• Published on Nov 12, 2019
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    Devs - Devs76

    Player/Asst Manager:
    Neil Richmond - NeilRicho10
    First Team:
    Ryan Adams - HashtagRAdams
    Matt Carter - MJCarter04
    Ricky Evans - RickyEvans14
    Harry Honesty - HarryHonesty
    Lee Hursit - LeeHursit97
    Jacko - HashtagJacko
    Albie Keith - albert_keith10
    Charlie Morley - charliemorley_
    Marcus Stamp - bigmarcs_
    Farai Tsingano - Farry321
    Tom Williams - MrTomWilliams
    Cain Brougham - CainBrogs
    George Smith - GeorgeSmith10_
    Izu - IzutheMulatto
    Jack Martin - JackMartin95
    Jamie Hursit - Jhursitofficial
    Jesse Waller-Lassen - The_JWL
    Josh Osude - JoshOsude
    Luke Wilson - Luke_Wilson89
    Sam Byles - SamByles
    Ross Gleed - RossGleed
    Samraj Gill - SamrajGill16
    Simon Peddie - Peds_4
    Tashan Richmond - TashRich10_
    Tim Pitman - TimPitman93
    Louis Hawes - HawesLouis
    esports FIFA Team:
    Hashtag Harry: hashtagharry__
    Hashtag Shawrey: HashtagShawrey
    Hashtag Tom: HashtagTom_
    Sunday League Team:
    Spencer - SpencerOwen
    Ryan Coughlan - RyanCoughlann
    Charlie Occleshaw - Charlie_Occ
    George Vallentyne - GVallentynee
    Ben Glander - ben_glander
    Matt Creasey - mattcreasey31
    Michael Dill - mdill1
    Dave Hopwood - dave_hoppers
    Zac Clarke - _ZacClarke_
    Marius Hjerpeth - Hjerpeth
    Daniel Adjei - danielb_93
    Theo Baker - theobaker_
    Aaron Couch - AaronCouch11
    Fehinti Falola - Falola10
    George Irving - GeorgeIrvingg
    Luis Berkane - LuisBerkane124
    Sean Alexander - SeanAlexanderr8
    Stevie CB - carmichaelbrown
    Lewis Preston - LewisPreston
    Alex Osipczak- alexosipczak
    Neil Smythe - neilsmythe
    Yani Ourabah - YaniOurabah
    Seb - sebcbrown4
    Wes Tanser - westanser
    Music by Epidemic Sound.
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Comments • 745

  • simon hazeldine
    simon hazeldine 14 days ago

    This is a message for Tom Williams can you signed for Lowestoft Town FC please we will need you don't forget to hashtag it

  • PeteSVK1
    PeteSVK1 21 day ago

    More Willo on commentary!!!!!!!

  • Max Talliss
    Max Talliss 23 days ago

    Offside because it hits the defenders leg

  • Guilherme da Luz
    Guilherme da Luz 24 days ago

    Saudações 🇧🇷

  • Guilherme da Luz
    Guilherme da Luz 24 days ago

    Vamos #

  • João Elias Fonseca
    João Elias Fonseca 24 days ago

    Brazilian supports 😎🇧🇷

  • Zachary Bender
    Zachary Bender 25 days ago

    Tom Williams is the absolute best commentator Hashtag has.

  • Ollie Trott
    Ollie Trott 25 days ago

    Hawes is absolutely useless

  • Franklin Long
    Franklin Long 25 days ago

    Like the new kit...It does look that easy goals against is a thing this year.

  • Cillian Fitzmaurice
    Cillian Fitzmaurice 25 days ago

    Hawes out pitman in

  • George Parker
    George Parker 25 days ago

    Do any of the players get paid ?

  • Josh T
    Josh T 25 days ago

    Samraj gill got robbed of man of the match today he was absolutely amazing he’s an absolute class player

  • Josh T
    Josh T 25 days ago

    Get pitman back in net

  • Rhys Crownshaw
    Rhys Crownshaw 26 days ago

    “He has got absolute lettuce wrists” 😂😂😂. You wouldn’t hear that from any other football player/coach 😂

  • Salar Soltan
    Salar Soltan 26 days ago

    Will there be another Wembley cup

  • NBA Mataland
    NBA Mataland 26 days ago

    What is the youngest age that can join Hashtag United?

  • Panadinho FC
    Panadinho FC 26 days ago

    Hawes is as s### as they come!

  • Note4 Snuck
    Note4 Snuck 26 days ago

    This should be an good opportunity for Joshua.

  • Gade Emil
    Gade Emil 26 days ago

    IT was a goal becuse it hit a låter on the toget team

  • Lumpcano G4ming
    Lumpcano G4ming 26 days ago

    I used to watch u when u were formed, look how far you’ve gone, like if you’ve been here ages too

  • Mozz Rozz
    Mozz Rozz 26 days ago

    17:12 Ross Gleed Look so calm😂 He is roy keane in these days

  • JayLaw
    JayLaw 26 days ago

    I played against the No.5 in the Green last season, very tidy on the ball just massively unfit and overweight

  • Louis Lawlor
    Louis Lawlor 26 days ago

    Need to get Willo, back on commentary when he's not playing, "off his bunion" "lettuce wrists" just great commentary 🤣 Great result for the boys 💪#️⃣

  • David Schmidt
    David Schmidt 26 days ago

    For Devs. What is your biggest loss (match) as a manager?

