The E-Scooter Apocalypse

  • Published on Jan 16, 2022
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  • Ordinary Things
    Ordinary Things  4 months ago +297

    Video Sponsored by Ridge Wallet. Check them out here: Use Code “ORDINARY” for 10% off your order.

    • S G
      S G 3 days ago +1

      @Junkyard dump it. Cash is the only guarantee for autonomy and anonymity.

    • S G
      S G 3 days ago +1

      Dude, you'll be missing cash when the bank can turn your credit on and off like a tap .. and you were doing so well with this video.
      say no to the nwo.

    • B Kane
      B Kane 18 days ago

      @ 11:00 the car was clearly at fault.

    • single bone
      single bone 19 days ago

      i actualy worked in company caled voi we provided scooters for public my job was to repair them and i will say to u my boss was fck ashol and he wanted to have big numbers of drivers using it and did not care if scooters was save to drive. a lot of gen2 scooters whe had. had issue after sum time to snap neck and drivers get to accident. so company changed to gen3 scooters and they where sht one i tested them with my boss and in one day testing on street 5 near acident 3 of them scooter fly away from my hands. it sht transportation solution. i have advice for ppl whose use them by your own and use helmet.

    • Rattle Snake
      Rattle Snake Month ago

      Are your eyes closer to the sides of your head then they are far apart. That's kind of cool

  • Drinkyoghurt
    Drinkyoghurt 4 months ago +3410

    As an intoxicated person who has used these many times in Berlin I do like them on the weekends, when I'm drunk, just missed my connection and don't want to wait another 30 minutes to cheerfully puke in my own toilet. However, as someone who has ridden many dangerous vehicles like (motor)bikes, skateboards and your mum I'd say these things are the most dangerous. The tiny wheels with the relatively wide steering makes these things into an unstable mess.

    • 4DVNTR
      4DVNTR 12 days ago

      What pisses me off about drunk drivers on whatever device isn't the fact that they're annoying as fuck to have in front of you, it's that most of the time sober, proper human beings have to suffer if they go crash into them. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Shane Erickson
      Shane Erickson 17 days ago

      @doomer pill np man, if you want some actual advice probably actively look for some form of therapy in your area and try and remove all the edgy sad social media stuff from your life.

    • doomer pill
      doomer pill 17 days ago

      @Shane Erickson wow thanks alcoholism cured

    • doomer pill
      doomer pill 17 days ago

      ok or consider drinking less lol

    • Zibbe Zabba
      Zibbe Zabba Month ago

      "The tiny wheels with the relatively wide steering makes these things into an unstable mess."
      For sure, riding around on one of these pissed as a fart will give you that impression. The trick is not drinking and riding at the same time. Drinking and driving is different, the four wheels stop you from tipping over.

  • Asclepius
    Asclepius Month ago +71

    I can’t believe people still think flying cars will become a thing when people can’t even be trusted on e scooters

    • Brendan
      Brendan 3 days ago

      @dab_u oh. Gee I didn’t realize planes were street legal and had license plates. I didn’t realize you needed a college degree and a special license on top of your drivers license to drive a car. I didn’t realize planes can be fueled with gasoline. Because of course, according to you, planes and cars are the same device.

    • dab_u
      dab_u 5 days ago

      @tiefensucht Private Jets are also about personal transport

    • tiefensucht
      tiefensucht 5 days ago

      @dab_u ..with much more seats. Just to make a point: Flying cars are about personal transport, like in The Jetsons.

    • dab_u
      dab_u 5 days ago

      @tiefensucht And Buses are just longer cars

    • tiefensucht
      tiefensucht 5 days ago

      @dab_u planes are buses with less wheels, not cars.

  • Alaric Jenssen
    Alaric Jenssen 3 months ago +1094

    I think it's telling that the biggest problems with scooters (them being left all over the place and used unsafely) is more a problem with people than the scooters themselves.

    • tuna thecat
      tuna thecat 2 days ago

      Facts, scooters are essentially the same as bikes and need to follow the same traffic laws

    • Shinku Gouki
      Shinku Gouki 2 days ago

      @t u You could care less? That means you care. Not very bright.

    • Brendan
      Brendan 3 days ago

      @Herkimer Snerd and whos fault is that?

    • Manzabhad Mann
      Manzabhad Mann 9 days ago

      Ugh, people are _the_ *_*worst*_*

    • Chris
      Chris 9 days ago

      @Herkimer Snerd Agreed. Our society is rotten to the core at this point.

  • Hans Peter
    Hans Peter 3 months ago +603

    It seems to me that at least 90% of the problems people are having with these scooters are caused by people having a problem with those scooters. A thing being smashed to trash and thrown into lakes isn't the fault of that thing.

    • Brendan
      Brendan 3 days ago

      My problem with it is that it’s way too stupid to be viable. Hit it with an electromagnetic pulse and you can sell it for parts, nobody would ever know.

    • a therapists
      a therapists 8 days ago

      @Chris no one cares what you think either chris

    • Chris
      Chris 8 days ago

      @a therapists no one cares what you think.

    • Curtis B
      Curtis B 9 days ago

      @Lemon No one is offended by scooters. They are offended because the rental ones are just left everywhere, clogging up walkways and making the area trashy. And because of how the people who drive them dangerously around other people (likely due to the rental model where people don't care about it as they don't own it, aren't taking the time to learn what rules are, and/or are drunk)

  • Todd Hanson
    Todd Hanson 3 months ago +555

    The problem with the scooters is the same as the problem with bicycles in the USA: our cities are not built for them and people have zero respect for other people's property. If you leave it in public it will be stolen and/or vandalized.

    • Lemon
      Lemon 9 days ago

      When I was in Poland Krakau last year there were designated MARKED places to leave the scooters. Just a white framed square with a white scooter pictogram. Most people instinctivly left them there and those places were always full.
      People are stupid, if left alone and with no real direction then they will just leave the scooter just there where they stop. But this could be evaded by simple means of push and pull. Pull with designated Parking areas for scooters and push with only these parking areas being allowed to park the scooter for free and almost anywhere else it should either be not allowed or cost the person leaving it 1-10€

    • Cantonia Customs
      Cantonia Customs 13 days ago

      @TechThatLasts I rode my e-bike all over Terre Haute, IN. You're best treating it like a heavily nerfed motorcycle but because it goes so slow, you should be able to walk out of most accidents (that do not involve a car) unscathed.

    • TechThatLasts
      TechThatLasts 14 days ago

      @Jonothan Doezer You seem to be conflating walkable / bikeable / transit-oriented development with "outdoor malls." Those are two completely different things.

    • Sketchy Stuff
      Sketchy Stuff 15 days ago +2

      @Jonothan Doezer Id still like to see any kind of proof that public transportation is "infinitely dangerous"

    • Sketchy Stuff
      Sketchy Stuff 15 days ago +2

      @Jonothan Doezer Restored deleted comment: If a city wasnt built around cars then you can still do all those things because they are much more easily accessible. Running errands is not the same hassle it is in the USA because of a vast and efficient public transport network and less travel distances. I can drop by the store, or the dry cleaner, or the post office etc. on my way home because they are all within five minutes of each other and a tram takes me right to my front door. And my walk will be so much more enjoyable.
      Clen air: It was JUST 2 YEARS AGO that we saw the pictures of cities without all the smog because of the Rona keeping everyone home.
      Do me a favor and go outside your cities limits, climb to a high place and do a 360. Notice how your city has a borwn haze around it? Thats air pollution buddy. And yeah, its still a thing.
      Right now Im looking at the air quality (AQI) of the US city Im currently in and oh look "moderate health risk due to high O3. OK, let me check what causes elevated O3 levels - OH ITS CAAAAAARS!
      Now let me check a European city:
      Anyway, I lived in USA and Germany and visited many other cities and honestly the USA is the worse for quality of life when it comes to daily activities and communting. Anywhere else and anyone can get by easily no matter if they have a car or not making a car a bonus. In the US you MUST buy a car or your life will suck ass. And of course this is by design of the automotive industry. If you love your car then good for you but Ive lived in car and car-free environments and I know which the better option for me.

