Champagne Saber in 4K Slow Motion with Rhett and Link - The Slow Mo Guys

  • Published on Apr 23, 2019
  • Gav and Dan invite Rhett and Link to join them in a lovely sabrage Challenge.
    Don't try this at home!
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    Filmed at 1000fps with the Phantom Flex 4K
    Champagne Saber in 4K Slow Motion with Rhett and Link - The Slow Mo Guys
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  • The Slow Mo Guys
    The Slow Mo Guys  28 days ago +4712

    Seriously though, who ate my hammock?

  • KingQwertzlbrmpf
    KingQwertzlbrmpf 38 minutes ago

    GUYS! Find somebody that has a gyrojet gun! That's a gun that fires minature ROCKETS!
    There are only very few of those guns left and the ammunition is no longer produced, but GET THOSE IN FRONT OF YOUR CAMERA!

  • Radek Bystřický
    Radek Bystřický 3 hours ago

    Best episode ever ...

  • Billie Sunderland
    Billie Sunderland 5 hours ago

    Jesus christ, Gavin looks so small next to Rhett.
    It also took me a full minute to realise they said champagne bottle and not shampoo bottle. Things make more sense now.

  • Piranha man
    Piranha man 9 hours ago

    More videos with these these 2 in. Love the banter

  • m m
    m m 12 hours ago

    Slow motion shame 13:50

  • killian brown
    killian brown 16 hours ago

    13:33 to watch some shame unfold.

  • Florian #
    Florian # 16 hours ago

    They should do the slow mo sperm 😂

  • nancy carroll
    nancy carroll 17 hours ago +1

    Thats what she said

  • Jonathan Harris
    Jonathan Harris 17 hours ago

    anyone pull a WOW face :O when dan hit JUST the cork?! WOW!!!! xD xD

  • jordynxisxgay
    jordynxisxgay 18 hours ago

    Link: *immediately starts waving the saber around right in front of his face*
    Me: And this is why he's not allowed to hold sharp objects.

  • luis mejia
    luis mejia 18 hours ago


  • Joe The Juggalo
    Joe The Juggalo 18 hours ago

    That was awesome

  • Mr Sealio
    Mr Sealio 20 hours ago

    I’ve never realized how short they are 😂

  • LynxProd
    LynxProd 20 hours ago

    This was just as good as that wave pool video

  • Matt H
    Matt H 21 hour ago

    Thats funny

  • Fin Hammond
    Fin Hammond 22 hours ago +1

    Why does no one want to link using sharp objects has something happened I'm so confused

  • Timo -
    Timo - 22 hours ago

    15:42 Wow. Honestly, very impressive.

  • Timo -
    Timo - 22 hours ago

    5:46 "Safety first!"

  • Neil Sawyer
    Neil Sawyer 22 hours ago

    Guys you need to put your thumb in the punt of the bottle, it gives you more stability and control.

  • Zachary Buck
    Zachary Buck 23 hours ago

    The height difference is real they’d make Jeremy feel tiny.

  • Dabo 90
    Dabo 90 23 hours ago

    TSMG and GMM in the same video? What is this, a crossover episode?

  • sam signorelli
    sam signorelli Day ago

    You guys should do a vid on fencing blades during a'd be amazed how much even the stiffest ones move (and each of the three blades has a minimum and maximum flex allowed under weight testing)

  • thatoneguy5525
    thatoneguy5525 Day ago

    Rhett after dan’s first try “it’s not gonna get better than that”
    *proceeds to get much better than that”

  • Embla KSK
    Embla KSK Day ago

    2:33 ''-Ridge-''
    me: im sorry what the what no what??
    *googles bottle morphology*
    'side mold seam' oh thank god i thought it was ACTUALLY called ridge asdfghjkl xD

  • Mr. Peapoo
    Mr. Peapoo Day ago

    Waiting for the un-caged cork to pop as Link is standing there with that bottle as if it's not pressurized. So anxiety provoking.

  • Bongo Cat
    Bongo Cat 2 days ago

    Can you manage to compare the speed of a bullet and the speed of the world's fastest jet/plane?

    Just asking

  • M̴e̴e̵p̵M̸w̶e̴e̷p̸

    I didn’t even realize it was Rhett and link instead of gan and dav :p

  • Jim Jones
    Jim Jones 3 days ago

    Yanks are all the same, loud and dumb

  • Jasper Fox - FoxGamer39618

    1:26 Gavin: Please be careful. I still have to deal with Achievement Hunter.

