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  • Published on Nov 29, 2017
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    A movie based on the popular icons? Could it be there was an animated movie before the live action movie? Nostalgia Critic sees if it’s any good.
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  • Channel Awesome
    Channel Awesome  Year ago +720

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    • Rachael Curran
      Rachael Curran 2 months ago

      good ghouls go bad

    • Brooke Katz
      Brooke Katz 4 months ago

      Oh, my God...I think I'm getting a headache from listening to these voices...What in the world were they thinking?

    • Onyi's World
      Onyi's World 9 months ago

      Channel Awesome ii

    • Adam English
      Adam English 11 months ago

      Channel Awesome you got right 100% of it you get an A on your test

    • Thomas Phillips
      Thomas Phillips 11 months ago

      Have you reviewed 2007 film called Stardust with Ricky Gervais & Mark Strong?

  • VickiDaGurk [Purple-Guy's-Admirer]

    Am I the ONLY one who finds Peach's and Bowser's voices to be EXTREMELY annoying and just over all bad?

  • Fernando Yanmar
    Fernando Yanmar 6 hours ago


  • Mari Jimenez
    Mari Jimenez 22 hours ago

    I never thought I'd see the day that Luigi got high.

  • abyss pop tv
    abyss pop tv Day ago

    Critic, we can clearly see that you enjoyed the film.

  • cringy_io
    cringy_io 2 days ago

    Welp the ending of the movie is shit because even Nintendo said Mario and peach are a couple they even showed it in one of the news articles on the Nintendo swicth

  • Ashton M 1920
    Ashton M 1920 4 days ago

    Hey, Mario. I just GTAed a whole city in five seconds. None were left alive and I robbed their dead corpses. 😆

  • ramirezthesilvite
    ramirezthesilvite 7 days ago


  • Keiji Johnson
    Keiji Johnson 14 days ago

    6:39 - First Super Mario 64 and now Luigi’s Mansion? What’s the deal with trash talking certain Mario games that many people happen to like?

  • Dave Hoffman
    Dave Hoffman 18 days ago

    This just sounds like an extra-long TheXvid video. And I'm talking about the movie, not this video.

  • Zycyzyx
    Zycyzyx 20 days ago

    I still like the live action one better. The games' "story" is thin enough that they have to get creative to stretch it out to fit a feature at all, so I have to go with the one that got *really* creative and is still memorable and fun for that reason.
    This has charm but it's passable at best and not very memorable. Showing game worlds like Mario's in animation has SO much potential for insane imaginative visuals but they didn't go far down that road at all. (That's my biggest disappointment, honestly.)
    Also, lots of stuff in this movie just irks me. Mario and Luigi are both oddly greedy* considering their heroic quest, the weird product placement literally interferes with the story and the use of the game elements just isn't very inspired.

    • Zycyzyx
      Zycyzyx 20 days ago

      *This is what happens when you have to fill in the void that is a game character's character with whatever you can. Mario collects gold coins in the game, so greediness becomes his personality trait since there is nothing else available to put there.

  • Ashton M 1920
    Ashton M 1920 23 days ago


  • Gamer Nolan
    Gamer Nolan Month ago

    And peach sould regect the prince

  • Gamer Nolan
    Gamer Nolan Month ago

    I think prince toadstool sould die and Mario and peach sould get married

  • Late Night Person
    Late Night Person Month ago

    McDonald's and a gun shop

  • Groundhog Day 1993 is AWESOME!

    Someone has to make a GIF out of 7:06

  • RedPoisonDragon
    RedPoisonDragon Month ago

    Japanese dub is better.

  • Lukas Sprehn
    Lukas Sprehn Month ago

    Is this a fandub?!

  • Giro and Karin
    Giro and Karin Month ago

    You did the Sonic ova and the Mario ova! What's next? ........... ANIMAL CROSSING!!!!!!!!!

  • Stop looking at my profile picture perv!!

    Princess peache's voice is so annoying

  • Jonathan Turley
    Jonathan Turley Month ago

    OMG what the hell happen to everyone voice?!?! D:

  • Yoel Azar
    Yoel Azar Month ago

    I don't get this guy. He critisized the Sonic OVA, yet he says this piece of shit is worth seeing. Even the 1993 adaptation wasn't as bad.

  • BigHead2615
    BigHead2615 Month ago

    So, I went to the channel and found the video clips to save them in my watch history, and the video quality looks worse in that channel's uploads than in this NC review.

  • BigHead2615
    BigHead2615 Month ago

    1:40 - Also, kind of like Goofy being a dog, while owning a pet cat (or even just, Goofy existing, while Mickey has Pluto as a pet dog).

  • SuperSonicJoseph
    SuperSonicJoseph Month ago

    2:16 Did NC Referenced SML (SuperMarioLogan) with the Living Room image?!