  • Lani Barcelona
    Lani Barcelona 4 months ago +5386

    My ankles are still recovering from the razor scooter craze of the early 00s.

    • HP Deskjet
      HP Deskjet 4 days ago

      Same here sister

    • sornoff_shotty
      sornoff_shotty 10 days ago

      I just winced from memory😖

    • Maria Neighbor
      Maria Neighbor 11 days ago

      Oh my god. I have a 50lb escooter and the WHACK to the ankle is a whole other level with that kind of weight behind it 🤣🤣 ive only done it once, while panicking off the sidewalk curb because a dog was tryna attack me (they all hate scooters, will literally run at me from 40ft away to come attack me, its terrible, this is why offleash dogs should be illegal)

    • Mike X
      Mike X 16 days ago

      My tin foil hat is telling me the name razor implies it was all a deliberate, elaborate conspiracy. Fools we were

    • God-Emperor Elizabeth II
      God-Emperor Elizabeth II 21 day ago

      My doctor says that kind of nerve damage isn’t likely to fix itself. Gotta get robot legs bro

  • Ian Henderson
    Ian Henderson Month ago +111

    I rode an e scooter for the first time after a concert last night. I was waiting for a $30 Uber along with everyone else and saw scooters littered all over a sidewalk. Picked one up without knowing how much it’d cost. Rode it 3 miles home and paid $12. 10/10 They’re fucking fun too.

    • Apple Bloom
      Apple Bloom 7 days ago

      Here in germany 3 miles would only cost about $4 when using the "Bolt" Scooters.
      I use them for a week now and its so fucking amazing i cannot not think about E-Scooters all day long. But they are so cheap to rent here, it wouldn't even be clever to buy one for yourself, just rent them whenever and they also stand around on every corner.

      KAMILA REEDER 10 days ago +1

      @Tom Clancy I have a real scooter but was I supposed to carry it with me to the club 😂😂?

      KAMILA REEDER 10 days ago +1

      @Tom Clancy LoL I cant fucking fit one in my handbag lol ☝️😭😭😂😂

    • Dread Walker
      Dread Walker 18 days ago +4

      Want to know the fun part? In Nuremberg, Germany, the most expensive scooter you can get is Voi, which charges you 1 euro for the start and then 20 cents per kilometer (32 euro cents per mile?). Then there's Bolt which is dirt fucking cheap at 19 eurocents per kilometer with no start up fee as long as you get no parking complaints. all of the run at a max of 13 mph or 20 kmh. At least in this city or area, I've never heard about people complaining about them, but then again I'm also a driver and discipline in the traffic here is quite good. Voi does have the 6.99 day pass for 9 rides or 250 minutes tho which is excellent for getting around a lot in a day. we also have Lime but they're shit, battery on those are real weak.

    • JOE Smith
      JOE Smith 19 days ago +2

      @Tom Clancy lol never had a go on a e scooter so would like to try it one time but yea vespa all the way

  • Greg
    Greg 20 days ago +31

    In Italy it's like the opposite. The scooters are usually kept in order in the street, few people still vandalized them and certain parts of the city have speed limit. I think we can all agree that the problem are the people, not the scooters.
    In the video you make it look like it's the scooter' fault, they are not dangerous, people who use unproperly are. :(

    • Glowie
      Glowie 14 days ago

      the problem will always be the people

  • Kaissner
    Kaissner Month ago +64

    I think the biggest problem with e-scoters is the fact that they are dumping too many of them on every sidewalk, plus as the video said since there is multiple companies competing against each other you have too may scooters and they start to pile up everywhere, people kinda treat them like trash and disposable when there's literal piles of them

    • Utrilus
      Utrilus 3 days ago

      I find one in the middle of a sidewalk once a month I'd say.

    • G P 8
      G P 8 9 days ago

      I mean i just started going out for walks and I can confirm those things are usually sideways in middle of the sidewalk

    • 4DVNTR
      4DVNTR 12 days ago

      I mean, other countries do it too & they don't get as batshit insane as over there does.

    • John Kerbaugh
      John Kerbaugh 12 days ago +2

      @IljasCustoms how many minutes would you walk and wait for busses though?

    • IljasCustoms
      IljasCustoms 15 days ago +2

      my biggest problem with them is price. Just to start a ride you need to pay 1€ upfront and then smth like 20 cents every minute. If I take a ride that's 10 minutes I already paid 3€ which is even more than a simple bus ticket for twice the range. If I had to go 30 minutes with that thing, I'd pay more than a whole day ticket for the whole public transport in my city, which is insane.

    BUTANO GAMING 2 months ago +28

    I'm concerned by how this is, technically, or at least presented as, an alternative individual transportation that makes cities less crowded by cars that people finally seem interested in, but fails at so many departments and ruins the image of alternative transportation, specially when so many people act like the space between buildings exists for cars
    but hey, the good part is that cities adapting to escooters is the same as adapting to bicycles, so if they finally pay attention and care to do something with that, that can be a positive thing on the long run

  • Scrumpy
    Scrumpy 4 months ago +3739

    “You can’t reinvent the wheel, but with enough venture capital you can try” is pure poetry.

    • Tyler Durden
      Tyler Durden 3 months ago

      @Caleb OKAY I been looking into nfts and crypto currency. Sounds like another digitization of currency. Also FBI is proving it's not as secure as people made it out to be

    • Bodoczky
      Bodoczky 3 months ago +1

      Sure thing, have you heard about Electric Unicycles?

    • Johannes Viljoen
      Johannes Viljoen 4 months ago

      Sounds like a Beatles lyric

    • freakbag556
      freakbag556 4 months ago

      is that how i get rich

    • Ben Hall
      Ben Hall 4 months ago

      It’s really not.

  • Guillaume Kaas
    Guillaume Kaas 3 months ago +59

    People during CoViD: "Taking the bus is now dangerous. Use our great clean e-scooters!"
    Me: buys a bike.

    • SketchSlayer
      SketchSlayer 28 days ago +3

      @Jonothan Doezer I mean it was probably that kid I saw pick up an e-scooter put it sideways across another one and ride off on that other one... kid needed multiple e scooters for whatever he was off to do and didn't need no friends to do it...
      I still have no clue what he was up to.

    • Jonothan Doezer
      Jonothan Doezer Month ago +13

      You mean, use an e-scooter who you have NO IDEA who was touching it or sneezing all over it before you picked it up!

  • Oliver Douglas
    Oliver Douglas 14 days ago +4

    E scooters have so much potential to be a sustainable transport option. A scooter is always going to have a lower impact than a 2 ton chunk of metal. The only thing that holds them back are irresponsible customers

    • Diverting Tales
      Diverting Tales 10 days ago

      That junk of metal can carry a lot more people, protects you from the elements and is usable for a lot longer and is long distance. You have cars going for 10-20 years depending on the care taken while bought scooters hold up around 3 years maybe a bit longer by good use but they are hard to repair in comparison to cars. Meaning in the time you own one car you can go through multiple scooters. You could say if people don’t use cars as a disposable luxury items to signal status it can also be a lot less harmful. At least that’s mainly only done by the upper middle class.
      Try transporting small children with a scooter or old people with mobility issues (a number increasing in the Western world). The amount of people wanting to reduce cars while not realizing that we have a lot of old people (the number rising) that need cars because public transportation can be actually impractical and almost impossible for them to use is fascinating. It shows the lack of care for the old in our society because we don’t think about how we will be old.
      The Scooter really only works for a specific group of people at a specific age range as something practical and for them it’s great. It for sure shouldn’t be a rental option on street corners for every idiot to use because that’s what turns it into a disposable toy. A lot of comments under this video are people describing how they use them when they are drunk as a cheap alternative to Uber and obviously they would. It’s like a rental car company parking open cars on the street walk for use next to a bar (how he says in the video). We always and rightfully complain about destroying ecosystems but throwing these scooters into cities harms the very fragile ecosystem of those cities. The amount of accidents and brain damage related to them also isn’t helpful. Imagine your kid having brain damage because of a escooter. One of the clips in the videos shows how one idiot slides almost into an old lady. There is way to many people crashing into older people on the street walk who don’t have the reaction time to get out of the way.

