days ago

    I like this guy

  • Frank Herrera
    Frank Herrera 2 months ago +1

    Steelers seasons have been over since the "never prepared" Tomlin lost to the Pac in superbowl. Get ready for another 26 year drought.

  • Jujulicous
    Jujulicous 2 months ago


  • Alex Carfagno
    Alex Carfagno 3 months ago

    No one bailing on Dak.....the question is are they gonna pay him 35 plus....i wouldnt....guess Colin would

  • Michael O'Malley
    Michael O'Malley 3 months ago

    Colin Cowerd is a complete idiot, knows nothing about sports. Colin is a duechse bag plain and simple!

  • 1958yankeefan
    1958yankeefan 3 months ago

    It’s truly amazing to me how easily these sports talk schmucks flip flop with excuses. The QB’s they like get every excuse in the book. The ones they don’t like just stink!!!

  • 1958yankeefan
    1958yankeefan 3 months ago

    Dinking and dunking that’s effective, scores Points and wins the game is bad? Cowherd does know that the team that has the most points at 00:00 wins right?
    Style points count now?
    Should the Patriots give back two of their Lombardis because two idiot opposing coaches snatched defeat from the jaws of victory?In those two SB’s Tom Brady failed to get it done on offense and was looking at two more SB losses! Then Pete Carrol got too cute, and the Falcons HC got too greedy! Tom Brady isnt the GOAT....he’s the LOAT.....LUCKIEST OF ALL TIME!

    • Drew
      Drew 3 months ago

      Sounds like someone is on the rag😂

  • Lance Zeigler
    Lance Zeigler 3 months ago

    Can't go toe to toe with L-Jax? Well the Steelers blew a chance to beat the Ravens yesterday... and hopefully Mason is alright after being knocked out. Devlin Hoges seemed to to go downfield fairly well. We'll see if he can hold it down, until Mason can come back and hold it down. Nonetheless... I agree, the Steelers are not playoff bound. Too many wins have been fumbled away already.

  • cubeincubes
    cubeincubes 3 months ago

    Ooooooof. Yeah

  • Mr. Mental
    Mr. Mental 3 months ago

    Wait who are you again

  • jordan sheppard
    jordan sheppard 3 months ago

    Why throw it deep if ur eating the defence with the wild cat we had big ben started 0-2

  • jordan sheppard
    jordan sheppard 3 months ago

    Does brady have a shot of a sb playing like rudolph only dinking and dunking lol?

  • jordan sheppard
    jordan sheppard 3 months ago

    Exactly how brady plays

  • Shem Dortch
    Shem Dortch 3 months ago

    I can describe what Collin couldn’t.
    Jason Garrets brilliance is getting Jerry Jones to keep him as the coach.

  • Hermanopepe
    Hermanopepe 3 months ago

    Where Colin Was Not Right, Where Colin Was Wrong
    Colin, you were Not Right in your analogy about Mason Rudolph and the @steelers coaches, and that lead you to be Wrong in your conclusion.
    The 'Helicopter parenting' analogy missed the mark. It's more like neither the kid nor the parents are ready to take the training wheels off. We don't know if the kid and the parents are equally reluctant to take the training wheels off, but eventually the training wheels are coming off. And when they do, the Steelers offense will be able to keep up with the rat birds, er...ravens....with the help of the defense.
    “Season over” is the wrong conclusion.
    And, I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is....If, If, If.
    If the Steelers don't make the playoffs by winning the AFC North, or If they don't get in via a Wildcard berth, and If we're ever in the same city, breakfast, or lunch, or dinner is on me.

  • Tim Grey
    Tim Grey 3 months ago +1

    Your daughter’s a hoe

  • highspeedtubing
    highspeedtubing 3 months ago

    27-3. Take it where you can get it. Rudolph is not the future. Neither is Tomlin.

  • Pat Hillis
    Pat Hillis 3 months ago

    Colin must hate the Steelers as much as me.

  • Jason Cave
    Jason Cave 3 months ago

    Hot take Jason Garrett not elite coach

  • Pickle Johnson
    Pickle Johnson 3 months ago

    We do not need to beat Brady, Mahomes, Rodgers, Wilson or Watson. The teams we lost to are literally like 11-1.