  • Crash's Underwear
    Crash's Underwear Month ago +1

    13:21 That is actually a million times worse than Bowsette. COULD SOMEONE PLEASE LOBOTOMIZE THAT SCENE FROM MY BRAIN?

  • Crash's Underwear
    Crash's Underwear Month ago +1

    11:05 Okay, that IS how I expected a Lakitu to sound... but it's about the only voice in the movie that's on point in my opinion.

  • Crash's Underwear
    Crash's Underwear Month ago +1

    Goomba: "We have a BIG pile of mushrooms."
    Me: "Well, that explains why they're so chill." Lol!

  • The Smart-Casual Gamer.

    3/10 No Bob Hoskins.
    I love how the US film is terrible for ignoring the source material, but this Eastern one is worse for sticking with only sections of the source material.

  • Last Gen Richyboy
    Last Gen Richyboy Month ago +3

    Can you transform into *me?*
    Enter bowsette

  • Clare Monagle
    Clare Monagle Month ago

    Do super mario bros the movie.

  • Tommy Comments
    Tommy Comments Month ago

    0:26 every critic ever

  • Gopples Tratterfeild

    If Mario was an anime peach would have gravity defying boobs and Mario would train to be the best like no one ever was.

  • LiveAction Link
    LiveAction Link Month ago

    Luigi's accent is extremely confusing. Sounds like someone doing a horrible parody of a Mexican, American southerner, and French person all rolled into one

  • Zachary Foster
    Zachary Foster 2 months ago

    Too bad Luigi was wearing blue instead of his trademark green

  • Kaden Kim
    Kaden Kim 2 months ago

    excuse me but what the h*ck is his movie

  • ThatGeek 806
    ThatGeek 806 2 months ago

    What Batman show was that at 4:18

  • ThatGeek 806
    ThatGeek 806 2 months ago

    Oh god why the fan dub?


    Luigi must be fucking high when he ate those mushrooms


    I felt betrayed at the end of this anime

  • PxP and pi
    PxP and pi 2 months ago +1

    6:34-6:37 At least he had _3_ games.

  • Jan
    Jan 2 months ago

    This was one of the funniest review I have ever seen. I literally have to change my pants now.

  • Smashing Pots
    Smashing Pots 2 months ago +1

    You were a broad?
    Yea whenever i travel.

    Shame on you. Fozzie bear

  • Robert Kenny
    Robert Kenny 2 months ago

    I want a offical Metroid anime.

  • Gold Wolf
    Gold Wolf 2 months ago

    This movie needs to be done better!
    I saw the poster for Sonic The Hedgehog movie and it looks absolutely terrible!

  • RubberBoy II
    RubberBoy II 2 months ago


  • Crispy Bacon
    Crispy Bacon 2 months ago

    The original japanese version os better

  • 8senor origins
    8senor origins 2 months ago


  • ARC the Clarinet Master

    2:05 So how come it's okay when Rapunzel uses a frying pan as a weapon, then? Yeah yeah, I know, it's because she pretty much has nothing else due to being trapped in a tower her whole life, but still - a frying pan is a pretty badass blunt weapon!
    3:50 To be fair, everyone thinks Australia is nothing but desert, so why not the US?
    16:20 Oh please, don't remind of all the drama I've had with the "-ess" suffix!

  • Seijin 442
    Seijin 442 3 months ago

    This teabagging sodomy goes nothing like the original game and the fandub is so bad Satoru Iwata would be rolling in his grave!

  • Khalid Al
    Khalid Al 3 months ago

    who ever make this did a lot of mushrooms.

  • Ku Dastardly
    Ku Dastardly 3 months ago

    Believe it or not, the art style and character designs are canon, give or take subtle changes.

  • frozenaorta
    frozenaorta 3 months ago

    There's an updated official English dub of this that just came out this past year. It's easy to find, and most of the dialogue is much better. Mario and Luigi are better, too, but many of the side characters are a bit muffled, particularly the old man. It's worth checking out at RealGuyProductions. I got a kick out of it.

  • frozenaorta
    frozenaorta 3 months ago

    Just watched this. So it is weird as HELL in a very late 80's Japanese animation way, and it has way too much crappy late 80's j-pop... I didn't sign up for a musical! Ha. But you have to appreciate that they incorporated every single enemy and setting from the original SMB game. That's dedication. Silly? Yes. But also sort of funny and worth a watch.

  • Nick Cadwell
    Nick Cadwell 3 months ago

    Her name is Princess Toadstool.

  • Asuna Griffin
    Asuna Griffin 3 months ago

    Every faca ha makes looks like he’s Gonna kill you

  • Melly Kidd
    Melly Kidd 3 months ago

    What was with that totally random woman at the end?! X'D

  • skullpull 101
    skullpull 101 3 months ago

    Two nukes in and Japan gives you this face

  • Devin Winter
    Devin Winter 3 months ago

    15:04-15:10 You cannot beat us.