  • fnorgen
    fnorgen 21 day ago +7

    Where I live these things have turned out pretty great after the initial years of chaos. I believe the city demanded geo-based speed limiting to keep speeds reasonable in dense areas. Also, the cycle path network is dense and connected enough that you rarely see people scooting fast on the sidewalk or in the street. People still park them like idiots though! That's my main issue with them.

  • hvymtal
    hvymtal 2 months ago +7

    I wasn't working as an EMT at the time, but one of my coworkers was, and he has at least two collisions on record of e-scooters crashing into the ambulance
    One of them was while taking someone to the hospital _WHO WAS INJURED IN AN AUTO VS SCOOTER COLLISION_
    Another one had a scooter collide into the ambulance at an incident. Yes. At an incident. _WHEN IT WASN'T MOVING_

  • Perturbed Batman
    Perturbed Batman 4 months ago +3703

    E-scooters are so environmentally friendly, people were exceedingly eager to help sea creatures use them as well.

    • Sep G
      Sep G 8 days ago

      @Hiriyuki e-scooters are fine, it's just people are idiots.

    • Paul N
      Paul N 14 days ago +1

      But users can lose weight on a liquid diet.
      After they smash their jaw and break both arms because they don't wear protective clothing.
      ... Yeah I'm a bit late...

    • Lego007guy M
      Lego007guy M 21 day ago +1

      Gotta recharge those eels

  • Carlos Furtado
    Carlos Furtado 2 months ago +4

    As a rider of actual bikes and a colleague of many, I can simply say that riding that without a helmet is just asking for an eventual natural selection.

    • Vanessa Magick
      Vanessa Magick 2 months ago +2

      especially on a scooter, where the vast majority of crashes are you falling straight forward

  • javaskull88
    javaskull88 10 days ago +2

    They would be absolutely perfect in an area without motor vehicles, bicycles or pedestrians. We should probably exclude horses, as well.

  • Isa-Tube
    Isa-Tube 23 days ago +7

    First time I used an E-scooter was with my bf in Paris. We wanted to walk everywhere and avoid the subway as much as possible for the 3 days we were there (You might miss something beautiful). Well.. I got a gigantic blister on the side of my foot and I just couldn't walk as much (I was in so much pain). So we went like 'You know what... let's just try it. It might be fun as well' and we had a blast. There's also rules there as to where you can park your escooter to avoid them being thrown everywhere. If people just use them resposibly it's a wonderful and eco friendly way of transportation.

  • Vidalion
    Vidalion 10 days ago +2

    They are fun…found out by riding my kids ones. Bikes feel like….bikes, whereas scooters give you much more of the “I can fly (sort of) !”feeling. One thing even California largely lacks is designated bikes/scooter lanes….forcing them either onto roads and next to cars (and causing deaths), or annoying people on uneven sidewalks. If these companies want to do more, they could help invest in nice “bike and scooter only” trails for them…although if not initially designed into neighborhoods, often hard to retro-fit (tough to widen roads in the hip downtown areas.).

  • Reloup
    Reloup 4 months ago +479

    It really pains me to see those things getting destroyed like that. Don't get me wrong, although the concept is good in theory, the execution and the companies are horrible... But it's sad to see how much we take for granted high tech objects. The lithium had to be mined, transformed, built into a battery (sometimes in unethical ways), the electronics contains numerous precious metals and a lot of toxic stuff too. Yet here we are, with precious ressources going from mines to trash poisoning the environment in only a few months.
    What a shame

    • Feister
      Feister 7 days ago

      @Алло vv you achieved highest level of funny.

    • Алло vv
      Алло vv 17 days ago

      ​@Feisterso you're telling me the dustbussy can really throw it back huh 🥵

    • The_Red_Scare Undertale Uchiha
      The_Red_Scare Undertale Uchiha 21 day ago

      @LithYid Good fallacy there, mate

      KAMILA REEDER 23 days ago

      Ands it mad wasteful like I loved in socal at the time and so many people used them peacefully and left them nicely lined up 😭 it was actually a great thing for me as a teenager in SoCal who couldn't afford a car.

  • Enzo Perruccio
    Enzo Perruccio Month ago +20

    I still remember how quickly they came and went in my country. We had Lime, Grin and Movo, all gone after less than 2 years of operation. I guess it was mostly due to vandalism and the fact that the service was a ripoff and nobody used it lol. Most cities aren't really made for e-scooters anyway, so it makes them super impractical and dangerous to ride around.

  • A Gamer
    A Gamer 3 months ago +6

    Im working in a recycling plant atm and one day i found a huge pile of these things (practically brand new) and all it made me think was "Wtf? They're still good, why are they here?" To me it just seems so wasteful to have these things then cast them aside like that.

  • OttOctavius
    OttOctavius 2 months ago +5

    Got an escooter myself (Germany) and I'm pretty happy with my purchase (got it for around 2 years now) but by God do I hate most people driving the rental ones, they basically disregard every rule that you have to abide by when driving them (there are strict laws regarding escooters here in Germany)
    And don't get me started on how those people just throw them on the ground, blocking the path a lot of the times

  • HairEEck
    HairEEck 24 days ago +5

    Out of all the things Marseille is known for I would not have expected to hear it's name in a documentary on electric scooters. It's a nice change.
    Although it's a shame you missed the photo of a french protester throwing a lime scooter at a cop that was threatening him with a gun.

  • Lukecis
    Lukecis 4 months ago +2019

    Wow, this movement must have set a record for throwing batteries into the ocean.

    • JJ Barajas
      JJ Barajas 4 months ago +1

      *Prefect for when you've spent all day working hard throwing used car batteries in the ocean*

    • Lin Hisit
      Lin Hisit 4 months ago

      @PS Wright Yo completely unrelated to anything, but im curious.
      In greenwood, MS i was sitting behind a wreck, there were cops and people who went out there, whos job it seemed to be just to clean up.
      Once most of it was gone, just small things like side mirrors and things laying on the road, both groups just started picking up parts and chunking them into the river. I know this had to illegal. But anyways
      TLDR- who enforces laws about trash disposal and things of that nature? They seem kinda pointless when no one follows them. If ya don't mind me asking a hazmat certifier.
      33.51916949841661, -90.20366755338358 Exact google map cord at where it happened i think like, 6 years ago now. lol

    • Macedo andante
      Macedo andante 4 months ago

      @Corvus 360 wow that's good to know 😐

    • PS Wright
      PS Wright 4 months ago

      @Jack Mehov What state do you live in? Because I was a hazmat certifier, and EVERY US state has laws about disposing of trash in its public waters, esp. hazardous materials waste, like batteries. So, tell me your state, and I'll link you the law.

  • ZSnow 4
    ZSnow 4 Month ago +7

    "Scooters also lack the suspension of a bike..."
    Shows a bike that has no suspension as an example 😂

    • Kudosbudo
      Kudosbudo 12 hours ago

      @User name Kinda daft they still uses such poor designs. You can get really good high end KICK powered scooters now with wheels up to 28 inch on racer models. I own a Gravity Scooter which is basically a mountaibike you SURF down hills.They come in all shapes and sizes and many of these can be fitted with a motor that only powers WHEN YOU KICK just like modern Ebikes meaning they are basically street legal!
      And yet they go with these crappy things with no squish and cheap weak parts.

    • User name
      User name 12 days ago

      Inflatable tires and soft seats on a frame give enough dampening to count as a sort of suspension, a metal board on hard rubber tires on the other hand, yeah not much dampening going on there...

    • Dread Walker
      Dread Walker 18 days ago +2

      These scooter are in majority fitted with full rubber tires, which are absolutely horrible for using them on anything else then good asphalt. Bikes have at least 2 ways of diminishing vibrations and shock which is air inflated tires and the seats themselves (being most times fitted with either springs or being made of gel or other soft materials), then you have front shock absorbers and the in-frame shock/spring combo. Even only having the tires and seat only, it mitigates a lot of the high frequency vibrations , which are the ones proven to have real long term effects on joints and bones.

