Ja Morant has the tenacity and fire for the game - Tony Allen | The Jump

  • Published on Dec 11, 2019
  • Tony Allen joins The Jump in studio to discuss what it was like playing with Matt Barnes on the Memphis Grizzlies and his impressions of rookie Ja Morant so far this season. (3:10) Allen also expresses his thoughts on the Boston Celtics' strong start this season and if there is a player in the NBA that plays like him.
    #TheJump #NBA
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Comments • 249

  • Ur Dad
    Ur Dad 5 hours ago

    Go pokes.

  • merKo G
    merKo G 14 hours ago

    "didn't nobody want no smoke''

  • Red Red
    Red Red Day ago

    Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes are funny af.
    They really know their audience.
    They ghetto af in all the smoke. But on espn they professionaaaals.

  • So Entertainment DJs

    Tony Allen is on coaching staff for Memphis G League team now!

  • Parmell Jasmin
    Parmell Jasmin 2 days ago

    There should be a third team for All-defense

  • Umble Yoself
    Umble Yoself 2 days ago

    TA made his residence in Memphis cause he is like Elvis around town, gets to keep most of his wealth. No state tax.

  • Real Facts
    Real Facts 4 days ago

    Why didn't one of the 3pt specialist take the shot?

  • Rashaad Billups
    Rashaad Billups 13 days ago +1

    Tony Allen look like a dark skinned Klay Thompson

  • J.R. Elgran
    J.R. Elgran 15 days ago

    Matt STOP lying you just dissed Memphis as a whole on your show with Stack the other day.

  • Rommel Gungon
    Rommel Gungon 23 days ago

    Them and lance stephenson were the goons

  • Alex Garcia
    Alex Garcia 26 days ago

    Lamarcus Smart

  • Three Js
    Three Js 28 days ago

    They need to play tacko and let him get acclimated then y’all good

  • 9MW Tone
    9MW Tone Month ago

    Ja less explosive then RW but way more efficient he could easily average a trip dub this season and frequently in the future

  • Chideha Kanu
    Chideha Kanu Month ago

    Go pokes!

  • Noah Houle
    Noah Houle Month ago

    Tony "that's my boy" Allen

  • Big10ent
    Big10ent Month ago

    i gave tony allen 20 in juco, he went to butler i went to Colby he struggled with quick guards

  • Besta best
    Besta best Month ago +1

    Isn't it AMAZING how soft Matt Barnes's voice is for someone who had SO MANY altercations on the court. This is the guy who tried to make Kobe flinch.
    "Speak softly and carry a big stick." -Theodore Roosevelt

    • P0k3D0nd3M4cG
      P0k3D0nd3M4cG 4 days ago

      He's Italian. American Italians are crazy

  • AP Mdlalana
    AP Mdlalana Month ago

    It's bad that great defender like Tony Allen only made 40mill in 13 years in the NBA

  • Luciano Laurent
    Luciano Laurent Month ago +2

    If they somehow get steven adams and everyone is healthy i dont see anyone beating them 4 out of 7 games in the east

  • Big Boom
    Big Boom Month ago

    If ESPN gave Matt Barnes a show then ESPN would have to change its name to Matt Barnes that guy makes great content

  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime Month ago

    They talk about Marcus Smart's defense then show 2 clips of him flopping 😂😂😂

  • Kimkima Official
    Kimkima Official Month ago +2

    Who's that smoking weed

  • Nicholas Tan
    Nicholas Tan Month ago

    I love Tony Allen!

  • William Slugga
    William Slugga Month ago

    They forgot about Avery Bradley.

  • Chase C
    Chase C Month ago

    I could not see myself be afraid of Matt Barnes 🤷🏾‍♂️ Love listening to em tho

  • Paul Balderas
    Paul Balderas Month ago

    After seeing this kid play..I'm convinced his rookie of the year..the kid can score handle the ball.. great passer and comperter..and a student of the game..it's the next great point guard..but playing in Memphis your not going to to hear about him that much.. cause the bias media really only covers about 4 teams..his going to be kind of a secret.. unless you're an avid nba fan.who really follows the game..your going to hear so much from Zion..that Morant is just going to be a after thought..but truss me long after Zion is out of the league.due to injury..Morant will be the next superstar..and I'm not even a Grizzlies fan I'm from Houston.. just calling like I see it.....

  • Kream The Dream
    Kream The Dream Month ago

    How can they not ask him who was the hardest dude he had to gaurd

  • 47 til infinity
    47 til infinity Month ago

    Bruh i remember seeing a highlight where he self lobbed off the floor and did a windmill

  • JA
    JA Month ago

    Why ESPN allow Matt the crAck head to be on the air
    He’s a horrible example to our youth
    Kick Matt out!

