Gordon Ramsay Helps Prepare Food For A Malaysian Dinner Party | Gordon's Great Escape

  • Published on Mar 21, 2019
  • While traveling in Malaysia, Gordon Ramsay is invited to a Malaysian dinner party where he learns how to prepare food from an auntie.
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Comments • 2 515

    TEAM CAPZ 5 days ago

    Did nobody not even realized the nazi symbol at the start?

    • Uranus
      Uranus 4 days ago

      TEAM CAPZ where?

  • Mclovinit Hater
    Mclovinit Hater 8 days ago

    Casual Swartz sticker

  • King jeff21
    King jeff21 9 days ago

    Never has the phrase pasta merchant been more appropriate

  • Mohamad Sukri Lapagang

    That is not a Malaysian food.

  • thinkingofagoodusername

    I’m surprised that 90% aren’t of the swastika at the beginning! People are educated 👀

  • neamraven
    neamraven Month ago

    Man tells Ramsey he's been driving this thing for 50 years. Ramsey proceeds to tell him how to drive.

  • Ron Abell
    Ron Abell Month ago

    So funny he aint gonna tell people its gross suck it up much ramsey

  • Steven Xing
    Steven Xing Month ago +1

    0:14 no captions needed

  • diana wong
    diana wong Month ago

    Best dishes are all in malaysia. Thats for sure.

  • DoomSlayerBoi
    DoomSlayerBoi Month ago

    DId anyone notice the swastiskas??????

  • Izzattgaming
    Izzattgaming Month ago +5

    Who malaysia Here?🙋🏻‍♂️

    • BAKAR547
      BAKAR547 2 days ago

      Ayyyyyyyyyyyy bosskur.

  • Serious Girl
    Serious Girl Month ago

    You know that you had master in Malaysian dish when you use malaysian technique which is just agak2 (dont use measurement just use your guts)

  • Emir Khaleeq Raduan
    Emir Khaleeq Raduan 2 months ago

    Babi masak kicap

    SUPER VISTA 2 months ago

    You should meet malay not chinese.. because exactly that you want to learn was Malaysian cuisines.

  • John Low
    John Low 2 months ago

    Really appreciate his passionate on finding Malaysia authentic flavour

  • Christian Gonzales
    Christian Gonzales 2 months ago

    Dang the wife was hot asf

  • Hilmi Ahmad
    Hilmi Ahmad 2 months ago

    At 1:40 , is one answer that gets me everytime😊😊

  • Christian Panda
    Christian Panda 2 months ago

    Did everyone ignore the nazi symbols on 0.14 sec

    • Danle
      Danle 2 months ago

      They're Buddhist symbols

  • Christian DaEira
    Christian DaEira 2 months ago

    Go to 0:14 for a surprise ; )

  • hendrix3081
    hendrix3081 2 months ago

    I love how its completely different from Western life, i mean it seems like it still has a soul which the West has lost since the death of Christianity.

  • vx Xenity
    vx Xenity 2 months ago

    0:14 Why is there nazi signs

  • manfrombritain
    manfrombritain 3 months ago

    fucking gordon, chadding all over the chef guy and flirting with his fiance lmao

    HOTPOCKETHunter 3 months ago

    “From 1959”

  • Nevrn Harpp
    Nevrn Harpp 3 months ago

    Come to Malaysia find Chinese food. Cannot brain

  • Arq_
    Arq_ 3 months ago

    0:14 didnt know malaysia had nazis

  • Rabia Anjum
    Rabia Anjum 3 months ago

    Gordon low key roasted this chef so bad lol

  • Monica Kim
    Monica Kim 3 months ago +1

    I'm Malaysian

  • Dean Slegos
    Dean Slegos 3 months ago +2

    I'm here to learn Malaysian cooking.
    2:20 Got'Eem lol

  • Ssr Alex
    Ssr Alex 3 months ago +2

    Is that normal driving in the middle of the street ?

