• Now that we finished building the Braillehouse 2.0 we knew that Skater vs Skate 3 had to make an EPIC Comeback! We had Uzi build the BH 2.0 in Skate 3 in alarming detail and then the two went into battle! Who will win, Real Life Skaters or the Skate 3 Video Game?!
    Watch Uzi build the BH in Skate 3 here:
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  • Aidan Redmon
    Aidan Redmon 3 days ago

    You can do flips on skate 3

  • Kana Beats
    Kana Beats 6 days ago

    uzi scared me man geeeeez

  • Andrew Terry
    Andrew Terry 7 days ago +1

    I would like to see a persistence video of uzi hard flipping the tree block.

    THELOLIPOPCODER 8 days ago

    Is it just me or does one of the guys look like Tanner Buchanan(from cobra kai)

  • Sean Moore
    Sean Moore 15 days ago

    Do the Braille drop in linex pants

  • Thomas Coursey
    Thomas Coursey 17 days ago

    You gotta cut the bullshit man that's why berrics is the best

  • Andrew Dare
    Andrew Dare 21 day ago

    I miss lance lol

  • Thejamesyboy01
    Thejamesyboy01 26 days ago

    "my legs are winded" I think you hit your head too hard at some point in your life and now you are mixing common phrases up

  • Shawn 4271
    Shawn 4271 26 days ago

    Almost every video Nigel is hurt or hurts himself in the process of the video that man needs to wear hockey goalie pads

  • Jt Williams
    Jt Williams 27 days ago

    Am I the only one that gets pissed when these guys like don’t try at all?!?! I’m glad Nigel didn’t skate in this video either cuz I’ve still literally yet to see a video where he actually does try’s... This video it was the other people, so I guess it’s always someone which for someone... For a real competitive person that is a real turn off to Braille’s videos for me!!!!!

  • Elfish V—V
    Elfish V—V Month ago

    That’s why I love uzi jajaja

  • Trasheye
    Trasheye Month ago +1

    Now do Longest combo VS THUG 2

  • Douglas Plummer
    Douglas Plummer Month ago

    18:25 Aarons face after watching the video kills me

  • Fox Postier
    Fox Postier Month ago

    11:12 wasn’t true switch

  • The zomb_ekz
    The zomb_ekz Month ago

    **** Mogley needs to stop trying so hard for good vocal content !!! ***

  • Ric Ricci
    Ric Ricci Month ago

    at 19:30 it reminded me why i gave up looking at slams parts

  • Half-Assed Gaming
    Half-Assed Gaming Month ago

    No food or drinks
    instantly sees food and drinks everywhere

  • Easton Richins
    Easton Richins Month ago

    Make a skate 3 vs John Hill

  • Joe Bro
    Joe Bro Month ago


  • sander biga
    sander biga Month ago

    17:35 yeeha brother😂

  • Michael Wilkins
    Michael Wilkins Month ago

    *zekzyzek has entered the chat*

  • Apfelvater
    Apfelvater Month ago

    literally everyone (except troy) with a black hoody

  • Vinícius R.B
    Vinícius R.B Month ago

    Make this same "skaters vs skate 3", but playing the game Session, has on Steam. The game is more realistic.

  • MLGTiger
    MLGTiger Month ago

    yo black hoodie gang

  • Hagelbreit
    Hagelbreit Month ago

    Best skategame ever... Sad that there will never be a part 4.

  • Guy Tulloch
    Guy Tulloch Month ago

    You should do this same concept but on a skateboarding game that is actually hard like Skater XL or Session

  • dominic guerrero
    dominic guerrero Month ago

    You guys should share the Braille skatepark online on skate3 👍🏼

  • ♕TyonorShapz C7TJFVB7-CAZ [★Your No.1 Instrumentalz/Rap Archive]

    I would do a Nollie 360 Inward Heel in Skate3, hihi 😁 and yo i dont accedently do a kickflip when ollie lol i rather do a Varial Flip instead of a Treflip sometime tgat was a real issue ;)

  • Lee Brock
    Lee Brock 2 months ago

    Aaron and Mowgley are those 2 dudes that are always at the skatepark that annoy the piss out of you just by breathing or seeing their face. & Plus Mowgley seems like a stuck up prick.

  • Isaiah Meyer
    Isaiah Meyer 2 months ago

    Lmfao 18:30

  • la_ homie
    la_ homie 2 months ago

    You should do this but instead of skate 3 session

  • Manny Deville
    Manny Deville 2 months ago

    Bro you guys are the best...

  • Maddy Thivierge
    Maddy Thivierge 2 months ago

    aaron: Uzi i believe in you
    Uzi: ok

  • Moss the cuber
    Moss the cuber 2 months ago

    2:50 he completely missed that fist bump

    SPIFF STREAM 2 months ago +1

    You guys should do a true skate vs skater

  • bambo wambo
    bambo wambo 2 months ago

    good shit uzi

  • Sammy Ramos
    Sammy Ramos 2 months ago

    I bet Nigel can’t launch a Christmas tree in the air with a bungee in the game 😂😂

  • Brooke Hartsell
    Brooke Hartsell 2 months ago

    18:16 Uzi "my foot did a taco"

  • Katie Schnaas
    Katie Schnaas 2 months ago

    Where's Carlos? He is my favorite on braille can you please get him back on? I am your biggest fan.

