• Published on Jun 4, 2019
  • So Love Island is back and I'm being made to watch it please help me...
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  • jonelos jorgos
    jonelos jorgos 2 days ago

    did memelous have a gf

  • GamReacViper
    GamReacViper 3 days ago

    Did he say ex? He had a girlfriend!!! What

  • jborek 23
    jborek 23 4 days ago

    before they were famous: Peppa Pig

  • christina tym
    christina tym 6 days ago

    The worst thing is that other countries try to copy this show ,in my country it was called Power of love and luckily it wasnt so popular

  • The Fallen Psychic
    The Fallen Psychic 6 days ago

    He got laid. WHERES MY QUID!

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 9 days ago +1

    Australia has their own love island and its just as trashy

    • OneHappyPie
      OneHappyPie Day ago

      You talking about shitty bachelorette?

  • scrumptious cheesecake


  • Brian Walsh
    Brian Walsh 10 days ago

    It is popular among some in Canada so it is known in some states in the United states.

  • Felipe Morelli
    Felipe Morelli 10 days ago

    What game is he playing (the running one)

  • Tobylerone
    Tobylerone 11 days ago +3

    How’s he gonna say that it’s awful how Michael mcrudden is exploiting people’s deaths for money yet he’s here using the death of Cool math games to get to 10 mins

  • cυeѕo 。・
    cυeѕo 。・ 11 days ago

    Coolmath isn’t shutting down. Abode is. Something else will support flash

  • sAMVx
    sAMVx 13 days ago +1

    My friends are obsessed with this love island crap, and they say that they love this person or the other, and I tell them they dont love you back if they are on the show 🤷‍♀️

  • Eleni Love
    Eleni Love 14 days ago +1

    The friendzoned kid is a skinny legend

    Join us, brother

  • Campbell Hook
    Campbell Hook 18 days ago

    How dare Will diss Raft Wars

  • Sophia Barenholtz
    Sophia Barenholtz 20 days ago


  • Noel Young
    Noel Young 21 day ago

    You had windows 7? My fucking school still uses it what the fu-

  • Jason Gaddy
    Jason Gaddy 22 days ago

    Nooooooooo coooooool maaaaaaattttthhhhhh gaasssmmmmmmmmmmmessss

  • Kenny110572 YT
    Kenny110572 YT 23 days ago


  • Miss Rockyroo
    Miss Rockyroo 24 days ago

    "it's not the same this playin it without like an ICT teacher to ignore" most relatable thing I've ever heard WillNE say😂😂

  • Community Of friends
    Community Of friends 24 days ago

    As an Australian I can confirm people watch love island (I don’t)

  • Max mlg Playz
    Max mlg Playz 26 days ago

    My friends cousin was on this years love island
    Love island is complete aids

  • jesus biscuit47
    jesus biscuit47 26 days ago

    it will say i just subbed but ive been watching ya for a year mate cuz im a proper nonce and im british.

  • Nika Benson
    Nika Benson 26 days ago

    You be like the saddest death this year me be like Cameron Boyce and then you said grumpy cat and I was ooh

  • something studios
    something studios 27 days ago

    This is Me being serious not joking but I play coolmaths game after my assessments in school all the time in ICT if it going our class is going to have to hope on that old Russian gaming website

  • bts exo nct skidz twice blackpink momoland IU lover

    Write "memeulous is so........" then let the middle of your auto correct do the magic mine is : "memeulous is so easy to use and you can never make me believe that namjoon does not look like the cutest koala that was ever born in the world of the world is a very good thing to do and it is a huge flaw for all" oof what a long sentence

  • Arcadius
    Arcadius 28 days ago

    My god my school had win 98

  • YourLocalAlien
    YourLocalAlien 29 days ago

    b cubed was a classic mate how could you leave that out

  • Korten
    Korten 29 days ago

    Am m ,a b nfc c+: x. C. - V. V. N. N

  • AcE KinZs
    AcE KinZs 29 days ago

    The saddest death was Robbie rotten

  • i dont want subs
    i dont want subs Month ago


  • Da Doggo _
    Da Doggo _ Month ago

    Anton will get laid in North Korea

  • James Davison
    James Davison Month ago

    The sad part is Anton has less ig followers than most 13 year olds at my school

  • The King Of Noobs
    The King Of Noobs Month ago

    We finnish pepole hawe our own love island

  • Gay bird playz uvu
    Gay bird playz uvu Month ago

    *AHEM* ow ;-; anyways memeulous had got me in the hat in time fandom THANK YOU YOU BUG ! UwU

  • Uranus The planet
    Uranus The planet Month ago

    Cool math isn’t shutting down which is good news

  • Smug Peridot
    Smug Peridot Month ago

    Raft war noobs me big brain beat raft wars in an hour

  • just your boi
    just your boi Month ago +1

    Love island, its secretly the hunger games were couples who are going to get divorced slowly kill each other off and aggressively make babys with each other, because it seems like the show that would describe every slutty girls middle school year. You know what they do.

  • † .Haruwukawa. †

    0:23 sounds like danganronpa

  • the man outside ur house

    Me and my friend when we had free time played run 2 races to see who can do the best

  • Notaweeaboo
    Notaweeaboo Month ago

    Rip coolmathgames

  • Legit _ Bosses
    Legit _ Bosses Month ago

    no one in australia watches this piece of crap show they watch married at first sight and the bachalour i know because im a AuSsIe

  • Maeve Dixon
    Maeve Dixon Month ago

    Some of my friends watch love island. I’m calling a therapist

  • bigwasteman
    bigwasteman Month ago

    Memeulous is shite at raft wars

  • Squiddich
    Squiddich Month ago

    Why does the guy in the thumbnail look like Alex wasabi

  • Allen Goodreds
    Allen Goodreds Month ago

    I live in aus and my best friends older sister is addicted to love island lol

  • Mom Mom
    Mom Mom Month ago

    In my school cool math games is blocked

  • Oliver Hammerton
    Oliver Hammerton Month ago

    My mom always watches it

  • DankPetClips !
    DankPetClips ! Month ago


  • Legendary Pizzabox
    Legendary Pizzabox Month ago

    Man I’m sad that cool math is shutting down all because of adobe flash dying

  • pokèbrick bro
    pokèbrick bro Month ago

    My friend is obsessed with love island l missed school once because l was so annoyed of her

  • shadow814
    shadow814 Month ago

    Run 3 was the only game that was unblocked on my school laptop so it was basically all i did in lessons, under the desk. XD

  • egide niyikora
    egide niyikora Month ago

    cool math games is shutting down to change its name i hope its something with math

  • Quinopio Rose
    Quinopio Rose Month ago

    6:13 i flipping love coolmath games

  • phoenix blaz3
    phoenix blaz3 Month ago

    coolmathgames announced that they are NOT in fact shutting down, here's proof

  • Matthew Works
    Matthew Works Month ago

    Wait us wanker a swear word over in the UK

  • I promise I’m normal

    My Ex made me watch a bit
    MY EX

  • Scary Terry
    Scary Terry Month ago

    raft war is all i played in middle school

  • Pupola
    Pupola Month ago

    We don’t get Love Island in Australia because we don’t exist.

  • Michael Mooney
    Michael Mooney Month ago

    RIP coolmath games😰☹️

  • The true Mimikyu master

    I am guessing they throw a bunch of good-looking people onto island and kill them off kind of like dragonrampa