    We need to beat Jackson, Mayfield, Darnold, Rosen and Allen. That's 7 games, and if we win most we have a great shot at the playoffs.

  • Numbers Advocate
    Numbers Advocate 3 months ago

    Remember Alex Smith days in Kansas City?

  • William Wheat
    William Wheat 3 months ago

    Pittsburgh’s coaching staff sucks

  • Paul Safarek
    Paul Safarek 3 months ago

    He took what they gave him. Winning 101. It was a good performance and improved sideline strategy.

  • Rise of the curtain
    Rise of the curtain 3 months ago

    I shouldn’t even post anything but I can’t resist. Cowherd is an idiot. No one thinks the Steelers are coming out of the AFC, but damn, it’s dude second career start. I feel less intelligent having listened to Cowherd take.

  • SuperTroll
    SuperTroll 3 months ago

    I agree. Last week the offensive coach threw Rudolph under the bus. When the offense of coach was asked why isn't Rudolph throwing long balls, he replied he can if you wants. But there was nobody down field to catch the long ball.

  • Taylor Kaltenbach
    Taylor Kaltenbach 3 months ago

    Do you seriously think they are going to do that every game?? They will definitely change it up, it was his first game. Come on man

  • Mr. Machine
    Mr. Machine 3 months ago

    Wow! Usually I find collin fairly easy to agree with. But he's getting carried away with his argument against Rudolph and Steelers use of him. If the Steelers would have been trailing in this game, I have no doubt Rudolph would have been taking more shots down the field. The Steelers goal was ball-control and chew the clock!! And I'm willing to bet they would have abandoned this game plan at a moment's notice, hadn't they begun to fall behind from scoreboard. So I'm not understanding Collins soliloquy here.

  • John Leombruno
    John Leombruno 3 months ago

    Read somewhere that Fichtner commented after the game that they wanted to start with that game plan to establish a little bit of a rhythm but decided to stay with it when it was clear that the Bungles couldn't stop it. In other words, the game plan was larger, but not necessary.

    His entire opinion is based on his mistaken belief that they were babying him, and that they are going to run the wildcat for the rest of the season.

    But hey, why actually look into why they ran the offense that way for this game when you can take an absurd position to get viewership up.

  • Will Vanluvanee
    Will Vanluvanee 3 months ago

    Mason 50 of 74 67.6 comp% 515 yds 6tds 2int Rate 103.2
    Brady 90 of 145 62.1 comp% 1061 yds 7tds 1int Rate 97.5

  • zx74
    zx74 3 months ago

    Colin, its 1 game. Their top priority was to win, not throw it downfield to make you feel better. You're talking about people bailing on Dak but you are bailing on Mason after ONE game! How bout give him 4 starts and then judge whether the plan changes and they go downfield. Josh Allen was "slinging it" downfield vs the pats Sunday. He was rewarded with 3 picks b4 he went out. They would have wkn without those picks from him SLINGING IT.

  • DeadHead Poseidon
    DeadHead Poseidon 3 months ago

    I understand what you’re saying but I think it was more they needed this win and they were gonna do anything they had to do just to get to win and to give a little confidence Rudolph I think Rudolph is going to be a decent quarterbackJust give it time this is always been a Ben Roethlisberger team and now they’re trying to switch it over I don’t think they’re gonna play like the way they played last Monday this week

  • Thomas White
    Thomas White 3 months ago

    This was excellent coaching to give confidence to an extremely talented rookie. Ben only threw for 2,600 yards 17 TDs and 11 interceptions his first year. Give him a chance to develop.

  • Robert Velez
    Robert Velez 3 months ago

    Well he's coach clap that counts for something I guess 😂

  • Alex Gagnon
    Alex Gagnon 3 months ago

    F all you who think Brady just dunks to RB. What world are you living in? You aren't on earth

  • Eijianthony
    Eijianthony 3 months ago

    Get on the Steelers staff for the game , don't throw Rudolph shade. He's executed the plan they set up for him. You said it Colin about Helicopter parenting - get on the parents and not Rudolph.