  • Clayton Kavaloski
    Clayton Kavaloski 2 months ago

    2:49 they really just missed the fist bump😂

  • Ramen N_o_o_d_l_e_s
    Ramen N_o_o_d_l_e_s 2 months ago

    It's weird not hearing " Carlos "

  • Ethan Monroy
    Ethan Monroy 2 months ago +1

    zexyzex vibes

  • Itzchewy
    Itzchewy 2 months ago

    I wanna 1v1 Nigel so bad because he saying he the king of skate3 and I wanna prove him wrong

  • *Isaiah* *Flyer*
    *Isaiah* *Flyer* 2 months ago

    Nigels neck: big sad 😤

  • Martin Frohberg
    Martin Frohberg 2 months ago

    will you make a skater vs. session video? its a very hard and nice skate game

  • Restu Ade putra
    Restu Ade putra 2 months ago

    Yang nonton dari indonesia like dong

  • Гоша Васильев

    omg poor Uzi

  • Seth Jones
    Seth Jones 2 months ago

    I miss carlos

    like if u agree

  • Justin Johnson
    Justin Johnson 2 months ago

    uzi that ankle are you ok

  • Eric Thomsen
    Eric Thomsen 2 months ago

    Should have made Nigel play like on realistic setting would’ve been much harder

  • LostBoy Films
    LostBoy Films 2 months ago

    What number is that!!

  • Skirmish666 Fights
    Skirmish666 Fights 2 months ago

    Videos are better without Gabe

  • Charles Billy
    Charles Billy 2 months ago

    Aaron you weir akward old man , they only like you cause of braille and your park

  • Muhammad Ikhwan
    Muhammad Ikhwan 2 months ago

    Ngomong mulu jago kaga

  • strikeninja7
    strikeninja7 2 months ago

    Everyone was wearing braille army hoodies except aaron in the beginning lol

  • Raven black
    Raven black 2 months ago

    I hope uzis ok...

  • shayne byrne
    shayne byrne 2 months ago

    Damn Uzi. That looked painful bro!

  • Gerbbzz
    Gerbbzz 2 months ago

    can you guys use the map this one person made, its almost perfectly to scale. I forgot the guys name though

  • kov
    kov 2 months ago +1

    We need andy get him a flight or just let him drive when he wants to and do this and i will be skate 3 person and do quad kickflip down 3 block or kickflip dark catch dark varial 360

  • Mega Wafles
    Mega Wafles 2 months ago

    is it just me or does aaron look like a crackhead

  • dub
    dub 2 months ago

    A good title would have been skater vs gamer game of skate

  • DevlinR
    DevlinR 2 months ago

    Yo, there are a lot of new faces here.

  • RTM
    RTM 2 months ago

    That nice

  • RTM
    RTM 2 months ago +1


  • Louis Roy
    Louis Roy 2 months ago

    What the jazz is EA waiting for ? Could we get a Skate 4 already

  • AnnualGiftMan
    AnnualGiftMan 2 months ago

    Coffin Backflip Late-Shuv next game.

  • Loggo The Doggo
    Loggo The Doggo 2 months ago

    Now you get to redo all of your old videos because of the new Braille house

  • Jaw Knee
    Jaw Knee 2 months ago

    fck around and do a miracle whip irl

  • DιMαツ
    DιMαツ 2 months ago

    Friend: sleep paralysis isn’t that bad
    My sleep paralysis demons: *smiling at me like the thumbnail*

  • Masta Ace
    Masta Ace 2 months ago

    What happened to the walls of "You make it we skate it"!!? All the boards on the wall are gone, it does look fresh in the braille warehouse though all new and stuff!!!

  • Masta Ace
    Masta Ace 2 months ago

    The updated braille house is amazing! The new ramps and boxes are so sick. I would die to be able to join these guys and skate around their warehouse! It looks like a skate heaven! Poor nigal and his neck tho

  • Becs Evans
    Becs Evans 2 months ago

    Please Can you get rodeny mullen for a video

  • Shay Henderson
    Shay Henderson 2 months ago

    It's just not the same without Carlos Lastra.... 😢

  • Jaxson Harris
    Jaxson Harris 2 months ago

    I heard that you were from red lodge and I'm from billings so I think your really cool and I plan to take after you when I start skateboarding, but I dont have a board yet. You're the coolest though.

  • XfrenkynatorX
    XfrenkynatorX 2 months ago

    Imagine doing treflip from the 3 block

  • booca99 12
    booca99 12 2 months ago

    Do this with Andy Anderson

  • Legacy Gtb
    Legacy Gtb 2 months ago +1

    The echo is real.

  • Lol
    Lol 2 months ago

    These guys suck at skateboarding invite me I’ll give the viewers a show.

  • Kopa_Malphas
    Kopa_Malphas 2 months ago

    ...Did I just watch Aaron Kyro SLAM?!?!?!

  • Scott MacLean
    Scott MacLean 2 months ago