Poll predicts hung parliament after election - with SNP, Lib Dems gaining seats

  • Published on Sep 10, 2019
  • Early this morning, parliament closed for five weeks in scenes of chaos and fury. During the formal ceremony, angry opposition MPs sang in the chamber in protest and claimed the government was silencing their voices. Equally bitter on their side, Conservative MPs heckled the Speaker, who they consider to be biased against them.
    Boris Johnson insists that the best way of resolving the Brexit divisions is to hold a general election. But would that provide a clear solution?
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Comments • 1 802

  • Jay Alex
    Jay Alex 10 hours ago

    A lot of politicians better start looking for jobs Most of them know the people will vote them out. That’s why they don’t want an election.

  • Richard
    Richard 11 hours ago

    Check out the bunch of traitors ,I won't live under EU occupation ,I'll fight

  • voyage voyage voyage. eu

    These political model isn't correct, UK parliament must search as to deside work correctly
    Brexit plan don't give right for it,
    must to copy Scottish. UK model is a full plate to center-left party political, but what left to know to do nothing

  • Gealaich
    Gealaich 22 hours ago

    Their refusal of an election has never been "mysterious" they've illustrated each time that preventing a "no deal" takes priority, only THEN will they participate in a general election

  • Bill Westsmith
    Bill Westsmith Day ago

    The whole context that the PM was lying to the Queen is a nonsense. It is all about Party Conferences. The PM argued that this time of year is when the Parties have their Conferences.
    Libdems Conference - 14-17 September 2019. Bournemouth.
    Labour Conference - 21-25 September 2019, Brighton.
    Conservative Conference - 29Sept - 2nd Oct. 2019. Manchester.
    As these Conferences are booked months in advance the PM is correct in stating that the Prorogation is the normal length of Prorogation with added Conference breaks.allowing for the Government to determine the Queens speech.

  • Alex Baseball4
    Alex Baseball4 Day ago +1

    One poll? How about the other polls where conservatives are up big

    • Ster Chess
      Ster Chess 10 hours ago

      There have been a number of different techniques used. It all depends on what factors are taken into account. Most polls are struggling to find leave voters and are therefore compensating in favour of the conservatives.

  • Duyan Tso
    Duyan Tso Day ago

    1:03 witches and wizards from harry Potter

  • henk
    henk Day ago

    If Labour wants any success in General Elections they will simply have to ditch Corbyn and his extremely left wing pals.

  • Darth Remainer
    Darth Remainer Day ago

    So the northern working class leaver geniuses will actually vote tory 😂 I mean a tory government and a hard core no deal brexit will be wonderful for the deprived regions!

    • TeacherToolkitDemo
      TeacherToolkitDemo 52 minutes ago

      @Darth Remainer I know 6 consultants and loads of registrars, 6 GP's and mot a single one of them in private has mentioned brexit. So I always wonder why people bring it up as this world ending concern. My partner works in a hospital and she hasn't even mentioned it at home. I hope you are wrong. Brexit will create new opportunities and seal off some old ones. Business will adapt as always. There are a lot of clever people in the UK I believe we will be fine.

    • Darth Remainer
      Darth Remainer Hour ago

      TeacherToolkitDemo so you presume all will be fine, well if a hard brexit causes a recession you might find your business is affected. Even in the unlikely case that you won’t be affected, let me understand you voted to leave, why?
      Well in my line of work, ie medical research, brexit is going to be disastrous. My partner is a doctor; they are already experiencing medicine shortages due to pharmaceutical market disruptions and stockpiling, and she has had to tell patients that their treatment including in one case radiotherapy, will be delayed.
      But hey like you say, what do you care? You’ll be unaffected

    • TeacherToolkitDemo
      TeacherToolkitDemo Hour ago

      @Darth Remainer I hope you are in a similar situation. Good day to you.

    • TeacherToolkitDemo
      TeacherToolkitDemo Hour ago

      @Darth Remainer yea fine. Will be same after brexit. With my line of work wont matter. Even a labour government wouldnt concern me too much. The world will keep turning.