  • Ty F.
    Ty F. 16 days ago +1

    Video is a little old by modern standards but thought I would add my experience.
    As someone with an electric scooter manufactured all the way back in Oct. of 2018 (battery date), my unit still works fine today. Although it has less miles on it than a typical scooter it's age. It will still go 8 miles on a charge and will still hit it's top speed.
    After a few obviously safe firmware modifications to it, it has never been better. A battery replacement at 4 years old would cost about $200 or less. Considering up until this point the only money I put into it was to buy it used, I think that is not only reasonable, but actually cheaper than other forms of transportation, like bikes. The battery also works just fine today, so I don't even have to replace it after 4 years. Which makes sense, it uses the same battery tech as phones, which last significantly longer than 2 years as well.
    This idea that they don't last long or are somehow not easily fixable is founded on information that I believe to be unreliable. Mind you, my model is actually from Xioami and therefore has many years of aftermarket parts available with one of the strongest modification communities behind it as well. But all batteries are made nearly equal now, they all cost about the same and are all fairly easy to replace, even for an end user if they're not stupid on almost all scooters from brands that are not shitty, like Future Motion. Luckily, they don't make scooters so that is one shitty brand you don't have to worry about.
    So I think for anyone thinking about getting one for work or fun should understand that there is significantly more than goes into them than what is said in this video and you should do your own research and look at reviews from people who work with E-Scooters for a living before you make a decision.

  • Smitteys86
    Smitteys86 3 months ago +12

    The first time these things came to my town I saw it as an obvious good idea... but then I realized not everybody new how to ride scooters, much less well, much less at 12-15 mph. So yeah electric scooters are cool, just not as scattershot mass transport

    • Blue★
      Blue★ Month ago

      I think most people dont even know how to ride a bike unless they grew up with it. which is rare. As cool as these things are, they are too niche. especially since places that can make use of them are not built pedestrian traffic

  • Granularity
    Granularity 24 days ago +1

    17:30 covid stopped their plans?! The roads and pavements of the UK were mostly empty; the safest, best time to try and get people hooked on this alt transport method. Plenty of people still needed to get around and were afraid of sharing buses and trains.

  • dan
    dan 4 months ago +437

    I feel like there's two points that could have been mentioned in the vid:
    1) The program that Lime had where you could pay a set amount of cash to 'own' one of their scooters and get a cut of all the rides on it, then after a period of time you had the option to either purchase it for yourself or it just became your property automatically (I can't remember, the idea was so ludicrous that I couldn't get to the end without laughing). A fantastic way to lose money and get a 6 months of constant wear-and-tear scooter for yourself afterwards.
    2) The promo codes for rollout of new cities were not region locked. If somebody from, say, Barcelona, scouted some free unlocks or ride promo codes and sent them out globally, everyone could participate. Before Lime realized and started locking the codes out, people would get a good couple of hours for free. Because y'know, it's 2020, we haven't exactly figured out how that internet thing works yet.

    • Utrilus
      Utrilus 3 days ago

      Holy fuck, that sounds hella sketchy.

    • DanTheMan
      DanTheMan 4 months ago +1

      @SynthxBulgarians sure know how to make a joke :D

    • Synthx
      Synthx 4 months ago +16

      When they were dropped here in Sofia Bulgaria, in just two days you could see "lime trees" in the city park with scooters hanging from branches.

    • Vyl Bird
      Vyl Bird 4 months ago +3

      Does it assume that your scooter will survive the period?

  • SteakOnSpear
    SteakOnSpear 23 days ago +11

    E-scooters are amazing. Such an easy and convenient way to get around when you are in a new city where you don't have a bicycle or car. Most cities have bike lanes anyway so it's not an issue for pedestrians and cars. Maybe not in Murica but who cares.

  • Adam McKee
    Adam McKee 3 months ago +6

    2 years ago I was working in DC and rented one to get from my office to the train station. I liked it so much that I figured it would be cheaper to buy one than to rent one every day both directions. Then the lockdowns happened and I never got to ride mine to/from work, so instead I've been riding it on the local park trails around my neighborhood, mostly for fun. I've put about 250 miles on it and it seems to be holding up pretty well. It's also a lot more fun than the rental ones, since mine goes over 20mph.

    • Adam McKee
      Adam McKee 23 days ago +1

      @1MinuteFlipDoc Turbowheels Swift. I don't think that model is made anymore sadly. The rest are more expensive.

    • 1MinuteFlipDoc
      1MinuteFlipDoc 23 days ago

      which model?

  • Boaty McBoatface
    Boaty McBoatface 3 months ago +3

    All they really need to do is to manage the means of distribution.
    NO to drive share companies providing weapons in the hands of drunken thrill seekers, and YES to private ownership.
    The acid test should be within the native biking community, and if it’s acceptable amongst the people that know the road rules then you can open up to all and sundry.
    It’s almost like governments really dgaf about what’s actually going on.

  • H! H?
    H! H? 15 days ago

    What a beautiful comedy sketch xD
    Loved the humorous in the video and of course the information presented

  • nÄsh
    nÄsh 4 months ago +328

    I'm a radiographer. There was guy who had injured himself while intoxicated with an e-scooter (first e-scooter accident I scanned). Some cab driver had found him laying in the streets. He had a big epidural hemorrhage in his brain and they had to open and remove a part of his skull to save his life.

    • IljasCustoms
      IljasCustoms 15 days ago

      ​@elobiretv also, if you're riding a bike there's still about 30-40 cm of wheel in front of you. With a scooter your head is the first thing that will impact whatever the f**k you're hitting.

    • elobiretv
      elobiretv 22 days ago

      @Donald Johnson not really, like the guy in the video said you are higher up on a scooter so head injuries can be worse.

    • Donald Johnson
      Donald Johnson Month ago +1

      That type of injury is identical to someone who is riding a bike without a helmet and crashes, your anecdote is completely meaningless.

    • samuel glover
      samuel glover 4 months ago +1

      Darwin applauds.

    • nÄsh
      nÄsh 4 months ago +4

      @Saqlain Siddiqui Yes, but he had a long rehabilitation period. It will likely affect his cognitive abilities.

  • ItzJustKris
    ItzJustKris 22 days ago +1

    I remember how fun these were when I went to a big city with them …apparently breaking them is quite popular

  • FutureLaugh
    FutureLaugh 3 months ago +1

    when i visit miami, they are everywhere and its hella fun. The streets of miami were never intended on normal people walking on them, so its a bit exhilirating riding a very fast scooter on the broken down side walk of what used to be chalk outlined bodies- now surrounded by gentrified condos. The only bad part about them are the people that use them and leave them everywhere like apes. I parked mine like a decent human being which breathes primarily from my nostrils, but everyone else dumps them wherever they last felt the impulse.

  • Werner Lindeboom
    Werner Lindeboom 2 days ago

    M365 got me 5000km total over almost 5 years . 3 times tire replacement 3 times rear fender replacement and a one time handle grip replacement. If you take care of your own scooter the life of them can be way longer then a few months.

  • Xenth
    Xenth 3 months ago +2

    I don't think I laughed this hard in a while. Keep it up!

  • Giant Enemy Crab
    Giant Enemy Crab 4 months ago +726

    Enough e-scooters. We need highly pollutive inefficient V12 Diesel Scooters with monster truck wheels.

    • Yea Nah
      Yea Nah 4 months ago

      A .5l turbo diesel V8 would be sweet.

    • DFX2KX
      DFX2KX 4 months ago +1

      you jest, but you can buy a Chiese-made 2-stroke for $100, then some extra for a floor plate adapter as they're meant to go on bikes and not scooters, and get something that'll do 40 all day long and blow oil smoke everywhere while sounding like a pregnant weed whacker. That is a thing that you can (and some people have) do.

