• Published on Sep 8, 2017
  • Anvil Vs. Spray Paint Cans, Shaving Cream, Silly String, & a Pyramid of Watermelons! We are loving this series! We hope you are too! Get your 'Commtest Entry' in and oh #44Club for the Win!
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    A big thanks to Gingin Gravity Discovery Center for allowing us to use their 45m Leaning Tower. You guys are legends!

    Big thanks to for the anvils!
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Comments • 9 294

  • crimsonnin2
    crimsonnin2 Year ago +5825

    If I can use any unit of measurement... I'd guess it weighs about 14 watermelons?

    • Chris C
      Chris C Day ago

      Sneak 100

    • Claire Nichols
      Claire Nichols 2 months ago

      YOU ARE SMART I DIDNT THINK OF THAT!!! i did math and math is kind of boring, but they should definitly pin ya though!

    • Getto Gamer
      Getto Gamer 2 months ago

      Outside of box don’t know why I’m watching a q year old vid but smart

    • Night tooth
      Night tooth 2 months ago

      Royce we could if we used our brains.
      Look at the size of the watermelons, they are about the same size.
      Try to find a watermelon that size.
      Weigh the watermelon, write how heavy it is down.
      Count how many watermelons are there.
      Times how much it weighs by the amount of watermelons.
      You have your answer. Thinking 😎

    • Coltins Games
      Coltins Games 2 months ago

      That’s one way

  • JamesCharles_Daily 2015


  • Nuno Gomes
    Nuno Gomes 4 days ago

    this video is at 44K likes xD

  • Ashton Mayer
    Ashton Mayer 6 days ago

    The water melons weigh at least 3 grams

  • Gary Myers
    Gary Myers 8 days ago

    Silly dust.

  • Blaine Smith
    Blaine Smith 9 days ago

    36 pounds

  • Jamesthe Beardedbarry
    Jamesthe Beardedbarry 10 days ago


  • sean woodard
    sean woodard 11 days ago +1

    Enough to drop me on my bum

  • Paris Dragon
    Paris Dragon 11 days ago +1

    7:54 There's the thumbnail 😁

  • Shakeel Amlay
    Shakeel Amlay 12 days ago

    The vids at 44k likes. #44Club

  • ML Reacts
    ML Reacts 14 days ago

    Well I guess you can say that scene is silly

  • Jon David
    Jon David 16 days ago +1

    I'm guessing 100 to 120 punds

  • Dani McCarthy
    Dani McCarthy 17 days ago


  • Alex Horne
    Alex Horne 17 days ago

    7:54 how it feels to chew 5 gum

  • Dylan Young
    Dylan Young 22 days ago +1


  • Jello Playz TV
    Jello Playz TV 24 days ago

    20 lbs

  • Samantha Murray
    Samantha Murray 24 days ago

    Did you guys ever think about using a remote control drone that has a camera built in?😍😇😘😻💁🏼❤️💗💓💘💞💖💕💝💙

  • Samantha Murray
    Samantha Murray 24 days ago

    It looks like a fire ball made of spray paint. 😘😳😇😍😻💁🏼❤️💗💓💘💕💖💞💝💙

  • Samantha Murray
    Samantha Murray 24 days ago

    Did you guys ever try rubber bands on a water Mellon? You should know it's very funny to watch them explode on people. 😍😳😘😻😇💁🏼❤️💗💓💘💞💖💕💝💙

  • Megan McFall
    Megan McFall 28 days ago

    I saw this on tic toc i followed you my tic toc name is Lila_mcfall

  • MrMpetley1
    MrMpetley1 29 days ago

    Can you recreate this test but with some canvases as close to the spray cans as possible. The paint effect could be awesome

  • Brandon Hansen
    Brandon Hansen Month ago

    10 Inches

  • TNT KS
    TNT KS Month ago


  • Liam Powell
    Liam Powell Month ago

    You should have put spray paint can's on the watermelon

  • Ryan Jenson
    Ryan Jenson Month ago

    Why don't you drop the Thor hammer on to those same things.

