Adam Savage Cooks the Impossible Burger with Traci Des Jardins!


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  • Carbs and Coffee
    Carbs and Coffee 13 hours ago

    Sometimes there’s 3 patties on the grill, sometimes there’s 2. 🤔

  • f4ll0wf1r3
    f4ll0wf1r3 2 days ago

    You two have such a sweet relationship.

  • SoJeph
    SoJeph 3 days ago

    Not against any of this. Different strokes for different folks is how I feel. I have eaten vegetarian burgers before, but I think they should have only slapped a piece of cheese on top (or ketchup and mustard only if it is vegan), for a real comparison. I am not a vegetarian, but if you are vegetarian, do you really care if something tastes like meat? if it is a marketing thing for proselytes trying to convert meat eaters; I don't think it will work. Immitation will never win. Be yourself is tried and true. "Vegetables... You have value!, Be vegetables. People who don't eat you will die faster and faster. ".

  • Crazy Legs
    Crazy Legs 3 days ago

    80/20 ground beef salted (done medium), bacon and cheese on a sesame bun.... NO veg needed...EVER.

  • mrackerm
    mrackerm 6 days ago

    At 2:37, did she dip the spatula in melted butter so she could grill the buns?

  • MA AS
    MA AS 8 days ago

    when is this in Australia?

  • Molly Pete
    Molly Pete 10 days ago

    Traci maintains the most intense eye-contact. I enjoy it.

  • Kira Anastasia Andersen

    The sound is really bad in this

  • not BANGERTV
    not BANGERTV 13 days ago

    The Impossible burger isn't vegan. The Beyond is.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 14 days ago

    It's not an impossible burger. ITS. NOT. A. BURGER.

  • Chul Hogan
    Chul Hogan 15 days ago

    13:00 Nice parenting that kid got

  • Eytan Kollin
    Eytan Kollin 15 days ago

    I'm a happy omnivore. I truly enjoy being near the top of the food chain. But I order the impossible burger as my first option whenever I have the chance. It might not be the very best burger I can have. However it is a damn good burger in its own right. If I can have a damn good burger without killing a cow? No brainer.

  • Panther15 ZodiacGods
    Panther15 ZodiacGods 17 days ago

    This is beautiful. No other mammal on earth could do this with food. Humans can really receive spiritual inspirations better than any other.

  • DCMutE27
    DCMutE27 20 days ago

    Unless I am seriously mistaken, she used butter to skillet the 'Vegan' buns. Very small point but that is NOT a vegan burger.

  • John B
    John B 20 days ago

    He's not kidding about this stuff passing the uncanny valley. I had their competitor, Beyond Burger and that thing was incredibly similar to what I remembered beef tasting like. It was a bit too similar for me. I prefer my veggie burgers tasting like vegetables I've realized.

  • Krazykat722
    Krazykat722 21 day ago

    vegan bun...i hope that wasnt butter she tossed on the griddle!

  • Alisia Lopez
    Alisia Lopez 21 day ago

    That looks really amazing actually

  • Edward Valentino
    Edward Valentino 23 days ago

    I call bullshit.
    I have had the impossible burger, and I can tell you with 100% certainly which burger was which if you put a real burger and an impossible burger in front ou f me

  • Andre Farmer
    Andre Farmer 23 days ago

    5:54 The Chef admits to storing VEGAN MEAT with actual meat in her inventory!!! Wow!

  • saltcreekvalley farms
    saltcreekvalley farms 26 days ago

    Buy your food local and direct from a farmer and you will see a difference. All lab grown meat uses fetal bovine serum. Look it up its true. Fake food = junk

  • Karaseenya
    Karaseenya 26 days ago

    Can people fuck off with avocado already??

  • Uptin Sinclaire
    Uptin Sinclaire 26 days ago
    If you want to see how the burger is made.

  • Patsy Catsy
    Patsy Catsy 27 days ago

    At 4:18 there's 3 burgers on the griddle and when she goes to flip them, there's only 2. ;-)

    RAYRAYCREW5 Month ago

    It would have been better with a tomato! Looks good tho!

  • Daniel Feyghin
    Daniel Feyghin Month ago

    where are the french fries??

  • Pete Zar
    Pete Zar Month ago

    Need to get these into more stores at a decent price.... especially here in Australia where the plant based alternative section at supermarkets is so tiny and so expensive.