    • Someone
      Someone 4 months ago +2

      @BHBalast Horsepower has nothing to do with pollution, especially if it’s electric.
      I’m talking about environmental pollution, on which mining, recycling and manufacture has a great impact.
      Your average diesel car lasts around 5 to 20 years, much more for some.
      Your average electric bike or scooter lasts at most a single year.
      Lithium mines, which are required for the manufacture of batteries, are becoming more rare as the material becomes increasingly scarce, not only that, but they are also extremely polluting and those batteries are difficult to recycle. It’s cheaper for people to just dump them somewhere, and they do.

    • BHBalast
      BHBalast 4 months ago

      @Someone How diesel car can be more green than average scooter with like 0.3-0.5 horsepower motor??? And why 39 ppl upvoted this comment without a second thought? How? Give me some evidence please.

    • Kornaros
      Kornaros 4 months ago

      @Георги Паскалев 28L inline 4

  • Tsunero
    Tsunero 3 months ago +4

    I got mine a few months ago and love it! Perfect for going to work (charging it for free, fits under my work desk), very low maintenance and I can just chug it in the living room or near the entrance at home. Yes, I am too lazy to keep a bicycle just for this purpose.

    • Tsunero
      Tsunero 13 days ago

      @Glowie it doesn't really have much electronics, most of it is metal, with effort it can be recycled just fine, the only real offender is the battery

    • Glowie
      Glowie 14 days ago

      and when it's broken? chug it into the sea. safe and legal! yaaass

  • Mike Shyguy
    Mike Shyguy 19 days ago

    I live in a relatively small town and I bought my own. Following traffic signs and riding in the same direction as them helps a lot. It is a pain when something does break on it(which isn't very often), but when I'm riding it to work or to hang out with friends it's a big help and saves money during these high petrol prices and having to get an Uber.

  • d4m4s74
    d4m4s74 10 days ago

    I was in Germany for a week (cologne). I really liked these things to get around. Kind of bad I needed to find out myself that they had indicators and how to use them. I was letting go of the steering wheel to indicate with my hands for the first day

  • Chris Anderson
    Chris Anderson 14 hours ago

    “Bruh I’m going 50 right now!”
    Had me dying
    Ngl I like the scooters you sit on that take gas more, those are really fun

  • Flashter
    Flashter 4 months ago +2526

    I get that there was way too many scooters, but I find it more messed up that hundreds of people filmed themselves throwing alternative transportation into the ocean

    • Prof Leapstrum
      Prof Leapstrum 3 days ago +1

      We already have alternate transportation. They're called legs and they produce zero green house gasses. Truely revolutionary.

    • Lasse
      Lasse 5 days ago

      @CODA i mean, its a less environmentally friendly means of transport than a bike, which is what they've replaced in my city

    • Cat
      Cat 7 days ago +1

      @Mr Kevin
      call it big city mentallity
      people did that stuff in berlin, hamburg and frankfurt as well^^

    • Apple Bloom
      Apple Bloom 7 days ago

      Its so sad.... think about the environment :(

    • Mr Kevin
      Mr Kevin 7 days ago +1

      Typical LA mentality. Throw whatever you can into waterways.

  • James Porter
    James Porter 23 days ago +2

    I like that when he talks about how scooters have your head higher from the ground which makes them more dangerous. And then immediately shows someone biking with their head even higher up from the ground

  • nbaumg
    nbaumg 2 months ago

    i lived downtown for 3 years and loved these things. I preferred walking normally but it was nice to have the option if I was late or tired

  • Mary Crawford
    Mary Crawford 23 days ago

    My first interaction with Lime was back when they were doing LimeBikes, which was literally just the same concept but with bikes (I think they do e-bikes now, but these were just normal, non-powered ones). They were everywhere on my campus for a couple of years. At first they felt like a godsend--they made getting between classes a lot easier. But as time went on, things just started getting worse and worse.
    First of all, they had the exact same thing as the scooters where people would just dump them anywhere, which was really annoying, but that was the least of their problems. There were always technical issues. Sometimes you couldn't successfully scan in to start your ride (which was awesome when you had class all the way across campus in 10 minutes, as you can imagine), or other times the timer wouldn't shut off after you were done. A lot of the bikes were just perpetually shown as "under maintenance" even though nobody was maintaining them. You'd constantly find bikes that were missing parts--I have a memory of riding two miles in cold weather on a LimeBike with only one pedal. They were harder to vandalize than the scooters, but people did it anyway. You'd get people breaking them, stealing parts, intentionally putting them in inaccessible places. I think some guys stole like 20 of them and kept them in their dorm basement. As you can imagine, that made it a lot harder to find one when you were in a hurry, so it quickly stopped being a reliable option for actually getting around.
    Anyway, a few years in they totally shut down the LimeBike program to go all in on the e-scooters. I've never used them, but I can't imagine the service has gotten any better.

  • Slamoto
    Slamoto 3 months ago +6

    While i do understand the outrage of a Scooter floading i cannot understand why you throw it into a lake. If you dont want to have it , The fish wont either.

  • Kostarados
    Kostarados 4 months ago +300

    I found e-scooters fun to ride in cities with paved roads. But in Europe, many of the city centers have setts, cobblestones or other stone pavements. Not only does this shake your organs into a smoothie, but thanks to the small wheels of e-scooters, any rough patch can launch you right into the stratosphere.

    • Kudosbudo
      Kudosbudo 12 hours ago

      @DerStrohmann I mean i just WALK or cycle to the shops mate haha. But sure drive everywhere haha

    • guily6669
      guily6669 2 days ago

      @Starfighter 1836 Yep, same, I have seen many e-scooters with even big tires and full suspensions...

    • Smokey
      Smokey 11 days ago

      i have a "speedway 5" no problems with it good suspensions and air filled big tires, even better is the "Zero 10x" its a very smooth ride

    • Julien Caretti
      Julien Caretti 11 days ago

      Yeah, here in France our cities are incompatible with that double wheeled sh*tstorm modernity

    • Javascript Kiddie
      Javascript Kiddie 12 days ago

      @DerStrohmann they're relatively new so there are no laws for them. There used to be a time when you could drive a car without a license too.

  • D D
    D D 3 months ago +41

    Sounds like a story about how vandalism prevented us from having something good.

    • Starfighter 1836
      Starfighter 1836 Month ago +1

      Eh I used them a couple times and they are cool, but really, just buy one online if you want one. A friend of mine has one that folds, like the one he bought for the video, and it’s light enough to pick up easily, so you can put it anywhere. I would rather just have a bicycle or ebike though. Also plenty of compact options. I fundamentally disagree with constantly paying for a service when you can just own it. You are gonna spend more on it in the long term, and I also don’t trust the scooter that’s been destroyed by 200 other people. Every citybike rental I’ve ever ridden is awful compared to a Walmart bicycle, let alone something nicer.

    • Carewolf
      Carewolf Month ago +2

      They aren't actually good. Bikes would have been good, but are also unprofitable due to vandalism.

  • Geo
    Geo 4 days ago

    My first time riding one of these rental e-scooters in the UK I came off and injured my foot and head 👌 Another reason why they are not safe is the state of the roads here. Potholes galore here.

  • Sera the Educated Feline

    When I was a kid my friend had something along these lines (and e-scooter with a seat). I gave it a go once, the thing shot out from under me into a wall. I think I’ll stick with bikes.

  • Ryan V
    Ryan V 2 months ago +2

    Don’t drink and scooter. More PSA like that need put out.

  • Vincent Sanko
    Vincent Sanko 4 months ago +292

    Funny how most of these "alternate transport fads" could really be solved if we had built efficient cities in the first place. The dude was right with one thing though, cars are killing our cities. Not enough public transport and everything is built way too far away from one another.

    • Mandisa W
      Mandisa W 3 months ago +2

      @GabbinGabby 1- Fun math fact - since transit costs money to use, most riders have jobs! Transit everywhere is mainly used by commuters to get to/from work. More workers = more tax money, very simple math.
      2- Public services includes water & sewer, road & bridge maintenance, schools, fire/police/EMT, and all sorts of general upkeep that private property doesn't cover. Unless you live totally off-the-grid and make/grow everything yourself, you & every other middle/upper class person is equally dependent on those same services.
      You should check out that channel link I posted, or look up your own town's revenue vs outlay projections for the next 20yrs. Might learn something.