  • Nathalie Wilson
    Nathalie Wilson 3 months ago

    i actully like this in japanies not amarican the dub is awfull

  • Brandon The Creator 13
    Brandon The Creator 13 3 months ago

    6:23 You explain what that was 8:07 what

  • Red Cinema
    Red Cinema 3 months ago +1

    Ugly sound in this movie

  • Melon 64
    Melon 64 3 months ago

    *why does Luigi sound like Tommy Wiseau*

  • Raymond13557
    Raymond13557 3 months ago

    11:58 " I am SO gonna stomp you when I can!"

  • Ido Shani
    Ido Shani 4 months ago


  • Universal Mario
    Universal Mario 4 months ago

    I watched the Japanese dub and it was better because I feel the English dub is just some kids fooling with a mic and a paper

  • VALENTINEproductions
    VALENTINEproductions 4 months ago

    This is worse than the live action

  • MrViral20
    MrViral20 4 months ago

    This peach voice is.....sooo much better than the one we have now....seriously the one we have now feels like it was voiced by a 50 year old, obese ugly bald headed man.....

  • MusicofLukeErickson
    MusicofLukeErickson 4 months ago

    play 0:28 at .25x speed

  • Damien Miller
    Damien Miller 4 months ago

    So, when is Japan gonna make a anime about "Mario in animatronic horror"?

  • PhoenixHealing
    PhoenixHealing 4 months ago

    I just realized Luigi sounds like the "Ho-kay End of the World," guy

  • Pixie Panda Plush
    Pixie Panda Plush 4 months ago +3

    (7:23) "super" is Swedish for 'drinking heavily', so the sentence "super Mario?" would be "does Mario drink heavily?"

  • Christopher Kelly
    Christopher Kelly 4 months ago

    Chills @ 4:10

  • Hermann Fegelein
    Hermann Fegelein 5 months ago


  • Hermann Fegelein
    Hermann Fegelein 5 months ago


  • Gregg Victorious
    Gregg Victorious 5 months ago

    It's funnier to make fun of the English dub i guess. They're all terrible.

  • Quiet Eye Productions
    Quiet Eye Productions 5 months ago


  • Sherlock Rivera
    Sherlock Rivera 5 months ago

    In the japanese veresion it really did not sound like this and the japanese version sounded perfect while this is just straight up moaning 17:16

  • Bobblun the Bobble Master

    Ah the voice of Lakitu is so cute

  • Dzz Playz
    Dzz Playz 5 months ago

    Who else is watching this and Mario odyssey came out

  • BT’s Awesome YTP Forever Channel

    5:06 Super Mario Odyssey Reference

  • sweetblackblood1
    sweetblackblood1 5 months ago +1

    can you please review the last unicorn and the flight of dragon. please please please! i have wrote that before i hope you read this!!

  • luigiymario2
    luigiymario2 5 months ago

    13:25 this is the first time bowsette appeared XD

  • Comrade Drill
    Comrade Drill 5 months ago

    I’m never playing Mario again

  • Ryan 64 Teresa p.
    Ryan 64 Teresa p. 5 months ago

    Conspiracy theory I think that the Mario anime is a beta show Intation Of the beta

  • Queen FluffyButt
    Queen FluffyButt 5 months ago


  • Coperfield Productions
    Coperfield Productions 5 months ago


  • Gr8 N8
    Gr8 N8 5 months ago

    Bowser/Koopa is a fire breathing turtle, not a dragon

  • Gr8 N8
    Gr8 N8 5 months ago

    6:10 Hot damn Luigi

  • Erin Brown
    Erin Brown 5 months ago +1

    7:12 has anyone noticed that the mushrooms that Luigi drops disappear in the next frame?

  • Devin Johnson
    Devin Johnson 5 months ago

    Well, Lakitu is possibly based off of Raijin, controlling the weather, and even the drums during one of the shots indicate that

  • DarthSironos
    DarthSironos 5 months ago +1

    Mario killed the prince after the credits. Then hired Bowser to kidnap the princess again and again as punishment for making him risk his life multiple times for nothing. That's why the prince was never seen again, and why the princess gets captured so many times in the games.

  • vsmith smith
    vsmith smith 5 months ago

    According to the comic system, Princess Peach's father is mentally slow. And cannot run the kingdom by himself. So Peach took over.

  • Aurelian
    Aurelian 5 months ago

    13:53 Is it just me, or is the dog playing "I Need to Know" by Marc Anthony?

  • virus 97
    virus 97 5 months ago

    No matter what Mario movie both of the definition of strange

  • name 1II
    name 1II 5 months ago

    I like it

  • SonicDashie759
    SonicDashie759 6 months ago


  • Jevil Deltarune
    Jevil Deltarune 6 months ago

    My dream is that I will be as chill as that goomba.

  • A Shell
    A Shell 6 months ago +1

    Aren't they supposed to be from Italy in this movie and not America since their Italian?