  • Shay
    Shay Month ago

    People keep talking about the environment to be politically correct. But what about the poor innocent animals that get tortured and killed brutally? this is a much more important reason to go Vegan. Health and environment is just a bonus.

  • Shay
    Shay Month ago

    Amazing... can't wait to have it for lunch every day. But where is the fries? and did Adam just wiped his hands on his pants?

  • Lawrence Blake
    Lawrence Blake Month ago

    is that molten butter she grills the buns and onions in 😂😂

  • John Wang
    John Wang Month ago

    I find it curious that the Impossible burger uses a protein they found in the roots of soy plants that mimcs the behaviour of heme which gives meat it's flavour and reactions to grilling but they had to genetically modify yeast to produce enough of this protein. Why not modify the yeast to produce actual animal based heme proteins?

  • Mike Fani
    Mike Fani Month ago +4

    Impossible Burger 🍔 is great 👍🏻 fabulous fantastic delicious 😋 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏👏👏

  • Yann Dupuis
    Yann Dupuis Month ago

    wooo relax with cornichon :)

  • Eleanor Challenger
    Eleanor Challenger Month ago

    vegan burger, vegan bun, but frying it in butter? correct me if I'm wrong

  • lovelybutterfly32
    lovelybutterfly32 Month ago

    So I decided to look online to find out what see how these are made, like we can so often find a video about on other things, and I couldn't find it. Then I tried to look up the ingredients.. couldn't really find that either. Just found things that "hinted" that only wholes veggiest was in it. Then I stumbled upon this article
    I have eaten meatless burgers that I myself have made. But I am not inclined to eat anyone else's, especially since reading this article. Not that I was gonna spend money on overpriced bad tasting suspect food anyhow.

  • drno
    drno Month ago

    Your now a cannibal!

  • GokuTrades
    GokuTrades Month ago

    "It's 100% vegan!" *dowses buns in butter*

    • death omz145
      death omz145 8 days ago

      GokuTrades she never said the buns lol

  • whisp
    whisp Month ago

    Aren't you supposed to notify viewers when it's a paid promotion lol?

  • funnywhiteboi
    funnywhiteboi Month ago

    Get a room!!!

  • Maygan Phynix
    Maygan Phynix Month ago

    so amazing! ive been vegan for 4 years and I still like the taste of meat. the Impossible Burger blows my mind!

  • MurphysLaw
    MurphysLaw Month ago

    Did she just grill that vegan bun with butter?

  • Nehemiah Marcus
    Nehemiah Marcus Month ago

    I love how Jim Gaffigan discusses vegetarians obsession with things that look like meat.

  • Matte Edström
    Matte Edström Month ago


  • Paul Simonson
    Paul Simonson Month ago

    Would have been nice if they would have discussed how, and what exactly these burgers are made from...I mean what "vegetables are used??

  • Iam Sam
    Iam Sam Month ago

    At this point, Impossible is noticeably better than Beyond, but they're in the same ballpark. However, Impossible is quite a bit more expensive than Beyond, and almost a 50% more expensive option than beef.

  • PorcupineFeet
    PorcupineFeet Month ago

    What's the calory comparison compared to a regular meat-based burger?

  • Big B Kenobi
    Big B Kenobi Month ago

    20.00 says theyre made from jack fruit.

  • hamsterking5
    hamsterking5 Month ago

    Did they forget vegi burgers are a thing since the early 2000s? And don't forget vegi dogs.

  • Rungatera H
    Rungatera H Month ago

    I'd give it a try, looks legit.

  • Rungatera H
    Rungatera H Month ago

    So if its a vegan burger is she using some sort of substitute in place of butter or was that butter she used to toast the buns.

  • Keita Burrell
    Keita Burrell Month ago

    Don't eat meat? Don't eat burgers. Get over it.

  • Michael Davis
    Michael Davis Month ago

    Pretentious fucker

  • superhoga
    superhoga Month ago

    Amazing. When you cover the patty with strongly flavored condiments and hide it in a big bun you don't realize it's not a burger.

  • superhoga
    superhoga Month ago

    8:49 finally the truth comes out: "Lets put this puppy together".

  • superhoga
    superhoga Month ago

    I don't know. Maybe it's just the camera, but those patties look like burgers the same way turkey bacon looks like actual bacon. Just kinda different.

