Chef David Smythe interviews Chef Noble Masi & Chef Fritz Sonnenschmidt

  • Published on Oct 23, 2015
  • Part 2 of 7 part interview
    Noble Masi retired as a professor in baking and pastry arts at The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in 2000. As one of the three longest serving professors in the history of the college, Chef Masi was named a CIA Heritage Professor in 2006. During his 35-year tenure, he served as chairman of the baking department, coordinator of the Progressive Learning Year system, director of continuing education, and director of education.
    Chef Masi received the American Academy of Chefs Lifetime Achievement Award in 2010. He was named Chef of the Year by the American Culinary Federation (ACF) in 1999. He earned the ACF’s Professionalism Award in 1996, and was the organization’s Educator of the Year in 1982.
    He was introduced to the foodservice industry through his family’s bakery and added to his knowledge at the Food & Maritime Trades High School in New York City. He then studied at the American Institute of Baking and became a member of the American Society of Baking Engineers.
    An advisor to the Culinary Institute of Canada and the University of British West Indies, Chef Masi was a member of the American Academy of Chefs (the ACF’s honor society) and the Order of the Golden Toque. He is a Certified Executive Pastry Chef (C.E.P.C.), Certified Master Baker (C.M.B.), and Certified Hospitality Educator (C.H.E.). Chef Masi has served as chairman of the Retail Bakers Association’s Master Bakers’ Exam. He served as program administrator for the ACF Master Chef Certification Program and founded the Mid-Hudson Culinary Association, where he served as Chairman of the Board. He has also served two terms as national ACF treasurer.
    The author of Baking Fundamentals (Prentice Hall, 2006), Chef Masi held an associate degree in business and a bachelor of science degree in hotel and restaurant management from the University of New Haven in New Haven, CT. Chef Masi was an ACF certified judge and served as lead judge for several NACUFS events and Taste of the World UMASS Culinary Classic.
    Noble enjoyed time with family making wine, cooking, and enjoying family traditions such as making Easter pies, participating in the Baccala Festival, and holiday celebrations. He was a role model and inspiration to everyone who met him.
    Fritz Sonnenschmidt is a Certified Master Chef, author/editor of The Professional Art of Garde Manger, Dining with Sherlock Holmes, The American Harvest, and Tastes and Tales of a Chef: Stories and Recipes, as well as a television personality, appearing on PBS in six seasons of Cook Secrets of the CIA and five seasons of Grilling Maestros. His lectures and cooking demonstrations are immensely popular, especially on kosher food, garden manager and charcuterie.
    Fritz began his culinary career with an apprenticeship in Munich, Germany, which led to extensive international work experiences in hotel and club kitchens, including that of Executive Chef at Sheraton Hotels in New York City.
    In 1968 he joined the faculty of The Culinary Institute of America, from which he retired as Culinary Dean in 2002. He is Past National Chairman of the American Academy of Chefs (AAC), the honor society of the American Culinary Federation, and is the Present Chair of the AAC Past Chair Council. Fritz is a repeated Gold Medalist at the Culinary Olympics and international culinary competitions, including the Jerusalem Gold Medal for Culinary Excellence for kosher cooking and the Geneva Gold Medal for cold food display. Fritz is one of the most recognized chefs among his peers and was recently voted into the AAC Hall of Fame. He received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the AAC in 2007.

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  • BakerHannah
    BakerHannah 2 years ago

    Two amazing chefs! I am proud that I have had the chance to work with both as an assistant at a symposium, while in culinary school.

  • Chef Smythe
    Chef Smythe  3 years ago

    For more than thirty years I taught thousands of culinary students all aspects of Culinary Art at the Culinary Institute of America campuses and abroad. I met and worked with and taught people who would change the way we think about cooking both commercially and personally. It happened to me.
    My purpose is for all of those who were also influenced by these friends, whether they know it or not. To give them a sort of autobiographical token revealing some of the “why?” of these special people who changed the way so many moved through their culinary experience.
    The philosopher chef helping others toward their own philosophy, their “Food Philosophy”. They helped others to understand with their own early awakening, a sensible point of view based on their own experience and observations. They have a logical intuitive and once revealed, obvious philosophy. They are, essentially culinary bodhisattvas. Let’s face it!
    These folks are out of the box, on a parallel journey, bold enough to speak the truth. It makes sense that these visionaries, life changers for so many, should have a chance to talk about their personal experience and point of view, and in doing so reveal yet another aspect of their legacy.
    There is such a thing as luck, but nothing happens without a reason.
    Chef David Smythe, Chef Professor and Consultant (Retired), Culinary Institute of America (NY)
    ACF Certified Executive Chef; ACF Certified Culinary Educator; CHE Certified Hospitality Educator