    • Darth Remainer
      Darth Remainer 2 hours ago

      TeacherToolkitDemo so if your life is fine and you’ve had plenty of work, then being in the EU has clearly been a good thing for you and your work

  • Darth Remainer
    Darth Remainer Day ago

    In my country there’s no way the PM could simply shut down parliament for political advantage 😂

  • MyUboat JVO
    MyUboat JVO 2 days ago

    That should be all the hung quislings and traitors . Those that forget the people rule . They voted to leave .

  • GMP
    GMP 2 days ago

    Today, 15th Sept Tory Party increased its lead in the polls. I would never have believe it but the BRITS are as stupid as the Americans.

  • Captain Insano Shows no mercy

    If Johnson and Farage could form a pact there would be no risk of a hung parliament.

  • Joe Bloggs.
    Joe Bloggs. 2 days ago

    Lol give us an election and you won't need made up polls 😂😂😂

  • Parmvir Singh
    Parmvir Singh 2 days ago +1

    BoJo talking about democracy while shut down parliament by him

  • TheCrusaderRabbits
    TheCrusaderRabbits 3 days ago

    Conservatives will clean up.

  • Xeccelerator
    Xeccelerator 3 days ago +1

    Charles Kennedy was the best Lib Dem leader. Back when they had principles

  • richtea
    richtea 3 days ago +1

    Poll conducted entirely in London to those willing to talk to poll takers. The silent majority will decide.

  • Daddy AF
    Daddy AF 3 days ago

    This poll is the best the wealthier interests can hope for. That’s why they are pushing it to the point of distortion. Labor will appeal to voters on more than this one issue. These social issues are being ignored in these biased polls. Have the election.

  • Jeff Holmes
    Jeff Holmes 3 days ago

    Polls are propaganda. Remain parties know they will get smashed for their betrayal of the democratic vote. Brexit party could win this one.

  • Md Device
    Md Device 3 days ago

    Inbred islanders.

  • crocodile2006
    crocodile2006 3 days ago

    Fake News for Fake Views. Channel 4 is home of the Remoaners... you should fully support an election, but you don't because you know you'd #LOSE

  • Jon Bell
    Jon Bell 3 days ago

    Anyone who believes anything from Channel 4 political news nowadays must have little grip on reality. Biased is not an adequate word. Those involved should be ashamed of themselves: not journalists anymore, but apparatchiks. And my distrust and contempt for Jon Snow is so great that if he told me what the weather was I would not believe him until I had looked outside of the window.

  • keefie80
    keefie80 3 days ago

    Mrs Teacher..you should know full well that Harold falling into Williams hands is NOT the reason for WILLIAMS claim. The Normans were descendants of the vikings. Edward the confessors blood line therefore ran through Harold Hardrada and William Duke of Normandy. HH was defeated at Stamford Bridge. William won at Hastings. But William had the better claim to be King of England by lineage and descendancy. Harold Godwinson ( arrow in the eye) had no link to the throne other than being Edwards supporter and getting a nod on edwards death bed.

  • aud loves life
    aud loves life 3 days ago

    This is exactly why I will NEVER buy a to licence again.

  • Will Craggs
    Will Craggs 3 days ago

    lol labour wouldn’t take back Middlesbrough. They’re going to collapse in the north east

  • glen revell
    glen revell 3 days ago

    The speaker is a traitor and is owned by the EU as are the lords

  • keefie80
    keefie80 3 days ago

    Boris you idiot...f..the con traitors...get in bed with BP and both of you ...make sure you win every seat you can.
    stop trying to save the tory party...start trying to win brexit!!!!

  • SliceOfDog
    SliceOfDog 3 days ago

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate how absurd and undemocratic our election system is? The Conservatives can lose a quarter of their vote and not lose a single seat. Regardless of your political alignment, everyone must surely admit that is an absurd statistic.

  • Chaotic Soldier1187
    Chaotic Soldier1187 3 days ago

    1:20 I'm not english why they wearing that like it's the 1800s?

  • john cummings
    john cummings 3 days ago

    The parliaent want hanging what a shower sing the rad flag they eitheraddle brain or cannot read becausethey have never read the history of communism how many of the Ordinary people tney killed

  • blackhornetful
    blackhornetful 3 days ago

    Not if boris and nige work together

  • David Snowdon
    David Snowdon 3 days ago

    BS story at its best...bias mainstream is getting tiring...i don't even stay there and know its rubbish.