  • Europa
    Europa 2 months ago

    I went and bought a fat steak and slapped it against my tits for an hour just to help keep me sane.

  • Rich M
    Rich M 2 months ago

    I love these burgers but they are IMPOSSIBLE to find--and cost way too much. Beyond meat, being 10 bucks a pound are expensive but at least can be gotten at the store. I can see this as a very awesome alternative to beef but come on, the price needs to be for the masses if we want a mass acceptance.

    MIMIK 2 months ago

    There has been increase in the playback speed near the end.
    It always makes me very aware of itself when I spot it...

  • Erich Breckoff
    Erich Breckoff 2 months ago

    Hamburgers would be tasty if not for that dammed soft spoongy breat they use.
    Real bread is not THAT expensive folks...

  • Sophia Bogard
    Sophia Bogard 2 months ago

    Making burgers taste like meat is not about pleasing vegans or vegetarians. It is about appeasing meat eaters and having a less planet invasive option to have a burger while not eating actual meat. I would only stop eating meat if the vegan meat tasted like it and the price was comparable. Not for moral reasons.

  • Nunyo Bidness
    Nunyo Bidness 2 months ago

    How come I never see a “double” Impossible Burger? They’re all singles. There are many who like the doubles. Are they not very good as a double?

  • suf sanin
    suf sanin 2 months ago +1

    I was expecting to know the process of making the vegi meat.

  • Pamela Magdanz
    Pamela Magdanz 2 months ago +2

    I love the impossible burger! Your restaurant looks like the cheers sitcom set 😃 love ❤

  • Spencer LeBrun
    Spencer LeBrun 2 months ago

    I need a girl that looks at me like how she looks at Adam.

  • blunt3068
    blunt3068 2 months ago

    If the burger isn't meat I wont eat.

  • Gustave Frankfurter
    Gustave Frankfurter 3 months ago

    That dude keeps touching the food after he scratched his ass! I wouldn't eat there!

  • Rahil Sethi
    Rahil Sethi 3 months ago

    Is she cooking with lard or coconut oil?

  • Spartan Blueberry
    Spartan Blueberry 3 months ago

    I'm eating my 200$ REAL burger right now, as I'm watching, just because I can !

  • Queen Keda
    Queen Keda 3 months ago

    I ate some at white castle and it was nasty. Maybe because it tasted so real. I haven't had beef in 20 years.

  • jim liu
    jim liu 3 months ago

    Instead of all the resources going to invent/generate this pseudo meat! Why don’t people just eat less ~1/3 meat and ~1/3 more non meat food?

  • Schizonymous
    Schizonymous 4 months ago

    How about all the resources used in CROP Production? LAND USE?! Do you know WHY we don't have FREE RANGE CATTLE?! Because the whole god damned country is CROP FIELDS...

  • rmooneyh
    rmooneyh 4 months ago

    My question is basic. I'm 62 and the world has changed around me. I'm ok eating a veggie burger. But when I go to the store to buy them. They cost me financially. When we live on a strick budget, how can I afford to eat this way?

  • Ed Evans
    Ed Evans 4 months ago

    I find this very disturbing. We are talking Vegetarian here correct? So why are we making this product look like meat? Many of my Veggie desciples dislike the smell and appearence of meat. Surly these could be made much more earthy??

  • 我是一个巨魔
    我是一个巨魔 4 months ago

    fuck you i wanna taste this too

  • bittewarten
    bittewarten 4 months ago

    I would actually really like to eat this but we can’t get it here in Europe.
    I’m a meat eater but I’m interested in this!

  • Random Guy That Comments on Youtube videos

    Wether you're a vegan or non vegan (im not gonna say carnivore), we can all agree that this looks good.

  • Random Guy That Comments on Youtube videos

    Vegans attack us on our meat videos.
    We attack them on these videos.
    Endless war.
    Its only so far in the future that we start fightin

  • Random Guy That Comments on Youtube videos

    3:01 Tracy, the burger was meant to be vegan... i get it its just for you and adam but by putting butter on that bun, it became non vegan.

    TRIPLESEVENSIX 4 months ago

    Adam is well known for being a big meat head! He's said it himself. They look alright. Bit of English mustard, does yer!