    • GabbinGabby
      GabbinGabby 3 months ago

      @Mandisa W you’re under the mistaken impression that public services spent on poor people have an ROI. I’m actually less likely to have a safety net for my geriatric ass if we put federal dollars into making metro stations across the country.

  • Bob H
    Bob H 2 months ago +1

    This has a very Brass Eye feel to it I wasn't expecting. Well grumbled. I also found the comment about the obsequiousness of Britons very accurate and it caused me equally moderate pain and humour.

  • Stitches
    Stitches 17 days ago

    I have 2 scooters. My first barely had the range to get to and from work, and I had to go 10mph half of the way each way on the pavement in order to make the trip. So the pavements deformed by tree roots and students smashing glass bottle pretty much required something a little better.
    After fixing up my first scooter, I now have a spare so I can ride with a friend.
    I've had to do some repair work due to a couple of minor issues, and then the unsigned open manhole cover. Fortunately, I realised that my 26mph scooter would require a pretty decent helmet before I started riding it, so the helmet did its job. Dislocated shoulder tho. And I still love my scooter. And they're not so hard to fix. We'll all be maintaining our own scooters in a few years.
    I hate the rental scooter though. If they're causing an obstruction, I generally remove the obstruction with extreme prejudice.
    Rentals are litter. Nothing more. And people ride like idiots, that's the other thing. People don't wanna learn anything, they just get on and go, often 2 to a scooter. Or full speed on the pavement.
    Private ownership is the only real way to go. So fellow brits: if the cops try to stop you: DON'T. Just learn how to ride responsibly.

  • Jon Watte
    Jon Watte 12 days ago

    I actually like picking up a scooter and going where I need to and then parking it. It's much more convenient than buses or trains for shortish trips, and no cars or car parking needed.

  • Smack
    Smack 3 months ago +2

    Glad I watched this! Love the mention of HAMILTON NZ. I've seen sooo many dumped in local gullies, creeks and the river... University students used these to stunt off roofs into pools..

    • Richard R
      Richard R 3 months ago +1

      Hamilton was the worst single place I visited in the 3 weeks I spent travelling NZ, it was horrible!

  • Oliver Vaughan
    Oliver Vaughan 4 months ago +716

    I'll say the danger comes from a few things:
    1) not being separated from other traffic. this is the same problems bicycles have had since the invention of the motor car which is they are too slow for roads but too fast for pavements. This could have already been solved by having segregated bicycle infrastructure the scooters were able to use. Car drivers in most cities are undertrained as it is in dealing with small fast moving objects like bicycles existing in their space as it is
    2) unlike said bicycle where you start off slowish and gradually get faster as your fitness increases giving you time to adjust the electric scooters give you full speed straight away allowing anyone with a credit card and no braincells to access fatal speeds
    3) Bicycles large wheels often mean they are able to ride over many smaller obstacles/ potholes that would otherwise throw scooter riders off
    3) bicycle users generally own their bicycles and therefore are more cautious as it's their own property. they also tend to own the relevant safety equipment (i.e. a helmet) and tend to wear it as it makes sense to invest in a helmet if you ride everyday but it doesn't if you are a casual scooter user
    EDIT: My main point here was the E-scooter/ electric bicycle is absolutely a great option for the future of personal transport but it needs proper infrastructure to do their jobs. Something cyclists have been asking for years and now the powers that be have decided it's easier to just ban the "problem" than dismantle the cult of the automobile

    • DFX2KX
      DFX2KX 4 months ago +2

      @Jarthen Greenmeadow "Cult of the Automobile" isn't entirely off-base. We're not talking using a car to go 30 miles to the next town, but people using a car to drive 2 miles to get a sandwich, which my out-of-shape backside can manage in about 5 minutes on my unpowered pedal bike. We use cars a LOT here in the states.
      As to the practicality of scooters:
      A few companies make them with larger bicycle-sized wheels, which can accept a bicycle-class hub motor and you can slap a battery on it for about the same price as what you'd get at a department store. It'll tolerate potholes a lot more and usually has better brakes besides. E-bicycles, though, have stronger frames and can take larger motors (even 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines if you're not in Cali, lol. 2-5hp go brrr). That lets E-bikes go fast enough to keep up with traffic... Not that people don't casually speed *on the sidewalk* in my town. plenty of that going on.
      Not all places where cycling is popular require or even regularly use helmets (see: The Netherlands), but it should be noted they tend not to ride as fast we in the US do.
      the separation of traffic is a problem. we have super-wide sidewalks to give bikes room to go around pedestrians, but even still, I've seen groups of folks insist on taking up the entirety of a 10 foot wide sidewalk while walking as slow as possible. it's infuriating.
      keeping an EV running requires a particular skill-set, one that's not exactly common. owning your own also means you're more likely to figure out how to keep your investment in good shape, which means not riding like a lunatic because that's hard on the controller and especially the battery.
      Some of the scooter market in my town got met with E-longboards instead. I've never ridden one, but it'd be fun to try, I wager I'd end up in the bushes, though.

    • patrick gardner
      patrick gardner 4 months ago

      @Tom Bee in my area, a bird costs more than a Uber ot lyft. No bike lanes, but its still illegal to ride on the sidewalk. Plus nobody seems to know how drive where I live either

    • Tom Bee
      Tom Bee 4 months ago

      @patrick gardner taxis are quite expensive where I am so the equivalent of a dollar or two at each end of the public transport journey is way cheaper for me. Plus having dedicated bike lanes everywhere makes it pretty safe and convenient. I just hope the cities where these scooters don't work so well, don't impact the places where they do.

    • patrick gardner
      patrick gardner 4 months ago

      @Tom Bee yeah, unfortunately the cost of even a short trip has now become around the same price as a taxi ride. I partly blame my city

    • Two Minutes Studios
      Two Minutes Studios 4 months ago

      @Scientist Walter like highways?

  • Jasper Puccinelli
    Jasper Puccinelli 3 months ago

    Man I just watched everyone of your videos today while working and it was hard not to pull away from my duty’s to pay full attention this is so funny and well edited I intend on watching them all again, very very underrated

  • Michael Robinson
    Michael Robinson 9 days ago

    I live in London and got myself an electric unicycle (EUC) a couple of years ago. It's rather minimalist as it's just a wheel with a footplate on either side. It has a range of 50 miles, easily keeps up with suburban traffic and costs about $0.25 to recharge. The wheel itself is about the size of small motorcycle wheel so it easily copes with bumps. I'll admit they're quite hard to learn to ride but they do seems a perfect answer to today's congested cities. I'm almost 60 years old but I'm happy to look for solutions to our congested cities.

  • fefw
    fefw Month ago

    I've used lime really when they started getting into my city, it was a life saver for carrying heavy stuff instead of my usual walking. I stopped using it after a few months because every time they would stop after a few secs

  • Nick Bensema
    Nick Bensema 3 months ago

    My city still has Bird scooters. A few years ago, we had three different dockless rental bike companies, and I miss those. And for much longer than that, we had municipally-supported docked rental bikes that were impossible to unlock because they depended on keypads that didn't work and LCD screens that broke down in our sweltering summer heat.

  • Kafka
    Kafka 4 months ago +261

    Right before e-scooters, stockholm had a functional system called citybikes, with bus stop like stands where you scanned your card (30EUR/year) to unlock a bike, and to end the ride you had to lock it into another bus stop-like, clear channel bike stand. it was sponsored by the city and it was amazing

    • hucklebucklin
      hucklebucklin 26 days ago

      @Lankius Pankius dublin bikes are definitely affiliated with dublin city council theres a few private company ones too like bleeper bikes and one I've seen around with rentable pedalecs but no rented scooter service!

    • svampekake
      svampekake 4 months ago

      My city had no problem with transportation but e scoters still came it’s so annoying

    • Lankius Pankius
      Lankius Pankius 4 months ago +1

      Dublin’s got them, though I haven’t a clue if it’s sponsored by the city

    • Gordon
      Gordon 4 months ago

      There are still in a lot of cities around sweden, but i guess the scooters are more convenient to unlock and also no need to put in work.

