PRODUCE X 101 [단독/직캠] 일대일아이컨택ㅣ김요한 - NCT U ♬BOSS @그룹X배틀 190517 EP.3

  • Published on May 21, 2019
  • [단독/직캠] 일대일아이컨택ㅣ김요한 - NCT U ♬BOSS @그룹X배틀
    당신의 소년에게 투표하라!
    글로벌 아이돌 육성 프로젝트 <프로듀스 X 101>
    국민 프로듀서님, 잘 부탁드립니다!
    매주 금요일 밤 11시 Mnet 본방사수!
    프로듀스 X 101 최신 클립 다시보기 :
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  • Mahmudah Mudah
    Mahmudah Mudah 3 days ago

    gue gak bisa move on 😂😂😂😂

  • forever be wanna one & x1

    So miss you yohan 🥺💕

  • Út Kiiu
    Út Kiiu 4 days ago

    Yohanieee 😍😍

  • Thini Martin
    Thini Martin 5 days ago

    Why you so handsome?😍 I miss you 😭

  • yohan nation
    yohan nation 5 days ago

    He'll be always my center

  • yohan nation
    yohan nation 5 days ago

    Idol Yohan >>> Actor Yohan

  • Tangmo Siriyaporn
    Tangmo Siriyaporn 6 days ago

    love you

  • tegav inf
    tegav inf 6 days ago


  • KimJiWon Indonesia
    KimJiWon Indonesia 9 days ago

    yohan is the real boss ❤

  • no mi
    no mi 9 days ago +1

    This was the happiest stage😢

  • KimJiWon Indonesia
    KimJiWon Indonesia 10 days ago +2

    Love you yohan.. ❤ .. We Yorangdan stay with you...Alwayss.. 💕 .

  • Dewi Asiyah Rahayu
    Dewi Asiyah Rahayu 10 days ago +5

    We love uri center kim yohan. You will always be our center of x1. One it love you ❤

  • yu ki
    yu ki 11 days ago +3

    yohan-ah I love you. Just remember you are loved by many people. Eat well, rest well and come back to us. We are waiting for you. Knowing you is one of the best present for me. Even your existence is precious for us. You did well. don't blame yourself.

  • Nadila Okta
    Nadila Okta 12 days ago


  • Heejun Knk
    Heejun Knk 12 days ago


  • Ca Mendoza
    Ca Mendoza 18 days ago +1


    KA MAN WONG 18 days ago +1

    I miss Yohan 😭😭

  • 4TTT8
    4TTT8 20 days ago +1

    I miss yohan 😭

  • Khoirun Nisa
    Khoirun Nisa 20 days ago +1

    Yohan ❤

  • Kyh Teo
    Kyh Teo 21 day ago +5

    It's amazing to see a newbie trainee on his first kpop stage able to dance and rap so well. Particularly performing with trainees who have debuted many years, yet he able to have such a strong presence. There's freshness vibes in him that's undeniable.

  • Chelsyah Aqrillyah
    Chelsyah Aqrillyah 22 days ago +2


  • Love Kim Yohan X1
    Love Kim Yohan X1 25 days ago +2

    he is so smart and so cool. i love it.💗 #KIMYOHAN

  • xbxx bxxbb
    xbxx bxxbb 27 days ago +5

    Guys go to the 3m for yohan. We can do it. 😣😊

  • kella-can
    kella-can Month ago


  • Minh Anh Lê
    Minh Anh Lê Month ago +3

    It has been 7 months but i still watch this video because Yohan is so handsome and i miss him so muchhh

  • Minh Anh Lê
    Minh Anh Lê Month ago

    nhớ Yohan quá nên đã được 7 tháng rồi vẫn mò lại vào đây xem huhu Yohan đỉnh thật đó huhu

  • Adriana Núnez
    Adriana Núnez Month ago +1


  • mdp pd
    mdp pd Month ago +5

    Can someone tell me what are yohan doing now. Or can someone give me his number so i can tell him how big we really believe in him. It's not your fault yohan. Just believe its just a little stoned on your big flower ways. You have to stronger than before yohan... I'm so sorry about that people who really rude to you. I hope after this problem yoh will be a more mature and more stronger than ever. We believe in you our center kim yohan

  • yohan Udyan
    yohan Udyan Month ago

    My name is yohan

  • Aqulila DarkSoul
    Aqulila DarkSoul Month ago +6

    Every week watching this fancam because I MISS KIM YOHAN

  • Satria Ganesha
    Satria Ganesha Month ago +4

    Who is here in november 2019?

  • Zuhailah T
    Zuhailah T Month ago +3

    Really miss this muggle...
    Kim Yohan~~~ really miss to see him dancing & singing on stage like this 😔😔😔

  • to my world 2000
    to my world 2000 Month ago +4

    Im here bcs i miss KIM YOHAN!

  • Sarina C.
    Sarina C. Month ago +2


  • Lady Cocomint
    Lady Cocomint Month ago +10

    Who's here because you miss Kim Yohan...

  • J Tung
    J Tung Month ago +2

    Miss him too much soooooo I stream his all mv

  • 4TTT8
    4TTT8 Month ago +7

    Most viewed BOSS fancam 🤣

  • raendinamic
    raendinamic Month ago +4

    I miss my boy so much 😞💗

  • Stxrlight Yohan
    Stxrlight Yohan Month ago +6

    The power he holds🔥

  • Nguyễn Ngân
    Nguyễn Ngân 2 months ago +10

    Mnet pls don't delete this fancam 😢 I want to see Boss Kim Yohan forever 😢

  • 7o2 7o2
    7o2 7o2 2 months ago

    Love X1

  • 7o2 7o2
    7o2 7o2 2 months ago +2

    Kimyohan so handsome 💕💕💕

  • 귀염한희hanilaspring

    Panoorin ko muna ulit bago nila idelete 😭

  • ini randomm
    ini randomm 2 months ago


  • Bozhan 29
    Bozhan 29 2 months ago +3

    Yohan I think you deserves the 1st place

  • Baghaskarya
    Baghaskarya 2 months ago +1

    Senam sengklek

  • Im Roo
    Im Roo 2 months ago +1

    Yohan, i wanna see your rapping again

  • Supattra YH
    Supattra YH 2 months ago


  • J Tung
    J Tung 2 months ago +2

    No matter how, I support KIM YO HAN

  • A_u_p_n_ Ma___c_ot
    A_u_p_n_ Ma___c_ot 2 months ago


  • hana m
    hana m 2 months ago +3


  • Kim Yohan
    Kim Yohan 2 months ago +3

    Yohan is LEGEND

  • Lee Jonghyun
    Lee Jonghyun 2 months ago +5

    I'm still here for yohan

  • anna hayana
    anna hayana 2 months ago +2

    Yohan-ah miss u

  • Talang 08
    Talang 08 2 months ago


  • prae ja
    prae ja 2 months ago


  • 7o2 7o2
    7o2 7o2 2 months ago


  • Zhao Mingfei
    Zhao Mingfei 2 months ago +1

    love yohan

  • 龔正茵
    龔正茵 2 months ago +1


  • Supattra YH
    Supattra YH 3 months ago +2

    Kimyohan ❤️