  • Ella Thrasher
    Ella Thrasher 3 months ago +2

    They're not Nazi swastikas, folks...

  • Derek Church
    Derek Church 3 months ago

    One time Gordan Ramsey actually learns instead of teaches

  • Man Toyaaa
    Man Toyaaa 3 months ago +2

    Omaigod sapa yang org penang tgk video ni

  • Combine Soldier #477
    Combine Soldier #477 3 months ago

    0:13 who noticed the Hitler sign XD

  • Okay_ Wason
    Okay_ Wason 3 months ago


  • Brody Orinick
    Brody Orinick 3 months ago

    Why are the nazi symbol at 0:14

  • Alex b r u h
    Alex b r u h 3 months ago

    It’s 4 am let me sleep

  • Loyd Cachin
    Loyd Cachin 3 months ago

    Asian food are the best and also I love Asian people ...

  • Heaven Piercer
    Heaven Piercer 4 months ago +3

    gordon: are we not gonna peel the garlics???
    gordon: gosh all these garlics/
    also gordon: i hope we dont kiss after dinner.

  • Wansino
    Wansino 4 months ago

    swastikas at 0:14 ?

  • Novandy Pramana
    Novandy Pramana 4 months ago

    Love Penang😍😍😍

  • sub to pewdiepie and watch yaoi

    *sees map of malaysia*
    *starts finding small ass singapore*

  • Poypoy Germinal
    Poypoy Germinal 4 months ago +1

    can you also visit Philippines sometime soon please..

  • Lea Ann
    Lea Ann 4 months ago +1

    What happens next? Is there another video continuing this?

  • Hailu Kibret
    Hailu Kibret 4 months ago +12

    i like his videos but why is Gordon always in a haste like he is gonna miss a flight or sum?

    • Canon Coriell
      Canon Coriell 2 months ago

      Hailu Kibret mainly because he kinda is in a rush. He needs to fully develop his understanding of a cultures food within a week in this situation and that means several different dish types and is extremely complex

  • Bumbu Rendang
    Bumbu Rendang 4 months ago +1

    Sate and Rendang from INDONESIAA Chefff.🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  • Kevin Akinwole
    Kevin Akinwole 4 months ago

    He’s so disrespectful 🤣

  • Hiba Biba
    Hiba Biba 4 months ago

    When chef Gorden says that the food is good ... it means every word

  • J C
    J C 4 months ago

    rangdang, what a pillock

  • yulia sofyan
    yulia sofyan 4 months ago +1

    Rendang from indonesia chef!!!not from malaysia..

  • user name
    user name 4 months ago

    The fact that the swastika is automically connected to the nazis shows just how effective HIS STORY has brainwashed you all, study the true meaning of symbols and break the bondage of your slavery

  • Ark
    Ark 4 months ago +3

    3 malaysian dishes i know

    Proceed to said 2 indonesian dishes

  • Anna Z
    Anna Z 4 months ago +1

    asking gordon Ramsay to make mac and cheese for someone is slightly offensive for his skill set 😂😂😂

  • Kabir Bariana
    Kabir Bariana 4 months ago +1

    The respect that Gordon shows is insane

  • Luboman411
    Luboman411 4 months ago +1

    I've been to Malaysia, in Kuala Lumpur. The food was OUTSTANDING! Just seeing Gordon eat is making me very hungry...

  • Andrew Bae
    Andrew Bae 4 months ago

    I saw something nazi related BUT OK

  • J V
    J V 4 months ago

    Gordon is so charming and shows all these cultures so much respect. That's why I enjoy watching. Same with Bourdain. Refreshing when you see white men interacting so beautifully with so many cultures. It's not something that's always represented like that.

  • Legend Gotta Catch Em All

    That fiancé 🔥

  • Swamp Monster 2
    Swamp Monster 2 4 months ago +25

    Help me i'm on a 7 hr Gordon Ramsay streak...

    I need some seasoning.

  • John Fajardo
    John Fajardo 4 months ago

    Please visit philippines...