  • Mike Zilla
    Mike Zilla 3 days ago

    Best way to open champagne confirmed

  • TheMatthew393
    TheMatthew393 3 days ago

    Your neighbors house is incredible!

  • Anh Duc Nguyen
    Anh Duc Nguyen 3 days ago

    Toomuch talking !

  • CDXX
    CDXX 3 days ago

    20 minutes??

  • Ryan C
    Ryan C 3 days ago

    *attempts to fail*
    *does better*

  • Soph Stan
    Soph Stan 3 days ago

    Sounds like some heavy crime was going down that day!

  • Jordan -san
    Jordan -san 3 days ago

    I love the idea that at the end when Gavin’s fizzes and he goes to sip, it’s literally muscle memory from all the times he’s gotten beer booped in the past on the RT Podcast.

  • Ian Layman
    Ian Layman 4 days ago

    Gav is like Link with the sharp objects

  • zerzockt
    zerzockt 4 days ago

    TheXvid Originals

  • F U N Y U N
    F U N Y U N 4 days ago +3

    @17:08 He hit the cork with the side of the blade, not the edge.
    That's why his was perfect.
    Forget that "call it a draw" bs, Dan won. 11

  • Dany21251
    Dany21251 4 days ago +1

    Chilled champagne doesn't foam-up as much when opened

  • Deepika Cutinha
    Deepika Cutinha 4 days ago

    They are so much taller than the slow mo guys

  • Thibault Riviere
    Thibault Riviere 4 days ago

    hello, I am french and your video is pleasant. the champagne is born in France and we love saber champagne. it's cool to see other people getting interested in that. For more safety, you can saber a glass of champagne with a spoon. ( this is how my dad do ) cuz when you saber champagne you already might be drunk! lol

  • FaZe donut
    FaZe donut 4 days ago

    the purpose of the SWORD is to drink while in a war

  • Henry Batson
    Henry Batson 4 days ago +1

    15:46 was sure someone was going to get stabbed here

  • The Generalissimo
    The Generalissimo 4 days ago

    Who just watched Alton Brown's sabering video before this?

  • Pablo Menéndez Caravaca

    First time I saw gf boobies 7:34

  • zerlgi
    zerlgi 4 days ago

    Epic cork-only strike by Dan

  • Jorge Ceja
    Jorge Ceja 4 days ago

    Buddy looks like a sober Ricky from Trailer Park Boys lol

  • Mister Turk Turkle
    Mister Turk Turkle 4 days ago +1

    Idgi who are these mustard lurrdz?

  • Nikhil l
    Nikhil l 4 days ago

    I'm laughing because they are laughing 😂😂

  • massanti madunigang
    massanti madunigang 4 days ago

    Rhett feels so superior 😂

  • What Is Your Worldview? - Creation or Evolutionism?

    Whenever it’s in slow mo it sounds like Jesus is coming

  • Damage Dat
    Damage Dat 4 days ago +2

    That try with just the cork popping out was amazing

  • Core Dream Studios
    Core Dream Studios 4 days ago

    Now need Rhett and Link on Always Open or Off Topic

  • Core Dream Studios
    Core Dream Studios 4 days ago

    Best crossover ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LeoGamerPro YT
    LeoGamerPro YT 5 days ago

    El gordito se parece a Q de impractical joker

  • Joker
    Joker 5 days ago +2

    How the heck does Gavin, the guy constantly spilling beer on the podcast not spill any champagne on his turn?!

    • Strange Sequitur
      Strange Sequitur 5 days ago +1

      He absolutely Gavved it right at the end though, in full RT Podcast style. I'd love to know what it is about him that makes carbonated beverages boil over, unprompted.

  • Tt Han
    Tt Han 5 days ago

    Ну что русскоязычные плюсаните будто я написал что то дельное пусть охуеют эти долбоёбы

  • blanktester
    blanktester 5 days ago

    I can't be the only one who was kind of annoyed by the fact that they didn't have their thumbs in the punt of bottles... Anyway, great vid.

  • Rodolphe Morice
    Rodolphe Morice 6 days ago

    It's not CHAMPAGNE stupid American haha

  • Jonnathan Nascimento

    Assistindo em 0.25x

  • kha's nepal
    kha's nepal 6 days ago +2

    Blast pressure cooker in slow motin

  • Nick
    Nick 6 days ago

    15:45 Rhett almost got stabbed in the gut there

  • LarsanityGaming
    LarsanityGaming 6 days ago

    This might be one of the most odd yet perfect combinations of TheXvidrs collaborating, my mind still can’t adjust to them being in the same video😂

  • jiawen pan
    jiawen pan 6 days ago +1

    the dudes face looks like thanos

  • MokerMovies
    MokerMovies 6 days ago

    Slow Mo Shame is just as fun as the objects being destroyed!