  • Justin Janecka
    Justin Janecka 4 months ago

    This is disgusting

  • Insert Redletter Media Meme Here

    They've had this in Pittsburgh for about two years at BRGR and Burgatory and it is bomb and tastes not quite as good as beef but almost just as good and is way healthier and doesn't create cow farts that fuck up the climate.

  • Insert Redletter Media Meme Here

    Why hasnt Gordon Ramsay been on this show yet?

  • naiasonod
    naiasonod 4 months ago

    I'm gonna try these one day. If I like them, I'll eat them. If I don't, I won't.
    I really don't care what vegans think either way.

  • Geoffrey Smith
    Geoffrey Smith 4 months ago

    Is it supposed to be crunchy

  • Fat Angry Vegan
    Fat Angry Vegan 4 months ago

    Can you cook it from frozen?

  • Kelly KitKat
    Kelly KitKat 4 months ago

    But the West is not India. So rather than see cows walking down Main Street undisturbed, I think you will end up seeing more leather furniture.

  • Matthew McKuhen
    Matthew McKuhen 4 months ago

    That dog has bad breath for the same reason anorexics do.

  • octagonproplex
    octagonproplex 4 months ago

    You know what else dogs like to eat? -- Umm... Literally anything.

  • octagonproplex
    octagonproplex 4 months ago

    But why don't they just call it "Impossiburger"?

  • hurryupimdreaming
    hurryupimdreaming 5 months ago

    ok but what are the nutritional facts ?

  • nkotb 82
    nkotb 82 5 months ago

    He sets the burger top side facing down after he takes each bite. I'm sure there's a formula for bun - possibly meat / condiment moisture output ratio to facilitate this method.

  • Dj Telespook
    Dj Telespook 5 months ago

    This is fascinating. Im assuming you can eat it raw if your a weirdo.

  • Luke van Oene
    Luke van Oene 5 months ago

    I love all your content with Traci! Would love to see more with her or anything more about cooking, more specifically home-cooking like the omelet video. Loving everything you guys are putting out!

  • Jake Masters
    Jake Masters 5 months ago

    Does she use butter on the griddle? Surely not with vegan everything else..?

  • Marthin Sühl
    Marthin Sühl 5 months ago

    Is there a possibility that the impossible burger can find it’s way to Scandinavia more exactly Sweden? 🇸🇪

  • Darin Preston
    Darin Preston 5 months ago

    I was able to try an impossible burger 6 months ago and I thought it was okay. It needed to be dressed up, but was fine after that. It may have changed since I had it, but my opinion at the time was that it would make a great substitute for taco meat or other recipes that uses ground beef mixed with significant seasoning. Burgers are passible, but the star won't be the meat as it lacks some of that fatty/juicy mouthfeel. It is JUICY, but it is not vicious like fat and so lacks the same mouth feel.
    I look forward to trying it again as things progress. I will be fine with using this product as long as the price is comparable (or even slightly more) than beef.
    The one thing I've not heard reviews discuss in detail are the heath benefits over beef. I would assume that this soy product is easier on the heart and colon, but a breakdown of details would be appreciated.

  • pappy hayes
    pappy hayes 5 months ago +2

    I'm a second hand vegan, I eat meat that that eats veggies. Best kind of vegan otherwise would turn into 1 of those soy boy girly men.

  • Dougie Bain
    Dougie Bain 5 months ago

    As ever, no thought of the fate of cows, how PC

  • MochaTater
    MochaTater 5 months ago

    DX I really want to try one of these mostly out of curiosity. I love meat and if you could find me affordable food that tasted like meat (or even something that tasted just as good or better) sign me up to vegan town lol. I agree with veganism but I don't know if I could do it due to cost and taste. I know there are a lot of good vegan foods out there but most are ridiculously expensive... Like if I want to order vegan pattys for vegan burgers I'm looking at 4 bucks a patty... I can't afford that

    • Basil Glew-Galloway
      Basil Glew-Galloway 5 months ago

      I love meat. I've had 2 of these now, one cooked badly at a festival that I wasn't that fond of and one cooked very well at a good restaurant that was really excellent. They are NOT affordable as of right now, but as production ramps up I suspect these will end up cheaper than beef. And they can really be excellent if cooked properly. And deceptively burger-like.

  • Lill Painter
    Lill Painter 5 months ago

    dogs cant eat vegetarian.

  • ML Boone
    ML Boone 5 months ago

    Soy is not good for men