  • Redfangs Timeroler
    Redfangs Timeroler Month ago

    #44club thats some tasty droppins

  • Born to Sparkle
    Born to Sparkle Month ago

    The amount of 13 watermelons

  • Charles Steiger
    Charles Steiger Month ago

    Ok it's at 44k likes we can have no more likes! 44!!!!

  • Kierstyn Casper
    Kierstyn Casper Month ago

    #44Club Also JUST BOUGHT MERCH! Can't wait for it to arriveeee!

  • Harry Walker
    Harry Walker Month ago

    There are 44k likes..... #44club

  • MJ BOI
    MJ BOI Month ago

    them spray cans really destroyed that anvil

  • NullifiedGod
    NullifiedGod Month ago

    1 wlb a wlb is the unit of measurement in the weight of a pile of watermelon s

  • ToxicGames
    ToxicGames Month ago +2

    I can't tell what's cooler.This beautiful video featuring anvils smash stuff,or the awesome music in the background. 😵

  • Rosie O'Brien
    Rosie O'Brien 2 months ago

    14 flying pigs riding on flaming anvils

  • Dustin Parvin
    Dustin Parvin 2 months ago

    Y’all need more black back ground

  • Foxtrot Spiritwolf
    Foxtrot Spiritwolf 2 months ago

    20 watermelon pounds?

  • Tom Santleben
    Tom Santleben 2 months ago +1

    wow, some of the cans didnt get hit!

    guess it was a C L O S E S H A V E

  • Will Milsom
    Will Milsom 2 months ago


  • Claire Nichols
    Claire Nichols 2 months ago

    i think the melons wheigh about 210 pounds, because theres about 14 of them and each melon wheighs about 15 pounds, 14 melons times 15 pounds equals 210 pounds

  • Amanda Relf
    Amanda Relf 2 months ago

    280 pounds is what my guess is

  • Asher Krause
    Asher Krause 2 months ago

    300 pounds

  • Anastasia Anthony
    Anastasia Anthony 2 months ago


  • Commentr
    Commentr 2 months ago

    Oops, I read the comment count instead of the sub count!

  • Stephanie Edwards
    Stephanie Edwards 2 months ago

    Pooping on your feet

  • Anita Fouse
    Anita Fouse 2 months ago


  • Jake Williams
    Jake Williams 2 months ago

    Yous should make a chute for the multi anvil drops. Just open a slider at the front and then an anvil bombing run just flows forth. It'd be amazing and you could like do 10 or something ridiculous all at once

  • Joey Thoma
    Joey Thoma 2 months ago

    54 lbs?

  • Aaron Almy
    Aaron Almy 2 months ago


  • Michael David Roth
    Michael David Roth 2 months ago

    You guys finally found out what it takes to make a GoPro stop rolling! I was starting to wonder if that was possible after the atlas stone.

  • Brian Engler
    Brian Engler 2 months ago


  • Ryan Rediger
    Ryan Rediger 2 months ago

    I love how these guys are getting rich from dropping things off a tower. Got to be the best job ever.

    MARK FERGUSON 2 months ago +11

    I not in your demographic (60yrs) but I just love you guys! you are all great friends having the time of your life. I re-share your videos as they come out and have subscribed to your channel. Would love a shirt; 2XG :-) Keep up the good work guys!

  • Pichufan03
    Pichufan03 2 months ago

    The spray paint cans, one green one survived unscathed

  • Gabe Spencer
    Gabe Spencer 2 months ago

    Love the video but can we get some different background music. Keep up thee great videos guys!!!

  • Tanner Davis
    Tanner Davis 3 months ago

    i say it weighs bout 12 watermelons

  • Alec Langerud
    Alec Langerud 3 months ago


  • Alec Langerud
    Alec Langerud 3 months ago

    150.6 Kg

  • Lainie McReynolds
    Lainie McReynolds 3 months ago +2

    5:11 oh my gosh when he said shake it like a Polaroid picture all I was thinking was heeeeeyyyyy yaaaaaa

  • Alfi Vlogs
    Alfi Vlogs 3 months ago

    100 kg

  • Holl E. H.
    Holl E. H. 3 months ago +2

    Weeeeell, *technically* you're not supposed to shake a Polaroid picture. It doesn't do anything. But I digress, awesome video, as usual.