  • Ninjas Be Like
    Ninjas Be Like 3 months ago

    Colin is just a hater, plain and simple. Any other qb has that type of game and he says they had a great game with a great game plan. Hypocrisy

  • Alex Gagnon
    Alex Gagnon 3 months ago

    Do all you haters actually believe Tom Brady just dinks to his RB's and that's it? People are delusional

  • Honor Emeritus
    Honor Emeritus 3 months ago

    Look at the film.
    When Coop was open where was the ball.
    And he wasn't healthy.
    Take away Lattimores fukn holding that never got and you see he's average.

  • B Lenk
    B Lenk 3 months ago

    It's 2 games. I'm sure they will open it up. Brady lives by the short pass.

  • A.M.E asa_major_ent
    A.M.E asa_major_ent 3 months ago

    Garrett is not the problem. We lost by 2 points, as bad as we played. Just Relax. Did anybody think the Cowboys were going 16-0. CB4L.

  • Orion6699
    Orion6699 3 months ago

    I dont think its necessarily over.... The guy needs to grow into those shoes. He has hardly played....

  • Charles Surber
    Charles Surber 3 months ago

    Do they let Baker soing it loo?

  • JJ Grey
    JJ Grey 3 months ago

    Of course JGarrett is the weak link in Dallas...because that's what JJones wanted...a non-factor coach...JJ is to blame...JG just a symptom...

  • evan browne
    evan browne 3 months ago

    The Steelers season actually began when they focused on the defense and running the 🏈 that's how the Steelers won Bowls. How many Bowls have they won when Big Ben passed for over 4000 yards?

  • Justin Allen
    Justin Allen 3 months ago

    Can we just all admit juju is overrated

  • Casey
    Casey 3 months ago

    I don't understand and i cant belive im saying this but that's Brady's bread Butter short passes and run game

  • Michael Loewen
    Michael Loewen 3 months ago

    I think Colin is being awful rough on poor Garrett. After all, he is the 32nd best head coach in the NFL. :)

  • Austin Remondini
    Austin Remondini 3 months ago

    The west coast offense has been a part of many championships

  • Big Dawg
    Big Dawg 3 months ago

    Lol damn he hating on a kid that’s in his 4th game starting in the pros hard! Yeah everybody knows he’s not gonna win the championship his first year but damn give the kid some credit smh

  • Piyush Jain
    Piyush Jain 3 months ago +1

    I am with you 100% on your Jason Garrett take..
    But ur take on Steelers is pretty far fetched... Mike Tomlin did exactly what any 0-3 coach would have done... U want a safe victory to build confidence in ur team and to keep ur season alive..

  • Bonney Dahlquist
    Bonney Dahlquist 3 months ago

    Garrett should of been gone 8 years ago.

  • Chris Flores
    Chris Flores 3 months ago

    I guess Colin forgot about the risk vs reward of throwing deep. When you throw deep the chances of overthrowing and underthrowing are higher which means INT or incomplete pass.

  • PackerFan12
    PackerFan12 3 months ago +1

    Blame Dak not Garrett 😂

  • Jacobz456
    Jacobz456 3 months ago

    Agree 100%

  • Matt Frey
    Matt Frey 3 months ago

    I hope he mason breaks 300+ yards vs Baltimore and wins just so Colin can shut his mouth

  • tedmich
    tedmich 3 months ago

    This is what the local Dallas paper thinks of Jason G.

  • Matt Brooks
    Matt Brooks 3 months ago

    Jason Garrett is a cheerleader and does Jerry's bidding. Jimmy J. knew how to coach a team, but Jerry wanted the credit for winning and building the team. Look at all the other coaches in the Jerry era. Personalities clashed except w/J.G. who just flies under the radar & lets Jerry have the limelight. J.G. can't be discribed in one sentence because he is just not that great. Take any other Super Bowl winning coach and you will be able to do that with.

  • LRZR
    LRZR 3 months ago +32

    Mason Rudolph: *Starts second career game*
    Colin: no.

  • Mark Kohli
    Mark Kohli 3 months ago

    "...The game where Jason Garrett made a difference? Only 1? There are many games where he made a difference, it is just that he made a difference in the wrong direction. Called time out on his own field goal kicker {Dan Bailey} fitting a spot on kick... Or how about calling punt, when it is 4th and 1in overtime, and you have Zeek. Mr. Jason clap when the opponent does good Garrett should have never been aloud to coach Dallas Cowboys.