    • CAESARbonds
      CAESARbonds 4 months ago +1

      germany has a similar system, and still the bored youth deliberately destroys these bikes,
      shared services won't work with modern society.

  • Tommy D
    Tommy D 2 days ago

    I’ve had mine for 2 years and ride mostly to work and small shops here in New Orleans. I just make sure I stay in bike lanes and abide by traffic lights and stop signs, purely because I don’t want to be the example to end them here in Nola. They aren’t too common here, but enough where you see a few a day.

  • CosmicLeo
    CosmicLeo 2 months ago

    When it came to all the damage those scooters got, I guess you could say there were a lot of “crippled birds” and “rotting limes” around.

  • Herkimer Snerd
    Herkimer Snerd 3 months ago +1

    Tried one of these things on New Years, they are pretty sweet. Wasn't long before I was doing 30 foot wheelies and bunny-hopping up curbs and jumping off them. Great fun, especially when a little drunk. That being said, I left mine neatly parked when I was done with it. People don't respect other people's property, it's a sad indictment on the state of society.

    • Average Picker
      Average Picker 3 months ago

      …not sure if that’s suppose to be irony or if you’re just lacking self awareness.

  • Pingo
    Pingo 20 days ago

    Every time there was an argument against e-scooters a small voice in the back of my head just went: “but they are fun!” 😅

  • john parks
    john parks 4 months ago +752

    Humans with technology: “We must advance this and progress our knowledge”
    Humanity as a whole at the sight of the scooters: hAIrLesS mOnkE sMaSh

    • William Morey-Baker
      William Morey-Baker 2 months ago +2

      the problem is people are riding on sidewalks and crashing into people, and when they ride on the streets they are getting hit by cars.... bike infrastructure would have solved this...

    • Bob H
      Bob H 2 months ago

      To be fair, the technological adancement in these scooters is something akin to sticking a clock on a pen.

    • Robin Rasmussen
      Robin Rasmussen 2 months ago

      @TheLoneSculler I wonder if it originaly is from men in black

    • TheLoneSculler
      TheLoneSculler 3 months ago +5

      "A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals and you know it."

    • j g
      j g 3 months ago +15

      Unfortunately, a few idiots make everyone look bad

  • Colin Johnston
    Colin Johnston 5 days ago

    At 2:18 I was like wondering where he was going and as the scooter connected with than ankle I almost dropped to my knees as what seemed like an avalanche of very painful childhood memories I forgot I had came back. I guess you really do suppress pain!

  • John Hogan
    John Hogan 3 months ago +17

    This blows my mind. In Australia they're handy things and the main issue is the lack of management of scooters in general. Some are trashed but not anything like what was detailed here. Scooters are a great development but the human factors are clear and unaddressed.

  • Leland Unruh
    Leland Unruh 2 months ago +15

    I was in Berlin recently and actually found myself surprised at how little I was annoyed with the ever-present e-scooters. For the most part, people left them out of the way of pedestrian paths. Also, with one exception, riders seemed respectful and safe. That said, I'm a middle-aged father so I didn't go out late Friday or Saturday night and see how the drunkards used them (which was my own use for them when they came to Austin some years ago), but on the whole I'd say they seem to be a net benefit for the Berliners.

    • James Hayes
      James Hayes 15 days ago

      Yeah. This video just makes me sad about how selfish and mindlessly destructive so many Americans are. It is pathetic and sad.

    • IljasCustoms
      IljasCustoms 15 days ago

      the point is: if you find an actual armada of them placed somewhere you can be sure they were brought there by the responsible companies after recharging. And if they're placed in the way of cyclists or pedestrians, I'll be the first one to throw them in the trash, where they belong anyway. People have already have to deal with crazy cyclists who have never heard of traffic laws and don't even grasp the concept of such laws. Money-hungry BS startups shouldn't make the situation even worse.

    • Mandemon1990
      Mandemon1990 23 days ago

      I mean, the video makes it pretty clear what the issue was. Not the scooters, but the people who actively caused damage and didn't give a fuck. In Finland, at least in my city, the scooters are (mostly) placed out of the way. We are also smart enough to have space for cyclers, so scooters can get off the pedestrian walkways and switch lane. They are rather nice, actually, I recently took one because my legs were hurting from walking and bus would have taken too long to arrive, it was nice trip. They are also restricted on speed, so no rushing around.

    • arcticmods
      arcticmods Month ago +1

      Big difference between Europeans and Americans

    • Starfighter 1836
      Starfighter 1836 Month ago +5

      Eh, I would fundamentally rather drunk people ride scooters then drive 5000lb trucks. Speaking as a cyclists.

  • ådne
    ådne 13 days ago

    As a previous user of e-scooters, I can say that they’re super fun, but really dangerous. I popped my elbow from falling on one of them, I was driving relatively fast, but responsibly. Even despite my injury, I would still recommend people trying them for fun as long as they never drive up any sharp slopes or drive in traffic.

    MITCHELL WIGGS 4 months ago +1245

    They temporarily banned them here in miami and now have implemented all these new rules, you can only go 10 mph on sidewalks and you have to wear a helmet. I can’t imagine tourists carrying around their own helmets tho so idk how that’s gonna work lol

    • iAnon
      iAnon 3 months ago

      @Lucifer Joestar im being hyperbolic, just making a point that florida has some crazy laws/lack of laws. aint that serious

    • Lucifer Joestar
      Lucifer Joestar 3 months ago +1

      @iAnon most automatic weapons are either banned or require a special license and a background check and mags that big aren't legal

    • iAnon
      iAnon 3 months ago

      @Lucifer Joestar so are 100 round drum automatics that u can buy at 18?

    • Daniel Daniels
      Daniel Daniels 4 months ago

      @hello goato that’s because Florida isn’t a “nanny state”

  • Art
    Art 10 days ago

    I rode one about 3 miles to work one time. It was fine but the small wheels mean potholes are terrifying. Bikes feel far more secure .

  • Jayme Vosburgh
    Jayme Vosburgh 18 days ago +1

    Oregonian here, currently living in Portland. See them everywhere.
    And so far I have watched at least four-six people toss these over a bridge and into the river. Seen one being set on fire by a group ov kids. Seen one blow up.
    And watched a tweeker fiddle with one and make it so he could ride it without using a card.
    Plus huge piles ov them tossed down ravines.
    Had some guy run into me because he was riding it while checking his phone,
    He was on the sidewalk and yelled at me to watch out 😆
    We yelled at each other for a bit and then ended up taking bong rips together on the grass.

    • Brad
      Brad 17 days ago

      In Phoenix/Tempe/Scottsdale I’ve seen plenty at the bottom of the canals.

  • Darkspire
    Darkspire 2 months ago +1

    When bike rentals were banned in my home city, the Chinese company pretty much abandoned them on the street and left. People swiped them, painted over the logos and kept them. I did it as well. Free bike is a free bike.

    • Lachlan Geier
      Lachlan Geier 24 days ago

      They also got imported to poorer countries as a form of transport

  • Toreole
    Toreole Day ago

    Ok i love how people pretty much all around the world decided that these scooters are shit, but i absolutely hate how they kept throwing them into lakes or rivers, as if the water isnt polluted enough as it is already

  • bucc n zucc
    bucc n zucc 4 months ago +465

    The scooters in the ocean reminds me, in brighton theres e bikes you can hire remotely with card deets to hop about to different bits of the city. Was on the beach there once, and a friend was gonna hire one to go home on. They opened the app, and the closest one to us, was 0.7miles from us, but straight out to sea, and the tide was pulling it further out, could see it getting further on the app. I found it absolutely hilarious ngl, but i think half of the amusement was that the tracker was still working 30 metres under the ocean

    • Falark
      Falark 4 months ago

      @Sellotape haha I didn't want to dunk on you or anything. It's all good, just tickled my brain a bit

    • Sellotape
      Sellotape 4 months ago

      @Falark god damn i get it i just thought it was neat yall dont have to show off ur stats skills lol

    • Falark
      Falark 4 months ago

      @Rowan Melton not to mention that I would just assume that the average viewer of this channel is in the age bracket of 18-35 and either university educated or currently undergoing university education. Brighton being a large-ish university town and having quite a big arts & humanities community adds to that. So this added to what you said means that there should be a pretty significant amount of viewers from Brighton.