  • Lelol1606
    Lelol1606 7 days ago

    Why is Rhett so much taller than everyone else?

  • Knightmare
    Knightmare 7 days ago +15

    When you saber a champagne bottle you want a bit of champagne to come out to make sure any small shards of glass at the rim are washed away before you pour it.

    • spokes
      spokes 4 days ago +3

      The air coming out does that.
      It has enough power to launch a cork, im sure it deals with tiny shards.

  • Marron Giant
    Marron Giant 7 days ago +1

    Good video but the Americans are cringe lol

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  • John Björlin
    John Björlin 7 days ago +1

    13:33 best part of the video 😂😂 Wanted to see all the failed atempts by Link tho 😜

  • Tom Ryan
    Tom Ryan 7 days ago


  • Nathanael Robinson
    Nathanael Robinson 8 days ago

    9:53 that;s what he said

  • Dayumhesgood
    Dayumhesgood 8 days ago

    these brett and link guys are the most annoying-looking people I've ever seen. Especially the one with the awful gray streak in his hair

  • Mujtaba Ibrahim
    Mujtaba Ibrahim 8 days ago

    this is honestly one of my all time favorite TheXvidr videos. so good.

  • Tom Evans
    Tom Evans 8 days ago

    5:46 Uhhh, don't forget you're holding a sword in your hand there buddy. :p

  • Krupesh Kakkente
    Krupesh Kakkente 8 days ago

    this was seriously fun!

  • Mercedes Howie
    Mercedes Howie 8 days ago +1

    2:00 "so it's when you don't have a thumb" went unnoticed by the guys 🤣

  • Yap Kenneth
    Yap Kenneth 8 days ago

    Good luck getting that glass out of the yard 😂

  • Matt Carlson
    Matt Carlson 8 days ago +3

    This video was worth the watch just for the slo mo shame alone 🤣

  • M
    M 8 days ago

    Won't there be glass shards in the Champagne though?

    • langecrew
      langecrew 4 days ago

      Nah, the pressure escaping from the bottle will blast any shards out of the way

  • Shadowmech88
    Shadowmech88 8 days ago +2

    20:02 brings back memories of the RT podcast.
    It's like a superpower for Gavin at this point.

  • Needs More Flash!!!
    Needs More Flash!!! 8 days ago

    I always thought Link was short until he stood next to the slowmo guys.

  • yyaoming
    yyaoming 8 days ago

    Gav's foam all the time!

  • Slugbugs
    Slugbugs 8 days ago

    Someone dying on the inside in slow motion

  • adarsh lakshman
    adarsh lakshman 8 days ago +2

    8:03 "i dont even know how to read" thats what i tell my teachers when i forget to do my homework.

  • TheKID HB
    TheKID HB 8 days ago

    Rhett and Link

  • Jonathan Belanger
    Jonathan Belanger 8 days ago

    20min?? I would have watched the video if it were under 5min. Sorry

  • AFluffyWhiteKitty
    AFluffyWhiteKitty 8 days ago

    Who shrunk Gav and Dan?

  • John Cena
    John Cena 8 days ago +7

    Every big TheXvidr over 3 Million subs: lives in his own villa with a great set and every gadget a film maker can wish for
    Slow Mo Guys at 12 Million subs: proceed to film in their backyard

  • Spikey King06
    Spikey King06 8 days ago

    What do u mean I love ketchup and corn

  • Julius Pusa
    Julius Pusa 8 days ago

    Could you do this in slow motion? Id love to see Dan busting some bottles with his bare hands

  • Matt Sanderson
    Matt Sanderson 9 days ago +13

    14:59 Loving how Link's slow mo victory cheer sounds like a motorbike idling

  • morti271
    morti271 9 days ago

    Hope you are never barefoot in the garden :P

  • Jeremy S.
    Jeremy S. 9 days ago

    Just an absolute, hands down, solid, fun and amazing video!


    DINGO FACE 9 days ago

    I was really confused at the start lol

  • John Oliver Suaco
    John Oliver Suaco 9 days ago

    Who else saw rhet and link and imdiently clicked in the video

  • Kevin Taber
    Kevin Taber 9 days ago

    Lets see you do it Again!! I Bet you could..!! Lol Fantastic!!;)