  • Evett C
    Evett C 3 months ago

    I love how they eat the watermelons. 🙂 🍉🍉🍉🍉😋

  • headlights go up
    headlights go up 3 months ago

    Youve never used shaving cream? weird!!

  • Alex Begue
    Alex Begue 3 months ago

    7.22 pounds

  • Harsh Raj Tiwari
    Harsh Raj Tiwari 3 months ago


  • Jesse Messick
    Jesse Messick 3 months ago

    132.85 pounds

  • Christian Stone
    Christian Stone 3 months ago

    The weight of 2 Scotts

  • Mitch Rapp
    Mitch Rapp 3 months ago +8

    Ok gents, how about an anvil dropped onto a anatomically correct ballistics dummy?

    • Ryan Rediger
      Ryan Rediger 2 months ago

      Mitch Rapp this comment is on like every video. I don’t think it’s going to happen unfortunately.

  • Mitch Rapp
    Mitch Rapp 3 months ago

    Can you drop anvils on a fire extinguisher?

  • HJKL123505 6
    HJKL123505 6 3 months ago

    I say about 280 pounds

  • Brayden Richard
    Brayden Richard 3 months ago

    i think it is 95lbs

  • Jacob Winkle
    Jacob Winkle 3 months ago


  • Andrew Benedict
    Andrew Benedict 3 months ago

    233 pounds

  • Samatha India
    Samatha India 3 months ago


  • Saphira Webber
    Saphira Webber 3 months ago

    260 keges

  • David M
    David M 3 months ago

    Hulk Smash!!!!

  • Joshua Swanson
    Joshua Swanson 3 months ago

    Drop anvils on marshmellows!!!

  • Joshua Swanson
    Joshua Swanson 3 months ago


  • Joshua Swanson
    Joshua Swanson 3 months ago

    7:18 A piece of Art!

  • lil zayy 409
    lil zayy 409 4 months ago

    When the spray paint was exploded it looked like 69s hair

  • Idrees Muid
    Idrees Muid 4 months ago

    169 grams

  • Idrees Muid
    Idrees Muid 4 months ago


  • Alexander Willow
    Alexander Willow 4 months ago

    SlowMo paint is like seeing the colors of the wind.

  • cursedclash
    cursedclash 4 months ago

    Well I dunno if it still counts but I've weighed my giant water melon and its 20 Pounds and if every water melon weighs 20 pounds and there are 14 water melons that's 280 Pounds my final answer

  • Neisy Pons
    Neisy Pons 4 months ago

    220 pounds

    SPICY FLAME 4 months ago +3

    You should drop hot stuff on ice from 45m

    SPICY FLAME 4 months ago +1

    12-13 pounds

  • 8ullred
    8ullred 4 months ago


  • Kaiden Abbott
    Kaiden Abbott 4 months ago


  • G Temporary
    G Temporary 4 months ago +1

    152 killo

  • Cameron McClendon
    Cameron McClendon 4 months ago

    but cut groves in them before you do

  • Cameron McClendon
    Cameron McClendon 4 months ago

    you guys should try watermelon magnus effect at the dam and giant dart vs bulletproof glass from the dam!

  • Cameron McClendon
    Cameron McClendon 4 months ago

    108 pounds

  • thijmenlx
    thijmenlx 4 months ago


  • Landon Bennett
    Landon Bennett 4 months ago

    Drop an anvil on a giant dart 44 club

  • Landon Bennett
    Landon Bennett 4 months ago

    200 pounds

  • Superman 13
    Superman 13 4 months ago

    Why 44?

  • Maxwell Klein
    Maxwell Klein 4 months ago

    156 ib

  • David Reid
    David Reid 4 months ago

    1.476.234.156.984.134.753.984.576.355.368.052 sand

  • Nicky Parker
    Nicky Parker 4 months ago +1

    #44 kilos

  • The Medic
    The Medic 4 months ago

    1000,0000,00 flies