  • Tom Healy
    Tom Healy 26 days ago

    Like if you think Joshua Asude should race Harry Honesty

  • João Victor Corrêa Serafim


  • Ryan Mulholland
    Ryan Mulholland 27 days ago

    When is jacko back

  • lovellweb
    lovellweb 27 days ago

    Offside decision correct. The player was onside when the shot took place, the fact that it came off the wall doesn't matter. One point, I notice that one of the linesman was wearing glasses. In my day you couldn't get to the higher levels if you wore glasses

  • Oliverpool Brookshaw
    Oliverpool Brookshaw 27 days ago +1

    The day Jessie will pass I will cut my big toe of, and the keeper is a bloody cabbage hands moron too

  • Veera 0678
    Veera 0678 27 days ago

    Does Tekkerz Guru still play for Hashtag?

  • Maycon Rogerio Filadelfo

    Congratulations for the innovation, I'm from Brazil and I'm in love with football, I can't speak or understand English, but I watch the best moments of the games, I met a channel here in Brazil ... I would like to know if you sell your shirts online, I would love to to buy, besides the idea, she is very beautiful GOOD LUCK TO YOU, YOU HAVE A BRAZILIAN TORCEDOR ... I WANT TO SEE YOU ON PREMIER LEAGUE

  • Lucas Henrique
    Lucas Henrique 27 days ago

    Algum BR ?

  • 21 Low
    21 Low 27 days ago

    queria ter so uma oportunidade de ajudar essa equipe .. sou jogador amador ta bem ....abraços brasil

  • Master Gaming
    Master Gaming 27 days ago

    Why is pitman not in goal he keeps clean sheets

  • Archie Marshall
    Archie Marshall 27 days ago

    Louis Hawes looks very shaky - need to bring back Pitman

  • O driblador
    O driblador 27 days ago

    Por favor coloca uma legenda em português é muito ruim pra ver seus vídeos aqui da minha terra , o Brasil

  • Richard Junior
    Richard Junior 27 days ago

    Devo ser o Unico fã Brasileiro kkk, Successo Hashtag

  • Paulo Santos
    Paulo Santos 27 days ago +2

    Quem veio pelo gol de canela?

  • Vitor Freitas
    Vitor Freitas 27 days ago +2

    Vim pelo gol de canela!! Abraços Do Brasil! Boa sorte na caminhada!!

  • Lucas Eduardo
    Lucas Eduardo 27 days ago


  • Taylor Totney
    Taylor Totney 27 days ago

    Why did you come off coles park

  • Taylor Totney
    Taylor Totney 27 days ago

    When are hashtag going to get their own stadium

  • Jeferson Boigues
    Jeferson Boigues 27 days ago

    #goldecanela brasil

  • Arthur BFR
    Arthur BFR 27 days ago +1

    Rumo a Premier Ligue

  • Arthur BFR
    Arthur BFR 27 days ago +1

    Hashtag United nós brasileiros torcemos por vocês

  • zNoobziin MCPE 乡
    zNoobziin MCPE 乡 27 days ago

    One Fan (Brazil)

  • Jose Sousa
    Jose Sousa 27 days ago

    Vamos hastag United

  • Jose Sousa
    Jose Sousa 27 days ago

    One fan of Brazil

  • Sazonn Gamer
    Sazonn Gamer 27 days ago

    Ganhou mas um torcedor

  • Harry Light
    Harry Light 27 days ago

    Can anyone tell me what Tim Pitman did to be dropped? This new bloke is absolutely woeful

  • Best Clash
    Best Clash 27 days ago +1

    Acho q vou fazer um teste nesse clube hahaha

  • Michael Deymisson
    Michael Deymisson 27 days ago +1

    Parabéns, acompanhando direito aqui do Brasil!!!🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Guilherme Tolentino
    Guilherme Tolentino 27 days ago +2

    algum brasileiro?

  • Panashe Chikwani
    Panashe Chikwani 27 days ago

    Who's the best ever Hashtag Utd player?

  • Nathan Griffiths
    Nathan Griffiths 27 days ago

    Please stop calling Luke Wilson "Willow" it's confusing haha

  • vieri864
    vieri864 28 days ago

    Wheres pitman?

  • Ando Lad24
    Ando Lad24 28 days ago

    Tom Williams is what we need in commentary.

  • Jack Day
    Jack Day 28 days ago

    Harry’s is a goal as it didn’t tough a hashtag player

  • Jack Day
    Jack Day 28 days ago

    Should keep the minutes silence in the vid

  • X4-X4 Tekerz Makerz
    X4-X4 Tekerz Makerz 28 days ago

    I believe that it was a goal as the the action to play the ball was from one of the Enfield FC players.