  • luke rush
    luke rush 3 days ago

    Screw your polls they are never right

  • Gary Redmond
    Gary Redmond 3 days ago

    Yeah I'm all for a hung Parliment.

  • ali bawazir
    ali bawazir 3 days ago

    Even before Theresa May's resignation when it became apparent Boris would succeed her, I knew Boris would be trouble for Tories and to himself. He thinks he will do business with Trump and hence he does not need European Union. Only time will tell. His abusive speech that 'Africa will beg them to come and colonize us again' is obvious the man does not have an ounce of diplomacy in his fabric. I think he should stick to what he does best. Eat curry and fart loud and long.

  • Patrick A. Crawley
    Patrick A. Crawley 3 days ago

    Can't trust a man with a mouth like Bercow's.

  • Moe A
    Moe A 3 days ago

    Hung parliament, I think the public are just about ready hang (hung) who cares
    Iv has enough

  • Benjamin Hunter
    Benjamin Hunter 3 days ago

    Fake news!

  • taliesin halliday
    taliesin halliday 3 days ago +1

    the country is in a mess and noone knows whats happening with brexit as theyre acting worse than children. look at them pushing each other over and waving little pieces of paper and singing stupid songs. remove them all, they are not fit to be there.

  • raptokvortex
    raptokvortex 3 days ago

    The latest poll prediction I saw gave the Conservatives 38%

  • mark mywords
    mark mywords 4 days ago

    Mitchell thinks Boris has a cunning plan. Sad truth is, he hasn’t. We’re doomed!

  • chris cooper
    chris cooper 4 days ago

    the speakers been offered a new role as Frodo Baggins in Lord of the Rings

  • Stephen Beale
    Stephen Beale 4 days ago

    Donnez-moi un break! 🤣😆

  • Jhhwang Hwang
    Jhhwang Hwang 4 days ago


  • si matley
    si matley 4 days ago

    exaclty so.... general election is pointless

  • Phill Emmanuel
    Phill Emmanuel 4 days ago

    We all know where opinion polls lead to 😂😂 for three years the Left party in Australia was consistently in the lead then in the elections we had in May this year the Right wing party pulled off a surprise and extraordinary win! So maybe we could perhaps learn to stop using opinion polls!

  • syd
    syd 4 days ago

    From the opinions I have heard from northern friends Labour could lose up to 50 seats to the Brexit Party up there. They are well pissed off having their leave vote dishonoured.

  • David Blyth
    David Blyth 4 days ago

    This all started because two Eton boys had a rivalry in stated by their matron they probably called mummy xaxax

  • rich deering
    rich deering 4 days ago

    If the PM can deliver brexit, I don’t believe it’ll be a hung parliament... it’ll be a LANDSLIDE.
    Right will out in the long run.

  • rich deering
    rich deering 4 days ago

    It should be a YELLOW FLAG

  • Scout 1874
    Scout 1874 4 days ago

    Is there a more biased news network than ch4?

  • rick Woods
    rick Woods 4 days ago


  • dave thompson
    dave thompson 4 days ago

    Ha ha here we go FAKE NEWS from the parasites the only worrying thing is free view is all a lot of people watch which the msm rely on to spread their lies

  • Mr M
    Mr M 4 days ago

    Balanced. Hahaha yeah just give us the vote you will see.

  • roybakker1973
    roybakker1973 4 days ago

    they need an election now because after brexit the chaos will be that big that they will be accounted for it. When they have an election after Brexit they will lose dramatically. Thats why they want it now so they are at least for four years in power and have the time to try and clean up the mess.

  • Musa Abukar
    Musa Abukar 4 days ago

    British politics at it's finest..

  • michael mcquiggan
    michael mcquiggan 4 days ago

    Hung parliament what about the 1. 7m that were betrayed probably will never vote again me been one of them

  • AngelicusImmortus
    AngelicusImmortus 4 days ago

    Polls actually suggest the Tories losing seats and LibDems gaining ground by more than the 20 suggested here.

  • AngelicusImmortus
    AngelicusImmortus 4 days ago

    He’s an idiot. If you watch the full clip of him in school he failed to answer the question that a junior school kid answered