    • Harley David
      Harley David 4 months ago

      @Brax Lucky hire

    • Brax Lucky
      Brax Lucky 4 months ago +3

      This became a game in Australia with the bikes you could higher we would try to put them in the most unusual places after a night out it was hilarious where you could find them after a weekend out.

  • Aaron Bob
    Aaron Bob 2 months ago

    They introduced these in my town. A few months after their introduction someone "parked" one on the freeway and a motorcycle hit it in the middle of the night killing the rider.

  • TheRealUnconnected
    TheRealUnconnected 14 days ago

    Great video. I ride a scooter daily to work and it’s the best. Bicycles are ok and are safer but your legs get very dirty in bad weather, on a scooter you stand up above the wheels and I can ride in the rain without being splashed with mud.
    The simple thing is not to throw the baby out with the bath water - we don’t need public rentals, we just need legalisation for private use.

  • bloo choo
    bloo choo 3 months ago +8

    The real issue with these scooters in the UK is the fact they are ridden by 12 yr olds going along pavements at 20mph!

  • ᐯIKᗩᑎᑌᑕK
    ᐯIKᗩᑎᑌᑕK 16 days ago

    I genuinely appreciate how compared almost to every other TheXvidr out there right now, you really don’t take yourself or the subject matter too seriously, but still do an amazing job at building a narrative and telling a story that just drags you in lol.
    That’s what this channels about; people with truly ‘electric’ and entertaining personalities, not people who are just convinced that’s what they have and deserve to be famous for it cuz their mirrors told them so lol 😆🤦🏻‍♂️

  • m
    m 4 months ago +377

    “Basically pedestrians have become the bowling pins of Santa Monica” gave me a small chuckle. I feel kinda bad

    • H Dervish
      H Dervish 4 months ago +2

      Neither pedestrians nor drivers have a great track record for paying attention to their surroundings

    • DeathDreams
      DeathDreams 4 months ago +13

      To be fair, pedestrians have always been bowling pins in America ever since cars became prevalent, but now e-scooters are joining in on the fun

  • techtron
    techtron Month ago

    Great video, very in-depth and educational!

  • Seiyuōkami Himura
    Seiyuōkami Himura 3 months ago

    Lmao the way you talked about him dumping essentially what amounts to bombs on the streets, to that cut of the dude has me dead!

  • D P
    D P Month ago

    I love when people pronouce my Spanish language city like it's a hero from Ancient Greece. Seriously though, this isn't about idiots who don't know how to ride scooters. The war on ride share from taxi drivers around the world is palpable.

  • Jack Daniel
    Jack Daniel 3 months ago

    I’m glad that I can’t remember this. I must’ve been a young teen who didn’t drive yet, because this would’ve given me PTSD behind the wheel if I had driven at the time.

  • Johann Karpp
    Johann Karpp 4 months ago +282

    My father works in the hospital. They joke e-scooters were invented by an orthopedic surgeon who wanted more work. (you get a lot more complicated bone breakages than with bicycles with these, apparently you can see nice T-shaped indents on the patients from the handles, too)

    • schiz0phren1c
      schiz0phren1c 4 months ago +1

      That sounds like a proper "Owie!" situation!,
      Reminds me of when "Bull Bars" became popular on mountain bikes where I live and a load of new injuries happened to both riders and pedestrians(ribcages don't do well when hit at 40 Mph by bullbars!)

    • AP
      AP 4 months ago +5

      @Johann Karpp "Welcome to the Hydraulic press channel...."

    • Johann Karpp
      Johann Karpp 4 months ago +13

      @The Movie Dealers Anesthesist and first responder. Man has seen som sh*t, you know you're dealing with doctors when you hear "oh the funniest suicide we had..."
      (FYI it was a lad who crushed his head under a hydraulic steelpress, he said the cause of death was very easy to determine)

    • The Movie Dealers
      The Movie Dealers 4 months ago

      Is your dad a nurse? Don't be ashamed and say he "works in the hospital.". Unless he's a janitor. That is a little low status, ngl.

    • Turned2Ashes
      Turned2Ashes 4 months ago +23

      @turrboenvy pizza's on life support. pray for it.

  • Fabio Rossetti
    Fabio Rossetti 3 months ago +1

    Here in Italy I see regulary e-scooters with two, sometimes three passengers. Or heavy loads. It's a diabolical device.

    • Mardiff V.
      Mardiff V. 3 months ago

      I agree, if people prefere personal motor transport inside cities, a regular E-scooter moped is the best option: no air pollution, takes up small space when parking.
      Personal I rather see bicycle and E-bikes, but not everybody loves to cycle.

  • Letsplay222
    Letsplay222 3 months ago +2

    They need a self-piloting feature so that they can go to a docking station after they have been used instead of just cluttering on the ground.

  • 4DVNTR
    4DVNTR 12 days ago

    I find this video very entertaining, though saying that a scooter is hard to fix is kind of far fetched.

  • The Doge 2.0
    The Doge 2.0 3 months ago

    It's interenting how the law restricted e-scooters to a top speed of 25 kilometers/hour (15 miles/hour) and they are banned in sidewalks

  • H Dervish
    H Dervish 4 months ago +653

    When the lockdown started, the busses in my hometown stopped running at 5. I worked until 530. Those scooters were my savior. That being said, it's still super obnoxious when they're just laying all over the sidewalk, especially in historic areas

    • Blue★
      Blue★ Month ago

      @2022 studies there are several locations near me. all the scootrs are literally just piledon the floor. That isnt really a solution as you can take the pick, then knock it over anyway. And if you think people wont then you have a greater faith in humanity that is sadly not the reality. If you dont knock it over someone else is going to. THey need a hard spot to lock to otherwise it is an unsolvable problem.

    • MrBCRC
      MrBCRC Month ago

      @Charisma Hornum-Fries The supermarket comment is interesting. Given the scooter owner is probably using it as a shopping trolley or cart and it takes up less space than an actually trolley then they're doing you a favour. But it's the 2020's when hate exceeds common sense so there is nothing surprising really.

    • LooseDaddy
      LooseDaddy 2 months ago

      @A Hyena true true true. Very valid and good points!

    • A Hyena
      A Hyena 2 months ago +3

      @LooseDaddy Well, a bonus of scooters is they tend to have a smaller profile and size, and some models are even foldable to make it easy to carry around and pack away if you get one of your own. A bike is a lot more clunky, and you can't really just carry it around with you as easily, not to mention additional maintence with bike chains if those get loose or break.
      And if ya don't mind the slower speed, you can also get a kick scooter, so then there's no worry of having to keep it charged up either as those E-scooters would require.

    • Ano Nony
      Ano Nony 2 months ago +2

      It's a good thing they did that, everyone knows that covid wakes up after 5:00 so if we only take the bus until 5:00 there's no way it can get us

  • Grasshopper K
    Grasshopper K 19 days ago

    15:10 Car rental companies are partially responsible for the actions of drivers they lease their cars to.
    Which is a better comparison.

  • christopher tucker
    christopher tucker 3 months ago

    great host, great subject, really funny! earnt a sub!

  • Triaxelon Gd
    Triaxelon Gd 15 days ago +1

    I can only say what happened in austria, but: the first few years were indeed chaos here too. But with time people who were destroying theese things stopped and most people now know how and where to ride them and they became a part of nornal daily commute here in Vienna.
    What im trying to say, with time people started appreciateting the convinience they bring and respecting them way more ( still doesn't mean there won't be one lying on the sidewalk, but not too bad anymore). Also helps alot that they are actually forbidden to be ridden on the sidewalk, just like bikes and the police does check bike lanes from time to time. So with time they should become part of normal traffic anywhere.