  • DonWuan
    DonWuan Month ago

    One of few players that played in the league I would cross the street for.

  • Russell Walton
    Russell Walton Month ago

    I saw Matt Barnes in the thumbnail and immediately clicked on

  • David Oswald
    David Oswald Month ago

    Hmmmmm. I figured Kobe would say the toughest to guard him would be Bowen.

  • Lashorn Barnarde
    Lashorn Barnarde Month ago

    That Memphis locker with those guys room must have literally really had all the smoke

  • Will Weekly
    Will Weekly Month ago

    I would take Ja over Kyrie right now

  • DownSouth BearsFan901

    The grit and grind Grizzlies will never be duplicated in this NBA of today!!!!!

  • Tormund
    Tormund Month ago

    Let's make this league about defense again!

  • Donavan McDabb
    Donavan McDabb Month ago

    Two real niggas. ✊🏿

  • 78mudd
    78mudd Month ago

    I showed Tony how to play defense. -T.K. Kirkland

  • CA - 11GP - Bramalea SS (2402)

    Tonys watch is glistening.☄

  • Carl Cubillas
    Carl Cubillas Month ago

    "First team all defense!"

  • D.J. Y
    D.J. Y Month ago

    Hopefully, morant has a long injury free career. His style of play kind of reminds me of thu way iverson used to play.

  • Infa Mous
    Infa Mous Month ago

    Ok Memphis fanboy

  • Dennis Tavarez
    Dennis Tavarez Month ago +1

    The Heart & Soul Lamarcus Smart

  • Tashon Little
    Tashon Little Month ago

    I forgot Tony Allen was on that 08 team

    • Humble Tone
      Humble Tone Month ago

      Because you are extra casual as an NBA fan bruh.

    • Humble Tone
      Humble Tone Month ago

      Because u are extra casual as an NBA fan bruh

  • Michael Sanchez
    Michael Sanchez Month ago

    Rachel though....
    Smoking..., I’d take that smoke any day son-

  • Kj Willis
    Kj Willis Month ago +4

    Forever respected here in Memphis 💯

  • Roster King 2K
    Roster King 2K Month ago +4

    All my OG Celtics fans love us some Tony Allen 🔒

  • oliver g
    oliver g Month ago

    Grit and Grind. As a GSW fan, they were the reason why GSW became a dynasty. They had to go through Grit&Grind Griz several times which made the very tough.

  • Kara Williams
    Kara Williams Month ago

    AKA Draymond Green

  • Omar Gay
    Omar Gay Month ago

    Morant a bad man!

  • Petite Explication
    Petite Explication Month ago +2

    On of the greatest perimeter defender in nba history

  • Amazing Jimenez
    Amazing Jimenez Month ago

    🌮 fall put I’m out there 🌮 Tuesday

  • mike vic
    mike vic Month ago

    Matt Brown loves to talk about when he used to play. no one gives a poo about you Brown shut up.. Lol 😂

  • TV Jumpshot
    TV Jumpshot Month ago

    Before his major injury in Boston, Tony Allen was an excellent offensive player too.... You couldn't keep him out of the lane and he could dunk on your favorite player any given night while also locking him up on the other end. Major respect to his career. Salute.

  • TV Jumpshot
    TV Jumpshot Month ago

    I really hope that Boston can get Tony Allen or Paul Pierce on the television broadcast every night. Listening to Scal and Tommy is horrible in the ears sometimes. Scal is a SoCal kid... he isn't "Boston" enough to be a homer/bias in the analysis.

  • CaRL DJuSTIceD
    CaRL DJuSTIceD Month ago

    This dude prob gonna be better than Zion

  • Herb Buttrick
    Herb Buttrick Month ago +1

    Proud of my fellow Murray State Alum. He was amazing in college and has taken it to another level with Memphis.

  • GreatestManAlive
    GreatestManAlive Month ago

    always wondered what happened to Tony Allen, he just disappeared from the league.

    • Dj Jackson
      Dj Jackson Month ago

      broke his leg after being released by the grizzlies and sign by the pelicans

  • Kevo The Goat
    Kevo The Goat Month ago +1

    Al horford overreacted leaving the Celtics

  • LA Clippers
    LA Clippers Month ago +1

    Actually, Wes Unseld won both awards as well. The best No. 2 picks ever were Bill Russell, Jerry West, and Kevin Durant in that order.